This is a CAW story... WARNING NOT for the Feight of heart!
Little Preface here this is a Calling all writers story... The writer does not take any responsibility of what you might do when you read this. The following contains some pretty gory stuff and I almost didn't write it but it is a story of unrequited love... Enjoy?

I just sort of smiled when I looked at the closet door. But that’s not where the story begins really; I had turned 18 and was out living on my own going to college and pretty much having a good old time.

I met Brian he was my boyfriend or at least that is what I believed. We would go out and fools around you know the usual dating stuff. We started getting more and more serious until one night we were laying naked in bed in a post coital cuddle. “You know what would be really hot Jenn?” he asked me.

“No what?”

“A threesome.”

“A what?”

“You know with another girl”

“Seriously Brian?”

“Why not try it out?”

“Well okay I said” a little annoyed that he wanted to bring another woman to bed. But after that nothing really happened for a few weeks. Until we met Daisy at a party, she was drunk as hell and we ended up bringing her to Brian’s apartment. I was a little shocked and quite a bit jealous when Daisy started making out with Brian. Daisy was nice I guess blonde hair nice tight ass and nice tits, not as nice as mine really I mean my tits were bigger. Daisy came back to the bedroom I followed. It seemed to me that Brian had only one thing on his mind and that was getting into Daisy’s pants.

“Lets fuck” Daisy suggested. She stripped out of her clothes and lay naked and somewhat limp on the bed.

“Come on Jenn” Brian said.

“I… I don’t know Brian I mean?”

“Look Jenn either you do this or you can leave, and don’t bother coming back”

I wanted to leave, but I wanted to keep Brian happy he was such a good guy so after a few moments of hesitation I said “Okay” and started stripping down.

“Get in a 69 with her” Brian said as if her were directing his own personal porno. I straddled Daisy’s face and started to examine her pussy with my fingers. Daisy apparently was not new to this and dove right into licking and sucking my pussy, I can’t tell you what a surprise that was, it felt really good too and soon I found myself licking and sucking the pussy in front of me. Then I saw Brian’s prick invading Daisy’s we fuck hole right there in front of me. I don’t think he planned it but he shot his load in record time. Then he presented his gooey slime covered cock to me for me to suck. I hesitated a moment and then started sucking it. The sweet and salty tastes of girl and cum mixed in my mouth as he started to get hard again. He then moved behind me and poked my hot little honey hole. I loved the way Brian filled me and soon he was stroking deep inside me. The duel stimulation of Brian’s cock and Daisy’s tongue on my clit had me screaming and then the feeling of the hot creamy spunk shooting inside me. It was then that Brian did something that he had never done before. He started touching my ass, probing my little hole with his finger. “No Brian not there”

“Come on Jenn” he said.

“You can fuck me in the ass” Daisy piped

“Well turn over then,” Brian said I rolled with Daisy’s pussy right in my face and Brian positioned himself to enter her ass. With a little spit and some of the goo oozing out of her twat he lubed up the opening. I watched in somewhat horrified fascination as he slowly sunk his cock into her anal aperture. Daisy groaned and buried her face in my slot. I looked up at her pussy the lips spread invitingly as Brian’s cock pressed further into her ass. I couldn’t believe it and I licked at the hot girl goo and cock cream that was oozing out of her. I found myself eating Daisy out as Brian pumped his cock into her ass. I watched his balls tighten and he humped forward burying his cock into Daisy’s ass groaning that he was cumming. He pulled his cock out and passed out on the bed next to us. Daisy and I spent some more time getting better acquainted at least between the feeling each other up and kissing and fondling that’s what I considered it.

In the morning I took Daisy home and went to class college you know and I decided to stop by and see if Brian was around. I slipped in the front door and what do I find but Brian and Daisy in the throws of another round of sex. I wanted to scream, but instead I left and called him about ten minutes later.

“Hey Brian what you doing?” I asked

“Nothing much just hanging out?”

“Want to go do something later?”

“Nah I just thought I would hang around here and study?”

“Want me to come by and study with you?”

“Na Jenn you go do whatever I’m just kinda busy with this you know I have a test tomorrow and I want to get a good grade on it.”

“Okay” I said I parked down the street from his aparentment and found a place on a bench where I could watch his door.

I yawned and looked at my watch 1:45 am His light was still on. It was approaching three when Daisy finally staggered out of his apartment.
I managed to get through my classes sleep deprived and called Brian again.

“Hi Babe” I said

“Oh hi Jenn”

“You want to go do something this weekend?”

“Maybe I’ll have to check and see.”

“Okay well call me later okay?” I asked

“Yeah sure”

It wasn’t till Friday rolled around that Brian called me “Hey Jenn?”

“Hi Brian we going somewhere?”

“Look Jenn I’m just not that into you.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“I mean its over between us Jenn”

“Brian please whatever it is I can fix it can I see you just one last time?”

“Okay fine where?”

“How about the Beach this Saturday?”

“Okay what time?”


“Sure I’ll be there”

It was Saturday finally and I packed a pick nick the usual stuff a nice bottle of red wine, a cork opener, you know the kind, it looks like an ice pick with a CO2 charge behind it that will pop a cork really quick. Some cheese and lunch meat a couple of knives and forks that kind of thing and headed to meet with Brian. She parked her car next to his the beach was pretty much deserted. She could see him silhouetted over the dunes a little ways off and she headed over to where he was standing.

I came up over the dune “Hi Brian” oh my god there was daisy on her knees in front of him servicing his cock.

“Glad you could make it” Brian said “you ready to join us?”

“Uh I guess so?”

“I want to see my stud fuck you in the ass” Daisy said.

Something inside of me broke, I couldn’t share Brian with Daisy I just couldn’t I took the bottle opener from the basket and Jammed it into her neck I turned to see the shocked look on brains face and Jammed it into his chest. Daisy’s face was frozen in a sort of scream as the life pumped out of the hole in her neck. Brian was on the ground gasping for air. I took a sharp knife from the pick nick basket and looked at Brian “We could have been something” I was crying, “We were so good together, I can’t share you. I put the knife on the underside of his ribs and cut I reached in and grabbed his wiggly heart. “Don’t worry Brian I’ll keep your heart safe with me, I held it up in front of his eyes. I took his cock and balls in hand oh so nice and stiff and hard I sliced it off and wrapped both of my warm wet prizes in a towel and put them into a basket. I dragged them back to Brian’s car. I drove it over to a Jetty long stone paved stretch going out into the water. I lined up the car and Put Brian in the drivers seat, Daisy in the passenger seat. A stick though the window to keep the wheel straight well mostly straight and another stick to hold down the gas pedal. I put it in gear. The tires screamed and I watched the car race down to the end of the jetty it flew through the air when it reached the end and hit the water in an enormous crash. I put my pick nick basket into the trunk of my car and got my bathing suit out…. I went for a brief swim and drove home.

That’s where I keep his heart and his family jewels in my closet in a jar filled with preservatives. I’ll have his heart there forever. My hand gently caressing the firm wood of that closet door where I keep my shrine to my love, Brian, I'll keep his heart forever.

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2012-02-24 19:22:04
that was so good and fucking creepy. i cant go back to sleep.

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2011-06-27 04:24:54
*curled in corner* that creeped the fak outa me


2011-05-15 10:16:57
Wow. Jenn's a fiery little bitch, isn't she. Good job on the story CJ.

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2011-04-25 20:07:50
that was fucking creepy o.o"


2011-04-18 22:03:23
Very good one. I didn't see that coming.

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