Happy Rabbit wanted a "Little Person," an amputee and some incest, here it is.
Hell, tell me what you wanta read about, I'll give it a shot. This one's kinda a request. It was fun to write. Tell me what you think.

Four thirty in the afternoon and I’m sitting in my office, feels odd, I’m usually still out in the field this early. I have a home inspection business, check out the home for new buyers, tell them what’s wrong, what needs to be fixed. That part of the business is mostly referrals from realtors. Right now most of my work is coming from banks and mortgage companies, foreclosed homes, I check them; tell the company how bad the owners wrecked it before they got evicted.

I get $250.00 when it’s for the buyers; the banks give me $150.00 for my initial report but I’ve gotta go by monthly, see if anymore damage’s been done. The follow-up I get seventy-five bucks but there’s a lot of foreclosures so I get a lotta seventy-five bucks.

Fact I’m missing calls, jobs, I’m out of the office, on inspections, six or seven every day, answering machine picks up, no message or, Frank we need one right away, I’m gonna give it to another guy, need it now, I’ll call you on the next one. Other guy gets the job, new job; I miss out on the $150. So I’m thinking about hiring a secretary, nah not thinking, I’m gonna hire a secretary. Already have it set up, L shaped desk, a new Dell loaded with the programs she’ll need, now I need to find the gal.

Yep, I’m busy as a one legged man in an ass kickin’ contest; now that’s an ironic thought. I am a one legged man.

Out of high school I got married, had a kid, a little girl, Melinda, then got outta work, couldn’t find a job so I joined the Army, money and medical, better than unemployment.

I was gonna go career, was a Sergeant then Desert Storm. We saw some fighting, I got through that ok, then on a routine patrol I stepped on a mine. Probably a Toe Popper, an M14, American made, shipped to Saddam when he was fighting Iran, it took of my foot and tore up my lower leg.

When I left Iraq, transshipped on MATs flights from Baghdad thru Mannheim, Germany to Patrick Air Force Base I brought with me a Combat Infantryman’s Badge, a Purple Heart and some damned thing called a Southwest Asia Service Medal but I left the lower half of my right leg.

Hero’s welcome? Bullshit, my wife didn’t show up at all, fortunately my buddy Gabe Short did, he took me home.

Home wasn’t much fun, Allison, my wife, all we did was fight, she’d get pissed, call me half a man, I’d get pissed tell her she was no kind of woman. One night she went out and never came back, ran off, dead, I didn’t know. I filed a police report but she’s never turned up. I got Melinda, our daughter, she was nine then: one legged man, father and mother, I needed a job, some way to support us, I got a pension but that only went so far. I took courses and got licensed as a home inspector.

I was pretty self-conscious about my leg, I don’t know why, they did a good job, it has a carbon fiber internal frame covered with flesh tone foam like stuff, a padded socket, the suspension system if suction, I wear a knee sleeve to keep it on, the whole thing looks like I’m wearing a knee brace, doesn’t look hideous or anything like that but, still…

Anyhow, back to Melinda, the father part wasn’t hard, now the mother, that was another story particularly when it came to girl things. Melinda had just turned ten when she got her first period and I got the pleasure of explaining how that worked, that and sanitary pads in my grocery cart. I started calling her “My Little Woman,” said she was growing up.

A couplea months later, I was on my way to the John, had a piss hard, Melinda walked out of her bedroom she saw it and kinda stared, she’d seen me naked before but never with a hard on, she followed me to the bathroom and watched. I got the stiff boy pointed at the bowl, drained him and he went down.

“How did it do that,” Daddy, “How come it was so big?”

Was she too young for a little sex education? I decided no, if she was asking she wanted to know.

“Come on in here, I’ll try to explain,” She followed me to my bedroom.

I slept naked, I was naked, I sat on the bed and pulled the sheet over my groin, I didn’t have my leg on yet, I’d used a crutch to get to the bathroom.

She climbed up on the bed with me and I tried to explain sex and reproduction in language a ten year old could understand.

She was still in her night wear, little shorty pajamas just sitting beside me, her close proximity, the talk about sex, I don’t know, but he got hard again, built a tent out of that sheet; she noticed.

“Daddy is it doing it again?”

“Yeah Melinda, I guess it is.”

“Can I look, can I see it?”

Inquisitive, my “Little Woman,” without me answering she lifted the sheet.

“Wow Daddy, that’s big,” eyes agape she looked at it then at me.

Made me feel good, I’m not really all that big, about six inches but if she thought I was big I wasn’t about to disabuse her.

“Can I touch it?”

This had gone far enough, she needed to get out of my bed, that’s what I thought, what I said was, “Yes.”

She touched it then stroked it with one finger, “It’s so soft Daddy,” she wrapped her little hand around it.

Big eyed she looked up at me again, “It’s hard, it’s hard and it’s soft, how come.”

She continued to hold me, I tried to explain.

“It’s hard so it can go into a woman but it’s soft, the skin so it can slide up and down to make the man feel good.”

“Like this,” she asked as she slid her hand up and down my shaft.

It had gone too far, too far for me to stop, “In the medicine cabinet, get the Vaseline, would you?”

She got it, handed me the jar. I unscrewed the top.

“Dip your fingers in, get some on your hand then do what you were doing before, my “Little Woman” can make Daddy feel good.

She stroked me, I was going to let her masturbate me and then I wasn’t.

I was so aroused; I hadn’t had sex since Allison had disappeared, “Melinda would you like to be my big woman?” I asked in a low hoarse voice.

She didn’t know what I was asking, what I was going to do, still she sensed something, it was in a whisper that she answered, “Yes Daddy I want to be your big woman.”

She was kneeling, her hand on me, I lowered her to the bed, tugged her PJ bottoms down, off, she was bare, hairless, cute, little girl cute.

“Daddy,” questioning, what’s going to happen, inquiry in just that one word.

“This is how you get to be a big woman,” I said, “Do you want to be my big woman.

Again, a whispered, “Yes.”

I moved between her legs.

There were tears and there was blood in my bed that morning, after I let her sob against my chest, resolved that I’d never do it again.

I didn’t, at least not until that night when I took her to my bed. She was my bedmate for nearly two years.

When she was nearly twelve Melinda was diagnosed with particular virulent childhood leukemia, she passed away within six months.

I lost not only my daughter, I lost my lover, I was devastated. With no other outlet for my grief I threw myself into my work, built up a good client base.

And I did one other thing, I liked a drink but with Melinda waiting at home I never made the time, now I did.

Across the street was an Irish pub with an Irish owner, Clancy O’Grady and the stupidest name for a bar I ever heard. He called the place the “Happy Rabbit,” I asked him why the name.

He told me rabbits congregate, he wanted people to congregate at his bar; he had this thing behind the bar, sitting on the shelf, a stuffed toy.

It was a rabbit with a big shit eating grin on his face. One day I said, “Clancy, Bugs Bunny must have fucked the Cheshire Cat to make that thing.”

He glanced over his shoulder, snorted a laugh, said, “Yeah I think you’re right,” and poured me another drink.

Anyhow it was four-thirty, I didn’t usually knock off ‘til after five so I normally got to the “Happy Rabbit” around five-thirty, today I was gonna be early. I got up, locked up and started across the street.

Walking I was humming that old Kenny Rogers song, “Lucille,” you know, “In a bar in Toledo across from the depot”…

Why, guess ‘cause I like Kenny Rogers. I sure wasn’t in Toledo, I went through there once, didn’t lose anything, didn’t want to go back, I mean after all what kind a city can it be, their baseball team’s named the Mud Hens for Christ sake. And I wasn’t across from the depot, I was in Orlando, Florida, I was across the street from the “Happy Rabbit,” but at least the bar part was right, I walked in.

“Hey Frank, you’re early,” Clancy greeted as he reached under the bar for my special bottle.

Other people could buy a drink from the bottle but nobody else did, it was Scotch and it was pretty expensive, Clancy stocked it for me, I drank two every night.

Islay single malt, Laphroaig 10 year old cask strength, heavy, smoky peat flavor, three fingers, “Cheers.”

I looked around the place, there was only one other person there, at a table over near the wall. I took a second look.

“Clancy when’d you start running a day care?” The girl sitting over there couldn’t have been more than eleven or twelve.

“She’s been coming in, couple maybe three days a week, always around this time. I talked to her a little when she first came in, checked her ID, even asked to see a birth certificate, she had one in her purse, she’s twenty-seven. Got laid off at her job, been looking for work. The bus she rides when she goes downtown stops out front, that’s how come she stops here.”

“So what’s she drinking, a Shirley Temple.” I chuckled.

“Nah, Scotch, just like you, well maybe not just like you, she’s drinking Cutty and water.”

Cutty Sark, a blend.

“Pour me another one and give me one of mine for her, mix it like she wants it, little water’s ok, I guess.” I hated to adulterate good Scotch but there’s no tellin’ for taste.

I picked up the two glasses and walked toward her table, the closer I got the more she reminded me of Melinda, I set the glasses on the table.

“Clancy mentioned that you’re looking for work; just happens I’m looking for a secretary, I’m Frank Baily, may I sit down?”

She thought for a moment, she’d had more men try to hustle her than she could count, little girl fantasies she thought, guys that wanted to get it on with a little girl. Still, she was looking for a job and Clancy had sent him over.

“Ok sure, Mr. Baily, please join me; I’m Catherine McLeod.”

“Aha, Scottish whiskey for a Scottish lass, try this,” as I nudged a glass toward her, “It’s what I drink, Laphroaig single malt; and, please call me Frank, ok,” I said with a smile.

“Ok, Frank it is, I’m Katie,” as she sipped the Laphroaig.

“This is nice, smoky, really good Scotch,” she commented.

“Tell me a little bit about yourself Katie; see if we fit, what you’re looking for, what I need.”

“Well Frank, I grew up in Columbus, Ohio but moved down here as soon as I graduated high school. I got a job waitressing and four of us split an apartment.

I took classes at SCC; I’ve got an associates degree in Data Processing Technology, how to work various programs, that kind of things.

For the last four years I worked for Huff Construction, I was Administrative Assistant to the vice president.”

“What happened at Huff?”

“They went out of business, they were home builders and nobody’s building, they shut their doors, that was almost three months ago and I’ve been looking ever since.”

“How about Microsoft Office, can you work with that?”

“Yes, I can use the programs in Office, that’s what I worked with the most, excel spreadsheets, power point presentations; I can do all that.”

I thought I wanted to hire her but I didn’t want to buy a pig in a poke, “Would you mind walking across the street, my office, maybe show me your skills?”

She bounced down from her chair, “Sure, lead the way Frank.”

I stood up, I’m six foot one, hundred and ninety-five pounds, she wasn’t much above my waist; I was looking straight down at the top of her head.

Light red hair, she was wearing it in a ponytail, little barrette holding it in place, little girlish. She had little bitty titties and a bubble butt, filled out the seat of her pants suit real nicely but her arms and legs seemed short in proportion to her body, it dawned on me, she was afflicted with a form of dwarfism. It couldn’t be severe though, her little face was perfect, not the heavy jaw often seen.

She was wearing a pants suit, gray pinstripe, she had black patent leather Mary Jane’s on her tiny feet. Her small hands I could have fit in my palm, her whole hand, my palm; this I had to see, her operating a computer. I led the way.

Crossing the street with her I nearly chuckled, I did smile but I nearly laughed, to keep up with me she’d take two steps and hop, skipping along beside me, I slowed down a little, it wasn’t a race, it was a job interview.

In the office I showed her what would be her desk; she climbed up into the chair, pulled herself up where she could work and fired that new Dell up.

Went to the programs menu, opened excel. Of course there were no files to work with. She turned to me, “Got anything you want entered?”

I looked around, there had to be something. Yeah, there it was, a box with copies of invoices I had outstanding, I grabbed a handful and handed them to her.

She looked at me like I was nuts, “This is your billing system? A handful of handwritten bills you keep in a box.”

Sheepishly I confessed, “Yeah, that’s it.”

“Well if you hire me, first thing we’ll do is computerize your files, professional invoices, pop up system when they go past due, computerized follow-up, asking for the past due payment, that kind stuff.”

“Frank, I could set up a data base of your clients, build a nice web site for you, brochures and news letters, keep your name in front of them. Could even make up a power point presentation; show them what they get for their money.”

She was enthusing about what could be down, and her enthusiasm was contagious, I could see how she’d be a real big help.

“You want the job?” I asked.

“Ah Frank, let’s talk money, benefits that kinda stuff before I commit, I know, it’s sorta crass but I’ve gotta eat.”

“How much was Huff paying you?”

I watched her face; she cut her eyes to the left, she was preparing to lie to me. Then she looked me in the eye.

“Frank I was gonna say twelve an hour but that’s not true, I was making ten fifty.”

She grew about two feet in my estimation, she was gonna tell a lie then couldn’t. I’d budgeted twelve fifty hourly.

Her honesty got her a raise, “I can start you at fifteen an hour, health insurance after ninety days, two weeks vacation after a year and the normal holidays, would that work?”

She spun the chair around, looked like she’d hit the lottery, “Yes, yes, yes, can I start tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow would be fine, we open at eight, any problem with that.”

“None, none at all, I only live two blocks,” vaguely pointing west.

“How about I take you to dinner tonight, seal the deal, Katie?”

“I think I’d like that Frank. I need to run home, change and I’ll be ready.”

“Hey, you look great in what you’re wearing.”

“Frank, I may look ok but I don’t feel ok, I’ve been traipsing all over town looking for a job. Underneath, I’m hot and I’m sweaty, I want to change.”

I understood; there was a bathroom and shower in the office, after pulling myself up into attics or, worse, putting on a crawl suit and going under a house only to discover the outflow from a toilet was leaking shit, sometimes I smelled like that, like shit. I always showered and changed when I got back to the office. I had today, I had on a pair of khakis, a light blue short sleeve button up shirt and loafers, I guess you’d call it business casual, Florida business casual which is a little more casual than say New York City.

“Ok come on, I’ll drive you,” I told her.

We got in my F-150, not stylish but functional for my work.

“Let’s run by my place first, I’ll park the truck, take my ‘Vette, little nicer for toting a cute gal around town.”

I lived close by, I’d sold the house I’d had with Allison and then Melinda, took advantage of the depressed market and bought a three bedroom two and a half bath pool home on a third of an acre.

I hit the garage door opener, pulled the F-150 in and we got into my Atomic Orange Corvette, fired it up and off we went.

“Give me directions,” you’re my navigator.

Her place was a one room efficiency apartment, it had a Murphy bed, God, I hadn’t seen one of those in years. Looked like she left it down, probably too much work for a little gal like her it put it up and pull it down every night so she left it down and made it up like a real bed. There was a small alcove, kitchen area and small table with two chairs. She didn’t have a dresser or chest of drawers there was no room. One other chair in the living area and a combo TV / DVD player on a stand.

Katie went to the closet, when she opened it I saw where she stored her panties and such, there were shelves built in. She selected a few things, carried them with her.

“Frank I’ve got to have a shower, there’s a bottle of Scotch on the kitchen counter, fix yourself a drink, I’ll just be a few minutes,” she walked in the bathroom and closed the door. I heard a flush then the shower running.

I went and fixed myself a drink, just a couple fingers of the Cutty Sark, neat.

Man’s place, smells like leather, beer and balls, but a woman’s, a whole lot different, the aroma of foo foo lotions, cologne and perfumes, sweet smells, lilacs, roses, gardenias, like that overlaid by the scent of woman, and small as she was I was convinced Katie was a woman; all woman, estrogen, I don’t know, Katie’s apartment had it, heady, erection causing scent, old Pete stirred, wiggled around down there in my boxers.

Whoa boy, I began to wonder about myself, had I developed a thing for little girls?

Before I’d lost my leg I was a pretty confident guy, Allison was my wife, sure but I was in Iraq not Orlando, I didn’t interface with the indigenous population but then I didn’t need to, plenty of gals working for the contractors, Blackwater, like that. I particularly remembered one, she was an Air Force Major, flew the jets, rode me like Dr. Strangelove rode the bomb, hot damn, oh yeah I remember her.

But after, Allison calling me half a man, feeling the same way, I’d not gotten back into the dating game even after Allison took off. No, I went to my ten year old daughter and now, much of the attraction I was definitely feeling toward Katie, was it because of her size? A question I didn’t have an answer for.

I was sitting in the chair when she came out of the bathroom; she seemed to be a wraith, a Scottish spirit coming out of the mist, the steam from the shower, an illusion. Then she was in the room, no mist, no illusion, just sexy as all hell.

She had on a cap shouldered pink shell and a red mini skirt, it came to mid thigh, Now I gotta tell you when a woman 5’6’ maybe 5’7” wears a mid thigh mini it’s sexy. Put that on this short little beauty, you know from the bottom of that skirt to paradise is less that a hand span, I must have caught my breath ‘cause she asked,

“You like my outfit Frank?”

I had to make her wait, couldn’t just blurt out what I was really thinking, “I think you look lovely Katie, “is what I said, and she did. I already mentioned her top and her skirt; she had on white stockings, no shoes.

“Well, put some shoes on, you’re not dressed yet.”

She gave me a little grin, walked back to the closet, opened it, bent over, picked up a pair of white Mary Jane’s and stood back up.

I didn’t get a look at the treasure but I had to feel like Howard Carter did, at the cusp of Tut’s tomb, I’d seen everything but the treasure, her little mini had ridden up the back of her thighs, her stockings were thigh high stockings, white, when she’d bent to retrieve her shoes I glimpsed the pale flesh above the white, only an inch or two from paradise, she slipped her white Mary Jane’s on; I swallowed hard, said,

“Let’s go, I’m hungry.”

“What sounds good, Italian, French, what’s your favorite?” She asked.

And the dance began, I said, “I think I might like Scottish best.”

She gave me a wry little smile, she hadn’t missed the innuendo, “What you like haggis, sheep stomach stuffed with barley; me, I like good Italian, ossobuco, braciole like that, know anywhere like that?”

I did, “La Scala.” Giovanni, he’d had sung opera, had even sung at the real “La Scala” in Milan, was the proprietor, that’s where we went.

We both opted for the ossobuco, a little pasta, a small salad, as always at “La Scala” the food was fantastic, we’d drunk red wine, an Italian Chianti with the meal, we shared a tiramisu for dessert with coffee then, to cap the evening we sipped on Sambuca, three coffee beans in the glass, health, happiness, prosperity.

I had to, the food, the drink and most of all the lady, the little lady, I had to say it, I had to ask,

“Katie, would you like to go home with me tonight?”

She took a deep breath then a sigh, “Yeah Frank I would, I really would but that’s probably the Scotch, the wine and this Sambuca talking, so no, not tonight, we’ll have to see, ok?”

I could only agree. We’d already gone places where I didn’t think we’d go. Shared intimacies, I’d talked about my war experience, how I’d lost part of a leg, what it had done to me mentally, my hesitancy with women, I didn’t tell her about Melinda and me, that was a secret I’d take to the grave but I did talk about my sense of loss.

She had stories of her own, she gave me her dimensions, Barbie Doll, Katie was four feet four inches tall, she weighted seventh three pounds; her vital statistics, bust 32 inches, A cup, only a 23 inch waist but the bubble butt, she was 35 inches around her hips.

Like my little girl she’d lost her virginity at ten and like Melinda it was her inquisitiveness that led her to a bed, in her case it was a brother, five years older, she’d asked the questions Melinda had, touched him then ended up on her back with a cock in her, her brother was normal size, she took him, oh yeah, like Melinda, tears and blood the first time, ripped hymen, red sheets but they’d carried on for two years ‘til he left for college.

She confessed, she’d only had been with two men since her brother, she had a little butterfly vibrator, when she got the itch that’s what she used to cure it.

Then we talked about our dreams, I didn’t have much to say, seemed all my dreams were dead, happy family, gone; raise a family, gone, there wasn’t much for me to talk about, not Katie though, she had dreams.

“Frank,: she said, “Frank, I want what a lotta women want, I want to find my “Prince Charming,” live a nice life, make babies, my prince and me, lots of babies, I want to be a wife and I want to be a mother, I can you know, everything down there, it works fine, yeah, I’ve got little breasts but for a baby they’ll grow, swell, fill up with colostrum then milk, I want to breast feed my babies and I want my prince to suck them, too, taste me, you know, taste Mother, I want my babies and I want my man at my breasts, is that too much to expect. I’m a “Little Person,” can I want the things other women want, can’t I, Frank, I’m a woman, a twenty-seven year old woman, what I want, is that so bad, just because I’m a “Little Person,” is that so bad?”

God, at that moment, at that very instance I wanted nothing more than to fill her vagina with my sperm, to fill her and send my little swimmers through her tight little cervix, swimming up her organs, up to her Fallopian tubes one of my boys meets one of her girls, they mate and float down to her uterus, latch on and grow.

Then I had a vision, silly, but still a vision, I chuckled.

“Just what the hell do you find so funny Frank, I’m pouring my heart out to you and you laugh?”

“No, No, Katie, nothing like that, I’m not laughing about your dreams but a vision crossed my mind, I’m sorry I laughed.”

“So tell me Frank, the vision, give.”

“You, eight maybe nine months pregnant, you’re probably gonna have a normal sized baby?” Right?

She nodded, yes.

“So, you’re eight maybe nine months gone, you got a belly big as you are, I kinda thought it would look like you on top of a beach ball, you know, if you were on your belly?”

She took a moment, seeing my vision then laughed along with me, “Yeah, I probably would look like that, beach ball, medicine ball, whatever, I’d have a belly half my size. But damn it I still want it, I wanta look just like that.”

I drove her home, walked her to her door, gave her a little peck on her cheek, waited ‘til I heard her lock engage then left.

I drove home, visions of a cute little girl, light red hair, small breasts waiting to be filled with the life giving , life sustaining fluid of a mother for her child, small woman, small woman waiting to have her womb filled, wanting to have her womb filled, wanting to be a mother, wanting a normal life, wife and mother, was that too much to want? That’s all she wanted. I’d only spent an afternoon and an evening with her, she was cute, she was fun, she was who I’d already decided I wanted, wanted to marry, wanted to mate with, wanted to make babies with, lots of babies, for her and for me.

She walked to work the next morning, started fixing all my business deficiencies, I was good at what I did, crawl into those shitty places I talked about, up into hot attics, whatever, Katie set my office up, we cooked, she took care of the inside I took care of the outside. I absolutely loved it when I got a few minutes to spare, could sit at my desk, just watch her; she was a ball of fire, around that office, fast, effective and efficient, handled my calls, my scheduling, set things up. I had seven, eight jobs for the day, routed me so I had maybe four within a few miles, saved me time, saved me gas. In the office she was a God send, I was making half again as much money and was getting a bit more down time and she usually wore those short little skirts, pink panties when she bent over to get a file, white panties when she had to climb to the high places, when I was in the office I stayed hard.

We walked over to the Happy Rabbit after work, had our two drinks, at least she’d learned to appreciate good Scotch, she had a Laphroaig, too, water, ugh, but at least a good single malt.

We hadn’t done anything, I wanted to, I think she wanted me to but we hadn’t crossed that bridge, finally, as I was driving her back to her efficiency I said, “Katie, why don’t you give up the apartment, move over to my house, I’ve got three bedrooms, empty, save yourself the six hundred you’re paying in rent and save me the time takes to drive over to your place every morning, back to my place at night.

My little gal was something. She looked at me, looked me right in the eye, “Frank, I’ll tell you the truth the absolute truth, so help me God; I’m ready to move in with you any time you say the right words, Frank, I know you know I’ve fallen in love with you, God knows why but I have. Little ole me, big ole you, that aughta make a pair, you think? I’ll move in tonight, never go back to that efficiency, all you gotta say are the words, I’m never gonna move into a guest room at your house, I come to your bedroom or I don’t come, you want me there, just say the words, the answer is yes if you ask the question.”

The words Katie, you mean these?

“Will you Catherine McLeod take me Frank Baily to be your lawfully wedded husband , will you kiss me and love me, let me love you, let me deposit my sperm way up in your cute little belly and let me make babies with you?”

“The magic words, the words I’ve wanted to hear from you since the first time I met, yes, I Catherine McLeod accept your proposal.

“Damn it, Frank this is an Atomic Orange Corvette, can’t it move any fasted? My panties are wet, I’m gonna ruin your leather seat if you don’t get me somewhere we can work on babies real fast.”

That big V-8 roared, the tires squalled, two miles, one minute thirty seconds, hit the control, garage door already opening, brake, park, jump out, around the side of the car. Katie’s just getting out, little gal, all seventy-three pounds of her, my “Little Person,” I picked her up, like a child, I cradled her to me, gave her a quick little kiss and carried her to the bedroom, set her down on her feet.

She laughed at me, “what? You Tarzan, me Jane?”

She came to me, up close to me, stretched, unbuttoned the top button on my shirt, then the next, the next, the next, pulled it from the waist band of my khakis and the final one, she walked behind me, took it off my shoulders, came back around front, kissed my belly, on tippy toe, she licked my nipples, God I’d never thought of my nipples as being an erogenous zone, she taught me otherwise, I shivered when she did it.

She gave me just a little smile then undid my belt, unhooked my slacks and unzipped then let them fall to the floor, only my shorts, my boxers, she rubbed me then pulled them forward and down, freeing me, letting them fall on top of my slacks, she knelt, took the pants off my feet, she had to lean up to get me, she did.

Her little bow of a mouth, she took me in, fellated me, up and down, moist hot mouth, swirling tongue, “Oh Katie, Oh Katie,” I moaned.

And she stood up, the little vixen stood up, “Your turn, do me, undress me.”

I knelt in front of her I could hardly wait, I even knew where she could get her little things, Cinderella of Boston, mail order for her tiny size two shoes, Pint Size clothing, the outer garments were the hardest, she’d said that mothers who would let their little girls wear the sexy undergarments that were in the children’s departments should be shot, sexy panties, thigh high stockings but that’s where she got hers, in the children’s department, Macy’s, Burdines’s, top of the line department stores.

I lifted her cap shouldered top over her head, dropped it on the pile that was my clothing then unhooked the two hooks that held her size 32A cup brassiere, lowered it, saw her breasts for the very first time, cute, pert little peaches, dark pink areolas, lighter pink gum drop sized nipples. I couldn’t resist, I kissed them both then I unzipped her little mini skirt, let it fall to the floor, took her white patent Mary Jane’s off her feet and took the skirt, added it to the pile. Thigh highs and panties, all that was left, she stood, her legs slightly spread, waiting.

“Do I have to take your stockings off?” I asked in a pleading voice.

She looked down, gave me a smile, “Only if you want to.”

I didn’t, I rolled her cute little panties down, stood and picked her up, her panties fell off her feet, I carried her to the bed.

“Katie, you’re fabulous, I can hardly believe you’ll have me, you could have so many other men, why me? Why Frank Baily, one legged Frank Baily.”

Serious just for a moment, Katie in my arms, me holding her like a child, cradling her, “Frank, I’m a dwarf but that’s not how you see me is it, I know you love me, Katie McLeod, not a fantasy of some little girl, you love Katie, me; you know what it’s like, my handicap, if you want to call it a handicap if dwarfism is; yours, your leg, I know you’re self-conscious about that so, I guess we’re both a little handicapped but we fight, Frank, we’re a damned good team at the office, now put me down, let’s see what kinda team we make in the bed.”

I curled down onto the bed, brought Katie down on top of me, wanted to feel her slight weight on me, wanted to taste her swollen lips. We kissed, we’d shared pecks, friendly pecks but now we kissed, her tongue, like a reptiles, between my lips, through me teeth, tasting me, I sucked her breath in, sweet lips, sweet taste, I kissed her neck, down to her little peaches, licking and sucking, teasing areolas, nipples, kneading, massaging then down, across her soft little belly, her mound, the same fine light red hair and then her slit, I opened her with my tongue, like a fine wine, she had an aroma, a taste of maturity, rich, heady, spicy, I laved her vulva, traced it down, all the way back, over her perineum to her rosebud, I had her lifted, I could easily touch her there, I did, with my tongue, I rimmed her, my saliva moistened her, I slipped a finger in.

Katie gave a little gasp when I penetrated her, that was ok, maybe not tonight but she’d surrender here to me, one day, sooner or later, her cute little bubble butt and old Pete would become intimately acquainted, for now, I moved up, nibbling and tugging at her labium, first one then the other, licking between her outer and inner lips ‘til I reached the top. Her little gem, her precious pearl, glistening, moist, swollen, waiting; I took her between my lips, sucked her in, her stem, engorged, I sucked, her tip, I toyed with it, teasing it with the tip of my tongue, her tip, my tip, flick, flick and she went, her little body nearly leapt of the bed, her hips flew up, her back arched, pressing against my lips, she trembled, spasms through her body, I held her down, absorbed her quivers, and kept my mouth on her, when she gushed, pulse after pulse of her fragrant fluid flowing, I drank, tasted my little princesses lady juice, her essence, her nectar, she was fantastic, oh how I wanted her, as my lover and as my wife. I wanted to fill her womb with babies; I wanted to be her husband and the father of her children.

She was still flowing when I moved between her legs, I couldn’t wait, not any longer, I found her velvet tunnel, I filled it, smooth, hot, wet, I slid into her, she raised her short legs, opening for me, accommodating, wanting, I rode her high, let her feel me, her outer genatilia were smaller, in proportion to her size but not her vagina, she easily accepted my six inches, raising her legs even higher, she wanted more. I tried to meet her needs, faster and harder I stroked, high, her clit getting touched, brushed with every stroke, I was getting there, she’d just cum, I reached between us, found her little pearl, rubbed it. Come on Katie, fly with me, faster, I plastered myself against her bottom, held her, she got a little one, I felt it roll through her, not mine, way up in her, I shot, pulse after cock jerking pulse, into my little lover, God, she was tight, took me, no problem but tight, I continued to stroke her ‘til I was drained.

I fell to the bed beside her and pulled her on top of me, little seventy-three pounder, I wanted to feel her little peaches against my chest, her wet leaking vagina on my belly, I held her there, one hand on her back the other on her delectable bottom, perfect globes, succulent as ripe fruit, I kneaded and massaged her. Her lips were at my ear, she nibbled on my ear lobe, she was exciting me again, one of her legs was between mine, she felt me stiffen against her thigh, I squeezed her taut little bottom harder, grinding her against me.

“You like that don’t you Frank,” she whispered in my ear. I kneaded her bottom.

“Yes, that, you like it don’t you? If you want you can, you know.”

“Katie?” a question a request, tell me you’re saying yes.

“I’m not a virgin, my brother did it one time, he made me hurt and I hated it but now, Frank, I’m your woman, you’re gonna do things for me, I’m gonna do things for you, that’s what sharing is, that’s what a partnership is, we’re gonna be partners so, if you want you can.”

Then, with a little chuckle she added, “Besides, I think it’s my best feature, I’d like to share.”

I could only agree, the first time I’d seen her at the Happy Rabbit I’d noticed her cute little bubble butt, now I was going to sample it,, I got up, went into the bathroom, I knew I had Vaseline but, tonight I’d rather use KY. I found the tube and went back to the bed.

I sat and lifted her onto my lap, warned her that it might be a little chilly and started lubricating her. She might have been a little smaller, a little tighter than a normal sized woman but I didn’t think that would matter, she wanted to do it for me, she was so relaxed my fingers slip in with almost no resistance, I worked finger load after finger load of the KY into her, stretching her, lubricating her. She’s ready.

Little woman, I lifted her off my lap, laid her beside me, got a pillow; put it at the side of the bed. I had my artificial leg on, could stand with no problem, I was gonna stand to do this, I lifted her onto the pillow, her hips her highest point, I doubled her legs back toward her chest, she held them, helping me, I moved to her, placed the head of my cock against her, pressed firmly and waited for my invitation, she was watching me, my eyes, my face. I smiled at her, told her she was the sexiest, most beautiful woman in the world, she didn’t believe it but she believed that I believed it, I did.

She relaxed, when I slid in she winced just a little then gave a little positive nod and a slight smile; I pressed forward, I could see the stress reflected in her face, I was filling her, stretching her sphincter, filling her rectum, as I filled her I could read it in her face. When she winced again it reminded me, she was a little person, everything might be there but some of it might be a little smaller. Normal sized woman six inches in her rectum, full but only that, a full rectum, Katie was smaller, maybe smaller inside, too, I thought I might have moved through her rectum and into her sigmoid colon, I backed out t little, she relaxed, must have been, I’d keep the strokes short, her vagina, no problem, her bottom, well, I wanted back, we’d take it easy.

I loved the fact that she was on her back, I could watch my cock entering her, could see her tight little ring, see her tummy, her small breasts and most of all her face, her oh so expressive face.

“You wanta cum?” As I stroked her I asked.

“Unnh, this one’s for you, next time do your baby right but this one’s for you.”

I’d have given her a couple of fingers to ride, played with her clit if she wanted to come along, she didn’t, I held her hips, stroked her, fast but not too deep, and I sped up.

God, she was tight, she’d let me in, no problem, now she was trying to choke old Pete, squeezing me, like a constrictor, tight, the redolence, distinctive, earthy, a woman’s open bottom, mixing with the wonderful scent of a lubricating vagina, enough to drive a man crazy, I was, I was damned near crazy, her smell, her tightness, her squeezing me, Oh yeah, I forced myself a little deeper, held myself against her perfect little bottom, spewed into her, painting her bowels creamy white, ropy pulses of cum spurting from my jerking cock, her face, benign, satisfied, she was my woman, this was for me, she was happy, her being my woman, I was happy, same reason, her being my woman.

We went by her place the next morning, picked up her personal things, not much, all the furniture was furnished, she moved in with me, we got the license, married two weeks later. My brother was the best man, she had several “Little People” that she’d invited, I met her best friend, Louisa, she was her maid of honor, we held the reception at the Happy Rabbit.

That was five months ago, Katie’s starting to show, another couple of months she’ll be riding that beach ball I mentioned, her breasts have grown , I’m doing my part, see that they are appropriately exercised at least a time or two a day. Same thing for the baby, nice warm moist environment, I make frequent liquid deposits, trying to keep him / her comfortable, we’ll know next month when Katie gets an ultrasound test. But, honestly I think my biggest contribution is preventative medication. Constipation is a major problem for pregnant women, I make it a point to see that Katie’s kept lubricated, fluid injections at least three times weekly, only for her benefit of course but, well a guy’s gotta do his part.

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