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This is the second part of the story I put up a few weeks ago
Sonia’s face was still covered with his cum when Athena got on her knees next to her “leave some for me two” she said and started licking off the rest off of her face. She was still so turned on and confused about the names they were using. “Why do you guys call each other with those names?” you asked. “What names?”
“Zeus, Apollo, Athena.”
“That’s because we are them.”
“That couldn’t be” you replied.
“Do you think a mortal could have a cock as big as his? Or a better tasting cum?” she teased. She was right about the size of his cock but Sonia had never tasted anyone else’s cum. He was much bigger than a normal human in every aspect. Everyone had always talked about how handsome Apollo was and how he looked better than Hercules if not stronger. She was speechless. She didn’t know what to believe. “You’re still very Horney, I should tell Zeus to take care of that” said Athena with a smile on her face.
They both stood up and went towards a door right on the opposite side of the door she had entered from not long ago. There was more steam coming out from that room, it was very warm in there, very soothing. There was a big pool of warm water in the middle of that room in the shape of an octagon. Looking around it was as if everyone was taking a break from sex. Athena and she got into the warm water and she started to caress her body and wash her. She was very gentle as she ran her hands all over her body. Sonia started to feel her curvaceous body. She was indeed a Goddess. It felt so good and relaxing to be washed clean by a goddess. Suddenly Sonia started feeling two strong hands opening her butt cheeks and licking her butthole. She let out a sigh. “Come out of there Poseidon!” Athena demanded. When she turned her head, a middle aged man was standing in front of her, he looked strong and his hand was still on her ass as he smiled at Athena.

“Hello my dear how would you like to join me and this mortal?” “No thanks we are very tired, we have just pleased Apollo.” He rolled his eyes as if he was tired of hearing about Apollo. As he continued to talk to Athena he was rubbing Sonia’s ass and she was starting to wonder how would he want to fuck her, would he take her down into the water and pound her hard in the middle of water or would he come out and have his way with her on the side of the pool? “We are done, let’s get out” Athena demanded. But Sonia was already hypnotized by Poseidon massaging her butt. He reached around and grabbed her breast and she reached and started to feel his body. His cock was pointing straight up in the air and it was right in between her butt cheeks. He started to stroke his cock using her ass cheeks and pinching and pulling her nipples. Athena turned around and saw Sonia already enjoying his touch so much; she smiled and said “I’ll come back for you once you’re done.” Poseidon lifted Sonia up and slowly walked out of the pull. “I would take you down under water but you mortals don’t last too long under water” he walked to the wall next to the pool holding her up in the air by her sides and shoved her to the wall. He started to stroke his cock with her ass cheeks again. He told her to stand on her toes so he didn’t have to lower his body since he was much taller, he also told her to arch her back and lift her ass. She did as she was told. He started to smack his cock against her asshole, “ah it looks so tight” he said breathing heavily. He put his cock right on her asshole and was starting to push in; she was starting to feel the pain of her asshole being stretched. “Wait! Apollo said I should offer my asshole to Zeus.” She said with her face pushed to the wall. As she said that he stopped “he said that?” he asked.
“Yes, he pushed his thumb in there and told me Zeus would love my tight asshole”
“He is right, Zeus does like virgins” as he said that he lowered his cock and started to rub it against her vagina. It was already wet and sticky and as he put the tip of his cock on her entrance her pussy started to suck it in, she let out a moan, so did he and slowly pushed his cock inside till she could feel his pelvis on her ass cheeks. Then he started to pound her and push her into the wall with every hit. She was getting tired of standing on her toes, so she lowered her body and that caused him to fuck her deeper and pound her harder. Her pussy was feeling so warm and wet. She enjoyed getting fucked from behind, having the man who was fucking her in control of how to do it. He held on to her sides and started to pound her harder than ever. With every hit her whole body would jump a little in the air. He kept getting faster and her moans got louder she was on the edge of a great orgasm. He spanked her hard and as if with that he let her have her orgasm she came on his cock. He seemed to be tired so he lay on his back and told her to get on top of him. As she walked over him she looked at his cock for the first time. Suddenly she recognized him. He was the same man on his back while she was peeking through the crack. And that was the same cock she wanted to ride. She smiled like a girl who had just got what she wanted. She squatted on his cock and directed his cock into her pussy, with her feet on his sides she started to go up and down on his cock and he held her ass and helped her do it. It felt so good. Her tits were bouncing as she would land on his pelvis. She wanted to get fucked hard so she started to smack her ass against his pelvis and take the whole length of his cock inside her. He reached around and started to rub her asshole. That really felt good. She got faster even though it was hard to do that. He put his middle finger inside her ass and started to play with it. She enjoyed his finger in her ass and started to think how Zeus’ cock would feel if he were to fuck it. He added another finger and she started to feel stretched. It felt so good having a cock in her pussy and two fingers in her ass, he started to pound her from under and she was getting close to another orgasm. She got really close to an orgasm but he removed his fingers from her asshole and suddenly something much bigger replaced his fingers. It stretched her ass much more. It was another cock, bigger than the one in her pussy, trying to push its way into her asshole. “No that belongs to Zeus” she protested. He didn’t say anything, Poseidon didn’t say anything either. Could it be? Could it be Zeus? She thought to herself, a man who she hadn’t even looked at, A God, trying to put his big cock inside her tight, virgin asshole. She didn’t have much time to think about these things as he had already pushed the head of his cock inside. She gasped for air and let out a loud “Ahhh!” Her muscles tensed, and that made her pussy tighten up on Poseidon’s cock, “mmm I like that” he said from under. The weight of the man on top of her made her bend so that her tits were on Poseidon’s face. He didn’t waste any time and started to suck on her swollen breasts. The mysterious man had already loosened up her asshole and now he was pounding it. Both of them were fucking her and pounding her one at the time. She was stuck between two very big men. It felt so good feeling so full, full with cocks. The pain from Zeus fucking her ass could by itself give her many orgasms. She started to moan and breathe heavily. They started to pound faster and now they were both pounding at the same time, she was held tight in between them as she had the best orgasm of her life. Poseidon could not hold it any longer and he exploded inside her pussy, as she felt his warm cum fill her up she had another orgasm. He stopped pounding her unlike Zeus and moved from under her, Zeus continued fucking her ass as Poseidon got on his knees in front of her and pointed his cock towards her mouth. Sonia started to suck his cock and taste herself on his cock; she tasted so good she thought to herself but certainly not as good as Athena. “Apollo was right, you have a very tight asshole” the man said. “Not for long” Poseidon teased. “You like getting fucked in the ass by Zeus almighty?” She couldn’t say anything, instead she nodded in agreement “mmmhmmm.” At least now she knew it was Zeus who was inside of her. Zeus was getting rough, and was grabbing her hair as he fucked her hard. She wanted to scream in joy but Poseidon’s cock didn’t let her, instead she moaned as his cock was being pushed down her throat. Zeus got faster and faster till he exploded inside her ass. She felt his warm cum inside her ass and that was all that was necessary to push her from the edge of another orgasm. He came a lot. He completely filled her ass and cum started dripping out as he took his cock out. “Are you done with her?” Athena asked them. She had been there for a while, just watching that beautiful seen. “Yes we are but not for long” Zeus replied. Sonia turned around to see Zeus, he had long white hair and beard, but he didn’t look old, he had a wide chest and big arms. He had tan skin but not as dark as Apollo. She looked amazing, naked, wet, on all fours, looking back at Zeus, her asshole still open wide from getting fucked by a big cock, and cum still dripping out of it, she was a whore of all the gods and goddesses, they could enjoy every hole in her body, her tight throat, her wet pussy and her tight asshole, they could please themselves with everything she had to offer and more. Zeus stood up and walked away, pleased, Poseidon jumped into the water and swam away.

Athena walked up to her and rubbed Sonia’s wet pussy and ass, “you must be really tired” she said. Athena’s hand on her pussy felt so good, as she rubbed her hand she started to fall asleep and the image started to fade away, suddenly she woke up in the same small cottage, lying on her stomach, naked. It was hard to distinguish dream from reality, was she a village girl who was going to the temple to pray for her dads farm that was dreaming of being Gods little whore or was she Gods and Goddesses pleasure girl who was dreaming of being a village girl wanting to pray at Anahita’s temple? Reality quickly caught up with her as she felt a hand on her back, push her to the ground, she was scared and wanted to look back but the pressure was too heavy, she could hardly breathe. All she could see was an arm next to her head. It was a hairy arm, very hairy, almost too hairy for a man; suddenly she felt something rubbing against her vagina. She was very wet from her dreams of having sex with Athena, Apollo, Poseidon and Zeus. “No please, don’t do this” she begged. He was breathing hard and heavy. He gave out a growl of confusion. As he put the tip of his penis on her entrance she closed her eyes. Wishing she would wake up from this bad dream and continue pleasing gods. But that didn’t happen.

She tried hard to get up but his heavy hand was on her back. As she tried to use her legs to get up she just managed to bring her butt up and the rest of your body was still attached to the ground. As if she was trying to offer her wet pussy to him. He used that opportunity to push his cock in between her wet lips. It was big, and hard. She let out a loud moan; it was mix with pain, fear, and pleasure. She did not want to get fucked by a stranger, but at the same time she wanted him to continue. She wanted him to pound her hard and free her from how she felt, horny.
“No, mmmhhh, please, mmhhhh” she could only fit one word between his poundings. “Your mmhh, dick mmh, is so big mmhh” she managed to put a few words together. He didn’t respond. He kept pounding her, he was holding her very tight and his nails were digging into her back and now he had his other hand on her right ass cheek. The pain was growing, so the pleasure of his cock going in and out of her pussy. “mmhh you’re hurting me mmhh” she yelled out. Again no reply, as if all he cared about was to please himself. She tried to move from under him. Even though it was very hard to stop enjoying what he was doing. He led out a growl and grabbed her shoulder and started to pull her back and fuck her harder.

He moved his hand from her ass cheek and grabbed her head. She wanted to look back to take a look at who was fucking her, not to stop him, but to just take a look at the man who was fucking her so good. When she found out she had no chance of running away from this man, she decided to just enjoy what he was giving her. She closed her eyes and couldn’t stop remembering when Apollo was fucking her from behind. Apollo’s cock may have been bigger but not much bigger. She started to moan to show how she was enjoying him. He got faster but it didn’t look like he was going to stop anytime soon. He kept going. The pleasure was building inside her and she was getting close. She was so wet that was dripping on the floor. Every time he was pounding her his balls would make a loud smack against her clit. His balls felt big and warm. They were filled with warm cum. She couldn’t wait to feel it. She could feel the head of his cock rub against the frontal wall of her vagina. She started to moan loudly, she wanted to have an orgasm so bad. “Fuck me, whoever you are, fuck me hard,” she screamed. He was already pounding her hard, “faster, faster, fuck my pussy” she was yelling at him to fuck her faster and harder. He pounded her hard and fast and she had the best orgasm of her life, a real one, not a dream. But he didn’t seem to want to stop. He kept going with the same speed and kept pounding and pounding, and she didn’t seem to want him to stop. She kept having orgasms after orgasm and kept telling him not to stop, and keep fucking her.
She was telling him how you liked to get fucked by him and how she liked how his big cock felt inside her pussy. It was after almost forty minutes when he started growling louder, he moved his hands from her head and shoulder and placed them on the side of her hips. Now she could turn her head and take a look at him. She was in shock when she saw him for the first time. He barely seemed human. He had a wide chest, he looked mean and his jaw was long, his teeth were sharp, he had dark grayish hair and his hands, back, and legs were covered with it. He certainly was not a human. He was almost scary but he was also the same man, creature, monster that was pleasing her for the past hour. At first she was afraid but the thought of pleasing another creature turned her on a lot. As he fucked her, she looked at him, moaning, he barely looked at her; he leaned his head backwards and led out the loudest growl. As he exploded in her, she had another orgasm and moaned almost as loud as he did. His cum filled her up and started to drip out of her pussy. He was shaking and kept Cumming. There was no more space. Cum was squirting out of her pussy as he took his cock out. He was fucking her for so long that when he took his cock out it almost felt as if something that supposed to be there wasn’t there anymore. When he was done he looked at her and softly growled. She was too scared to move. He got up and slowly walked out the broken door. “I locked the door, how didn’t I notice him brake in?” she asked herself. It was only when the breeze hit her wet vagina and sweaty skin that she realized she should get up and close the door. She got up and tried to walk to the door, but her legs were shaking, and cum was still dripping down her legs. She closed the door, put back her dress on as soon as she could and put another piece of lumber into the fire. She just sat down on the couch, shocked about what she had just seen. “What was he?” she was asking herself. He looked like a big wolf, but his chest, his abs looked so human like. Could it be? Could it be a werewolf? It was hard to digest the thought of seeing a werewolf for the first time and it was even harder to digest that he had fucked her for a long time and she had many orgasms with him. She was so tired after what she had done with the werewolf but she could not fall asleep. She didn’t want anyone else to walk into the cottage even though the last person who had done so had gave her so much pleasure. She got up and pushed the chest towards the door, blocking the door with it. She lay back on the couch and as soon as she closed her eyes she was asleep.

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