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Mike helps his sisters settle a bet
The next morning, they all three walked to school together. Adriana was walking a little stiffly, but had refused to say anything about how she felt that morning when Ariana had asked her about it.
They got to the bus room in the Cafeteria, where all the students met until it was time to go to Homerooms. Melanie Schofeld came right up to them, but ignored Mike altogether as she addressed the twins.
“So, are you two ready to go through with the bet?” she asked, sneering. “It’s okay if you want to chicken out. I wouldn’t blame you at all for not wanting to lose your virginity today, especially not to the boys I’ve picked out for you. They have the biggest cocks on the whole football team.”
“You sound pretty sure we’re going to lose, Melanie.” Adriana said, just as snottily. “However, I’m pretty sure that’s it’s going to be you losing her cherry today. I haven’t actually seen my brother’s cock, but he tells me it’s pretty big, too.”
“Hi, Melanie.” Mike grinned at her. “Looking forward to this?”
“You’re their brother?” she asked, looking at him as if at a new and interesting species of insect. “Wow, I guess dorkiness just runs in your whole family!”
“Ah, well, Melanie, I guess bitchiness just comes naturally to you, doesn’t it?” he replied. “You should be nice to me. That way, I won’t make it so painful when I fuck you.”
“As if!” she snorted. “Your virgin sisters are going to lose today, and I’m going to laugh when they get reamed for the first time.”
“I’ll make a side bet with you.” he offered. “If my sisters win, I get to fuck you in the ass as well as your pussy. If they lose, they have to do each other, too.”
“Mike, no!” Adriana gasped. “What are you doing? We’re no dykes!”
Melanie laughed and stuck out her hand for him to shake on it. “That’s a deal!” she grinned. Mike took her hand and shook it, grinning right back at her. Ariana looked a little green at the whole notion, and Adriana was outraged.
“Mike, you have no right to do this!” she raged at him. :How dare you make a bet like that without our permission?”
“Too late, sis.” he said, looking at her. “Just make sure you don’t lose!”
Just then, the bell rang, sending the four of them off to different Homerooms and the start of classes for the day. It passed quickly for them, as they all had the big bet to look forward to after school ended. They met back up after last class in the gym, as the bet was to take place in the Boy’s locker room.
Mike, Adriana, and Ariana met Melanie right outside the main doors, and Melanie has her arms intertwined with two of the biggest guys in school, Bruce Hadley and Scott Summersby, both linebackers on the football team.
“Hey.” Hey.” Hey.” The boys all said to each other, acknowledging each other with a nod. The girls just looked daggers at each other.
“Okay, shall we?” Melanie said, taking charge. She entered the gym first, followed by Bruce and Scott, then Mike gallantly held the door for his sisters and followed them. The six of them went across the floor to the Boy’s locker room door, and entered.
“The rules.” said Melanie, when they were all in there. “Me vs. the twins. First girl to make her guy come is the big winner, and the last girl is the big loser. The big loser loses everything.” She looked at Mike. “Our side bet still stands. If I finish before either one of your sisters, they have to get it on with each other while the rest of us watch.”
“Man, I can’t wait to see that!” Scott laughed.
“Well, I’m just looking forward to my first ever blowjob!” said Bruce. “Jennifer has always refused to do it for me.”
“Yeah, Trudy won’t do it, either.” said Scott. “What about you, Mike? Ever gotten head before?”
“Nope, this is my first one, too.” he admitted, sheepishly. “I’m just glad it’s Melanie doing it. I’ve always thought she was the prettiest girl in the whole school.”
“Well, thanks, Mike.” Melanie said. “Are you guys ready?”
“I am.” said Scott. “Do you mind if I pick you, Adriana?” he asked, looking at the correct twin. “I’ve always had a crush on you, and when Melanie asked me to do this bet, well, I’ve been walking around hard the whole time.”
“I guess it’s you and me, then, Ariana.” Bruce said shyly. “I would have picked you anyway, tho.”
“That’s so sweet.” Melanie said, nastily. “If the mutual admiration society is done reading notes, let’s get this going.” She went over to Mike and began fondling him through his jeans. “Get it out, and let’s see what you brought to the party!”
“Hey, no fair!” protested Adriana. “You’re getting a head start on us!”
“Don’t worry.” said Scott, opening his pants. “Like I said, I’m already hard for you.”
Ariana went to her knees before Bruce and looked nervous as he began unbuttoning his pants. She could see the tremendous bulge at his crotch, and as he exposed himself, she saw the biggest penis in the whole school. It was easily 10 inches long and 3 inches around, curving upward after jutting straight out from his groin. She wasted no time taking it in hand, tho, and began by licking the sides of it with her tongue.
Adriana was faced with a monster of her own, almost as long and thick. She, too, was caressing it with her fist, and licking at the helmet.
Melanie was more nervous as Mike dropped his pants. He was not wearing underwear that day, and his 9 inches wasn’t even hard yet, despite her manipulations.
“Suck on it.” he said. “I’m sure that will get me hard.” he told her. She looked up at him with annoyance.
“I’ll do it when I’m ready.” she snapped. “I’ve never done this before, and I’m a little nervous, okay?”
“Sure, take your time.” he said agreeably. “But it seems my sisters are a little more motivated to not lose this bet than you are.”
Melanie turned her head and saw the twins, both of them, were already doing it, bobbing their heads and sucking the cocks in front of them. Mike was still only half hard in her hand.
“You don’t have to, you know.” he said, seeing her still hesitating. “You can just lay down on your back and let me fuck you right now.”
“No way!” she growled, and opened her mouth and took him in. She sucked on it a little, feeling him grow stiffer in her mouth, then did as she saw the twins doing, moving her head up and down on his cock.
“Oh, yeah, Melanie, you’re a natural at this.” he moaned. “Can you go a little deeper, tho? You’re only doing a little of it. Try to suck on the whole thing!”
Gamely, she did try, getting almost half of his length in her mouth before the choking feeling took over and she had to pull her head back. She heard Scott let out a loud grunt as Adriana made a muffled squeal of protest. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the big man grab the back of Adriana’s head with both hands and a trickle of white stuff coming out of the girl’s mouth. She knew right then she was not going to be the big winner, and sucked harder on Mike’s cock, determined to not be the big loser. She worked her mouth up and down faster and faster, glancing up every now and then at Mike’s face, trying to judge just how close he was.
“Oh, Ariana, that’s feels really great!” said Bruce, his voice choked and hoarse. “I’m … I’m getting … so… close!!” He let out a huge groan, and Melanie’s heart sank as she heard it. She had just lost the bet.
Mike pulled his cock out of her mouth with an audible “pop” and smiled down at her. “You did great.” he said. “I’m just glad I was able to hold back. You almost made me come, right at the end there, but I really wanted to fuck you, so I didn’t let myself go.”
“You bastard.” she said quietly. “You cheated. Somehow, I know you cheated!”
“Now, now.” he chided. “Let’s not be a sore loser.” He grinned. “Well, not yet, anyway. I imagine after getting fucked by me in both holes, you’ll have the right to be a sore loser, but not yet. Not yet.”
“I’m not doing it.” she said, stubbornly. “You cheated, and I’m not doing it because you cheated.”
“Melanie, are you backing out of the bet?” Adriana asked, coming over to her. She had Scott by the hand, and he was looking daggers at her.
“You lost, Melanie.” he said. “You told us that we could rape the shit out of the twins when they lost. Well, they didn’t lose; you did. Mike, go ahead and fuck the shit out of her if she won’t give it up willingly. You won both holes from her, and I mean to see that you get them.”
“No!” Melanie said desperately. “Bruce, you have to help me!”
“I’ll help hold you down.” Bruce grinned at her. “You lost, Mel, and you know the deal.”
“Mike, please?” she begged. “Please don’t make me do this! I wasn’t supposed to lose!”
“I’m going to fuck you, Melanie.” Mike said, grinning at her. “Get those jeans off, right now.”
“No!! NO, you can’t make me!” she said, sobbing. She tried to run out of the locker room, but Bruce reached out with one arm and snagged the back of her blouse.
She tried to twist away, but all she succeeded in doing is bursting every button off the front of it, revealing the fact that she was braless that day. She took a step back and tried to slip her arms out of her ruined shirt, and Bruce kept a hold of it so she could do just that, but when she tried to go forward again, he put his other hand down the back of her jeans and pulled her to him.
“Damn, you got some nice titties, girl.” he drawled. “Mike, you better come get this wildcat before I take her.”
“Hey, no worries there, man, I’ve been looking forward to this all day!” Mike answered, grabbing the front of Melanie’s jeans and pulling her to him. As he did, the snap let go and the zipper pulled open, but he had a good grip and she was forced into his arms.
“No!!” she screamed, beating at his chest ineffectively with her small fists. “Let me go!” He caught her hands and smiled at her, forcing them behind her back. His big hands easily encompassed both her wrists, holding then out of the way as he pushed her jeans down off her hips.
“She was ready to get fucked today.” Scott noted to Bruce. “No panties.”
“She’s got a nice ass, too.” Bruce replied. “I’m kinda jealous that’s it’s Mike that gets to fuck her.
“Melanie, it’s hopeless.” Mike told her quietly. “Quit fighting me. You know this is going to happen, right?”
She fell against his chest, sobbing. His hands were stroking her bare back, soothingly, although guardedly, in case she tried to escape again. He pushed her jeans down off her ass with one hand, and Adriana helpfully took them the rest of the way down.
Mike wrapped his strong arms around her and picked her up by leaning back slightly, and Adriana quickly pulled them off the girl’s feet. Melanie felt the jeans sliding down and began struggling again, knowing the was nothing left to stop Mike’s hard cock, which she could feel pressing into her lower belly like a bar of hot iron.
“No! Let me go! Oh, you bitch, you’ll pay for this!” she threatened, looking daggers over her shoulder at Adriana, who was holding her jeans up like a trophy.
“Melanie, look at me.” Mike said, again, quietly. He set her down and maintained his tight grip around her waist. “You’re going to get fucked.” he said. “Now, you can let this be an act of love, of you can make it an act of rape. Your choice, but this IS going to happen.”
“I…I…” she said weakly, stammering. Mike laid her down on low bench, standing between her open thighs. She stared at his cock, jutting out from his curly pubes and curving upward slightly. “Mike, please…”
He grinned down at her, pulling her by the hips so that her ass was right at the end of the bench, then went to his knees.
“MIKE, please, NO!!!” she begged, feeling his cockhead rubbing up and down through her virginal slit and gathering moisture.
“Shut up, bitch!” Adriana said. “He’s going to fuck you, right now, and nothing you say is going to change it.”
Mike found her opening, and Melanie let out a loud wail as she felt him pressing into her. She felt her hymen straining as he pushed hard against it, and let out another loud wail as it gave way and he sank half his cock into her.
“No, please, no, no, no!” she cried, tears streaming down the sides of her face. “Please, take it out, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”
Mike felt her tightness gripping him like a velvet glove, and reveled in the fact that he’d just popped Melanie Schofeld’s cherry, probably the most sought after piece of ass in the whole school. There was no way he was stopping now, not until he’d made her come at least twice.
She let out a sigh of relief as she felt him pulling back, think it was over, but then he drove it all the way back in, burying himself balls deep in the sexy teenage cheerleader. She gasped in a deep breath, amazed at how good it felt to have him moving back and forth inside her, and she lost herself in the feelings it stirred up in her. She gave herself over to pure sensation and letting everything else be driven from her mind.
“Oh, oh, oh.” she gasped, feeling herself beginning to orgasm. He increased to pace and she went over the edge, losing herself completely as his cock stirred her innermost depths. She moaned long and low, her belly heaving as she gasped for breath.
Finally, he let her climb down from the lofty heights he’d driven her with his cocksmanship. He pulled out, and climbed onto her belly, straddling her chest. He pushed her tits together around his cock and thrust through them a few times, then came. He spewed hot white come all over her face, coating her pretty features with his thick white cream.
He pushed it up even further and fired a burst right up against her mashed together lips, determined to make her taste it, even just a little.
“Ohh, gah, yuck!” she said, feeling him start to move it back. He had been waiting for her to do something like that, and quick as a flash it was back, shooting his last burst right into her partially open mouth.
She immediately turned her head to the side and spit it out, gagging on the taste of it.
“Goddam, Mike, your sisters are way better at sucking cock than little princess Melanie, there.” Bruce said, coming on over to where Mike was pulling his shorts back on. “Both of them swallowed every drop, no problem. Their status just went through the roof, as did yours. All three of you will be getting invites to all the primo parties from now on, have no worries there, bud.”
“Yeah, well, I’m not doing it for that.” Mike said. “It’s pure joy doing this to Ice Queen, here, though.” He looked up at Bruce and grinned. “I think I’m done here.” he said. “You want to take her ass? She lost it to me, fair and square, but I’ll let you fuck it if you want.”
“NO!!” cried Melanie. “It’s too big! All of you are too big to do me back there! Please, for the love of God!”
“You got it, bro, thanks!” Bruce smiled. “I owe you one for this. Any time you want to collect, just say the word.” He smiled even wider. “In fact, there’s a party this weekend. You’re invited. It’s going to be a bunch of jocks and cheerleaders, you know, the in crowd? Well, I’m inviting you personally. Make sure you bring a big box of rubbers, though. You know, like, a 12 pack of them? You’ll be needing every one of them, I promise.”
“Cool, thanks, man. I’ll be there, I promise.”


2017-12-29 21:16:13
Why are the comments so negative its just a story and what is the big deal with no rape tagyou should have known it was going to happen seriously


2017-06-29 08:48:14
Yeah, gotta say that the rape made a shitty series of stories even worse. There were just no redeaming features at all; well, apart from the "fap-value" for the sick.

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2015-03-07 17:21:26
Jeez anons calm down its only part of the story... There's been resistance to mike in all chapters so far too...

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2015-02-26 15:59:23
You suck. Took a great story and ruined it with a rape. You totally suck. I wish I could vote it negative right off the site. You suck.

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Non-consensual and Rape tags would have been nice so I knew not to read this garbage...

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