A new guard dog takes care of his first intruder.
“Ruff, Ruff, Ruff.”

That damn dog was at it again. My eyes flew open and I groaned in frustration. I hadn’t got a decent night’s sleep since that idiot neighbor of mine bought his precious guard dog. I thought German Shepherds were supposed to be silent in their duties. Maybe this one thought if he barked loud enough no burglars would approach the house. Instead all it does is keep me awake. I have no idea how his master can sleep with all that racket. Especially when I can hear it so clearly through both the walls of my house and his.

I lay in my bed tossing and turning as that incessant barking permeates my brain. Finally I just cannot take it anymore. I throw on my robe and stalk out of my back door. The yapping pup grows more insistent once I leave the safety of my fortifications. But the increased volume only solidifies my resolve. I am going to wake that bastard up and force him to quiet his mutt.

Tying my sash tightly against the chill night air I march over to the gate separating our two yards. The waning moon provides little light, but I know my own backyard like the back of my hand. Without hesitating I make my way to the closed gate and unlatch it. Walking through I pick my way a little more carefully unsure of myself now that I’m on enemy territory.

I remember where his back door is though and can see the slit of a moon reflected in the glass. Stomping up the steps I raise my hand to bang on the door when I pause. All I hear is the distant chirp of crickets. After the constant baying the silence is absolutely deafening. Without the impetus of a vocal dog I suddenly feel very tired. My hand drops to my side and I head back to my house hoping for an uninterrupted sleep.

As I turn I see a dark shape slinking through my neighbor’s yard. A deep guttural growling turns the blood in my veins to ice. I quickly realize that I had made a very bad assumption. The reason the noise was so loud when I came outside was because my neighbor keeps his guard dog outside. And the cause of the sudden silence was my intrusion into his domain.

I turn and bolt for the fence. I know that dogs are far faster than a human, but I do not want to find out what this brute does to intruders. I run like the hounds of Hell are after me. And that might not be too far off. My robe comes loose as I make my mad dash for safety. Fluttering in the breeze it exposes my bare breasts and shear panties to the enveloping night. I silently curse myself for not putting on real clothes for this confrontation. My bare feet dash through the dewy grass desperately trying to fly me home.

These thoughts and more race through my mind and spill out in a jumble as my foot slips. I hit the ground hard forcing the air from my lungs. My throat burned as I try in vain to regain my breath. Before I can regain my senses, my pursuer slams into my prone body. I fly sideways landing with a jarring thud on my back.

Fear grips me and I tense up. Shivering in the cold I wait for the inevitable. I can feel the hot breath of my tormentor spreading against my skin. I break out into a cold sweat the terror seeping into my pores. The sweat mingles with the dew under my body causing my robe to press wetly into my ass.

I close my eyes in anticipation of a savage attack. Instead I feel the dog’s muzzle snuffling along my skin. His warm breathe and cold nose combine to tickle my belly as he prods my prostrate form. Still terrified of the impending bites I flinch when his tongue comes out to lick at my sweat soaked skin. I giggle lightly as the coarse organ explores my unprotected flesh. I felt the thick tongue push into my belly button digging at some unknown treasure.

The force of his thrusts drives my freshly won breath back out of my body. I struggle for a minute between his tickling tongue and my lost breath I fight to breath. His slavering tongue finally stops assaulting me and my huffing slows back down to its normal terrified state. My heart races faster as the half seen form straddles my body. I stare transfixed as another growl escapes from his chest. His muzzle moves closer and closer to me and I close my eyes expecting him to tear out my throat.

Instead I’m surprised by the feel of his wet tongue licking my face and coating it with doggie drool. I gasp at the unexpected assault and he takes the opportunity to slide his tongue into my gaping mouth. I sense his teeth scraping delicately against my cheeks, but I’m no longer afraid. His tongue plays amongst my molars filling my mouth with his slobber and the taste of fresh cut grass.

Intrigued I reach up and rub his belly. I’m beginning to hope that I may make it back to my bedroom alive yet. His snout slowly rises from my face, but I keep giving him a belly rub. I try sliding backwards out from underneath the massive animal. I inch backward while maintaining my contact in his soft fur. I let a sigh of relief pass my lips as my shoulders passed out from under the dog.

An unexpected snarl forces me to freeze in my tracks. I see his supple neck bending down to my body and fear that our wary truce has ended. The cool breeze blows over body and I gulp as the scattered moonlight glints off his sharp canines. The overactive guard dog bends down and laps the underside of my breast. My surprised gasp quickly morphs into a moan as the rough organ returns again and again covering my bare tits with his loving licks.

My nipples already erect thanks to the chill wind harden to diamond tips under his amorous attack. His expert attention makes me squirm in the open grass. I could feel my panties getting wet and this time it wasn’t from my sweat or the grass’s dew. Desperate to return the favor I grasp his big furry head and scratch his ears. After a few minutes of mutual attention he suddenly raises his head and steps to my side. Taking my cue to leave I crawl up from the ground and turn towards my house.

I hope that he’ll stay quiet for a bit now that he had a chance to play for a bit. My robe is completely soaked from the dew and sweat. Now that I do not fear for my life, the wet garment provides no protection against the cool night air. I quickly shirk it off my shoulders and curl it around my arm. In the dark no one can see me so exposing myself to the world shouldn’t be an issue. Still, I hurry on my way back to my house.

I stride off towards the gate, but I only make it a few steps before I feel two paws thump into my lower back. The force of the hit drives me roughly to my knees. The lawn embraces my hands and legs as I settle into an uneasy balance. I’m about to turn and face my attacker again when I feel his hot breath on my legs and his sharp teeth scratch my ass.

He mouths my crack as he searches for something. My mind races trying to work out what’s going on. Then I feel a dull pressure on my crotch. His teeth sink into the material of my panties and with a sharp tug rip them from my body. Aghast I have no time to react before his marvelous tongue slices my pussy lips apart from behind. My face falls to the ground raising my ass up for his inspection. The pleasure he gave me just from lapping at my tender breasts is swiftly eclipsed by his pussy licking.

My cunt burns with desire as he pushes his organ deeper into my dripping cavity. The constant motion of his rough appendage drives me mad with lust. I push myself back into his muzzle urging him to go deeper. However, his tongue escaped my opening and instead caressed my erect clit. The change in tactics catches my breath in my throat and I need to shove my fist in my mouth to prevent the orgasm ripping through my body from escaping via my vocal cords.

Suddenly his attention stops and I relax as my pulse returns to normal. I can feel the cool air tickling my drenched snatch as it blows in the breeze. Just as I get a handle on my repertory system the cool wind vanishes. In its place warm fur strokes my ass cheeks. Strong forelimbs wrap around my waist and before I can protest pull me bodily to the eagerly waiting male.

And he is definitely eager. I groan as the thick shaft of his erect cock slides expertly into my well licked tunnel. His passionate licking was merely setting the stage for his conquest. Unable to fight his thrusts on the unsteady ground I froze as he happily humped his pole into my perfectly positioned frame. Soon, I lose the will to fight. The thick member spreading my lips almost blindingly fast just feels too damned good.

His body works like a well-oiled machine. His paws pull my waist deep onto him as he penetrates me with furious jabs of his hips. Surges of ecstasy arc through my body with every rough impalement. I revel in the feel of his smooth penis slicing through my flesh and begin to slam my ass back into his driving body.

Without warning I feel my vagina widen as if someone has jammed an inflatable doll into my love canal. The shear bliss of being spread wider while the beast continues his plunges thrills me. With each thrust I can feel the new addition pulling at my lips as his pace increases. Every few strokes my lips spread wide as whatever it is pulls itself free only to be rammed back into me.

The constant rubbing of this orb increases the sensations to such a fever pitch that I cum again screaming into the dirt strewn lawn. The ravenous pup continues his brutal assault until I feel something trickle from the tip of the invading rod. His balls emptied into my gut quickly as he keeps pumping into me. His dick serves to stir up his own semen wildly in my crevice until he drops down off of my back.

I sigh in relief as my shudders cease. Rising unsteadily to my feet I collect my lost bathrobe and the shredded panties. I watch the dark form of the magnificent dog with his head between his legs licking himself with wild abandon.

Smiling I turn to my gate and wobble my way back home. The viscous dog sperm drips down my legs as I move. Finally making it to my bed I collapse to the sound of nothing. The barking has finally ended. As I settle down into my covers I breathe a sigh of relief. At long last I can sleep through the night again. And if being his bitch is what it takes to buy his silence, I think I can live with that.


2014-03-07 10:43:16
"Silence Of The Pups" - Unnamed Female and German Shepherd

The story is quick, raw and elementary in the description of the fuck-style of her four-legged lover! Her fustrations of the prior, incessant barking, are very quickly allayed and sated her sexually and spiritually! She'll obviously return for more, and often!!!

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I definately wana get fukd by a dog. i wana feel his tongue inside me. damn im horny

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Damn, I need a dog! Makes me wet just reading this and thinking about it!

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2011-04-17 16:29:21
i luv this very much i have a dog so imma try it hehe


2011-04-15 20:59:33
Ruff, ruff, ruff. I can be a doggy too.

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