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First time with my cousin. We're both Korean
My cousin Michelle and I have always shown affection towards one another. We were very close, even from a young age. Because Michelle and I were always hugging, and leaning our bodies into each other, people always assumed we were dating; this is where my sexual thoughts for my cousin was birthed. Because Michelle was also a very beautiful girl, and I had already fucked our mutual cousin, Jane, the thought of fucking Michelle seemed like a genuine possibility.

It was when we were both 16. I think Michelle was 15 at the time, but was turning 16 later on in the year. Michelle had a great body; I have always said she had the body of a porn star. Her tits weren’t the biggest, but proportioned to her slim figure. A 32C sized bust. Her slim figure featured a flat stomach, pencil-thin legs, and great curves on her hips, stomach and back. If she were a swimsuit model, a curve on her back would lead directly to her juicy ass, and a curve went down her perfect stomach. Curves from her hips would lead to where her beautiful pussy would be. Her body was gorgeous; like I said, the body of a porn star. Michelle was always a perky girl and her bubbly personality fit her look. She acted very girly and had a high-pitched voice. Her voice was as cute as her face and had about shoulder-length, black hair, and glowing brown eyes.

One weekend, our parents left to spend a weekend in Vegas; I spent the weekend at Michelle’s house. That night, we were watching a movie and ended up in our usual position; she leaned her head on my shoulder and our bodies rubbed against each others. I decided that this was my opportunity to make a move on her, so I put my hand on her knee. She moved, but had readjusted her body to where her hand was now on my chest, feeling my pecs. My cock hardened as I started moving my hand, I skipped her crotch and went to her stomach. My hand was hovering over her body until I finally came in contact with her squishy breasts. Her eyes opened and immediately took my hand off. “What are you doing?” she yelled. I thought I had ruined my whole relationship with my cousin at this point, so I took the guilty road in hopes that she would take it and forgive me. “I’m sorry. I thought you wanted me to. I’m sorry…” I said, trying not to look at her face. “We’re cousins, it’s not just wrong, it’s gross.” She said as she left and went to her room. I had fucked it up, not only my chance at making my fantasy possible, but my entire relationship with my cousin.

I angrily turned off the T.V. and went to my room. I kept hitting my head thinking I had ruined a great relationship and how much of an idiot I was. I didn’t turn on my lights and just laid on my bed. I thought about ways to fix what I had just done. I kept thinking to myself ‘Man, if only Michelle was like Jane.” I eventually fell asleep because of how deep into my thoughts I was.

I was woken up later that night by Michelle. “Michelle…why are you in my room?” I asked, thinking it was a dream. “I thought about what happened, and I’m sorry.” She said.

“No, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that, and I really hope it doesn’t ruin our relationship or anything.” I answered.
“No… I’m sorry because I like you too. I am attracted to you, but since we’re cousins, I think that’s what made me freak out.”

I was shocked at what she said. It turned out that our affectionate relationship had been more than just family love, but an actual impossible longing for one another. I stood up and took a step closer to her. She started breathing more heavily, I could tell she was anxious, excited, and frightened all at the same time. “I love you Michelle, you’re one of the coolest people I know.” I said.

“But we’re cousins, it’s not supposed to be like this.” She said.

“Be like what?”

“I don’t know…like this.”

I immediately went in for a kiss. At first it caught her off guard and she didn’t return the kiss, but after several seconds, I felt her tongue enter my mouth. Our tongues started lapping against each others; I could hear Michelle moan as I started to feel up her body.

Michelle broke our passionate kiss.”What’s wrong?” I asked her. “What’s wrong? We’re cousins that’s what’s wrong!” Michelle took a step back. “We’re family, don’t you see anything wrong with this?” she asked. I really didn’t; Michelle and I were around 16 years old, and I had lost my virginity to my cousin Jane two years prior. I really had a thing for cousins. However, Michelle didn’t know that, so I didn’t use it as my reasoning. “Look Michelle, I don’t find this wrong, I think people should be able to make love with anyone they are in love with.” Michelle smiled; the dark room had just enough light to wear I could see her squinty eyes shrink as she took a step forward and we started to kiss more passionately.

My hand went under her white tang top and came flesh-to-flesh with her titties. Man they were amazing. Squishy, tender, firm, and her hard nipples were like a button that would make her moan. I broke the kiss, and ran both my hands down her curvy body and lifted her tangtop. Once off, I could see her erect, pink areolas; however, because it was dark, I couldn’t see much. I decided to turn on my lamp, but as I did, Michelle came from behind me and immediately lifted off my shirt in the same manner I had her top. When I had turned, she started feeling up my washboard stomach. “O my god, you have such a sexy stomach.” She said as she ran her fingers through every crease in my stomach. I pulled her closer to me and started to suck on her nipples. Her head tilted up as one hand pinched a nipple and my mouth sucked on the other one. I sucked on her nipples, hoping to get a taste of Michelle Milk, but to nothing came out.

“It…tingles.” She said weakly. I pulled my face away from her chest; and looked straight to her green sweatpants. She looked down at my shorts and saw a pole coming out of it. I quickly made eye contact with her and we both started loosening the straps on our pants. Once unstrapped, I took off her pants, along with her panties and saw her sweet pink and hairy pussy. She made a shy smile as she took off my pants and saw my 6 inch cock in full erection.

I pushed her closer to me, until my cock was rubbing against her pussy, and we started kissing once again. My cock rubbed against her; my precum started to stain her pubes. Michelle moaned again as I laid her on the bed. I positioned myself on top of her and started to guide my cock into her pussy.

“Wait…This…this is my first time…” Michelle said. I stopped. My cock had split her pussy lips and the tip was waiting at the hole. “Do you want me to stop?” I asked. “I…I don’t know. I just wanted you to know. I’m kind of scared. This is really wrong.” She said. I was a bit frustrated at this point. She didn’t know what she wanted. Her conscience said ‘no’ but her body said ‘yes’.

I decided to help sway her conscience’s decision. I pulled away and guided my face into her pussy. Once I got down to her pussy, I split the lips with my fingers. “Wait, can you wait?” she asked, almost begging. I ignored her. I slowly started to lick her fresh pussy. The honey glazed onto my face as I lapped my tongue up and down her slit. “wait w-w-wait..” Michelle protested as she started to feel a tingling sensation take over her body.
When I looked up, I could no longer see her face, she had tilted her head back onto the bed; besides the bush, I could see two gorgeous hills that were pointing at the ceiling. Michelle started to moan as my tongue licked her throbbing clit. My plan had worked, she made no more protest as I was the first to taste my cousin; at one point I stopped licking and instead had sucked some of the juice that had accumulated inside her. I drank the hot nectar and continued to lick out my cousin. She tasted so good. Salty, yet sweet. Tangy…juicy. It was like a drink only reserved for gods that was accidentally sent down to earth.

I lapped my tongue over and over. I couldn’t get enough of Michelle’s succulent juices. I sucked up another pool of pussy juice and finally started to speed up. My tongue became more and more ferocious, it was like a hungry dog ravenously eating raw meat. Michelle tasted so good, I had to get more. My head bobbed up and down her slit, trying to drink every last drop. As my tongue increased its speed, so did Michelle’s moans. Faster and Faster I licked, and shorter and shorter Michelle’s breath got until, “UGH!” Michelle finally yelled; her hot, and wet pussy contracted and shot juices in all directions; I was sure this was her first orgasm ever. Her porn star body started to flinch and twitch as I grabbed a fistful of her ass. Michelle’s moans almost made her sound like she was crying. Her body convulsed; her hips shook violently. I could swear that the muscles in her titties were twitching. Several pulses went through her entire body as she was taking in the full effects of her first orgasm.
Finally, Michelle recovered from her orgasm. Her breathes got deeper and her hands instinctively started massaging her titties. “O my god, that was amazing…” she said. Pussy juice dripped down her vagina onto her bed. “O my God.” Michelle repeated over and over again.

“Are you ready for my cock?” I asked. “O god yes!” she said excitedly. My cock started throbbing in excitement. Years and years of fantasizing had finally become a reality. Until that day, this stuff only happened during my thoughts while I masturbated to them. I eagerly guided my cock to her pussy lips. Michelle let out a long grunt as I slowly pushed my cock into my cousin’s body. Michelle’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as I pushed the full length of my cock into my cousin slowly, making sure she enjoyed every second (I was initially careful of popping her hymen; however, apparently she had popped it several years back on her bike. I was relieved, because I really don’t like seeing blood while I fuck).

Her pussy was so hot, wet and tight. I almost felt guilty that I had to loosen it up. Her pussy walls wrapped around my cock; it was so moist that it even though it was tight, it was easy to push and pull. Once completely in, I started to pull out my cock slowly. “Ohhh” Michelle moaned as I slowly inserted and took out my penis. I slowly sawed into my cousin, enjoying every tight push.

We were in the missionary position; our eyes made contact and we started to kiss as I continued drilling. Her tongue flinched whenever I pushed my hard cock in. Moans and groans filled the room as we made love for the first time.

I felt pressure in my cock rising. I promptly took my cock out of my cousin and asked her to get on her knees. She obeyed without question and I started drilling into my cousin doggy style. I had a great view of her great back and plump ass as I pounded in and out of my cousin’s sweet vagina. Michelle started to yelp as my motion became too hard for her tight pussy to take. Michelle’s titties flopped up and down. Michelle made a loud moan as I ravaged her body. “You bad girl!” I yelled as I started spanking her plump ass.
“I’m about to come.” I yelled. This was the moment I was waiting for; the reason I fucked her doggy style. I pulled out and Michelle flinched as I sprayed my hot, stick load onto her perfect ass and back. Pools of cum dropped into the creases along her perfect back. I let out a satisfied groan as I wiped the remaining cum onto her sexy back.

“O my God I love your cock!” Michelle yelled. I grabbed her hand and used it scoop up some of my cum. “Eat it.” I said. “No. I don’t want to eat your sperm.” She said. “I ate your pussy juice and it tasted good, my sperm will taste good too.” I said. Michelle glanced at my cum and looked at me. “O- Okay.” She said and slurped up the puddle of cum on her hand. Her face grimaced as she tasted it. “It…doesn’t taste very good.” She said as she swallowed. “It’ll taste better the more you eat.” I said.

I lay on the bed next to Michelle. We started to catch our breath as we recovered from our first fuck. Our fingers interlocked with one another as I told her, “You see? Nothing is wrong with this.” She smiled and rolled over on top of me. My soften dick was rubbing against her pubes; it was like a snake in tall grass. “I’m so glad you’re my first Jon. I’ve wanted this for a long time” She whispered. “Me too, you have no idea how many times I masturbated to you.” I said. She smiled and we started to kiss.

I could feel my cock getting harder again. “Ready for another one?” I asked. “You bet.” She said smiling. Michelle got on her back and I guided my semi-hard cock back into her tight pussy. I pushed in and pulled, letting my cock get to its full erection while it was inside my cousin. This time, I started at the same slow speed, but increased my thrust motion. Our hips were rhythmically in-sync with one another. I kept my motion as I kissed the base of her neck. Her head tilted up towards the ceiling. She let out a quiet, but satisfied moan. Michelle took a handful of my ass as I sawed into her. She bit her lips and tilted her head up; I could feel her arms push my ass to give me more thrust. “Do you like having me inside you?!” I asked. “You have no idea.”
Sweat dripped from my body onto Michelle’s. As my body started to seizure into my cousin’s, she started slapping my ass. “You’re the bad boy!” she said as started to claw my ass. I stopped my motion. “Why am I the bad boy?” I asked. However, she paid no attention to my question. “…Jon don’t stop…” she said eagerly. “You’re so cute when you’re horny.” I said. “UGhh..hurry up!” she said. “Want to ride me?” I asked. “Okay.” She said

We changed positions. She was on top of me, but didn’t know exactly what to do. “Do I just pump?” she asked. “Yeah something like that.” She started to ride me. It wasn’t exactly the best ride of my life, but I didn’t expect her to be better. She put her hands on my chest and started thrusting herself forward and back. To make the ride better, I started to thrust my hips up into her pussy whenever she would thrust herself back.
After a couple minutes she said that she was getting tired of riding. It was her first time, so I didn’t want her to get too sore. I decided to lift her up by her sexy ass and just pump my cock into her while I carried her.
Michelle wrapped her arms around my neck as I thrusted into her. Michelle got back her rhythm as it was easier for her not to do all the thrusts. Michelle seemed to like this position the most as her moans were loudest every time I pushed my cock deeper into her. Eventually I laid her on the bed and got back into the missionary position.

Our pace started to quicken. I lifted up her legs; I used them as leverage. Harder and harder I pushed into my cousin. Michelle’s moans became higher pitched. Our breaths started to shortened. “DEEPER GO DEEPER!” Michelle yelled. Her eyes were closed and mouth was wide open.

I felt my orgasm build up as I increased speed. “oh OH OH!” Michelle yelled. “Do you like fucking my tight pussy?!” Michelle said over and over as I lifted both her legs for more leverage. I pushed my cock into Michelle harder and harder, deeper and deeper. Michelle’s hand started massaging and pinching her titties. Her ‘Ohs’ had become so frequent now. I let out a loud whimper as my orgasm reached its limit. I pushed my cock one last time into my cousin. “OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” I moaned as my balls exploded and shot strings and strings of my hot, sticky cum into my cousin’s wet cunt. Michelle orgasmed almost immediately after mine. I felt her pussy contract again and surround my penis. Michelle let out a long, satisfied moan as our juices intertwined with each other.

Our sweaty bodies lay next to each other. As we started to catch our breath, Michelle started shivering. “We…we shouldn’t have done that…We…really shouldn’t have done that.” She started to cry. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “What’s wrong?! We’re cousins and it is all wrong!” “Hey…calm down…it’s going to fine.” I said trying to hold her in my arms. “Why should I calm down?! I just gave my virginity to my cousin. And what if I get pregnant? I could feel your sperm moving inside my stomach right now!” she said as streams of tears ran down her cheeks. “’ll be fine.” I said as I held her. For some reason, it calmed her down. She pressed her wet face against my shoulders as her tears stopped flowing. She moved her naked body closer to mine and said, “What if our kid becomes retarded?” “Don’t worry you won’t get pregnant.” “What if I do?” “I’m not sure. We’ll think of something.”

Michelle’s mind was bouncing around everywhere; different thoughts spontaneously came out at the aftermath of her first fuck. Questions like, “Was I your first?” to “How many kids do I have?” surfaced. Michelle and I fucked many more times in our lives. My lust for her was insatiable; and hers for me as well. Our first couple times, she still would seem a bit uncertain of fucking a cousin, until she finally got used to it.

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2015-10-06 16:51:40
A positive rating for the hairy pussy.

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2015-05-05 14:52:58
Yeah if you say its s true story, whats her full name??

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2015-05-05 09:23:09
What is michelle's surname?

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2013-06-08 04:23:55
becomes my first lover too. i asked her and we both agreed as long as it remains between me and her and she doesn't get pregnant, then(if i wanted) we can have all the sweaty, bare and unprotected sex i wanted. Nothing will change and we will always be family and loving cousins

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2013-06-08 04:19:44
I hope to have my own cousin and me love story. i know she's not a virgin, but she's also not a slut so i want her to be my first. Anyways me and her are real close and it came up about us and how her sister told her "you better not be fucking our cousin". I jokenly asked for a topless pic and she actually sent it which at this point i was shocked she really did it. After that i told her that i really did like her more than just a family way and she admitted to me too. Awhile ago we were alone in room to ourselves and i asked if i can do "Stuff" and she 'Like what?' to which i pulled up her shirt and bra and began sucking her perfect breast. Any way all i did to her was suck her tits and finger her clit and her G-spot then licked the cum off. All i could do since we only had the room and not the whole house alone. She was pulling my hair and told me i was doing pretty good for a virgin and how she also wished we could finally fuck for real. Heres praying my best cousin in the world bec

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