Mark finally realizes what has happened to him and gets the shocker of a lifetime.
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Chapter 6 – The Realization and Payback
Mark was probably one of the most well sexed 18-year-old boys alive, and had been for well over a year now. Sex came easy for a man who could pleasure a female body so masterfully. The truly strange thing though, was that even though a night did not go by that he didn't have his penis up inside at least one very happy woman, Mark Johnson still thought he was a virgin.

Over the past year or so a number of girls seemed to have showed an interest in him, even Jennifer had started acting really nice. But none of these girls ever made any kind of moves. At times a few of them actually seemed scared to continue associating with him, as if they'd been threatened by a dangerous Kung Fu cheerleader or something. But more than a year after that fateful night when Mark had shared a bed with Rachel for the first time, his ignorance was about to come to an end. And it was going to happen in the most unlikely of ways.

Well into their senior year, on a school day like any other. Mark was sitting in the school cafeteria, eating lunch across from his best friend, Rachel. She had her chin in her hands; giving him that dreamy look she always gave him when he ate; a look that he had long since become used to, and stopped noticing. He was sipping on a straw to his box of milk, when for some inexplicable reason several random thoughts just floated into his mind.

This alone wasn't too unusual, in a head like Mark's there were often a lot of random and unrelated thoughts going through his head. He wasn't exactly the sharpest of people, didn't know how to figure out even the most obvious of problems. A master detective he was not. And yet, because of the most random thoughts that floated through his head, in that singular moment he was Sherlock freaking Holmes!

By chance each of those random thoughts just fell together with each other, like pieces of a puzzle. And ever so slowly he came to a startling realization. A major realization that had him spitting his mouthful of milk all over the table, which greatly startled the cheerleader sitting across from him. But not nearly as much as the totally mortified look on his face startled her.

She looked tremendously confused as she looked at him with those innocent eyes. "Mark... What was that about?"

"Y... You..." He choked, then managed to force out the most unbelievable of words in a long wheeze. "You've been having sex with me while I sleep!" He didn't say it like a question, not even like a theory. He said it like it was a stone cold fact.

Rachel paled visibly, and then started stammering. "Wh-what? Nooo! What are you talking about Mark? Nooo!"

"But... The dreams! And the sleeping together! And the sweat all over me which...Oh My God that wasn't sweat! That was dried sperm!"

"Mark I haven't... I mean I'd never..." She spent a moment looking into his totally shocked face, before she sighed in defeat. "Okay... Maybe a little."

He felt himself start to get dizzy like he was going to pass out from shock. "Oh... my... God!"

"If it’s any consolation Mark, you were really, really good," she offered, with a nervous smile.

"How long has this been going on?" gathering his strength.

The nervous smile still upon her face, she replied. "Well... You remember that first night we slept in the same bed?"

Mark stopped breathing. "That was... over a year ago..."

Rachel chuckled nervously, and then scratched the back of her head. "Heh heh. Yeah..."

"Rachel, what the hell were you thinking?!"

"I was only planning on doing it once!" she said defensively. "But as it turned out, it was kind of addictive and...Women have a healthy sex drive... Besides I thought you would have woken up ages ago."

"Don't you even think of trying to make this sound like any of this is my fault, Rachel!" he snapped, before quieting down, when he remembered they weren't alone in the cafeteria. He paused and another thought came to him. "Did you have something to do with me passing out so often, and then waking up in bed in the morning wondering how I got there?"

Rachel blushed, and shrugged. "Well... Sometimes I wanted to go to bed early, and you didn't... So I'd... Knock you out with acupressure..."

Surprisingly enough, Mark actually knew what acupressure was. "Oh man. I was starting to think I was narcoleptic or something." He looked up into her eyes with a look of complete and utter disbelief. "Rachel, how could you?"

She frowned. "Calm down Mark. Look, I'll make it up to you. Right now if you want. We can go find some place private, and I'll let you do whatever you want." She gave him her sexiest smile. "Your wish is totally my command."

He stared and Rachel's evil smile started to widen. But his next comment caused the grin to fall completely of her face. "No way am I going to have fucking sex with you!"

"What?! But Mark!"

"That's exactly what you want!" he said, still looking in a state of disbelief. "But you stole my virginity, Rachel. You had non-consensual sex with me! You raped me!"

"Mark come on! I know you enjoyed it!" Rachel not even fazed by Mark’s anger at her right now.

He stood up suddenly, and then started to walk away. "I need some time to think. Don't even think about following me!"

Rachel did as she was told, and just sat there watching him leave. With a look of dread plastered across her face.


As he walked down the hall of school, his thoughts and emotions were all over the place. He was in shock, and talking to himself as his feelings on the matter kept changing. First there was denial.

"This can't be happening! Rachel wouldn't do this; this must be some kind of sick joke! Yeah that's it; Rachel's just playing an April Fool's prank on me! Nice one... Oh come off it Mark, it is fucking February!"

Then it started sinking in.

"She... She really did it... I can't believe it, none of it was a dream, and how could I have been so blind?! How could she, we're meant to be friends! Best friends!"

For the briefest of moments he was actually happy about it.

"Then again... It is kind of hot... Rachel enjoying sex with me so much she comes back for more every single night... Damn, I am the man! And it isn't like I didn't want to have sex with her; I've been having wet dreams about her since I hit puberty..."

But upon further re-thinking the idea, he became considerably less happy and more distraught.

"The fact that I wanted her doesn't change anything; she's been fucking molesting me in my sleep! The least she could have done was tell me, she should have known I would've said yes! And for more than a year too!! What she did was sick and wrong... It was hot. Really hot, no doubt about that... But sick and wrong nevertheless!"

And finally he just started getting really angry.

"This can’t be happening! AAAHHHHH! I lost my virginity to the girl of my dreams, and I don't even remember it!! A year's worth of sex with Rachel, and little more than vague memories of sex dreams to show for it! How could she do it, how could she take that away from me?! She... She has to pay!! She needs to be taught a lesson for her betrayal."

Then as if by fate he bumped into someone as he walked down the hall, and rather than seeming angry over his clumsiness, she seemed happy to see him. She had been warming up to him a lot since last year, and judging from the genuine smile on her face the warmth was still there.

"Oh. Hi Mark," Jennifer said, sweetly.

Mark just stared at the attractive brunette, without saying a word. A plan started to formulate in his mind. 'Yeah, that'd show Rachel; fucking her rival.' Jennifer had been so nice to him for a long time now, even flirting when Rachel wasn't looking.

Jennifer's smile started to fade, as Mark continued staring at her without making any reply. "Mark? Are you okay?"

"Um... Can we find somewhere private to talk?"
He wasn't sure if he'd ever get used to Jennifer Taylor being nice, but he just took her hand and led her into a nearby empty classroom. Locking the door behind him, he led her inside where she sat on a desk and looked at him as he reluctantly started talking. He explained what Rachel had been doing, and Jennifer put her hand over her mouth as he made his revelations to her. Unbeknownst to Mark though she had done it to hide her wicked smile, and not done it in an expression of shock.

"Oh my God Mark, that's horrible!" she gasped, trying hard to conceal her snickering. "I can't believe Rachel would do something so awful to you!"

"I know, I can't either! I'm just so angry with her; she took away something I can never get back! My first time! I mean I don't hate her or anything, I don't think I ever could... But it just makes me so mad! I want to get back at her! I want to make her pay for what she did!"

Jennifer just watched and listened, as Mark started to walk in closer to her. "I know this sounds way petty, but I want to do something that I know would upset her! I want to do something cruel to her! I want to... to..."

She smiled at him, clearly intrigued. "You want to what?

Unable to make the words come out of his mouth, Mark just acted on an impulse. He grabbed Jennifer by the shoulders, and pulled her close, from her seat on the desk and into a hard and passionate kiss. 'Okay, she's either gonna be into this and kiss me back, or she's going to get angry, slap me around the face, then kick me in the balls so hard it'll do permanent damage.'

As he kissed, he came to the unfortunate conclusion that the second scenario was probably the more likely one. Maybe just kissing her without warning like this wasn't the brightest idea. It was a shame too; he had rather hoped he could use those nuts at least once while he was awake to appreciate it.

To his surprise though, there was no slapping. No ball busting. But there was an approving moan from Jennifer, her arms wrapping around his neck, and her tongue slipping into his mouth. It tasted faintly of something vaguely familiar, which Mark couldn't place. It was actually the lingering flavor of Rachel's pussy, which Jennifer had been eagerly licking at her mistress' command, less than an hour previous to this.

Mark had to admit, Jennifer was a great kisser. And though he didn't realize it, he was a really good kisser too. So she was willing to make out with him, was she willing to go further? Just kissing Jennifer would likely be enough to make Rachel angry, but Mark wanted more than enough! He wanted to fuck Jennifer! He wanted Rachel to know that it was her rival and not her that got the first fuck with Mark while he was awake. He didn't know why for certain, but part of him knew Rachel had really wanted to be Mark's first while he was awake. But that wasn't going to happen! No way was Rachel getting that too!

He decided to see how far he could push his luck with Jennifer. How far she'd let him go. First his hand ran up the back of her thigh then grabbed a firm butt cheek. This bought on more approving moans. Reaching up he started to massage a breast, and still there were no protests, no 'don'ts' or 'stops' from the girl he was kissing. Just more moans. This was pretty cool; he'd always heard copping your first feel with a girl could be a real ordeal. But Mark could tell that this girl was actually encouraging it.

Jennifer had it bad for Mark.

Pulling out of the kiss, he looked into her eyes, and she looked right back with a lustful smile. "Jennifer? How far exactly are you willing to let me go?"

Her smile widened. "All the way, baby. You can do whatever you want."

He was quite surprised by this. "Really, are you sure?"

Looking right into his eyes, she ran an affectionate hand down his cheek. "Please, do whatever you want. Show Rachel that she can't just get away with what she did."

With a smile, Mark leaned in and kissed her again, then gently pushed her back to a sitting position on the desk behind her. From there he fell to his knees in front of her, and reached up her cheerleader skirt, where he started to pull down her black lace panties. Jennifer's breathing quickly became quick and audible from anticipation as she opened her legs wide for him.

"Oh yes Mark! Please! Pleeeaaassse!!"

He lifted her skirt to find that she shaved. She was also fully aroused, her scent was strong and the sensitive flesh of her pussy was swollen and engorged. He noted that it was more arousal than he'd expect from a simple kiss. It was almost like she'd been stimulated non-stop for hours, but hadn't been allowed to cum. And by the way she was moaning, and begging him to start licking showed just how much she needed it. He decided he was going to satisfy this needy pussy. Not caring if he missed fifth and sixth period after that, he was going to satisfy this girl. No matter how long it took.

"Please Mark, I need to cum!" she whined, stroking the back of his head. "Lick it! I need it sooo bad!"

He leaned in slowly enough to make her wait for it just a little longer. He was really going to enjoy this. After more than a year of licking pussy in his sleep, he extended his long tongue and started to lick Jennifer in all the right places. She groaned anxiously already on the edge of orgasm and ready to have the guy push her over. Ready to feed him copious amounts of her pleasure juices as she came over and over again.

Mark enjoyed the taste of her immensely, and very much liked the words of encouragement she was still moaning as she ground her pussy into his face. The feeling of such needy swollen flesh engulfing his tongue was eerily familiar though, as was the intoxicating scent and flavor of her sex. And just as he was about to give her what she wanted, and make her cum hard as he could, he came to yet another shocking realization. He remembered tasting this before.

Her breathing had quickened her muscles had started to tense, when Mark just stopped at the worst possible moment. "Mark wait don't stop! I was so close!" she gasped, trying to pull his face back in. When she realized he was resisting her pulling she looked down into his eyes, and found him scowling up at her. She paled at the anger in his expression.

"What’s the matter?"

"I've tasted this before," he whispered. "Have you been having sex with me while I sleep too?

Trying to hide her nervousness, she pulled on his head again, hoping to get him to resume his pleasurable activity. "Don't be silly Mark. I probably just taste like Rachel, that's all! Don't stop!"

Still he resisted her advances, despite the temptation to continue what he had been doing. In truth, he really had wanted to make her cum. But he was angrier right now than he was horny. "If there is one thing that I'm really good at, Jennifer, it's distinguishing different flavors!"

"That's not the only thing you're really good at!" she giggled, before putting her hands over her mouth when she realized what she had just let slip.

Mark jumped to his feet, and yelled in anger, "You have!! I can't believe this!!"

"Okay, I admit it. Rachel shared you with me three or four... dozen times..."

"She shared me?!" he almost screamed.

She smiled at him nervously. "If it’s any consolation, you were really, really good."

Mark frowned angrily. "I am so not having sex with you anymore! You're just as bad as Rachel!"

"Oh come on Mark!" she whined.

"No!! Now has Rachel shared me with anyone else on the cheer squad?"

Hesitating at first, Jennifer just nodded.

Okay, now Mark was even angrier with Rachel. "Tell me this then. Who on the cheer squad hasn't had sex with me yet?"

Jennifer sighed, and then answered. "Jessica. She's a devout Catholic, and doesn't have pre-marital sex."

"Okay," Mark said, with a nod. "Jessica. Who else?"

Jennifer shrugged. "Just her unfortunately, our bad."

Mark went totally silent, and took a few minutes to actually allow what he had just heard sink in. Even once it did sink in he didn't quite believe it. "... The...whole squad?"

"Except Jessica," Jennifer reminded.

"... Rachel shared me... with the WHOLE CHEER SQUAD?!?!"

"Except Jessica. She's a devout Catho..."

"OH!!! MY!!! GOD!!!" Then Mark started to throw up his prior lunch.

"Amp down, Marky," she said, sweetly, as she lifted her skirt and opened her legs for him. "Here, eat some pussy. It will make you feel better."

Mark regaining his composure and stared, with the most shocked look on his face that Jennifer had ever seen. "Rachel... Sharing... Cheer squad... Catholic..."

Jennifer offered her sexiest smile, and opened up her arms for him. "Come here Marky. Let Jennifer make you feel better."

Immediately coming out of his shock-induced stupor, he again scowled at the brunette. "No fucking way!!" he snapped, as he turned and headed for the door. "I am so outta here!"

Jennifer jumped to her feet and went after him. "Mark no! Please wait!" She caught him before he reached the door, then fell to her knees and started hugging his leg. "You can't just get me all worked up like that, then ditch me!"

"Sure I can!" he snapped, as he tried to pull away. "Let go!"

"No!! Please baby, pleeeaaassse!! Rachel hasn't let me cum in a whole month!!"

Despite being curious about what Rachel had to do with Jennifer being able to cum, he didn't ask, and just yanked his leg hard away from her. "Forget it Jennifer. I'm gone!"

And with that he was out the door. Jennifer was left on her knees on the cold floor, watching the door he had disappeared through slowly swinging closed. Then after a few moments the sexually frustrated young woman started crying. She hit the floor a few times with her fists, and then cried a little more. And soon enough it degenerated into little more that a wild, childish temper tantrum.


Mark decided rather than try to have sex with one of the cheer squad, who he was only mildly friendly with, and who are all just like Rachel anyway, he'd sleep with someone he could count on! He walked up to the girl at her locker, and smiled at her.

"Hey Alisha," he greeted.

She turned and smiled widely at him. "Hey boy! Where you been hiding?"

"Oh, you know... here and there... Say, you think we could talk somewhere private?"

Her smile widened at that. "You know I always have time for you, boyfriend."

He took her hand, and started to lead her to an empty classroom to talk. But then something occurred to him and he stopped and turned to look the beautiful African American girl in the eyes. "Ali'... Have you and Rachel ever... um... Done things to me while I slept?"

She smiled at that. "What, did Rachel finally decide to tell you? I told her, 'girl, if that man hasn't woken up yet, he ain't gonna!'"

"Oh no Alisha, you slept with me too?! Man this fucking sucks!!"

She seemed a lot less nervous about the revelation than Rachel or Jennifer, and her smile remained on her face. "Trust me lover boy, there wasn't any sleeping involved."

"Awww maaan!! How could Rachel do this?! How could you?!"

"You didn't think Rachel would share 'multiple orgasm man' with the whole cheer squad, and not with her best girlfriend do you?" Alisha asked, shrugging.

Mark blanched. "Multiple orgasm man?"

"One of your many new nicknames, baby."

"Man, I can't believe this! You're supposed to be my friend!"

"I am your friend, Mark. But I have needs. I am a woman you know. Anyway, if it’s any consolation you were really, really good!"

He simply turned and started walking away. "I have gotta get out of this school, and I mean now!"

He heard Alisha calling out to him from behind, but didn't stop his beeline for the exit. "What, you don't wanna talk anymore?! Mark?! Um... Call me?!"


Mark Johnson wandered around town in a state of disbelief for about an hour, and in that time stewed in his own anger. In time he found himself heading to Rachel’s household, knowing it would be empty. Mark used his copy of the house key to gain entry, and then slumped down on their living room sofa with his head in his hands. What a fucking day!

He sat there for God knows how long, getting angrier and angrier by the second. Not noticing the other person in the room until she sat down on the sofa next to him and placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

"Mark? What's the matter, honey? Why aren't you at school?"

He looked up at the woman with a sad frown. "Mrs. Smith?"

"It looks like you could use someone to talk to."

Still frowning, he nodded slowly. Mrs. Smith was probably the easiest adult on the planet for a teenager to open up to. So Mark decided to just unload.

"I... No I shouldn't tell you I'll just get Rachel in trouble..." It took him a few moments to realize what he'd just said. "Wait, no, she deserves to be in bloody trouble!! Mrs. Smith, your daughter has been having sex with me while I slept! For over a year! And I only just found out about it today!"

Anne raised a hand to her mouth in shock. "My goodness Mark, are you sure about this?! That doesn't sound like something my Rachel would do!"

"Believe it, but that's not the worst part. I figure I'd get back at her by sleeping with someone else. But as it turns out, she's been sharing me with half the females at the freakin' High School!"

Anne gently clasped his shoulder, and looked at him reassuringly. "Oh Mark, that must be horrible for you."

He leaned forward, and she took him into a warm motherly embrace. "This is so ferociously unfair! This is like the every teenage guy's fantasy come true, and I was asleep every time! It... It’s just not fair!"

She tightened her hug on the teen and gently stroked his blonde hair. "I know Mark. I know. And I'll have a few words with Rachel about this, don't you worry."

He looked up into her blue eyes hopefully. Maybe this would be how Rachel would learn her lesson. This woman really did rock in stereo. "Really?"

"Really, Mark," she replied, reassuringly. They looked into each other’s eyes for a little while, and then to the young man's shock and surprise, the older woman lowered her mouth onto his and slipped her tongue between his teeth. The shock subsided after a moment and he started kissing back, much to the approval of Anne Smith. But after that he finally came to his senses and pulled away, staring at her with shock.

"M... Mrs. Smith?!"

"Call me Anne," she purred, affectionately stroking the side of his face. "Please."

"Anne... What was that about?"

"You were right about what my daughter did. It was wrong. And if you still want to get back at her with someone who hasn't molested you in your sleep, I'm more than happy to help you. It has been a very long time since I've been with a younger man."

He was not only flabbergasted by what was being offered by this woman he had often considered as a second mother, he was also tremendously turned on by it. "I... I... um... I guess I always have had a monster crush on you. So this would be a total dream come true for me."

"Awww," she cooed, leaning forward and giving him a peck on the lips. "That is so sweet."

"But what about your husband?! I couldn't..."

She silenced him with a few fingers to his lips. "Don't you worry about Richard. He and I are very happy together. But the two of this have an open marriage."

He looked at her blankly. "And an open marriage is...?"

She smiled fondly at the oblivious young man. "It means we both get to screw whoever we want to, Mark."

"Oh right." He froze and started breathing hard when she reached down and started rubbing his hardening penis through his pants.

"And right now Marky, I want to fuck your brains out right here on the sofa."

He stared as her slender delicate hand continued to massage his crotch insistently. "I... um... Okay!"

After leaning in the two of them were kissing again, and she was moaning as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Their tongues danced and Mark's hands got to work. One massaged the small of her back, and the other reached under the folds of a green blouse to grab a breast. She wasn't wearing a bra as it turned out, so his hand ran freely over the bare flesh, tweaking her erect nipple. She had fantastic tits for a woman approaching forty. Smooth, soft and perky, he just couldn't wait to get one of them in his mouth.

"Ohhh Mark, you're so good with your hands!" she moaned, before leaning in and nibbling on one of his big ears.

"I'm good with more than that," he said, surprising himself with his own confidence.

"Mmmm, then show me, Mark. Show me what a good boy you are."

Okay, now that was a turn on! He went with his instincts, and decided to warm her up with a little tongue first. Damn, he'd gladly lick out this beautiful woman for hours, and he was sure that she'd be more than willing to let him. He fell to his knees in front of her, and reached up under her blue skirt to grab her underwear. She lifted her hips for him and he pulled it down her legs and off her feet. Then he looked at her black panties with a smirk.

"A G-string? Me likes!"

The woman moaned anxiously as she started to hike up her skirt. "I think you're going to like what is under the G-String a lot more, honey. Now please stop procrastinating!"

Damn, he loved it when they were so eager. Looking up to her now exposed pussy, he noticed that like Jennifer, Anne Smith shaved as well. That was good. Meant no hairs stuck in his teeth. Slowly leaning forward, he heard her breathing become louder. He kissed the side of her knee, and then slowly started leaving a trail of kisses up her inner thigh.

"Mark!" she gasped lustfully.

As he slowly came closer and closer to the glistening flesh of her hot core, her breathing became louder and more labored. "Please, Mark baby! Please!"

After a few more minutes of torture, Mark finally decided to put the older woman out of her misery and buried his long and flexible tongue into her delicious pussy. She instantly started to moan, and stroked his head as he got to work.

"Mmmm!! That's it Marky, such a good boy!"

He licked for all he was worth, enjoying the flavor of her pussy, and the sounds of her enjoyment immensely. He was totally determined to make her feel so good that she'd want this every day... Then he realized something and stopped, just as he was about to make her cum.

"That's a naughty boy Mark!" she gasped desperately, grabbing his head. "Don't you dare stop!!"

What he said next had her looking down into his shocked eyes. "You have got to be kidding me!"

Now she wasn't only horny, she was confused. "What is it, honey?"

"You have got to be FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!" he screamed, jumping to his feet.

She gave him a bossy motherly scowl, that looked totally out of place on the woman with her legs open and her vagina exposed for licking. "Mark Johnson, you watch your language!! Now get back on your knees, and you finish what you started young man!!"

He pointed at her exposed crotch. "I have tasted that pussy before!!"

"Don't be ridiculous Mark! I probably just taste like Rachel, that's all."

"Don't give me that, Anne, I have tasted it before!! You've been screwing me in my sleep too, haven't you?!"

She paused and stared, then finally sighed in defeat. "Okay, fine! You've caught me."

"Oh dear God, Rachel shared me with you too?!"

Sitting back on the sofa, she shrugged. "I walked into her room one night while she was riding you, and just watched for a while. She was cumming so hard; I have to admit I was curious. So when I approached her she agreed to let me try you out, in return for keeping it from her father. I get you every second Tuesday now, when Timothy likes to spend all night at the lab."

Mark stumbled backwards then sat down on the coffee table. "Great Scott, what kind of family are you?!"

"What can I say Mark, the Smith women have very healthy sex drives."

He looked at her for a few minutes still shocked. "So you and Rachel... You..."

"Oh goodness no, Mark. I just played with you; I'm not into the whole incest thing. But knowing that I'm having sex with my daughter's boyfriend is such a huge turn on." Anne playing with her snatch while talking to Mark.

"I am so not her boyfriend!!" he snapped, jumping back to his feet.

"Fine Mark, whatever you say," she conceded. "Look, if it’s any consolation, you..."

"Were very, very good, yeah I know!" he snapped irritably. “I already have been told that by every woman in town.”

"That's the understatement of the century," she purred, as she hugged herself. "You always made me cum so hard, baby. Even harder than Timothy, which is saying a lot; he has always been a fantastic lover."

He frowned disapprovingly at the older woman. "So this is a mother like daughter thing, huh?"

"I guess so," she giggled, as she opened up her legs invitingly. "Are we going to finish what we started, Mark? I promise I'll make you feel sooo good."

He scowled. "No way, you're just as bad as Rachel!! And don't even think of trying to talk me out of it, it’s not going to work!!"

True to his word he resisted and was out the door before she could stop him. She sat alone in the living room, her skirt still hiked up around her waist with a disappointed frown on her face.

"Damn!! I should have tied him down when I had the chance."


Dear God, she'd shared him with her own mother?! He wanted to fuck someone who hadn't molested him in his sleep, so Rachel would get jealous and angry. But now he was starting to think that there wasn't a woman who hadn't had a taste of Mark.

He was angrier than ever now. Mark Johnson was no one's man-whore! And yet he'd been shared freely with numerous women like some kind of sex toy! Rachel needed more punishment than just having him fuck someone else; she needed to suffer for what she did! But first he had to find someone who hadn't slept with him yet. Someone who would be into him, or at the very least be into hurting Rachel.

And then he came up with the perfect candidate! Yeah, she was perfect. No way would Rachel ever share me with her, she'd never even have the opportunity! And that woman would jump at the chance to do anything that would hurt Rachel! She was perfect!


Mark walked to Amy’s house. After lying to Amy’s mother about he and Amy were suppose to study history together, he entered Amy’s house.

Slipping into her room, he took a quick look around. The decor was predominantly black and green, a double bed, a desk with a computer, a few abstract paintings that were of course painted in black and green. There were two other doors, leading to other rooms, but Mark didn't see Amy.

Not until she walked out of one of the doors, in a cloud of steam. She was wearing a small black towel around her that barely covered her nakedness, and was using another towel to dry off her hair. She didn't see him, due to the towel covering her eyes, but did speak to him.

"Dad, what have I told you about coming into my room? You do remember what I did to you last time, don't you?"

"No," Mark replied with a smirk. "But I sure would like to know."

Startled Amy stopped toweling her hair, and looked at him. "Johnson?"

"Hi Amy."

She watched him approach, and smiled with a malevolent gleam in her eye. "Now why exactly would you do something so foolish?"

"I recently found out that Rachel's been doing something to me while I slept. Something bad."

"Oh?" she asked, her smile widening. "And what would that be?"

He started to explain in detail what Rachel had been doing; the sex while he slept and all the women Rachel had shared him with. Little did he know that Amy knew all about it. Didn't know about how Rachel had started sharing him with other women, she had been out of the loop since last year. But she did of course know that Rachel had been boning him while he slept, even joining in a couple of times.

"I'm pissed Amy! And I want revenge! I was hoping you would help me in that department."

"Oooh, I'm good at revenge," she snickered evilly. "What did you have in mind?"

"Well for starters..." Stepping in close, he leaned in and kissed her on the mouth. She didn't kiss back, and he pulled back then they looked into each other's eyes. She had a very calm collected look on her face.

"Look Amy, I know you could easily kick my ass but right now I'm past caring. Are you with me on this revenge thing, or not?"

Allowing a slight smile to appear on her face, she took his head between her hands and pulled him into another kiss. Mark put his arms around her and kissed her back. She was really good, better than Jennifer, even better than Rachel's mom! And judging from her moans she was very much enjoying this too. She pulled out of the kiss, and smiled widely at him with that evil glint in her eye.

"Being able to brag to Rachel about boning her friend? Hell yeah, I'm in!" She pulled off her black towel, and let it fall to the floor, exposing her nakedness to him. He looked down and stared appreciatively at her shapely, muscular body.

"Wow! Very nice!" Mark analyzing her beautifully natural DD breasts.

"You like that, baby?" she asked, as she grabbed his shoulders and pushed him to his knees. "Have a taste, I'm willing to bet that you'd like that even more."

Amy was a little more aggressive than Jennifer or Anne, there was going to be no teasing this woman. She'd taken both of his big ears into her hands, and pulled his mouth to her exposed crotch. She was then moaning from the moment Mark started licking.

"Oh yeah, that's it! Don't stop, baby!"

It didn't take more than a few licks though before he did stop. "No way!"

She yanked hard on his ears making him wince. "I told you not to stop!!"

He ignored her order, pulled her hands off his ears and jumped to his feet with a scowl. "I can't believe it, I've tasted your pussy before too!!"

She frowned. "Don't be ridiculous Mark, I probably just taste like..."

"You do not taste like Rachel, I know what Rachel tastes like!!" he snapped, angrily. "I can't believe this, she shared me with you to?!"

Smiling, she just shrugged at him. "If it’s any consolation..."

"No, it is not a fucking consolation that I was very, very good!! I thought for sure she'd never share me with you, you're evil for Christ's sake!!"

"Face it Mark, so is Rachel when she's horny."

He turned and headed for the door. "I am so fucking outta here!”

Unlike the previous women that Mark had sex with in the last 24 hours she grabbed his shoulders from behind before he could get to the door. "Hold it right there, boy toy!"

He stopped, but couldn't turn to face her. "What do you want?!"

Leaning in she bit into one of his ears, which earned her an excited shiver from him. He always did have really sensitive ears. "I'm willing to bet that you've done this a few times today, since finding out what Rachel did. Hit on a woman, started licking her pussy, then taken off after you found out Rachel had shared you with her?"

"Yeah. So?"

"Want to know the difference between me and those other women?"

Mark felt his blood start to run cold, and the next thing he knew he was airborne. Amy and executed a very effective throw, that sent him flying and landing back first onto an admittedly comfortable double bed. The naked woman leapt into the air after him, somersaulted and landed on her knees on top of him, straddling his hips. Then she grabbed his wrists and pinned them to the bed.

"Get off me Amy!!"

"Did you really think I was just going to let you get me all worked up like that, and then just leave? I don't think so! You're not going anywhere until you finish what you started."

"If you think I'm gonna do anything with you, you're..."

"I'm a very bad girl, Mark!" she cut him off. "I have no compunction’s about forcing you."

They looked into each other's eyes for a few moments before he scowled at her. "I'll fight you every second!"

"You sure about that?" she asked, suggestively.

"Positive! You're just as bad as Rachel!"

"Oh no Mark baby, I've got nothing on Rachel! I mean I'm bad, you should expect this kind of thing from me! But Rachel, she's supposed to be your friend, which makes her much worse. Out of all the women you've rejected today, no one deserves punishment more than her. She's been a very, very naughty girl."

Mark paused to contemplate that. He had to admit, Amy had a point there. None of those other women would have even thought to fuck him in his sleep if it weren't for Rachel.

"Besides," she continued, releasing his wrists and stroking the side of his face. "If what you're telling me is true, you have a veritable harem of beautiful women simply begging to pleasure you. Why should you deprive yourself just because of what Rachel did?"

He looked at her, and then felt himself getting angry. "Yeah! You're right, why should I miss out?!"

"You still want revenge don't you? I'm still glad to help you; I am very, very good at it. All I ask in return is a little bit of this." She reached into his cargo pants, slipped her hand into his boxers and took hold of his erect 14 inch penis. "Come on Mark, you know you want to. And revenge isn't the only thing I'm good at you know?"

He failed to stifle a moan as he felt Amy's hand squeezing and massaging his cock. She was right, he really did want to. Hell, he'd wanted to with Jennifer and Mrs. Smith too! And he didn't think he had it in him to walk out on a hot, willing female for a third time in one day. He had spent the whole day getting worked up by these totally luscious babes, and now he wanted to have sex, dammit!!

"Oh... to hell with it!" Finally giving in to his urges, he put his arms around Amy's naked body, and kissed her again. She moaned, and eagerly kissed back. There wasn't going to be any stopping this time. Mark was going to take his time satisfying this woman.

"Mmmm!" she moaned, before pulling out of the kiss and looking down at him. "So how about it baby? Want to resume your delicious meal?"

Mark nodded. He had to admit, Amy's had been the tastiest pussy he had eaten so far. So sweet and a little tangy, quite simply, it was delicious.

She started to shuffle up his body, and Mark watched as her pussy came closer and closer to his mouth. "Oh yeah! I've missed cumming all over that long tongue of yours, lover! I'm gonna enjoy this so much!"

Soon she was lowering her hot juicy snatch onto his mouth, and he eagerly extended his tongue and got to work. In no time he had Amy purring.

"Ohhh yeeesss!! It’s been far too long, baby! You like licking that while you're awake to enjoy it? I bet you do! Uhhhhhh!! You can eat it whenever you want!! My pussy is all yours; lick it like a good boy!! Yeah!!"

God this was good! He was licking like a pro, knew instinctively how to give her the maximum amount of pleasure after a year of doing this in his sleep. And her loud breathing and moaning was telling him that she was very close to her first orgasm. And that's when he realized this is the first time he was going to make a woman cum while he was fully awake to appreciate it. And he wanted it! Oh yeah, he wanted to make her orgasm so bad!

"Oh I'm so fucking close!! Please baby, please, I need it!! It's been sooo long since I've cum, pleeeaaassse!!"

He could have made her cum right there, but decided it would be better for her if he held her on the edge for a little bit. For Mark this was like his first time, his first time making a woman climax, and he was going to make it as enjoyable as possible for her. Soon her every muscle was tightening, and her moans and begging made it clear that she wasn't going to be able to take his teasing for much longer. So finally he did what she had been begging for, and started to flick his tongue all over her rock hard little clit.

"Oh God yes!! YES!!! I'm gonna cum, I'm... UHHHHHHHHH!!!"

Her toes curled, her whole body shivered, and a considerable amount of delicious juice flowed out of her as she enjoyed one of the most intense orgasms Mark had ever given a woman. That juice was so good, and there was so much of it. Amy was a total gusher, and it was flowing into his mouth and dripping down his cheeks and chin. He kept her cumming for a long time, and it was so good even someone as experienced as her was almost ready to pass out.

"Oh Mark you’re so good! I missed you, I missed you so much!! Please more! Lick me more!!"

This was so good, and Mark was more than happy to oblige her. She had clearly been neglected sexually for a good while, and Mark decided that he was going to make up for that. This was going to be so much fun! After several more intense, prolonged and utterly delicious orgasms, Mark would have been more than happy to keep going. But by that point Amy had other ideas.

"I think it’s time I put that monster cock of yours to use." She climbed up off his face, and then started helping him out of his clothes. In her eagerness, she ripped a good many of his clothes off, and had him naked in moments with a large erect penis pointing at the ceiling. She didn't waste a moment in mounting him, and rubbing the tip of his cock with the outside of her pussy.

"Mmmm, looking forward to seeing what it feels like, Marky? You're fully awake for it this time, baby, wanna feel my tight pussy squeezing your big hard cock?"

"Yes! Please Amy, yes!" He didn't realize just how anxious he was going to be to feel this. Feel his penis slide between the tight wet muscles of her pussy while he was awake to enjoy it.

She took the shaft of his cock in both hands, lined it up for entry, and then moaned with delight as she lowered her hips onto him. Mark started moaning too, as the tight cock-squeezing muscles slowly slid down the length of him. It felt even better than he had anticipated. The dreams were never this good, being awake for it was so much better!

Moaning and shivering as he sunk all the way inside of her, Amy soon started bouncing her hips up and down on top of him. "Ooooh, you like that don't you lover?"

On an impulse Mark grabbed the woman's hips, then twisted around, rolling her onto her back, and getting on top of her where he started pounding his aching cock into her tight pussy. "I think I've had enough of being on the bottom for a while, Amy! So you just lay back and enjoy this!"

"Mmmm!" she moaned, as she lay back and wrapped her legs around his waist while he drove his cock in and out of her body. "That's it Mark baby! Fuck me harder!"

He did as he was told and started driving his hips harder into hers, eliciting some approving moans. Fuck this felt so good! He was so tempted to start cumming in her, but knew he could hold out for a good while before he really needed to. He would wait until Amy had enough, then he'd finish himself.

"Harder Mark!! FUCK ME HARDER!!"

He started giving her everything he had, and felt her strong shapely legs tightening around his waist.

"That's it baby!! Fuck me!! Make me cum again!! I'm close!! Sooo close!!"

He didn't let up, and soon she was practically screaming in ecstasy, as her body shuddered and convulsed into orgasm and her vaginal muscles massaged his cock in ways that almost milked him dry right there! But he knew Amy was going to want a lot more so he continued to hold off on his own orgasm for now.

"More, please more!! Don't stop lover!! You're the best I've ever had!!"

Mark was still fucking hard and with vigor, surprising himself with his own stamina. He still wasn't tiring yet, though both he and she were glistening with sweat. Leaning in he took a nipple into his mouth, and massaged and tweaked the other breast with a strong hand as he pounded into her.

"Oh fuck yes!! You're so good!! Sooo goooood!! I'm cuuuummiiiing!!"

It wasn't long before he had her orgasming almost non-stop, but soon it was becoming a bit much for her. "Please baby, that's enough. I think it’s your turn to cum now."

He kept sliding in and out of her for a few moments. "You sure Amy? I can go longer if you want."

"Such a stud," she moaned. "But that's okay Mark; I think it’s my turn to taste you."

Unwrapping her legs from around his waist, she pushed him down on her bed and sat up. Within moments he was sitting on the edge of her bed, and she was on her knees on the floor in front of him. She gladly took his juice-drenched cock between her lips and started slurping, which earned a low moan from Mark. This was yet another first while he was fully awake to appreciate it.

He gasped when Amy let the entire 14 inched length of it disappear down her throat, where her tight throat muscles massaged it in maddeningly pleasurable ways. Pulling it out of her throat she spent some time slurping on his cock head, then started running her tongue and lips up and down the length of his shaft.

"Don't hold it back, Marky! Just give it to me! Feed me that hot yummy cum!"

Mark was pretty sure he could hold back for a good while longer, but when given a command like that he had no desire to disobey. So he quit his holding back, and Amy resumed her sucking.

"Say my name!" she gasped between sucks.




"I want you to cum in my mouth, right now! I want you to cum and call out my name!!" And with that she stopped talking and put everything she had into coaxing the cum out of him.

While slurping and sucking on the sensitive head of his cock, one of her hands ran up and down the length of his shaft and the other massaged and tugged insistently on his balls. Even if he was still holding back, he doubted very much he would have lasted long under this treatment.

"Oh God! I... I'm gonna cum!"

"Mmmm!! MMMMMMMM!!!"

It was so good! He wanted it so bad, and he could tell Amy wanted it just as much. His cock throbbed his balls ached for release and in moments he felt every muscle in his body go taught, he curled his toes and threw back his head as he felt his balls starting to tighten.

"Oh Amy, here it comes! Amy!! AAAAMMMMYYYY!!"

His whole body shuddered with the most incredible pleasure he had ever experienced, and his cream came squirting out of his cock and all over her tongue. She moaned in delight as she gladly gulped down every drop, still slurping, stroking and squeezing to keep the flow coming. He couldn't remember ever cumming this hard before, and Amy wasn't going to let up until she milked him dry.

He fell backwards onto the bed, still shuddering and squirting into her mouth. And she continued to gulp it down like she couldn't get enough of the stuff. Soon his flow of hot semen started to slow, and then eventually stopped entirely. The intense pleasure died down, though his body was left tremendously satisfied, as he felt all the energy drain out of him. He resisted the urge to fall to sleep.

Amy gave his softening cock a decent sucking, and then swallowed a few times to make sure she got all of her treat. Then she climbed up onto the bed, crawled up beside him where she snuggled up to him affectionately. "Mmmm, I'm a real sucker for a man who makes me dinner. Did you enjoy that?"

He was breathing deeply and staring at the ceiling as he answered with a gasp. "Wow... That was really... Wow!"

She started kissing his neck. "I think this should be your official first time. I don't think it counts when you're asleep."

He put his hands behind his head, and nodded thoughtfully. "Yeah, I agree... That was kind of cool."

Before she could continue a loud noise from the next room interrupted her. Mark sat up and looked at the door where the noise came from. "Um... What was that?"

With a sigh, Amy stood up and took Mark's hand. "Come on. I'll show you." She led him to a separate bedroom down the hall from Amy’s bedroom. Upon entering the room, Mark looked around and noticed how much nicer this room was compared to Amy’s because it had pictures of clouds and nice oak furniture.

She led Mark up to a white and blue basinet in the center of the room, and he looked into it to see an infant who was wailing loudly. She had asian features and blond hair on her head. There was no problem figuring out who her mother was.

Seeing a crying kid, on instinct he stepped in close and put his hand in the crib. The baby looked up at him, stopped crying and grabbed one of his fingers. He smiled at her and in no time she was squealing in delight.

He spared Amy a momentary glance, to ask a question before returning his attention to the child. "You had a baby?"

"Yeah," she sighed, as she watched Mark make funny faces much to the delight of the infant. "Her name's Veronica."

"Man, what a cool kid! She's so cute!" he said enthusiastically. "Aren't you? Aren't you just sooo cute, yes you are!"

Amy smiled slightly. "I'm glad you like her... Because you're her father."

Mark froze solid. The baby oblivious to his feelings still clasped his finger and looked up at her father with a wide toothless smile. Mark looked more closely at the baby. She was a pretty thing, like Amy, which Mark was thankful for. No way did a girl need big ears like his. But the one feature about her that made Mark pretty sure that Amy wasn't wrong or lying, was the baby's big, beautiful, chocolate brown eyes. His eyes.

"Oh... crap..."


To be continued...

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