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Harry discovers there's more to winning then he realised
This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, or have any affiliation with the author.

Chapter 4 – part 1
It was mid-October at Hogwarts, and 2 weeks had passed since Ron’s raping of Luna. His fears and anxiety of being caught eased with each passing day. It seemed his memory loss charm had worked on Luna, though there appeared to be some side-effects. Luna seemed to be even more dreamy and airy then usual and it wasn’t uncommon for her to be seen to walk straight into walls or doors, and then carry on walking as if nothing had happened. Luckily for Ron though, everybody thought this was Luna acting normal.

Ron’s fears though did not relax as they were quickly replaced by the looming quidditch match of the season so far, Gryffindor versus Slytherin.
‘Come on Ron,’ said Harry encouragingly, ‘practice time.’ It was Friday and the big match was tomorrow and Gryffindor were holding their final practice before the match. Harry and Ron started to make their way down to the pitch.
‘Hi Ron!’ said a cheery, far-away voice, as Ron and Harry made their way to the grand staircase. Ron turned to see a smiling Luna waving at him as she walked down the stairs. Suddenly she tripped over and fell down the stairs, landing in a heap at the bottom. Strangely however, she just got up and carried on with her journey, oblivious to what had just occurred and to the blood now pouring from her nose.
‘What’s up with Luna,’ commented a confused Harry, ‘she’s been acting even stranger lately.’
Ron shrugged nervously, ‘dunno, beats me, let’s go.’

Quidditch practice went awful for Ron, not helped by the fact Draco Malfoy and his gang decided to watch from the stands. Malfoy was flanked by his loyal guards Crabbe and Goyle, whilst Pansy Parkinson, his girlfriend, sat on his lap, playfully stroking his bright blonde hair.

‘Weasley! Yer shit, you couldn’t catch a cold!’ Malfoy cackled as Ron let another Quaffle straight through his fingers. The other Slytherins laughed hysterically as Ron’s face went bright red.
‘Don’t listen to them Ron,’ said a concerned Harry in the shower after practice, as Ron’s head slumped against the wall in despair.
‘We’re going to lose Harry,’ sighed Ron as they both exited the shower and started to get dressed, ‘we’re going to lose and it will be all my fault.’
Both Harry and Ron had an uneasy sleep that night.

At breakfast next morning, Harry took matters into his own hands. Harry poured the Felix Felicis, also known as liquid luck that he had won in potions the other week into Ron’s goblet. Harry looked on in anticipation as Ron drank deeply from his cup of pumpkin juice.
‘How’re you feeling Ron?’ asked Harry nervously.
‘....amazing,’ said Ron with a glint in his eye, ‘I feel..... really good. Come on Harry, let’s go and stuff them Slytherin gits!’
The match was going incredible for Gryffindor, Ron was having a blinder in goal, making save after save and the score was 200-60 in Gryffindor’s favour. However, if Slytherin caught the snitch now they would still win. Out of the corner of Harry’s eye, he saw Malfoy enter a steep dive. He had seen the snitch!
‘Shit!’ thought Harry as he zoomed after the snitch, which was hovering just a few feet from the ground. Harry caught up with Malfoy, they were neck and neck, arms outstretched. In the last second, Harry pulled slightly ahead, knocked Malfoy’s hand out of the way and felt his fingers clasp the snitch as he pulled out of the dive. Gryffindor had won! 350 to 60! The crowd went wild as Harry looked down to see Malfoy in an embarrassing heap on the floor next to his broken broom. He obviously hadn’t pulled out of the dive in time. Both Harry and Ron were hoisted onto the crowds shoulders as they were taken on a lap of the pitch and then finally to the changing room.

‘Hurry-up and get ready guys!’ Harry heard Hermione shout to the Gryffindor team, ‘party in 10 minutes in the common room!’
An excited Ron, and the two beaters, Jimmy Peakes and Ritchie Coote quickly grabbed their things and made to leave, not even bothering to shower.
‘We’ll see you in the common room Harry,’ they called as they left him alone, in the male only side of the changing room. Harry got undressed and entered the shower, savouring the hot water on his aching muscles. One he finished, he grabbed a towel and started drying his hair. He entered the main area of the changing room, expecting it to be empty. When he looked up through his towel, he was shocked to see the three chasers in his team, Ginny, Katie and Demelza, standing by the door, looking straight at Harry.
‘Wow,’ said Katie, as all 3 girls looked down to Harry’s semi-hard cock, ‘the rumours were true then; he is hung very nicely.’ The other 2 girls murmured in excited agreement, mesmerised by Harry’s cock. Without taking her eyes of Harry, Demelza turned the key in the lock of the door behind her back and it locked shut with a satisfying click. They were now very much alone.

A shocked Harry went to cover his decency, but when he saw the look of desire in the girl’s eyes, decided not to bother. His towel dropped to the floor as he stood there in his naked glory, his growing cock starting to get excited.

‘Well Harry,’ purred Katie, ‘we thought you played very well today and deserve some kind of reward, what did you think we have in mind?’
Harry’s cock twitched, ‘well I know what I would like,’ Harry said with a smirk. The other three girls giggled and in unison, removed their robes, revealing their naked bodies to Harry. Harry’s jaw dropped in awe. Katie had the ‘girl next door’ look; she was tall for a girl and her long brown hair hung low, covering her B sized breasts. She had a cute face with large blue eyes and small lips. Her body was toned nicely and she had a curvaceous ass. A tiny brown tuft of hair, shaved into a straight line lay delicately on her pussy. Harry’s eyes then passed onto Demelza. She was shorter then Katie and of mixed-race descent. Her dark hair hung in low, colourful braids and she had a gorgeous body. Her main asset though was her tits. They were at least a double D and she had huge areolas and large nipples. She shook them when she saw Harry look at them and they bounced and swayed viciously, much to Harry’s delight. Finally, Harry gazed upon Ginny, who he had lusted for during the whole of the summer. She didn’t disappoint. She was tall and slim and her skin was pure pale. She had large green eyes, high cheek bones and a beautiful red mouth. Her fiery red hair was very long and straight and unfurled down her back. Her breasts were perfectly round and about C sized. Her areolas were a red-pinky colour and had large nipples which poked out invitingly. Her body was beautifully slim and by her pussy, there was a strip of red hair. Harry’s cock by now was fully erect in anticipation.

‘Come here ladies,’ he said playfully. The 3 girls walked over casually to Harry, letting their hips sway with each step. Ginny went straight to her knees and grabbed Harry’s 7 inch cock by the base. She spat on to it, giving it a few quick rubs, and then forced it into her mouth, engulfing 3 inches of it immediately. Katie went and stood behind Harry, kissing his neck and groping his strong yet slim body with her delicate hands. Her hands reached down to Harry’s tight ass and she slapped and felt it, forcing Harry’s hips further towards Ginny. Demelza reached Harry and gave him a long kiss, diving her tongue straight into the Boy Who Lived mouth. She placed her arm around Harry’s neck and then brought her tits up to his face. Harry smiled and then drove his face straight into them, licking and sucking them with his tongue. Demelza shook her chest violently so her breasts slapped Harry’s face. Harry chuckled as he enjoyed the sensation and tried to bite and suck them. Ginny was still hard at work on his cock, sucking faster and faster. She lifted up his cock and bit lightly on his balls which caused Harry to moan lightly. She sucked and pulled on his tightening sack then went back to sucking his cock, totally deep-throating all 7 inches by now.

They kept going for another 10 minutes, the girls alternating roles so that all 3 had a good suck on the famous Harry Potter’s cock. A sweaty Harry could feel his climax coming so pulled out of Katie’s tight mouth before he blew his load.
‘Who wants to be fucked first?’ asked Harry with a smile.
The three girls jumped onto Harry, wrestling him to the ground as he laughed. Katie won the battle as she straddled Harry’s hips and guided Harry’s cock to the tip of her pussy. Katie lowered herself down onto Harry’s cock until all 7 inches was comfortably in.

‘Ahhhhhhh,’ Harry moaned, as he felt the clenching tightness of Katie’s pussy on his cock. Katie’s hands lay on Harry’s stomach as she started to bounce up and down on his cock, slowly gaining a steady rhythm. Harry grabbed Katie’s cute ass with both hands, occasionally slapping it when she slowed down her pace. Not wanting to miss the fun, Ginny sat down on Harry’s face and Harry soon began licking her tight pussy. He flitted his tongue around her clit, as Ginny’s pussy juices started to ooze out of her, dripping onto Harry’s tongue. She tasted so sweet. Katie after a good 5 minutes pounding was replaced by Demelza, who soon picked up a furious rhythm. Her pussy was constricting his cock and as he looked up to her, he saw that her boobs were flying all the over place. Harry soon grabbed hold of them, feeling their soft, suppleness. He tweaked at her hard nipples, making them even more erect as she continued to pound Harry’s dick hard. Katie also began sucking on Ginny’s round tits and coupled with the furious tongue action from Harry, Ginny went through her orgasm. Her body tensed as her juices gushed out of her pussy and onto Harry’s expecting tongue.

‘Ladies.....ladies....,’ panted Harry, ‘suck my cock.’ All three girls immediately went over and started devouring his cock. Demelza was deep-throating it with ease whilst Katie began fondling and sucking on Harry’s tight ball-sack. Ginny and Demelza took it in turns to suck on Harry’s hard cock when suddenly; Harry grabbed the back of Ginny’s head and started to thrust into her mouth deeply. Ginny took his violent mouth-fucking like a pro. Her warm, wet mouth felt incredible on Harry’s cock as for the second time, Harry felt his climax approaching. Harry pulled out again, wanting to fuck Ginny before he dumped his load.
He led Ginny by the hand over to the changing benches. Harry sat down on them while Ginny straddled his hips, she grabbed hold of Harry’s cock and plunged her hips straight down onto his cock, taking all 7 inches of it.

‘Urghhhhh,’ they both moaned. Ginny’s pussy felt by far the best out of the three. Having already orgasmed, her pussy was sopping wet and warm. He could feel her pussy clench hold of his cock like a vice as she began to bounce up and down along his shaft. Demelza bent down and started to lick and pull on Harry’s ball-sack whilst Katie let Harry suck on her tits. He suckled around her areola until his tongue finally settled on her nipple as he began to bite and pull lightly on them with his teeth. Harry placed one hand on Ginny’s hips whilst with the other he fondled her breast. They felt perfect to his fingertips as he pulled and squeezed on her hard nipples. He gave her breast a quick slap and then took hold of her hips with both hands and started to thrust harder and harder into her tight slit. Harry continued for another five minutes until he felt the familiar tingling sensation in his cock.

‘Girls.....I’m .....cum,’ he panted loudly. All three girls knelt down quickly in front of Harry as he stood up and began to rub his shaft furiously. He could feel the electric feeling surge through his entire body as his fluids rushed up through his cock and erupted out of the tip of his cock.
‘AHHHhhhh,’ Harry groaned as 5 streaks of cum, spurted out of his cock. He aimed his dick first at Ginny who received the first 2 strands and then to Demelza and Katie who shared the other 3. Harry collapsed onto the bench as Ginny quickly took hold of his cock and deep-throated him, making sure every juice of cum didn’t go to waste.

The three girls giggled as they licked Harry’s cum off each other’s faces and swallowed it, as Harry looked on in exhaustion.
‘Girls,’ Harry said, finally catching his breath, ‘that was the best; you sure know how to fuck.’ The girls laughed as Demelza gave him a little wink.
‘You were amazing Harry,’ replied Katie whilst slurping down some of his cum, ‘you’re a pro.’ Harry smiled and after a few minutes, all 4 began to re-dress.
‘We better hurry,’ Harry said, ‘we got a party to attend.’ Harry escorted the three girls from the changing room as they made their way towards the castle, ready to celebrate their victory.

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