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Sexual Fantasy
I call Rell and tell him that I have planned a special night for us and got us a room. I ask him to swing by and pick up the room key and tell him to be there right at 9:00pm. He agrees not to be late. I spend the next several hours getting ready.
I shave everything and wash and then apply the lotion and perfume I know drives him wild. I pay extra attention in selecting my panties and my outfit. I grab my backpack and make sure I have everything we will need. I grab my camera, Vaseline, candles, my dildo, handcuffs, two scarves, a belt, massage oil and a blindfold. I know how much fun we have when we use the toys.
I get to the room and my invited guest is already there waiting for me. I invited a woman to join us so I could make our fantasy come true. I like doing things to keep it interesting in the bedroom. I don’t want Rell to be able to get anything from anyone else that he can’t get with me.
We go up to the room and start setting the room up. I set the toys beside the bed and light some candles. I spray the linen on the bed with more of my perfume. I get out my camera and massage oil. I put in a CD to set the mood and notice that it’s almost 9:00. I tell my friend to start getting ready. I undress and am wearing a black thong, a black bra that has my titties pushed up the way he likes and a low cut t-shirt. My friend is dressed similarly. I put a lot of thought and planning into this evening. I make sure we have something cold to drink for later. I know we’ll need it when things start heating up.
I tell my friend to wait in the bathroom until I give her the signal to come in. Rell comes into the room just as she closes the bathroom door. I don’t waste any time. He notices the candles burning and the music playing. I am eager and take him by the hand and lead him to the bed. We are standing beside the bed and kissing passionately. I begin taking his clothes off and slide down to my knees so I can take his dick in my mouth. I start with licking the head of his dick and running my tongue in circles. I suck the head a little and flick my tongue on the sensitive spot under the head just the way he likes. I take him deeper in my mouth while I tug on his nuts. I lick them and suck them. I ask him to lay down on the bed so that I can suck him good. By this time my nipples are so hard they hurt and my pussy is dripping wet and throbbing. I can’t wait to feel his huge, black, hard dick deep inside of me, but it isn’t time yet.
He lays down on the bed and I tie the blindfold around his eyes so he can’t see. I want him to use his imagination. I handcuff his hands to the bedpost because I don’t want him to be able to resist in case he doesn’t want to make our threesome a reality. I rub him down with massage oil and suck, bite and lick his nipples. I’m so turned on that I can barely stand it. I kneel between his knees and spread his legs. I begin kissing his inner thighs and licking his nuts. I am using my hand to rub Vaseline up and down his dick. My hand is gliding so smoothly. I lower my face and start licking the area between his ass and his dick. He is moaning and telling me how much he likes it. I go lower until I am licking his ass. I am running my tongue in circles and sliding my tongue in and out. I press my titties to his balls and begin sucking his dick while I grind on him.
I ask him if I can sit on his face. I am so close to coming and have to feel some relief. He says yes. I position myself on his face so that my pussy is on his mouth and I am facing away from him. I am pinching my nipples so hard. The mixture of pleasure and pain that brings is almost more than I can take. I tell him if he is a good boy and does exactly what I say, the way I say it, I will make sure he gets to cum. I tell him to start licking my clit very slowly and lightly, just teasing it with his tongue. At this point, I signal for my friend to join us. Very quietly she comes out of the bathroom and pulls her panties and t shirt off. She leaves on her bra. She walks to the bed and begins kissing me and bends down and takes one of my nipples in her mouth. I reach for her and pull her closer so she knows that it is time. She climbs on Rell’s dick and faces me while she slowly lowers herself on him. I can feel the confusion in him. He has stopped licking my pussy and is resisting the cuffs and blindfold. I grind my pussy harder into his mouth. His facial hair feels so good against my delicate skin. I remind him that he promised to be a good boy. If he does what he is told, he will be rewarded and I think he will like the reward very much. I also tell him that if he promises to behave I will remove his blindfold. He is still silent. She is sliding up and down his dick and is going at a slow and steady pace. Rell’s dick is still rock hard and he is responding. He is pushing his hips up trying to go deeper. He finally agrees to behave and asks me to take off the blindfold. I remove it and slide off of him so that he can get a better view. She also slides off of him and kneels beside him on the other side of the bed. I don’t bother to introduce him because who she is doesn’t matter.
She and I lean over him and begin to kiss. Her lips are soft and her tongue is probing my mouth. We lean down and kiss Rell, sticking both of out tongues in his mouth. We kiss his neck, his chest, suck on his nipples and kiss our way down his stomach. We lick and suck his dick. She sucks his dick while I lick his ass suck on his balls. I suck his dick while she sucks on his balls.
We come to one side of him and get up on our knees. She and I are kissing. We are running out hands all over each other’s bodies. I slide my hand down and find that her pussy is so wet and hot. She leans down and takes one of my nipples in her mouth. She rolls my other nipple between her fingers and all I can do is let my head fall back and close my eyes to enjoy what is happening. Rell is breathing harder and making animal sounds in his throat. I lay down beside him and ask him if I can cum first. His dick is so hard that I know he is almost ready. I tell him that if he lets me cum first he won’t regret it. I lay down beside him and I guide her head between my thighs. She begins kissing my thighs and licking my groin. I center her head over my pussy. I need to feel that release and I am tired of playing. I want her to make me cum. She circles her tongue around my clit slowly and gently. Her touch is very light and teasing. I am moving my hips in a circle and getting very worked up. While her face is buried in my pussy she reaches up and pinches my nipples very hard. Her tongue becomes a little more insistent and there is more pressure. I am begging her to make me cum. I am almost there. I tell her to fuck me with the dildo. I reach over and start rubbing Rell’s dick and promise him that as soon as I cum I will take care of him. He can’t wait. I start cumming and my pussy starts throbbing. Rell is begging for me to fuck him.
I tell my friend to lay down on her stomach and I tie her hands with the scarf. I slide one of the scarves in her mouth to muffle the sound. I reach up and undo Rell’s handcuffs. I try to kiss him but he is so impatient and turned on. His dick is so hard that he wants to feel his dick inside of some pussy. I take the Vaseline and rub his dick really well and then rub her ass. I slide a pillow under her to raise her ass up some and spread her ass cheeks. Rell looks as me questioningly. There is fear in the girls eyes. She saw how large he is and knows that she is getting ready to experience some pain. She begins whimpering. I tell her that if she cooperates it will be much easier on her. Rell tries to gently slide his dick in her ass and I tell him that I want to watch him fuck her. He slides in a little deeper, trying to give her time to adjust to his size. I emphasize that I want to watch him fuck her. That’s what she is there for. She is there to make our fantasy a reality and he needn’t bother being careful with her or making her feel good. She is there for our pleasure and will do as she’s told. I hold her still for him and he slides in deep. There is a look of deep concentration and a little apprehension on his face. I continue to encourage him to fuck her. I grab her by her hair and yank her head up. I ask her if she likes it and she doesn’t answer. I pull her hair harder and she says she loves it. Rell is really pounding away and giving it to her good. I can tell he is about ready to cum. I tell him that I want to see him explode. I take the scarf out of her mouth and tell her to turn over. Rell sticks his dick in her mouth and she sucks it until he cums in her mouth and all over her face. I am still holding her by her hair to keep her head still for him. I tell her to suck his dick and make sure that every last drop of cum is out.
Rell is out of breath and lays back with his arm over his face trying to catch his breath. She quickly dresses and leaves without saying a word. I lay down in Rell’s arms and settle in for a nap. I know I will need my strength in a little while when he is ready for round two.
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