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I still don't know who won the game!
Okay, I’m about as much into football as I am any other sport, which is not at all. But the Super Bowl is so jammed tight with commercials that if I can wedge myself fairly close to the screen, I might have half a chance of seeing some of the better ones whenever there’s a mass exodus to the bathroom or the kitchen, which is stuffed with all sorts of things to eat and drink.
The pre-game show is amazingly dull, in spite of the cast of thousands on the field jumping around to the sound of really, really bad music, and your friends and neighbors laugh at the spectacle; we all agree that the poor slobs who pay $1000 a ticket to be in the stadium shouldn’t have to endure such torture. As the kick-off draws closer, I begin to move to the front of the crowd to sit on the floor with a few other party-goers, but you hook my elbow with your hand. You grin at me and suggest that I might want to stay farther in the back, in case things get so boring that I have to run out screaming (or at least run out). It’s as good an excuse as any, and I watch you as you wander behind the home bar to watch the start of the game from a distance. You give the workspace behind the bar’s high counter a quick look and comment that you were sure you’d seen some napkins there earlier.
Typical male! I roll my eyes...if it’s not right in front of you, you can’t find it. I join you behind the bar and try to look at you disdainfully as you grin even wider. I’ll show you – I’ll find those napkins ASAP. Again, I try to hide my true feelings as you slide your hands into the pockets of your shorts, apparently looking humbled by my no-nonsense presence; I note, however, you’ve only put your hands into your pockets so you can pull the fabric tight across your crotch. I see the outline of your cock against the cotton material, and I have to break into a smile at last. You’re far from flaccid, and I don’t think it’s because of the game.
You motion to me to stand in front of you – it’s time for the kick-off. I lean against the counter, watching the big screen, and as everyone talks and laughs, I feel you close the space between us. Your half-hard cock presses against my ass. “Oh, fuck,” I barely whisper. I know you’re the only one who can hear me, but I have to say something with words, or I know it’d come out as a groan. You chuckle, and as the game starts you begin rubbing against my ass, and I feel your erection growing. I bite my lip as I feel it wedging itself between my cheeks, and your hands make a quick inspection of my chest, very lightly stroking across my breasts. My nipples engorge fully with this barest sensation, and I murmur again. You push with a little more firmness against my ass, your cock harder to my butt.
During the first two commercials, you smoothly move to my side and we play bartender to the group. The moment the game’s on again, and the troops have reclaimed their seats, you grind your now fully-erect cock on me. I begin to worry that you’re going to start leaving wet spots on your shorts; at least the growing dampness between my legs is easier to hide.
We do the bartending gig for another set of commercials, and I notice that you’re getting flushed. I lick my lips and know this is beginning to take a toll on you.
“I need to pee,” I whisper into your ear. I quickly and silently leave the den and go upstairs to the master bedroom. There are three bathrooms in the house, and the one in the basement and on the main floor are the ones that are going to get the brunt of used Super Bowl beer today. Closing the bedroom door almost completely, I go into the bathroom and do the same, shutting it just shy of hearing the latch click. I quickly pull my shorts and panties down and off, hanging them over a towel bar, and pee. When I finish, instead of flushing, I put down the lid and begin exploring the drawers. There’s a lotion dispenser on the counter, but I hope to find something better as lubricant.
I look up into the mirror as I hear the bathroom door just barely squeak. You ease in and immediately smile to see my naked ass facing you. You lock the door decisively. “Can I take off my shorts?” you ask me.
“Yes.” I turn around and lean against the counter to watch. You have to pull the waistband of your shorts and boxers well away from your belly so that your cock can be released, and I moan to see you exposed. What felt so good looks even better. Your hard plum of a cockhead is glistening with precum, too; taking off your clothes couldn’t have happened sooner. “All the way?” I ask you as I caress my breasts through my t-shirt and bra. You nod, coming up to me, and slide your hands under my shirt...and bra. Your hands are hot, and I squirm a little to make sure my breasts fall completely into them. We kiss passionately, and your thumbs and forefingers tweak at my nipples, making me cry out into your mouth.
You pull away to take something out of the pocket of your discarded shorts. “Found it in the drawer beside the bed,” you confess, a tube of KY. “We’ll have to remember to put it back.”
“If there’s any left,” I giggle. We really don’t have that much time, I realize, and this makes our actions more urgent and more necessary. I pull off my shirt and bra as you squeeze a generous amount of KY onto your cock.
“We might not be able to do much more than a good old-fashioned screw,” you fret.
I slide up onto the counter, my back against the mirrored wall, my butt near the edge of the counter. “I would’ve thought that your cock really wanted to be up my ass, the way it was knocking back there,” I tease. I brace the toes of one foot over the far end of the counter, the other over the lip of the sink. I am nude and completely open. Even though I’m sitting, my cheeks are spread wide. “Not much time,” I whisper, “but enough – especially when I want it so bad.”
You move up to me and run your cock up and down my swollen, parted pussy lips. For a moment, I think this would be enough, feeling you slide deep into my cunt and fucking me to a fast orgasm. But this is so decadent, so wicked, I want that well-lubed, thick shaft to penetrate me even deeper. You pause at my pussy opening, and I shake my head. “I need you,” I whisper into your ear, hoarse with desire, “I need you all the way up my ass.”
I drop my head onto your shoulder and put my mouth against the side of your neck as I feel your cock slip down. Down. Down. And finally against my tight hole. You move your cock head against it for a few precious seconds, lubricating it with gel and precum. Oh, I love your ass, I hear you whisper, your tight little ass pucker – your sweet little dark hole. Nice and nasty.
You’re going to make it so big and wide, I murmur against your skin, so big. I just know that you’re going to plow it open with your fat, hard cock.
Your hands go around me and press wide, hard against my hips. You hold me in place, then bring me forward the tiniest of distances. I groan to feel your cock head on my tight bud, and groan louder as you hold me tight, pinned barely to your cock – you move forward, slowly, firmly, completely. I want to lean back, as though to ease the length of your cock sliding into me by stretching my body, but I need to stay close to you, to muffle my cries against your neck. Knowing that I won’t be heard, you lean into me. Oh fuck oh fuck oh fucking yes....tears spring to my eyes and my mouth is planted on your neck...your cock head begins its slide into place, into my ass, with almost an audible “pop.”
I catch my breath as my ass works around your hard glans, trying so hard to get used to it. I try to relax all over, especially my hole, to open myself to you fully. Deep, gusty breaths, amazed that I’m here nude for you, open and wanting your cock – and having it given to me! This is so surreal, and real.
Finally I pull away from you and lean back. I look down and see the beginning of what’s to come. I lick my lips again and smile. “Fuck me, baby. You know I’m close already, with that thick, nasty thing rimming me.” I nearly sound in control of things, don’t I? Nothing exudes confidence like naked woman with a cock up her ass!
You readjust your grasp on my hips, plant your feet solidly on the floor, and then thrust into me. Slow but continuously, the lube making this rapid entry bearable, I feel every inch of your hard-on enter me. I rub my breasts and stare up at you as your face reflects the excitement. It’s a quick, necessary fucking, and almost immediately, once you’ve put one of my legs over your shoulder and let my other one hook onto your hip, you start pumping it in me, hard and fast and mercilessly. I'm going to be sore, so sore, I'm sure of it, but I don't care – I can't. I need cock. My ass contracts, striving to match your rhythm, and I succeed. Then I surpass you, tightening hard against your cock each time you fuck it into me, harder each time.
You are pumping me madly, shifting from one leg to the other as you get closer. Your hands have been sliding all over me, and I grab one, shamelessly placing it over my mound. “I need to cum, baby. Make me cum for you.” Your fingers dig between my pussy lips and find my clit, hard and ready. I nearly squeal as you make contact with it. You look worried, and your eyes dart around, even as you keep fucking my ass. You grasp a washcloth in your other hand and I understand. I take it from you and press it to my mouth.
Your fucking intensifies. Your fingers are relentless now, plucking at my clit over and over. Your hand shifts, and your thumb stays on my clit as two of your fingers slide up my cunt. They go in deeply, but instead of pressing back, to feel your cock stretching and fucking my ass, you press them forward, in the direction of my clit. You’re searching for that spot. Oh, god. I gasp and pant, groaning into the thick, folded cloth. I press the edge of it into my mouth, and you can hear me getting louder as my cries are muffled a new way.
Fuck me fuck me fuck me, Tom... I can only think this now, staring up at you as you ram your crotch against me. Make me cum...make me... Your fingers in me, pressing. Your thumb flicking hard on my clit, teasing.
I scream into the washcloth as my ass bucks up from the counter. Juice from my cunt pours out between us. We can’t see it, but both of us feel the hot wetness. Your cock makes ultimate, complete contact, and your body straightens and spasms as I can barely watch. Your hips jack forward and freeze there as the muscles in your thighs tighten. I feel the first pulse of hot cum, deep in my ass. Your back arches backward...another jet. I writhe in ecstasy as your cock shoots its massive load into me, my clit aching in delight, finding your fingers, still there, and pounding against them.
You lean against the counter with your thighs, locking your knees to keep standing. We smile at each other like horny teenagers (well, the horny part is right!), and we kiss each other gently as we come back to earth and I feel your cock growing soft at last. You step away from me, and I shiver happily as your cock withdraws.
“Now I really have to pee,” you tell me, and I slide off the counter and come over to watch you. You let go a long, strong stream of urine, pent up for far too long. It’s like watching a horse pee, it takes so long. Our pubic hair is more than a little wet from my own ejaculate and fuck-sweat. As you take the opportunity to clean yourself up a little, you ask me if I’m going to use the toilet.
“No, I’m just going to keep it all inside of me,” I say with a smile, “all hot and sticky.” That makes you moan, and we dress. I hope that we’re not missed, and we return to the party to discover that the game is a good one – no one has missed us! What a sad commentary that is...sports is preferred over sex, at least to some people. At least that doesn’t apply to us.
We watch the rest of the game with your friends. I find myself dozing off from time to time, a little sleepy from our intense encounter. You catch me once, early in the fourth quarter. “Want to catch the rest at home?” you ask. I nod, and as easily as we sneaked away soon after the game began, we find ourselves on the way back to your place. I’m must more awake now for some reason. Leaning a little closer to you as you drive, I realize that I can catch the barest whiff of your aroma...sweat and skin. I take a deep breath and swallow. I’m turned on again.
“I really enjoyed the party,” I say, “some parts more than others.” You ask me about what parts, and I turn to face you. “Guess.” With that, I put my left hand in your lap, and you graciously spread your legs a little. I find your cock immediately and begin massaging it through your shorts. You mutter something about being never satisfied, and then you mutter something more, about how good that feels. Your cock responds, too, once again growing in your shorts. You check your watch – we’ll be getting back to an empty house, you tell me. I continue to stroke you, harder now, and wonder about getting back to the house at all.
I lick my lips as you drive. “Tom, I’m getting so wet,” I comment as I take my other hand and slide them under the waistband of my shorts. “I love what your cock does to me so much.” I begin masturbating for you, taking my hand away from you and pushing down my clothes. I’m nude from the waist down. You can hear my lips open and close humidly, and you accelerate a little. I lean back and close my eyes, touching myself, wanting it to be you.
I only open my eyes when I feel the car bump up the curb into the driveway. The garage door is rising, and there’s no other car there. We are alone. Although I know your wife is out of town for a long weekend, visiting relatives (figuring you'd be fine on your own, watching the Super Bowl with your buddies), it's still nice to know that it's just you and me here.
You slide into the parking space and kill the engine, and I’m nearly out of the car, half-naked, before the garage door is back in place. You meet me on my side and pull your shorts and underwear down for me again, the second time in a day.
Your cock is once more engorged and the head is completely wet. You spread your discarded clothes quickly on the front of the hood, and I know that we’ve both had this in mind. I lean over onto the hood...I feel the sudden dampness from your shorts...a large wet spot of precum has soaked them.
You’re behind me immediately, your feet pressing against the inside of my own feet to get me to spread them apart. “Your asshole’s all shiny,” you tell me as your hands run over my naked skin.
“Well, it’s still full of your last load,” I laugh. “Are you going to do the same for my hungry little cunt?”
“Oh, yeah, baby.” Now we don’t have to be quiet, and our words are spoken aloud and eagerly. “Let’s get that juicy cunt filled good and proper.” You pull my cheeks open and groan. “Oh, looks like it's on fire...”
I chuckle, then moan as I feel your cock slapping against my skin. Hot, slick tracks of precum get closer and closer to my pussy. “Fuck me again. I love having your cock in me. Please.” I lift myself onto my toes and sink down as you slide into me, your swollen head pressing, then pulling me open wide. “Ohhhhhh.....” You move effortlessly into me, our juices mingling and making the way so easy. Still...there’s a lot of you, and my stomach clenches hard as I feel your cock working deeper and deeper into me, and I half expect to feel the tip of your hard-on in my belly.
Fuck, yes, fuck, yes, fuck me, baby....
Your hands grab my hips and ass and you take up my chant as you start fucking me in long, full thrusts. Each one ends with a hard, sharp shove, and your balls slap against my clit. I squeal with each one, and it only makes you fuck me the harder. It is so good, so nasty. I have one foot up on the bumper, opening my cunt to you shamelessly, and you fill it entirely, the slopping noises of sex driving us even more mad. I’m beyond speaking now, only gasping and wailing as you drive your hard shaft relentlessly up my tunnel. I slide down a little each time on the hood, grinding against your crotch, but with each new thrust, you push me onto the car, impaling my soaking insides. Over and over you ram into me.
I feel you, at last, slowing, and there’s one fuck-thrust that pierces me but then remains within my pussy. You pull me into a stand, in front of you, and I gasp. Your cock is huge within me. Your hands are around my waist and hips, and you move me with you, a little sideways and back, to a tall stool. You ease your ass onto it, taking me with you, and you lean back as I am forced to follow, still connected to your engorged cock. My toes are leaving the ground, and we are nearly balanced upon the stool...I don’t think you can thrust in this position...
But there’s the pulse of cock deep within me. Over and over it throbs. Your hands come up to my breasts and start to pull on my nipples, milking me in rhythm as I have no alternative but to similarly knead your cock with my cunt muscles. Pulse...pull....pulse...pull...pulse....pull...
My hands are between my splayed open legs. There’s my clit, on fire. But just behind it, off the edge of the stool, your balls dangling, but tightening as we both get close to another orgasm. I grasp your sack in my hands, groaning to feel your balls hot and round. Pulse...pulse...pulse.... “Ohhh....”
I squeal then as you pull at my erect, hard, sore nipples. The slight twisting of them is more than enough to make me gasp, and I squeeze your balls uncontrollably as your cock is sheathed in my constricting pussy. “Tom!”
“Oh, fuck me, baby,” you growl. I don’t need you to tell me that. Your cock sinks even deeper into my cunt, and shifts, and my head drops back, my throat to the ceiling, you pinching my nips upward. Your right hand leaves my breast and clamps down over my hairy mound. It’s too easy to find my clit, with my legs open wide and it exposed. You rub it. Hard.
Oh, fuck...
I twist and buck on the stool, and I cum as my clit explodes with your touch. My ass tightens against your belly, pulling your cock in deep and hard and mercilessly. “Tommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...
There’s a moment of peace, and you cum then, shouting my name as your cock shoots another load of hot, surging jizz into me. I freeze, feeling each jet splatter my insides, and I stay there, perched on you, until your cock is finally soft. I slither off your lap and you stand up; both of us are a little shaky, and I plant my hands on the stool, the cold metal now warm from your ass. I lock my knees and stand with my legs apart. As you find a clean towel from the laundry basket that’s sitting on top of the dryer, you turn back as see our juices dripping from my cunt, splashing heavy and soft on the concrete floor of the garage. I contract my muscles, and a little stream trickles onto the floor for your enjoyment. We giggle like a couple of dirty little kids. I stay standing there until I’m mostly empty, and you hand me the towel then.
“I think we can both use a shower,” I tell you, and you agree. For once, this is going to be just a shower. Still, this has been the absolutely best Super Bowl ever...

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2013-01-23 05:22:02
I am a man and I agree with Dick about seeing raelly hairy men that shave the area around their pubes and leave the rest the body hairy a real turn-off. Myself I have lite body hair mostly on my chest and legs,my pubes are dark red but what I found out what been popular with my lovers is I trim my pubes with scissors to a nice short length. Makes it nice for a blow job according to my lovers.Cheers

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2011-05-12 07:44:06
Home run! Great slugging with that asnwer!


2011-04-16 02:13:42
I concur with previous comment - in all respects.

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2011-04-15 20:59:03
I really really like this story. Now if they where only Sister and Brother. AS in I marrried someone else but the relationship goes on.

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