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Part VII : Dorm Activities

It was a Sunday morning. Holly had a study group all day Saturday, so I had not seen her, since Saturday morning. She told me she would stay in her dorm last nite if they ran late. Judging by the absence of her body in my bed, I was guessing they ran late. Holly, well at first my sex drive was greater than hers, but in recent weeks since she has gotten her vibrators, her sex drive has far exceeded mine. I need to play catch up. I wondered how horny she was, having had no sex in more than 24 hours. I brushed it all aside, to concentrate on some homework I needed done by tomorrow.

By one O’clock Holly hadn’t come by, she usually comes over here, even when I’m not here. I check my phone for messages; none. Now I was really wondering what happened to her. I tried calling her cell phone, to no avail. So I went to my car, and drove into campus. I pulled into her dorm parking lot. I headed up the stairs, to her floor. Walking down the hall, plenty of open doors, to hot young girls, walking between rooms, chatting, laughing, studying. I came up to Holly’s room, unlike the majority of the rooms, her door was closed. I knocked on the door. No answer. I knock again, still no answer. I turned the knob, and the door was unlocked, opening with a creak. I stepped into the room, closing the door behind me. Stepping into the room, I saw Holly’s bed was empty. Where is she, I was wondering. Then I looked to Stephanie’s bed. Looks like Stephanie had some more action, she was in bed, and there was definitely someone else in the bed with her. I walk to her bed, and nudge her arm. Stephanie opens her eyes, seeing me. “Hey do you know where Holly is?” I whisper. Stephanie gives me a look, and just smiles. Then a head comes out from under the covers, it’s Holly. “Hi John” Holly said, still nearly asleep. “Wild night huh?” I said. “You know me” Stephanie said. “I’m going to go take a shower” Stephanie said. She rose naked, grabbing a towel and wrapping herself, and going into the hallway. Holly motioned for me to sit next to her. I sat down on the edge of the bed. “Hey babe” I said, and I leaned over and kissed her. “What were you two up to?”. “Last nite her boyfriend broke up with her” She said. “Isn’t that a first?” I asked. “She usually dumps them, but I think this guy broke her heart.” Holly said. “So what, she’s sad, and so you two sleep together?” I asked. “Your not jealous are you?” she said provocatively. “No, no, that’s, babe, that’s hot.” I said. “Well I want you to do me a favor” She said. “What’s that?” I asked. “Fuck her will ya?” She said. “What?!?!” I said shocked. “She needs a good fuckin, she is wound up so tight, she jumped me last nite.” Holly stated. “What, so do you just want me jump her when she gets out of the shower?” I asked incredulously. “If she doesn’t jump you first!” she played back at me. “Okay so, what do I do?” I asked.

Stephanie, still wet, with her towel wrapped around her from the armpits down to her thighs, blonde hair dripping, her small perky tits giving her bust a small flesh mound, walked back into the room. We had a trap laid for her. I was on her bed, on my back, naked, Holly’s crotch was over my face, and I was eating her out, Holly sitting on my face, this meant that my cock was erect and in open air, Holly’s back to it. Stephanie fell right into the trap. I am going to town on Holly’s tight wet slit, she’s moaning and breathing heavy, I think she is exaggerating to make a show of it. Next thing I know, Stephanie is mounting my cock. She straddles me and just plunges all the way in, riding me. Holly knows what is going on, she turns around, still on my face, so now those two are face to face. Stephanie probably didn’t even notice until Holly started sucking her tits. Stephanie is riding my cock for all she is worth, her pussy is so tight she is strangling my cock. I am so turned on by this point, I go all out, I’m eating sucking, doing everything I can, tongue fucking, pulling out all the stops, full tilt, eating her out. It doesn’t take long before she is shaking and screaming, falling forward onto Stephanie, putting her face in Stephanie’s tits. Holly gets up and goes over to her bed, lays down and pulls Stephanie’s vibrator out and starts masturbating while watching us. “Is it that good?” Stephanie asks me. “She seems to like it” I say. Stephanie switches around so that we are in a sixty-nine. She can suck a cock, still she can’t deep throat like Holly can. But she can go very fast, and I think all the making out she does, helps with her tongue action. She is making out with my cock, and I am eating her wet love hole. A few minutes of this goes on, I’m getting close, but She slows down at the right times. Then Holly comes over, she starts using the vibrator on Stephanie’s pussy, fucking her with it, while I keep working on her clit. It is too much for her, she cums, very wildly, she’s screaming and squirting all over the place. Holly goes back to her bed, doing the splits with her legs, so her pussy is spread eagle on the side of her bed. Stephanie gets up, and leans over , putting her hands on the floor, on all fours, she starts eating out Holly. Now Stephanie’s ass is exposed behind her. I get up and get on my knees behind her, and without warning her, as she is at work now on Holly’s pussy, I shove my cock in to the hilt in her pussy, and just start pounding away, with my hands on her thighs, pulling her to me, and thrusting into her, slapping ass and hips together, she is moaning into Holly, Holly is moaning. I am grunting with my thrusts. Stephanie cums first followed shortly after by Holly, juices squirting in Stephanie’s mouth and on my cock, she is squeezing my cock with her pussy muscles. At this moment I look to my left, and I realize that there are three girls standing in the doorway watching our threesome. The tallest, a redhead with medium tits, slightly on the thick side, but only when compared to these skinny girls, but definitely hot, has her hands down her pants, and there are two blondes about five foot tall each, with small breasts, skinny girls, watching, with smiles on their faces, obviously enjoying the show. “Hey girls” I say, still fucking Stephanie, who is still in the middle of her orgasm and still servicing Holly who is in her orgasm as well. “Hi there stud” the redhead says. “Need any help in there” one of the blondes says. “No I think I got them under control” I said. Holly and Stephanie finally realizing what’s going on, Stephanie pulls off my cock, and turns around so she is leaning back against the bed, Holly’s pussy just behind her head. Holly looks at me “Have you not come yet?” she asks. “Nope” I say. Holly rolls over so that she is laying on her back, and her head is now just slightly above Stephanie’s and she is on her side. “Girls you might want to watch this part” Holly said. She realized that I hadn’t had sex in more than a day, and the usual pace we kept meant that a whole day without sex would leave me with a lot of jizz, not to mention we had been going at it for some time now, she knew it was going to be like a fucking half gallon of man juice. I stood up, my cock standing out at attention, where Holly can lean forward and suck me off, which is exactly what she does. The girls are still watching. The redhead walks in and sits on the pussy juice soaked bed behind me, then the two blondes take her lead and they stand on either side of me. They are looking down at my cock. Holly is sideways sucking me, almost deepthroating. Then I kneel a little bit and Stephanie can reach my cock. Stephanie strokes and licks and then she starts bobbing her head up and down back and forth. Holly says “Shoot your fucking cum all over me.” This put me over the edge. I pull out of Stephanie’s mouth. I stroke my cock and aim for Holly’s mouth, only a few inches away from it. My first shot of jism if enormous. It seems to fill her mouth up in one shot, some of it splatters off the side of her cheek running down to Stephanie’s eagerly awaiting mouth. The second shot I aim down at Stephanie, and it hits her in the forehead, this one is much smaller. The third shot is almost as big as the first and hits Stephanie in the chin, running down her neck onto her tits. Then I thust into Holly’s mouth, and she strokes my cock, milking me with her mouth, the jizz is still cumming into her mouth, she drools it out as it cums. The jizz is just running down her cheek and Stephanie is licking it off. I look over to my right and the blonde standing there, her jaw is as far down as it will go. “What you want me to stick my cock in there?” I ask her. The joke doesn’t even register in her mind. She is focused on Stephanie, who is swallowing the runoff from Holly’s mouth. Then the Blonde, kneels down and starts licking some of my cum off of Stephanies tits, and up to her neck, then they start making out. My jizz is all over their mouths. Holly stands up and comes towards me, but the redhead intercepts her, and she plunges into her mouth, they make out for a few minutes. I grab my clothes and dress quickly, Holly does the same and we make a b-line for the door. Leaving in our wake, Stephanie and three girls, all with my jizz in as a centerpiece.

As she had said earlier, Holly held up and decided she wanted to watch some porn. She offered to go to the video store, but I told her we could get it free on the internet. We went back to my apartment and sat down at my computer. I went to my favorite clip site. She was now wearing a short skirt, no panties, and a blue t-shirt, and a pink bra. “What kind of porn do you want?” I asked. “I don’t know?” she said. “Well there is, guy on girl, there’s lesbian, gangbang, facials, anal, hardcore, older ladies, amateur, you name it.” She pointed at one link, “Try that one”. I clicked on it and then clicked on the video. It was a girl on girl on guy threesome. The video started with the girls in a sixty-nine, then the guy joins in fucking one, while they stay in that position. Then they move to a bunch of other positons, and end with one of the girls swallowing the guys load, and then making our with the other girl. “This seems familiar” she said. “I mean, didn’t we just do this. I thought porn was like amazing stuff” “How about this” I said, and I went to an interracial site, which I knew meant a cute little white girl, and a black guy with a massive cock. “Jesus Christ” she said. “That thing is huge! I don’t think I could even fit that in my mouth, it would be so unwieldy to have that, most women wouldn’t touch it!” she said. Then we went to a bukkake site. She didn’t know what it meant, but I did. This meant that there was a girl who would take about eight or nine loads of semen, there always seemed to be a guy coming, but no other girls. “why are they cumming?” she asked. “I think they have other girls off camera giving them head” I said, I was guessing. “We could do this, it doesn’t seem like it would be hard to make a porno” she said. “Maybe we’ll try it sometime, in the meantime, this stuff is getting me horny:” I turn on a video of two hot girls showering, Holly pulls her skirt back and starts masturbating. My cock was fully erect, so I just whipped it out. Holly grabbed it and without any messing around mounts me in the chair, I am sitting, resting back in the chair, her legs draped around the sides of the back of the chair. She starts grinding her pussy into me. I pull her shirt off, and start sucking on one of her breasts, my arms are wrapped around on her back. We kept grinding like this, then we moved to doggy style on the floor for a while. We would eventually collapse in an orgasmic pile of body parts and cum and juice.


2006-06-14 21:03:44
keep them coming i'll keep cuming


2005-08-29 03:13:38
holy shyzit that was f0cking hawt i have never read anything like it so much sex lol i loved it from beginning to end 9/10


2005-07-30 02:42:34
loved the story. kept me very hot. hope to read more of your stories.


2005-07-01 13:16:22
your story kicked ass. it would be even better if it really happened.


2005-05-23 20:50:49
That was fucking awesome,,,,my pussy is so wet...god how I wish I could be apart of that...damn. 9/10

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