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Thunder rolls over the mountain tops and lightening tears the sky. Below this turmoil, a duel rages. Two figures vie in hand-to-hand combat. Sparks intervene in the blackness when lightening is not. One figure stands tall and erect and delivers murderous blows upon the smaller yet quicker figure. Dark clouds billow and the wind whistles thru the cracks in the walls of a nearby castle.
Inside, little Princess Colleen, awakened by the storm, approaches her father’s room. Her mother had died only two years before, from a bout of pneumonia, she had been told, so her father was now her comforter. Climbing on his bed, she finds it empty. She waits, thinking that he might have gone to get a midnight snack, wine and cheese, his favourite. After some time, Colleen gets up to search for him.
For a moment, the thunder stills and Colleen hears a new noise outside the window. The sound of steel striking steel. Slowly, she creeps to the window and peers out. To her horror, she sees her father run thru by a giant man, who after striking, retreats into the Western Wood. With maturity beyond her eight years, Colleen keeps herself from losing control, but quickly descends the stairs and rushes out of the castle gates thru the howling winds and drenching rain to her father’s side. She sees that he is bleeding. Kneeling on the ground, Colleen finally lets her guard down and, weeping, buries her face into her father’s neck.
In reverence of the scene, the wind and the thunder quiet. Slowly opening his eyes, the king whispers into her ear,
“Daughter, listen to me. Many years ago the man who has mortally wounded me served with me under the reigning king. He and I both loved the woman who was your mother. She was a powerful sorceress. When I married her, Lord Fallin was furious and sought revenge. He raped and murdered your mother hoping to steal her magic. However, when you were born, her magic passed on to you. He has since learned of your existence. You must learn to harness the magic to protect your kingdom. If Fallin gains it, he will use it to enslave the world to do his bidding. Take this necklace, and protect it with your life. It holds the key to your heart. Also, take this dagger. One day, it will save you. Now, leave me. Discover your magic. I love you.”
Through tear and rain blinded eyes Colleen finally got the necklace clasped behind her head. Sobbing, she screamed, “No! Father, you will not die. You will be better on the morrow. Please… please… don’t leave me like mother did…..I love you, too, daddy.”

10 years later
The Dream
Colleen awoke with a start. Her breasts heaved as she caught her breath. With one hand, she clasped her father’s pendant which hung ever-present about her neck. She had had another nightmare, relived the terrible night of her father’s murder. She couldn’t sleep. Not now. She was covered in a cold sweat, her heart racing, with the images still vivid in her mind. She remembered the rain upon her skin, the feel of her father’s blood on her fingers. Just now, she looked at her hands to remind herself that it was only a dream.
Colleen decided to draw a bath and relax before trying to fall back asleep. Although their servant quarters were a good distance from her own chambers, Colleen was careful not to wake them. Every sound echoed in this wretched castle.
She lit a candle and crept to the kitchen where she retrieved a wash tub and the pot of water that was kept by the fire. She poured the steaming liquid into the tub and breathed in the vapor. She slipped off her white lace nightgown to reveal that she was no longer a little girl.
Her soft, elegantly arched feet flowed smoothly upward into finely-toned, tan legs. Her hips were wide in her maturity and contrasted beautifully with her well-groomed, virgin womanhood that smelled faintly of apples. Her stomach was slender, her rump round and tight. Her magnificently firm breasts stood outward, and as the misty, cool air struck them, her delectable nipples began to harden. Her thin neck held her head high, a head which displayed dazzling features as well – pearly white teeth, full lips, a softly pointed nose, and two shimmering emerald eyes. From the top of her head flowed a cascade of thick, brown hair that fell to the floor and covered her like a robe.
Setting a towel near the iron tub, Colleen lowered herself in. She was so tense after her frightful dream, that when she entered the water, her body immediately became rigid. Colleen was startled as she felt the muscles between her legs start contracting. She began to shake uncontrollably. It felt so good. She had never experienced such a burst of passion, and it worried her for a minute, but writhing in ecstasy, she let the warm water easy away her tension as she flooded the water with a white fluid.

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good intro, but should be tacked onto at least a piece of the body of text..

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