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Ron, jealous of Harry's successes sees red.
This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, or have any affiliation with the author.

Chapter 3

October had descended on Hogwarts and along came with it the rainy weather, which only dampened Ron’s bad mood even further. Ron’s year so far had been particularly bad. Ron’s grades had so far been terrible, barely scrapping a pass or even failing some subjects. Harry however had been excelling in his subjects, especially potions, which he was somehow getting top grade in, much to Ron’s dismay. Ron had managed to get onto the Quidditch team too, but so far was playing awful, with only Gryffindor’s best player, Harry, often saving Ron’s blushes during practice and matches. Also, rumours were spreading around school that the secret love of his life Hermione, had fucked his best friend Harry. Ron was wanking himself silly 3 times a day to his dirty thoughts of Hermione and here was his best friend actually screwing her. Ron had reached the end of his patience so decided to confront Harry alone, late at night in the library.

‘Harry,’ Ron urgently whispered, tossing aside his Transfiguration homework, which he just could not do, ‘what happened to our pact? From what I hear you’ve been fucking left, right and centre and here’s me not getting anything.’
‘O get over yourself Ron,’ sighed Harry, who was starting to tire of Ron’s constant moaning of the last few weeks, ‘I told you before, Hermione and Cho came onto me, I was just in the right place at the right time.’
‘Bullshit,’ hissed Ron, ‘look at you, getting amazing grades, having sex with beautiful girls and everybody loving you, it’s not fair!’
Harry just looked at his friend. Ron looked a mess; his hair was not styled and starting to overgrow, dark circles had developed under his eyes and he looked paler than usual.
‘Ron, it’s late, I’m tired, you’re tired, just go and get some sleep, I don’t want to argue with you, you’ve not been yourself lately,’ answered Harry.
‘Get lost Harry, just fuck-off!’ and with that Ron roughly pushed aside the table they were sat at, rose and stormed out of the library. It was long past the curfew time to be out in the grounds, but Ron ran out through the doors, heading vaguely towards the Great Lake, only stopping till he reached the lakeside, anger seething through his body.

‘Fucking Harry,’ Ron thought, ‘Fucking Harry, so much better than me at everything, quidditch, the girls, grades, I’ll fucking show him.’ Ron had never been so angry; adrenaline was rushing through his body, giving him a new found strength. Suddenly, Ron saw movement from the corner of his in the bright moonlight. To his confusion, he saw Luna Lovegood, a girl in the year below him who was part of Dumbledore’s Army last year, muttering to herself as she skipped towards the Forbidden Forest.

‘If I’m really really lucky, I might get to see gnarlbats tonight,’ she said merrily, in a joyous high-pitched voice as she continued on to the forest, oblivious to Ron’s presence.
‘What the fuck?’ thought Ron, ‘Looney Luna, what she up to?’
‘There they are!’ exclaimed Luna, who suddenly started to run towards the Lake with a look of great happiness on her face. Ron quickly reacted and decided to hide behind a bush near the lake, thinking it wasn’t worth getting into trouble if he was caught being seen out in the grounds.

‘O they’ve flown away,’ Luna said sadly. Catching her reflection in the Lake in the moonlight, she decided to kneel down and look out over the Lake. From where Ron was squatting, he got a perfect view of her tits down her knee length dress that Luna was wearing. Her breasts were only small, B sized and she was clearly not wearing a bra. Ron could only see the tops of her breast as they strained against her dress as she leant over. Ron could feel a stirring under his robe as his gaze was transfixed at Luna’a cleavage.

‘What the hell?’ thought Ron, ‘its bloody Luna; crazy Looney Luna, why the hell am I getting a hard-on?’
‘Go on Ron,’ said a small, encouraging voice in the back of Ron’s mind, ‘take her now, nobody would know, show Harry whose the man.’
Ron couldn’t even believe he was even thinking it. Could he seriously fuck Luna, right here? The more he stared at her breasts, the more and more the idea started to appeal to him. His cock certainly like the idea, as it had grown to its full 6 inches and was starting to strain against his boxers, wanting to be released. The anger in Ron took over. Silently, he withdrew his wand from his pocket, and started creeping slowly towards Luna, who was still kneeling over the Lake, humming to herself. A large cracking noise broke the silence.

‘Shit,’ Ron thought as he stepped on a twig. Luna started to turn round to see what had made the noise. Ron acted quickly. ‘STUPEFY!’ he shouted in the cold night air. A jet of red light erupted from the tip of his wand and hit Luna square in the back. She slumped straight to the ground, unconscious.
Ron panted, the thrill of what he just did, replacing the anger in him. He quickly ran from his hiding place, grabbed Luna by her long, blonde hair and dragged her limp body back towards the privacy of the bushes. Ron hurriedly removed his jumper, exposing his torso and wrapped it round Luna’s eyes.

‘Diffindo,’ Ron muttered, aiming his wand at the middle of Luna’s dress. It split straight down the middle, exposing her entire body, leaving only her knickers on. Having never seen tits before in real life, Ron’s eyes were fixed on Luna’s small breasts. The cold night air made Luna’s nipples harden immediately. Ron immediately grabbed hold of one; it felt soft and supple in his hand. He lowered his mouth and began sucking on the nipple, his tongue circling around the nipple and biting on it with his teeth. Suddenly, Ron heard Luna give a soft moan. He quickly tied her hands, tightly together with the remains of her dress and quickly muttered a spell, which meant her hands were stuck to the ground over her head.

‘What’s going on?’ Luna said groggily, ‘please don’t hurt me whoever you are.’ The good in Ron suddenly had second thoughts but an anxious throb from his hard cock suddenly brushed them aside.
‘Shut it bitch,’ Ron said in a low gruff voice, ‘just lie-back and enjoy this.’ Luna started to shout so Ron slapped her face hard, leaving an angry red mark on her cheek and then gagged her mouth with the rest of her dress. Luna started to cry silently. Ron continued to suckle on her breasts like a new-born baby, biting and pulling on the nipple with his teeth.

Ron quickly disrobed, revealing the rest of his powerful body until he was totally naked. Ron had certainly baulked up over the summer. He now possessed a strong body, with a 6 pack and toned fore-arms, as well as thick 6 inch cock, which had suddenly sprung free of his boxers.
Ron snaked his hands down from Luna’s tits, past her pearly-white tummy till he reached her pink knickers. A stronger muffle emanated from Luna as Ron started to rub her clit through her panties.

‘PP....LLW.....EASE,’ Ron thought he heard Luna say. Ron by now had seen red and ripped off her knickers with one hand, revealing her tight slit. Ron’s eyes widened in anticipation, having never seen a pussy before; he thought it looked glorious. It was so pink and looked tight. A small patch of blonde, wispy hair covered the top her pussy. He began rubbing her clit even more till he moved his fingers slowly down till they were by her entrance. He roughly shoved 2 fingers straight into dry pussy.

‘OOWWW!’ Luna howled through her gag. Ron grabbed her by the throat with one hand whilst with the other he began to finger her. He felt his fingers reach a barrier. Realising he reached her womanhood, he pushed through, feeling a gush of warm liquid coat his fingers.
Luna by now was shivering as Ron continued to play with her pussy. He removed his fingers, which were now coated in Luna’s blood and pussy juices. He wiped them clean on her stomach, leaving bright red marks on her pure, white skin. Ron by now was ready to see how her pussy would feel on his cock. He spat on his hand and rubbed his cock up and down, lubricating it with his warm saliva before placing it at the entrance to Luna’s pussy. Ron placed his entire weight on Luna, his hands around her slim waist as he thrust forward, deep into Luna’s pussy.

Luna quivered as she felt her attackers cock enter her. 4 inches of Ron’s thick cock went straight into her.
‘My God she’s tight,’ thought Ron, as he felt Luna’s pussy envelope his cock in a tight clamp. Ron began thrusting, enjoying the feeling of losing his virginity. He soon picked up a rhythm as Luna’s small tits began to bounce in time with his thrusts. Ron was overjoyed by this and began slapping them and tweaking them with his hands, until he collapsed fully onto Luna and began licking them once more.
Ron continued pounding for another 10 minutes, by now his entire cock going into Luna and his hardened balls slapping against Luna’s tiny ass. Luna had a forced orgasm, her juices coating Ron’s cock even more. It felt so warm and tight inside Luna. He could sense his own orgasm approaching. His mind went crazy and his thrusts wilder as all of sudden, his cock went into glorious spasm. Ron quickly pulled out of Luna’s tight cunt and cummed into the lake. 4 thick shots of cum sprayed out and splashed into the Lake. Ron’s legs gave way as he collapsed, lying back chuckling to himself; finally he had lost his virginity. Luna had by now had passed out and lay there next to Ron, her pussy slowly leaking blood and juices. Ron went and licked the blood and juices clean from her pussy and gave her perky tits one final squeeze. He conjured up a dress and quickly re-dressed Luna, and laid her next to the Lake where Ron had originally found her.

‘Obliviate’ he said, pointing his wand at Luna’s head, a bright white glow surrounded her head and then dissipated. Ron had never used the memory destroying spell before so wasn’t sure how much damage he had done. Not wanting to be caught however, he quickly re-dressed himself and silently ran back to the common room, managing to avoid Filch on the way.
He entered Gryffindor Common Room and walked up the stairs to bed. Ron suddenly stopped before he went to go into the dormitory. What had he done?
‘How could I have raped Luna?’ he thought. Guilt started to swell up inside him and uncontrollable tears started to fall from his eyes as he walked softly into the dormitory.

‘Ron! Where have you been,’ asked a worried Harry who was sat by the window; obviously having been sat there all night, ‘I’ve been so worried abou...’ Harry suddenly noticed Ron’s tears. ‘What’s up mate,’ he asked going over and giving Ron a hug.
‘I’m ...s...o.......sorry....Ha.....rry,’ Ron sobbed into Harry’s shoulder.
‘Heyyyyy......shhhh,’ Harry comforted Ron as he wept into his shoulder. Harry put Ron into bed and lay next to him, stroking his hair until Ron finally fell into an uneasy sleep.
‘Glad to have my friend back,’ whispered Harry as he got and went to lie in his own bed, falling asleep quickly under the sparkling moonlight shining through the window.

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Just saying Ron has a sister. He would know what tits were

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Doesn't matter if he was a good guy and wouldn't have raped somebody, fact is he would be too stupid to get away with it.


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probably came in the lake so no one can trace dna? lol. even though hes a wizard and they dont have that technology...hahaha

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Yeah... I'd have to say that even though Ron could be kind of a twat in canon, he was essentially a good guy. He wouldn't rape someone.

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