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Somthing different
I stand in the shower. Warm water caresses my 18-year-old, body. I scrub my hair with shampoo. I hear the alarm beep. I figure it was my mom or dad opening the door so I continue to shower. Then the shower door opens. I scream and spray water into the masked person’s face and kick them hard in the groin. He shouts and falls to the ground, moaning in pain. I get out of the shower and run from the bathroom but I don’t get far. I am grabbed from behind and a cloth is held over my mouth and nose. I black out.

I wake up a while later. I don’t know how long I was out for. I tried to move but all I could do was sway back and forth painfully. My wrists were in cuffs above my head. I tried to scream but was unable to because I was gagged.

“Ah nice to see you are finally awake”

I look around me. Over in the corner of the room standing by the door stood two, masked figures, the one I had sprayed and kicked in the groin and the other one must be the one who knocked me out. The first one was a tall, well built man. The second one was a woman who looked at least 2 or 3 years older than me. Her breast, were a least c cup. The man came over to me.

“Such a beautiful girl you are. But you will pay for what you did to me.”

He walked behind me.

Swish! Crack!

I was struck on my ass. I sway back and forth screaming in pain, into the gag, from the sting of the whip.

Swish! Crack!

Another blow land on my ass. Eight more followed. I was crying from the pain. My ass stung so badly. He walked back around me and wiped away me tears.

“Now you must be a good girl or else I will have to use the whip again. You wouldn’t want that now would you.”

I shake my head no.

“Good girl you are learning already.”

He lowered me down and unhooked the cuffs from the chain. He led me over to the bed that was behind where I was hanging. He pushed me onto the bed and then hooked the cuff to the headboard. He stripped down to nothing except the mask. The woman stripped too and came over to the side of the bed. I couldn’t help but stare at the cock before me. It was long about 7 inches and thick. I have never seen a cock before. I had never been with a guy ever.

“Like what you see,” he said with a menacing chuckle.

I was in a trance. All I could do was nod.

“Thought you would.”

He moved in between my legs and started licking my pussy. It felt so good, even though it was so wrong. My body started to betray me. No matter how badly I didn’t want to enjoy it I did any way. He knew that I was enjoying it. He put a finger in to my dripping hot whole and then another and another. He pumped those three fingers fast in and out of my love whole. I felt the feeling of an orgasm slowly build deep within me. My hips started to buck. I started to moan into the gag. It was all too much. Then it happened. I exploded with an unbelievably wonderful orgasm. He slowed his movements until I came down from my high. He then came up to my head.

“I am going to remove the gag and you must suck my cock. If you dare bite me I will slit your throat. Got it girly.”

I had no choice but to nod. He removed the gag and pushed his cock into my open mouth. I lick and sucked it. He started to push in deeper and deeper. I started to choke and gag but he didn’t stop. He then began to face fuck me. While all this was happening the woman had gotten up in between my legs. I felt her lick my inner thighs, working her way up to my pussy. She licked and sucked on my outer lips. She licked up and down my slit with broad strokes. My body started to shake as my orgasm washed over me.

The masked man then pulled his cock from my mouth and I took deep, gulping breaths. The woman then came up to my head.

“Now you must return the favour. You must lick me until I cum.”

She didn’t wait for my response as she climbed up on to my face in a 69 position. I licked her pussy with gusto. She moaned and groaned.

“OMG! You are very skillful for a first time pussy licker are you”

I responded by doubling my efforts. She went down on me. Then I felt the masked man push his cock against my love hole. It was hot as it pushed against my opening. With one quick thrust it was in. I screamed and moaned into the pussy on my face. It hurt so good. The woman licked my clit. It was all too much and I came so hard. His thrusts where slow, deep and hard. Then the thrusts quickened. His breathing came faster. He moans and growls like animal. My pussy twitches. The pussy on my face comes and I lap it all up. His makes one more quick thrusts and then holds it there. I feel the cot cum fill me up deep within. Then I feel him pull out. I feel a tongue lap at my love hole. The woman drinks up all of the cum inside me causing me to have another orgasm. I lick her until she comes. Then she gets off my faces and leans down and kisses me on my lips. Her tongue pushes its way into my mouth. Our tongues dance with each other. I feel a vibrator begin shoved into my pussy where it is turned on and then taped there.

The woman gets off of the bed and leaves with the man. They leave me in the dark with nothing but my thoughts

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2013-09-22 14:46:01
yeah a little bit longer plz

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2013-09-22 14:45:10
i love the part when she kicked him in the groin:)

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2013-09-22 14:43:34
you need more details so yeah i agree with comment number 4 so yeah.


2011-09-13 23:01:16
Message #2. Apparently the quotation mark in the torure section doesn't know what it's suppose to do or where it's suppose to go. Their bad - not mine!


2011-09-13 22:51:09
Good work, but it's listed in the "torture" section. And I wouldn't call any of it "torture".

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