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Chapter 9

When he got his strength back, he sat up on the limo seat and pulled her with him. She leaned her body against his and savored the feel of his sweaty skin against hers. She closed her eyes and thought back to just a few hours ago. She would never have believed then she would be such a wanton slut in just a few hours but she loved being fucked by this man and she would do anything he asked of her. She couldn’t get enough. It seems he knew everything that turned her on in without her saying it, unlike her husband, and she had never cum so much in her life. She was definitely his slut and proud of it.

She was vaguely aware of Roy answering the in-car phone and heard him talking to Chuck. For the first time, she glanced towards the front of the car and saw with a shock that the dividing window was down. Chuck had been able to see everything!

“I didn’t want to disturb you earlier,” Chuck said in a steady voice although he didn’t feel that steady after watching the two of them fuck. He couldn’t get over how beautiful her body was and how much she seemed to love sex under any conditions.

“I just need to know if I should drive back to her house.”

“No Chuck. Take us to my cabin.”

They both watched as the dividing window went up slowly. When it was up, Roy turned Gina so she was leaning back against him and cupped one of her titties in his hand. Without thinking about it, he began to toy with the nipple he had been biting earlier.

She glanced back over her shoulder at him as she lightly placed her hand over his.

“That one’s really sore,” she said.

He immediately let go of it and started to pull his hand away but she grabbed it.

“No!” she said quickly. “I didn’t mean for you to stop. It’s just going to take some time to get used to having you bite them so hard but I love it. It makes me cum so hard!”

She pushed his hand against her other nipple and looked into his eyes. “Make this one hurt the same way,” she said softly.

He took the nipple in his fingers and rolled it roughly between them. She flinched slightly but gave him a smile as her hand urged him to squeeze harder.

“Does that hurt?” he asked and then smiled. “Or does it feel good?”
“It hurts a little but it feels good at the same time.”

He laughed to himself as he realized she was not only an exhibitionist and submissive at heart, she enjoyed a little pain as well. She kept her hands on his to be sure he kept playing with her nipple and looked at the window.

“Where are we going now?” she asked.
“You’re staying with me tonight,” he said calmly and then added. “In fact, you’re spending the weekend.”

She seemed to take his statement in stride and turned slightly to look at him. “I don’t have any clothes,” she said.

He laughed heartily. “You won’t need any.”

“What about for tomorrow and Sunday? I can’t wear this dress the whole time.”

“You can wear it long enough for us to go shopping and buy you something else then.”

She was suddenly full of questions. “My husband calls me every morning at home when he’s out of town. He’ll call my cell phone when he can’t get me there. What will I tell him?”

He gave her a big smile. “Tell him the truth,” he said calmly.

She quickly sat up in the seat and looked at him with alarm in her eyes. “What?” she said in alarm.

He smiled. “Relax baby. Just tell him you’re getting some on the side. He won’t believe you anyway.”

She smiled at him then. “I don’t think so,” she said. “I’ll think of something to tell him.”

“Then stop worrying about it. I have something I want you to see.”

She gave him a smile and turned to lean back against him again. He stopped her and leaned over to bite hard at the nipple he had been twisting.

“Ohhhh yes,” she moaned. “Like that. Harrrrder! “

He kept biting until he felt her body shiver again and finally released the nipple.

“Now,” he said. “Both of them should be sore.”

She laughed lightly as her hand rubbed one nipple and then the other. “They are,” she said happily.

Looking out the window to see where they were, he picked up the phone and buzzed for Chuck.

“Chuck. There’s a turn-off in the curve just before you get to my cabin. Stop when you get to it.”

For the few minutes more it took to get to the turn-off, Gina relaxed against him and he realized she was sleeping lightly. He just smiled and reached for one of her sore nipples to toy with it as she relaxed. When he felt the car leave the highway, he prodded her shoulder lightly. She quickly opened her eyes and looked back at him.

“Wake up sleepy head. I want you to see the view from this overlook.”

She managed to get her dress back on just as the limo stopped. A few minutes later, they were standing on an outcropping that overlooked the lake where he had taken Yvonne the weekend before. The half-moon was shining on the water and Gina was amazed at its beauty.

“Oh my!” she said. “It’s beautiful here. I didn’t know this lake was here.”

“It’s on my property. I don’t allow many visitors up here,” he told her calmly.

Moving behind her, he put his arms around her waist and quickly moved his hands up to cup her titties through her dress. He lightly stroked her sore nipples.

“Ummm,” she said softly. “I love it when you do that. They’re not quite as sore now.”

He leaned over and kissed her neck and was rewarded with her leaning her head to the side to allow him more neck to kiss. He planted kisses all over it and heard her moaning softly with every kiss. His hands found the straps of her dress and pulled them from her shoulders, kissing each one as the strap was pulled away. She just moaned louder.

“Ohhh! You seem to always know how to turn me on,” she said.

He was silent as he reached up to cup both of her now exposed titties. Her nipples seemed to never get completely soft and he tweaked them to get them harder.

“Yes,” she said. “Pinch them hard. Pinch both of them at the same time.”

He squeezed harder and felt her body shiver again. The harder he squeezed, the more she enjoyed it. Turning her to face him, he leaned over and began to suck and bite at the red and swollen nipples. When he bit down hard, she cried out but her hands gripped his head as she pushed her titties harder against his mouth. He caught one of the nipples in his teeth and began to apply slow, steady pressure as he bit down.

“Ohhh God yes!” she moaned as she came up on her toes and dropped her head back on her shoulders. “Like that!”

He bit harder but was careful not to break the skin. He loved making her cum just by biting her nipple. It didn’t take long.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!” she cried as her body began to shake.

Quickly, he dropped his hand down and brought it up under the dress. As soon as his finger touched her pussy, he knew he had succeeded. Her juices were flowing freely and the fine hair surrounding her pussy felt like she had been drenched with water. Pulling the dress up to her waist, he cupped her ass and lifted her small frame and set her on a rock ledge.

“Take my dick out,” he told her.

Her face suddenly changed to concern. “Chuck is standing by the car. He can see us,” she said quickly.

“I know that,” he said as his hands moved up to cup both titties and squeeze the sore nipples firmly.

“Now. Take my dick out,” he told her again.

She glanced over his shoulder at Chuck once more and then reached down and unzipped his pants. She managed to get his hardening dick out without too much trouble. Her soft hands caused an immediate reaction and it began to harden even more as she touched him. He stepped closer to her so that his dick was almost touching her pussy.

“Now, spread your pussy open and put my dick in it,” he told her as he moved even closer.

Glancing quickly in the direction of the limo again, she reached down and spread her pussy lips with one hand while she moved his dick towards it with the other. When it was lined up, he pushed into her slowly and smiled when he saw her mouth opened in pleasure as his dick began to slide deeper.

“Ohhhh, God!” she moaned softly. “That feels so good. My husband’s dick has never been that deep inside me.”

“Motion for Chuck to come over here,” he said as he slid his dick all the way into her small pussy.
“What?” she said quickly.

“Just do it!” he commanded.

She couldn’t believe she was doing it but she raised her hand and motioned for Chuck to come closer. He moved to within a few feet of them when Roy plunged his dick in to the hilt and then stopped fucking Gina as he turned to look at Chuck.

“Come over here Chuck and stand by Gina. She’s going to suck your dick.”

The realization of his words hit Gina immediately. “But..” she started to say.

He looked sternly into her eyes. “Take his dick out now and start sucking him. Show him how good you are.”

He waited until he knew she was going to follow his directions and smiled when he saw her reach for Chuck’s pants and un-zip them. When she took his dick out, she gazed into Roy’s eyes. He slowly pulled out of her pussy.

“Turn around and kneel on the rock so you’re facing the lake. I want Chuck standing in front of you so you can suck him until he cums,” he told her.

Gina turned slowly but without hesitation. When she was on her knees with her ass pointed at Roy, Chuck moved in front of her and she slowly took his dick into her mouth and started sucking him. Roy smiled and moved behind her and shoved his dick back into her soaked pussy with one push. When she felt his dick hit against her cervix, she moaned around Chuck’s dick but never stopped sucking him.

“Ummmmmm!” she moaned over and over again until she finally pulled her mouth away from Chuck’s dick and cried out. “Oh fuck me! Fuck me faster!”

He pushed her head back down to Chuck’s dick and laughed lightly as he continued his slow, steady strokes. He could tell she was on the verge of climax but he wanted to see her take Chuck’s cum down her throat first. He kept her there, pulling out just as she was about to cum and then pushing back in when he knew the moment was past.

Looking at Chuck, he could tell she was definitely having an effect on him. Both of his hands were on her head as if he was afraid she would pull away before he could cum. Roy smiled.

“Don’t worry Chuck. She’s going to keep sucking until you empty your cum down her throat. Fuck her face just like it was her pussy. Reach down and pull on her nipples while she sucks you. Be rough with them.”

Chuck couldn’t help but give him a smile and then he began to pull out and push in until he was fucking her face with a steady motion. His fingers closed over each nipple and he began twisting and pulling on them to Gina’s delight. Suddenly, his eyes got wide and he grunted. Her had to release one nipple as he reached out and pulled her mouth down on his dick. He stopped thrusting and looked down at her with his face drawn tight.

“I’m going to cum slut. Take it all,” he said as his body began to shake.

He kept his dick in her mouth until he was empty and then gave each nipple another painful twist before he stepped back. She looked up at him with cum dripping from her mouth and smiled. Roy just smiled and kept fucking her slowly.

“Was it good?” she asked Chuck, her face now nothing but a big smile.

“God yes!” he said as he began to straighten his clothes.

“Chuck called you a slut. Does that upset you?” Roy asked her as he started pumping into her pussy faster.

She looked back at him with a smile. “I am a slut. Your slut,” she replied meekly. “Now fuck me hard, you bastard.”

Chuck started to walk away but Roy stopped him. “Stay here Chuck. I want you to see how much my slut loves it when I fill her pussy with my cum.”

Roy took hold of Gina’s hips and started fucking her deep and hard, his body slapping against her ass with every stroke. It wasn’t long before he could feel his cum boiling and he slammed her hard and fast with her urging him with every stroke to fill her pussy. He could feel her body convulsing as she climaxed over and over again and he finally rammed deep and held her ass tight against his dick as his cum erupted deep inside her pussy. Exhausted, he slumped against her back.

“Oh my god!” she said faintly. “It gets better every time,” she said once more.
He held her from behind for a few minutes until she regained her strength and then he lifted her from the rock perch and set her on the ground.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” he said as he kissed her lightly. “Watching you suck Chuck was pretty intense itself.” She immediately blushed and he kissed her lightly again. “You did well,” he told her. “Now, let’s head to the house.”

Chuck was all smiles as he drove them to the house. When he dropped them off, Roy handed him $20 and smiled.

“Not a word of this to anyone Chuck,” he said in a whisper.

“No way Mr. Hammer! No one would believe me anyway.”

Roy smiled and turned to lead Gina into the house. When they were inside, she asked where the bathroom was and quickly headed that way. While she was gone, Roy took out his cell phone and called Yvonne. He wasn’t surprised when he got her voice mail.

“I fucked her,” he said and then clicked off.

Gina came walking back into the room just as his cell phone rang. Glancing at it, he saw it was Yvonne. He pointed to the kitchen. “Go make some coffee. I’ll be in there in a minute. I have to take this call,” he told her.

She turned and headed to the kitchen without hesitation and he answered the phone on the third ring.

“I didn’t expect to hear back from you tonight,” he said when he answered.

Her voice was full of excitement. “Did you think I could wait to hear about this? I can’t believe you’ve fucked her already.”

He laughed. “Several times,” was his only reply.

“I have to hear all about this,” she told him.

“I’ll tell you when you get back. Do you know when that will be?”

Her voice calmed. “Probably Monday. Dad is doing better. In fact, he’s almost back to normal the way he orders everyone around.”

“Okay,” he said. “I’ll see you then. Make an excuse with your husband to be away over night. You’re staying here Monday night.”

“I won’t have to make any excuses,” she said quickly. “He didn’t come with me because he had to leave on business again, the bastard!”

He remembered then that he had told Gina Yvonne would cover for her this weekend. “I’ll help you forget about him.”

Yvonne laughed. “You do that very well Roy! I hope you’ll keep Gina’s mind off her husband too.”

“Oh, I will,” he said.

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