Jessica and Russell lose their virginity at long last
Chapter 3

Russell began to kiss his way down Jessica’s neck to the base of her neck and lingered there for a while. Jessica closed her eyes and just enjoyed the sensations Russell was giving her. Russell kissed his way up whispered into Jessica’s ear:”Are you sure you want this?”

“Russell there are few things in the world that I am sure of. But this is one thing I am sure I want. Please. I want you. I need you. I love you”

Russell shifted his body so that he was between Jessicas’ legs. Jessica spread her legs a bit more. Both were nervous. Jessica was scared of the pain and was worried that Russell wouldn’t fit in her. Russell was scared to hurt the girl that he loves but he knew she wanted it and he wanted it too. Russell hesitated. Jessica collecting herself reached out and grabbed Russell’s’ cock and pulled it towards her pussy. Once the tip of Russell’s cock entered her opening Jessica let go and Russell took control and started to push into her. Slowly he started to inch his way inside her. Jessica was surprised that she could take him and was feeling mixed feelings of pain and pleasure. Russell kept going slowly until he reached her hymen where he stopped and looked into Jessica’s eyes to see if she was ready for this. Jessica nodded and said to him:”Just go the whole way, I want this to be over quickly”

Russell nodded and withdrew his cock a bit and then slammed it forward breaking through her hymen and kept going until he was balls deep in her. Jessica let out a scream of pain and held Russell with a vice like grip with her arms around his chest. Russell held himself where he was and just kissed Jessica’s face with small little pecks as Jessica tried to get used to being so filled. As the pain began to lessen, Russell could feel Jessica begin to release her hold a bit and start to relax. Russell moved his head down and began playing with Jessica’s nipples, trying to take her thoughts away from the pain and replace them with pleasure. Slowly Jessica grew used to having a cock in her and told Russell so. Russell began to pull out a slowly and then pushed back even slower. Russell kept this slow pace for a while, going ever so slowly until Jessica was squirming around underneath him. Jessica shouted in frustration “Just fuck me would you?!!”

Russell smiled, he was waiting for that. He withdrew himself even slower than before and then drove back in hard and fast. Jessica wrapped her arms around Russell and let out moan of pleasure. Russell began to get a rhythm going where he would pull out slowly until just the head of his cock was in and then slammed back into Jessica’s waiting pussy. Russell was consumed by pleasure as he experienced feelings he had never felt. Russell couldn’t get enough of the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of Jessica’s exquisite tight pussy. Jessica had never felt so filled and was loving every second of Russell’s cock pumping in and out of her.

Russell knew he wouldn’t last much longer with Jessica’s pussy squeezing him tightly. Russell let animal instincts take over and began to dive his cock as fast and as hard as he could into Jessica. Jessica wrapped her legs and arms around Russell and closing her eyes began moaning out to Russell: “Yes yes yes! Fuck me Russell. Fuck me hard Russell! Oh I’m getting close. Fuck me Russell!!”

Russell needing no more encouragement started giving everything he had and began to piston in and out of Jessica as fast as he could. Russell felt his balls begin to tighten up and knew he was going to cum into the girl of his dreams and told her so “I’m going to cum baby”. Jessica couldn’t form any words and just nodded and pulled him further in her with her legs. Jessica threw her head back and gave out her loudest moan yet. Russell felt his cock being gripped over and over again as Jessica was rocked by her orgasm. The feeling was indescribable to Russell and that was all he needed to be pushed over the edge. Russell slammed himself as deep as he could into Jessica and held himself there as he shot all his cum as deep as he could in to Jessica. Jessica feeling Russell’s warm cum shoot deep in her pussy was sent to a whole new height in her orgasm. It was all Jessica could do just to hold on to Russell for dear life as her body was ravaged by wave after wave of pleasure. Russell lay there enjoying the feeling of Jessica milking all the cum out of his cock with her pussy.

Russell lay on Jessica exhausted from his efforts but fully satisfied. Jessica coming down from her orgasm began to smile as she reflected on her best orgasm ever. She turned to Russell and kissed him softly. Russell replied and they lay there, bodies intertwined kissing each other softly, lovingly, trying to pass a silent message of how much they loved one another through their kisses. “I love you”; “I love you too”. Russell rolled off Jessica and slowly got up. “I need the bathroom I’ll be right back my love” and with that he walked out the room. Jessica picked up her phone from the bedside table smiling and began to sms her friend Sarah about what had just happened. Leaving out the details of course and focusing more on the fact that she was no longer a virgin and that she loved Russell and more importantly, Russell loved her. Russell walked back in the room just then, smiling down at her. “Can I get you anything my love?”

“Actually I’m quite hungry, I haven’t had anything to eat today yet. Can I tempt you in anything to eat?”

“Oh I would love to eat something right now. But I guess I can settle on food for now” Russell replied with a sparkle in his eye and a smile on his face.

Jessica laughed “Oh you. Well come on lets go cook something up”.

Jessica put on a shirt and took Russell by the hand and led him to the kitchen where she began to bustle around the kitchen getting some food out. Russell stood there watching his first love run around the kitchen getting things with a big smile on his face wondering how he got so lucky. Just then Jessica bent over to try find something in the bottom cupboard. Russell watched as her shirt moved to reveal Jessica’s round ass and pussy. Russell began to get hard for the third time today just looking at her and got an idea. Russell walked up behind Jessica very quietly. Then taking his cock in his hand he guided himself into Jessica’s pussy. Jessica startled gave out a yelp and began to stand up. But Russell wasn’t having any of that and grabbed Jessica by the hips and drove all the way into her. Jessica relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of being filled again and at a different angle. Jessica gripped the counter top so that she was still leaning over for Russell. Russell taking his cue began to pump his cock in and out of Jessica as he took her from behind for the first time. Russell enjoyed this new found position as he fucked Jessica harder and harder pulling Jessica by the hips to meet his thrusts.

“Oh my god Russell this feels amazing. Don’t stop don’t stop.” Jessica was really getting into it now. She had her eyes closed and was gripping the counter tightly as she enjoyed having Russell slam his cock into her over and over again. At this angle Russell brushed her g-spot with each thrust and Jessica was loving each thrust that much more. This is definitely going to be her favourite position she thought to herself. Very soon Jessica was close to cumming.

“Russell I’m close, oh fuck. I’m cumming Russell!!” Jessica’s body began to writher in Russell’s hands as Russell kept on pounding her pussy. Russell moved one of his hands during this around to the front of Jessica’s pussy and began rubbing her clit. Jessica didn’t know if another orgasm had hit her or if the first one had just been taken to a whole new level but she didn’t think too much about it, she just went with it. Russell smiled as his girlfriends body thrashed around in his hands and just kept pumping his cock in and out of her now very wet pussy.

As Jessica came down from her orgasmic bliss she all of a sudden stood up. Russell, surprised, pulled out and took a step backwards. Jessica turned around and jumped up onto the counter top and opened her legs to Russell smiling to him as an invitation to come fuck her this way. Russell not needing a second invitation took a step forwards and drove his cock back into her. They both let out a moan of pleasure. Jessica wrapped her legs around Russell’s back and took his head in her hands and pulled him towards hers. They started to kiss as Russell began thrusting in and out of Jessica’s pussy. Jessica moaned into Russell’s mouth and forced his mouth open and invaded his mouth with her tongue, seeking his. As they shared a passionate kiss while fucking each other, Russell moved his hands to Jessica’s breasts and began to roughly fondle them. Russell broke the kiss off and redoubled his efforts of slamming his cock as quickly as he could in and out of Jessica. They both wrapped their arms around one another as Russell kept fucking Jessica as fast and hard as he could. Jessica was sent over the edge yet again and gripped Russell hard, pulling him deep into her pussy with her legs. Russell went with her and began to unload all his cum into Jessica’s waiting pussy.

The two of them stayed like that for a while as Russell’s cock went soft in Jessica’s pussy. They both were covered in sweat and just panted trying to regain themselves. Russell kissed Jessica on the lips and then pulled out of her and went to go clean his messy cock up and put on some shorts. Jessica lay there for a while trying to get some energy back to get off the counter. She pulled herself and began to slowly cook up a meal for the two of them. Russell walked back and came up behind her and gave her a little kiss and then set about getting them something to drink. After they had eaten and had a drink they both agreed they needed a break. Jessica asked Russell what he wanted to do now.

“Oh I dunno. You know me my love I’m easy. What do you feel like doing?”

“Well, no more sex for now my love. I need to recuperate after all that” She said laughingly.

“I’m fine with that. Do you want to watch a movie or something?”

“That sounds wonderful, I’ll go cook up some popcorn. You go choose a movie. You know which ones I like”
Jessica went off in one direction and Russell went the other. Russell stood there staring at the dvd rack. What to watch. Russell knew that Jessica was quite a chick flick lover but he wasn’t in the mood for it. His eyes then fell upon Top Gun. Perfect he thought to himself. Russell loved fighter jets as all boys did and had toyed with the thought of becoming a fighter pilot when he was older and Jessica loved the story line. Or maybe she just loves watching Tom Cruise Russell suddenly thought to himself. Feeling a bit threatened Russell pulled the dvd out the rack and put it the machine as Jessica walked in carrying a big bowl of popcorn. They both settled down on the couch with Jessica cuddled on Russell’s lap.

They were both getting into the movie and they were about half way when the phone rang. Jessica leaned over and picked it up. “Hello?”

“Jessica is that you? It’s Sarah. Oh please can you help me. My parents are fighting again and they’re both drunk and it’s getting nasty. Please can I come over to your place for the night? I don’t know what to do. . .”

“Calm down Sarah. Of course you can come stay the night. Do you need lift here?”

“Yes, my mom won’t be able to bring me over. Can you fetch me?” Russell hearing what was being said on the phoned leaned over and whispered into Jessica’s ear that he could pick her up on his scooter if she wanted. Jessica nodded in agreement.

“Russell has offered to pick you up. He’ll be right over.”

“Oh thank you so much you two. I really appreciate it.”

Jessica put the phoned down and turned to Russell “I’m sorry about this, but you know she’s like a sister to me. Thank you for offering to pick her up. You know where she lives right? I promise to make it up to you when we’re alone again.”

“It’s no problem at all. I remember picking you up from her place a couple times so I know where it is. I look forward to being alone with you again soon. I’ll be right back” Russell gave Jessica a quick kiss and then got and put his clothes on. Went outside and jumped on his scooter and went to go get Sarah. . .

I’ll write chapter 4 depending on what you guys think of this one. Thanks for all the positive feedback so far everyone. I really appreciate it.

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