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"We've gotta do something!" Marie slurred, drunk from the party. She and her lesbian
girlfriend, Louise, had snuck off to an unoccupied room in the back of the house, and
none of their friends had seen them.
They both were 17, and were both very beautiful girls. Marie was a brunette, and had
light brown eyes; she was 5'4. Louise was a red head, also had light brown eyes. She
was 5'5. The two of them met in the end of 9th grade, and fell in love. They both were
lesbian since they could remember.
"But what c-can we d-do?" Louise asked, sitting on the bed and looking up at her
lover. Marie was thoughtfully looking out the window, thinking of how they could do
it here without being caught.
"Did you bring any toys?" Marie asked, breaking the silence. Louise bent over and
looked in her backpack. She knew she brought the finger-vibrator, but this was getting
old. They needed more excitement in their alone time.
"I took Kate's love dice." Marie said quietly, and put her hand in her pockets. The dice
clicked together when she touched them.
"But wasn't she going to use them with--" Louise began, but Marie put her finger up.
"Ssssh, my love. She's too drunk to notice anyways." she said, and pulled the dice
out. With a quick flick of her wrist, the dice rolled out of her hands and onto the floor,
where one rolled into the wall, and the other crashed into a chair leg.
"LETS DO IT..." the dice by the wall said, "ON A CHAIR" said the other.
"How the hell do we do it on a chair?" Louise asked, confused.
"You sit on the chair, and I use my tongue on you." Marie said.
"Are you sure?" Louise asked.
"Of course." Marie said. "I know how much you like it." This was how they began getting
intimate with each other.
Marie sat down on the bed next to Louise, and pushed her down backwards. They looked
into each other's drunk eyes and smiled. Marie leaned forward and they kissed pasionately,
closing their eyes and enjoying the moment. It wasn't before long that their hands began
getting wrestless, and exploring. Louise's ended up behind Marie's neck, her sensitive spot,
and Marie's ended up up behind Louise's back.
With a quick snap!, Louise's bra strap came undone. She moved her hands down from
Marie's neck, and up her back to her bra. Another quick snap! and suddenly both girls
became quite aroused. Marie broke the kiss and pulled her hands out from Louise's
back. She put her hands on the bottom of her shirt and pulled up, and both the bra
and her shirt came off.
"Haha." Marie chuckled, holding Louise's shirt up.
"Oh yeah?" Louise teased, and put her hands on the bottom of Marie's shirt and pulled
up too, and another shirt/bra combo came up. They both reached down and went for each
other's belts, now very aroused and ready to go.
Both belts were quick, and pants were wriggled out of. Soon, both girls were naked,
save their thongs. Louise was laying down on the bed, and Marie was kneeling between
her legs, staring down at her lover.
"Now," Marie began, beginning to talk in the seductive way they talked to each other.
As she began, she leaned over and touched Louise's thong. She felt how wet Louise
was under the tiny fabric.
"I am about to give you one of the best O's of your life. Are you ready?" Marie asked.
" I am." Louise said. "But why will it be the best?"
"Sssh. You'll see. Lay back and let me send you away...." Marie slowly took the thong
off, and threw it aside. Louise was aroused, and Marie wasted no time in diving in. She
dove between her thighs, and Louise moaned out at once.
"Ya like that?" Marie whispered, smiling.
"You know all my spots." Louise whispered back.
"I also know you get off with dirty talk." Marie said.
"Oh, yes!" Louise whispered back.
"You dirty girl," Marie whispered, and brought her hand up and put it on Louise's
clit. Likewise, she put the other hand on her own clit, and started rubbing it. Louise
closed her eyes at this, and moaned out.
"Oh you like that, babe?" Marie moaned back as she felt herself getting close.
"I do, I do!" Louise moaned.
"Tell me, you dirty girl." Marie said.
"I like when you fuck me with your fingers." Louise said.
"Ooh, such naughty language." Marie said, and smiled. She rubbed her clit with
more pressure, and stroked Louise's like a great masturbator would. They both
moaned out at the increase, and both were close to the edge now.
"Are you close?" Marie whispered.
"I am..." Louise moaned.
"Come on, babe." Marie moaned.
"Come for me, sweetheart." Marie said, and buried her face in Louise's pussy
again. She moaned out, and finally lost it. Her O face was so hot; she opened
her mouth in an small o, raised her eyebrows in an inquisitive look, and moans.
The sight of her losing it is too much for Marie, and she feels the shudder of an
orgasm too. Both of them moaned as it was happening, and they were in
complete esctasy.
They both came down from their O's less than 30 seconds later, and both
"Oh my God, that was lovely." Louise panted, when she could speak again.
"I told you." Marie said, and sat up. She saw she had both of their juices on
her hands, and leaned forward with the finger that was her own juice. Louise
took it in her mouth and sucked the finger dry of Marie's juices. When she was
finished, Marie took her finger that had Louise's juice on it, and brought it to
her mouth. She sucked it slow and seductively.
"You taste amazing." Marie whispered grinning.
"So do you." Louise whispered back. She sat up and drew her legs back.
Marie yawned, as she did after an amazing O. Louise yawned too.
"You tire me out, babe." Marie joked. Louise lay back down on the bed,
and Marie lay next to her. They hugged their bodies close for warmth, even
though it was a warm night.
"I love you, Marie." Louise whispered.
"I love you too, babe." Marie whispered back, and smiled.

They snuggled close in the bed, and before they knew it, they were fast

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2011-05-13 10:17:34
Very true! Makes a chagne to see someone spell it out like that. :)

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