Note to readers: I am not a racist; I am describing my very own fantasy. I will not apologize for being a sick girl. This story has been copy written, so I shouldn’t find this story anywhere else. If I do find this story published somewhere else I will not stop writing, but I will stop posting my writing. I accept criticism bad and good. This story does contain Nazism, if you are Nazi sensitive; this story is not for you. And this is my very first naughty story so…! :D
The night was cool, but I could feel the sweat dripping down my face from the 4 mile jog. I slowed my jog to a fast pacing walk to keep my heart rate high, and as I saw my complex, I slowed my pacing to a walk. I slowly walked up to the complex building, and I felt someone staring at me. I had felt this stare most of my jog, but now I was certain when I turned around and saw a figure standing against my building. I couldn’t see a face, but I saw the big muscular figure. I darted to the entrance of my German complex, and quickly ran up the stairs to my apartment. I quickly got my keys from under the welcome mat (Seriously gonna relocate it now) and ran into my apartment and slammed the door shut and put all the locks in place. I slowly backed away from the door, and waited for a couple of seconds. I finally came to the conclusion that I was crazy. I turned away from the door and headed to my room. I gathered my pink short, short sleeping shorts, my black and red lace under ware and matching bra, and my black and pink tank top. I gathered the clothes and walked through the hallway when a noise caught my attention. I looked back quickly and stood silent. Once again I came up with conclusion that I was crazy and I proceeded with my shower. I stripped down completely naked. I adored my light high yellow skin, and flat stomach, I trailed my eyes down to my virgin shaven pussy. I smiled lightly at my 38 C’s in the mirror. I finally decided to hop in the shower. I took my time in letting the hot water hit my soft skin; I felt the heat and my muscles relaxed. Little did I know that this was the last pleasure shower I’d be taken. After about half an hour of luxury in the shower, I decided to get out and get ready for bed. I stepped out of the shower and dried myself off, and then I put on my Victoria Secret lotion, matching the lotion with the perfume. Afterwards I dried my long now seemingly dark brown hair, but my hair is naturally light brown, and I was the only foreign exchange girl in my clique at school who didn’t wear extensions, or tracks and I have never permed my hair. My hair is naturally wavy and it was so beautiful I decided to be the only 17 year girl at school who hadn’t dyed, or permed their hair. I put on my clothes and I walked out of the bathroom. WHAM! Everything turns black, and I feel as though I have faded away. I wake up to several men standing over me calling me crude names. “Hey Krieg, our bitch is up.” I look up and I can see the smirks across the beautiful faces of at least from my count 15 men. They were all wearing what seemed to be uniforms of some kind. But then I noticed they all had some kind of band around their arms. I looked a little closer to see they all had the Nazi symbol on the bands. I could feel the tears swell up in my eyes, and the knot in my throat when I realized what kind of trouble I was in. “Your right Karl, the bitch is up, what do you think we should do with her first?” Krieg said with a sadistic tone. Realizing that Krieg was the ring leader I quickly turned my attention to him, and started pleading with him. “Please, let me go, I won’t say anything I swear. Please just let me go.” I cried like a little girl. Krieg said something in German, with that someone stood me up, my legs and arms bound together left me leaning against the man for leverage, then he stood me up straight, and I felt a sting against my cheek forcing me back to the ground. I couldn’t believe it I had just been backhanded. I sobbed silently as he spoke calmly. “Look bitch, I don’t give a fuck about you trying pleading with me. We own you now, you can beg and plead all you want to, but no one is going to let you go here. For one you are beautiful, and you have made all of us quite attracted to you. But we can’t have that now, what if the people or our organization found out we were attracted to you.” I started crying like someone was beating me in the head with a stick, the tears floated from my deep green eyes like a flood. I could feel my nose running, once again I started pleading. “Oh my God, please, please, please, I am begging you let me go. I want to go home. I-I-I-I I’ll leave Germany and never come back I swear. Please!” The whole room broke out in laughter. Krieg lowered his perfectly chiseled body down to mine, his beautiful crystal blue eyes meeting mine as a sadistic smirk crossed his face, and his blond hair stood was neatly cut. I could feel the tears still streaming down my face as I was about to speak again. As he saw my mouth open he met my first breath in with a blow to the stomach. This time he spoke with sternness. “What the fuck did I say? I don’t care about your pleading. If you keep begging us to stop, let you go or anything, and I mean anything. There will be consequences. We own you now, get that through your head you fucking cunt.” I started to cry, when I felt another blow to the stomach. “Stop fucking crying whore, you deserve everything that is coming to you. I mean you can’t just wear those short shorts showing the beautiful curve of your ass and expect nothing to happen to you.” He paused for a second long enough for everything he had just said to set in. I sobbed quietly, begging with my eyes. Krieg spoke again “I see what you like. You like men to beg for that body, huh? You like showing your curves to make men crazy for you. Don’t you slut?!” Thinking he was asking a rhetorical question I did not answer him. Then I saw the look on his face and realized I should answer the question. Too late! As soon as I tried to speak he grabbed me by my hair and stood me up so quick by the time I felt the blow I was still wandering what was happening. I cried out. “Speak when you are spoken to bitch!” I felt the authority in his voice and just how serious he was. I struggled for air, and then I saw his face turn a shade of red and I realized I was seriously in trouble now. As soon as he came down for another blow I screamed. “I’m sorry, please, I’m sorry.” His facial expression changed from angry to amused very quickly. “I’m sorry.” I spoke again. “I thought the question was rhetorical.” His facial expression changed again. “Look slut, don’t get smart, just answer the fucking question.” I felt the tears swelling up in my eyes as my vision went blurry from all of the humiliation I was enduring. I slowly opened my mouth “I never meant to tease anyone.” I was quickly cut off by this time someone punching me in the face. “Wrong answer.” Said a man. The others shouted in cheer and agreement. “Try it again Lindsay.” Krieg said with a smirk. “I’m in my pajamas in my home I never did anything to you why are you doing this you sick fuck?!” I shouted anger flooding my brain. That was also a wrong answer. Krieg grabbed me by my hair and dragged me to a mattress in the center of the room and threw me down. He quickly grabbed a knife, thinking he was going to kill me I fought with all the strength I had in my body. I screamed, cried, kicked, and begged. I was scared, and he knew it, that was his advantage. He cut the tape from my hands, then repeating the action on my ankles. After that was done, he ripped my tank top off in on swift motion exposing my well rounded 38 C breasts. My black and red lace bra was hugging my breasts, and in the same motion Krieg used before he ripped my shorts off. I cried, reality setting in. My black and red panties hugging me so tightly that blind men could see the shape of my mound. Embarrassed, I turned my head away from him. He caressed my breasts and pussy at the same time putting me in some type of trance. Then he realized that I was a mulatto, a Negro the tenderness faded and he got rough. He ripped the panties off first, then shoving a finger into my pussy, he was feeling around for something, and by the way he huffed, he found what he was looking for; my hymen still intact. He rubbed it and spoke. “I will be the first to experience all three of your holes, this will be a night you will never forget bitch.” With that he ripped my bra off exposing my perky tits. He immediately started manhandling my tits in such a fashion I thought they were going to fall off. I started screaming at him. “You sick fuck let me go! I swear to god if you don’t….I’ll…I’ll.” he interrupted me “You’ll what bitch? Get your ass beat some more?” That set a fire in the pit of my stomach and I immediately started kicking him, and clawing at him until I was on top of him fighting with all I had. I struck him across the face so hard he let out a big grunt of pain, with that I knew I needed to make a run for it. So I did. I crawled to my knees trying to crawl and get up and run at the same time, but he was too quick. He grabbed me by my waist and pulled me back to the bed and without warning started striking my in the head, arm, face anywhere he could aim and strike. Then with a shout he told Karl to get the “Thickest one” I didn’t know what that meant so that just heightened the fear of what was about to come. He then twisted me so that I was on my knees, with my ass in the air. Then the first sting hit me. I screamed “You’re fucking psychotic let go of me you goddamned freak!” He hit me harder, and harder. He hit me until all I could do was scream and cry. Then I felt my eyes close, then he stopped landing the whip down on my backside. I was in a state of consciousness, and unconsciousness. Krieg lowered himself on top of me. I could feel his hard member rubbing me through his pants. I started sobbing again for I knew what was to come next. “You are going to pay for that you dirty slut. You’re a fighter, and I love the challenge of breaking you down to what you are slut. Nothing.” I heard the sound of a belt buckle and zipper, and without any warning he shoved his semi hard 8 inch dick into my virgin pussy. I howled like a wounded animal. I bucked away from him but he pulled me back. Then I tried to crawl away from him, he laughed and grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked me up off of the ground while he ruthlessly fucked my brains out. I felt him moving in and out making it his priority to hurt me. I cried out loud, “Pleaaaaseeee, oh my god, pleeeaaaassseeeee, please stop. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. Please spare me.” The laughter that burst out of him was not human. “Shut the fuck up and enjoy this because the next round is going to be fucking miserable for you.” Once again I cried praying he would stop this torture he already had my virginity, what else did he want from me? I could feel my throat going dry, and I began to daydream about home. But my sweet memory was short lived as Krieg threw me face first on the ground and pulling my ass into the air. Once again without any warning he shoved his now fully erect 10 inch thick cock into my ass. Then everything went black.
(Depending on the feedback I get will determine if I finish my story or not. So it’s up to you. All types of feedback is welcomed, but if you dish something out you better be able to take what I serve you. <3 Can’t wait for your feedback.)

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2011-05-30 00:24:43
I thought this story was very well written got me hard. You should keep going but please break it up into paragraphs be much easier to read


2011-04-16 23:46:16
Wall of Words. Unreadable... Shame, it could be a good story - I'll never know.


2011-04-13 02:24:56
Gave positive rating for your guts on writing such a story first time up but you could use paragraphing to make it easier to read. Apart from that I like your moxie little one. Eager to see a follow on. 7/10

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