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My first story hope its okay..
Part 1,

Walking into Ashley's office at 7:30am on a Monday morning may seem a drag but for me it was heaven. Ashley was about 27,had amazing big boobs and deep blue eyes, the way her blonde hair hung over her low cut top showing just enough cleavage to make it not look slutty nearly threw me over the eage.
She runs a large call centre business which I have been working in for 2 years now, I share a office with Cindy a 23 year old with slightly smaller boobs than Ashley but still very sexy. We comment on how good Ashley looks every morning and boy does Ashley know it, she knows she looks good she knows we get wet just thinking about her.

It was Monday morning I did the usual things picked up a coffee at Costa and headed to the office, as I entered the lift I saw Ashley waiting in the lift already. She was wearing her short pencil skirt and white shirt, I noticed she had a little more cleavage showing than normal but I wasn’t about to complain. The lift was getting fuller as we got higher in the building, at one point my ass was right against Ashley’s pussy, I nearly lost it in the lift I just was to rip her clothes off and her to suck my hard nipple.
As I left the lift I felt a pinch on my ass I turned around and Ashley just winked at me, back at the office I was doing the normal thing answering phones when Ashley walked in and said ‘ I want to see you in my office when you’re not busy please, Sam’. About 5 minutes later I finshed up what I was doing and walked into Ashley’s office and I didn’t think to knock and im glad I didn’t, I walked in to find Ashley shoving a big pink dilo in and out her pussy. Her face was a picture when she saw me looking at her instead of trying to explain herself she said ‘get over here’.

‘I’ve been watching the way you and cindy look at me’, ‘ I don’t know what you mean?’ I was staring right at her shaven pussy I just wanted to dive right in there and lick her for all I have. ‘listen,sam I think I know you know we both was come help me with this’ passing the huge pink dilo over to me.holding it in my hand she said ‘if you don’t help me I’ll fire you’ I was speechless as much as I wanted to there was something in the back off my head telling me to go back to work,I discided to ignore this bad feeling because I took the dilo and shoved it right into her hot pussy.

Ashley yelped and screamed as I pushed it in harder and faster using my other hand to pinch her hard nipple,Ashley must had been screaming that load I didn’t hear cindy come in. She came right up beheid me and started kissing my neck,slowly undressing me sucking my hard nipple,she slipped her finger into my pussy and started working it around. After about 10 minutes Ashley stood up and said ‘follow me’ me and cindy did as we were told following her into what we thought was a store cupboard.boy it was far from that it was like a sex shop full of different sized dilo's,vibrators and strap-ons. Our eyes lit up when we saw a couch at the back of the room. Ashley shut the door and turned on the lights, 'do you like this place then?' we both nodded our heads. 'You know that time you dropped all of those files,sam?'..'well you bent over to pick them up,i noticed you weren't wearing panties,your skirt bearly covered your ass.I came in here afterwards and used this toy(throwing me a pink rabbit)i was thinking about you bending over again and shoving this up your ass'. I blushed by this time i was feeling really turned on i really wanted to fuck ashley for all shes worth.

Ashley walked over to me and pushed me on the couch and started kissing my stomach right down to my now really wet panties,then she stopped and looked over to cindy where she had turned on a vibrator and was now pushing it in and out her wet hole,'you dirty little slut,you just couldn't wait could you,now come over here and shove this up sams hot pussy' ashley said passionately.ashley spread my pussy and stuck her tongue in moving it around my tight pussy while cindy was making slow movements on my cilt with the vibrator.

It felt like heaven 'hmhmhmm yeah fuck me like that yeaah yeaaaah yeaaaaah,mmhmhm fuck' i screamed, this had never felt so good even when my boyfriend stuck his big cock in my ass. 'you like that yeah?!' they both cooed 'mhmhm yeah fuck me'

Part 2 ?

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2011-04-12 21:52:42
Poor grammar, poor punctuation, and poor deive text.

It may as well read "Three chicks did it and it was hot. The end."

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