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Chapter 6: Hannah Learns the Value and Purpose of her Mouth

Unlike the other past two nights, Hannah fell asleep immediately after being placed on the bed and the gang allowed her to sleep well into the morning. By the time Tank woke her it was almost noon and the men could not wait any longer. There were about a dozen of them in the room and Hannah began whimpering in terror when she saw them.
“Rise and shine bitch, we got some cool shit planned for you today,” Tank stated, before tossing the same tiny daisy dukes and black bra down at the Asian. “Get dressed.”
“God please just stop, I can’t take anymore, I’m serious,” Hannah begged, burying her face into the bed sheets.
“Bitch what the fuck did I say about calling yourself ‘I’?” Tank snapped. “Do it one more fucking time and I’m gonna beat you till you’re black and blue. Now get dressed before you really make me angry.”
Hannah let out a frustrated cry but wisely sat up on the bed and grabbed the garments next to her. She quickly slipped into the absurd outfit and heard the excited mumbles from the men across the room. Tank snapped his fingers and ordered her to get down off the mattress. Her legs were wobbly as she stood with the towering heels still strapped to her ankles.
“On your hands and knees bitch, follow me,” Tank instructed, turning around and exiting the room.
Hannah felt the hotness in her cheeks as she followed the cruel biker down the hall and out into the parking lot, crawling after him the entire way. It took every ounce of her energy and then some. She had not eaten in more than 24 hours, and the only thing she’d had to drink during that span was about two liters of cum, piss, and snot from the bikers. Every part of her body ached so badly, especially her pussy and asshole.
When they got outside Hannah was once again forced onto Tank’s bike and the entire gang then emptied out onto the street. They drove for about ten minutes before pulling into the small parking lot of an old, rundown home. Awaiting there were two more Outlaws, who welcomed the men into the garage of the house.
“Well well look who the fuck it is,” one of the bikers chuckled, as he stared hungrily at Hannah. “You look tired bitch, long night?”
“What’s happening Russ,” Tank greeted his friend, as he stepped off his bike and forced Hannah to her hands and knees. “You guys ready? Where’s the iron?”
“Right here,” the other Outlaw replied, holding up a long metal rod with an emblem attached to the end.
“Cool, start heating it up,” the leader instructed.
Hannah watched with wide eyes as the first biker, Russ, grabbed a blowtorch from a nearby shelf and powered it on. He then immediately moved to his friend and held the scorching blue flame against the metal symbol for what seemed like an eternity to the Asian girl. Hannah was aware of what was about to happen to her, and with each passing minute she was growing more and more fearful. After about ten minutes the sign was so hot it was glowing red, at which point Tank gave the word that it was ready.
“Take your top off bitch,” Tank commanded the little Asian.
“No please, please don’t, please,” Hannah begged in sheer terror.
“Take your fucking top off right now slut,” the biker repeated, this time much more menacingly.
Hannah was shaking intensely as she unclasped her bra and removed it. She was on her knees and crossed her arms over her naked breasts while she looked at the Outlaw with the blazing iron. As he brought it closer to her, Hannah was finally able to make out the emblem at the end. It was a circle about 3-4 inches wide with the words “property of devil’s outlaws” written inside it in big capital letters. It was glowing red and Hannah whimpered as the evil biker held it in front of her face.
“Hold her,” Tank said to nobody in particular.
“Noooooooo!!” Hannah screamed, thrashing around wildly as four men quickly grabbed her arms and legs and held them firmly against the cold floor.
“Right there,” Tank instructed, pointing at the Asian’s back just below her right shoulder.
“No please don’t!! Please stop!!!” Hannah shrieked, frantically trying to escape from the men holding her.
Hannah could feel her heart racing out of control and was so frightened she was starting to hyperventilate. She’d never been so terrified in her life, not even when Big Joe had prepared to fuck her asshole last night. The thought of getting her skin badly burned was awful enough, but getting permanently marked by the appalling symbol was even worse. As she turned her head and watched the biker about to brand her, Hannah began crying hysterically.
“AAAAAAUUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!” Hannah screamed horrifically, nearly breaking free from the four men as soon as the biker pressed the soldering emblem deep into her smooth flesh.
The gruesome sound of Hannah’s skin sizzling filled the garage, and was audible despite the Asian’s absolutely deafening wail of agony. The Outlaw held the branding iron firmly against Hannah’s back for nearly ten seconds, and the Asian nearly passed out from the excruciating pain. The gang of men all watched in excitement as Hannah writhed around in total misery. When the blazing iron was finally lifted from her and the men released her, Hannah instantly collapsed onto her side and sobbed wretchedly.
Tank gave the girl a few minutes to cry while he stared at the fresh mark on her golden flesh. The words were permanently charred into Hannah’s back in dark, bloody letters. She would never be able to remove them, and it was a beautiful symbol of Hannah’s new identity as a sex-slave. Tank contemplated giving her another one on her ass or tits, but decided not to for now. After all, he still planned on beating those areas many more times with the cane and other instruments.
“Okay get her up, let’s get back to the bar,” Tank declared, after a couple of minutes.
Hannah was still crying as the men put her bra back on her and dragged her back to their bikes. They said their goodbyes to the other two bikers before peeling out of the parking lot. Hannah was in so much pain that she could barely comprehend anything while the gang drove back to the tavern. When they got there they marched Hannah straight into the lounge near the back of the building.
“Eat up slut,” Tank commanded, pointing to the plate of last night’s leftovers that was sitting at the dining table.
Hannah took a seat and did not even have to be told twice this time. She grabbed the fork and began eating the scraps with little hesitation. She was so famished that even the nasty pile of food looked appetizing. In just a couple of minutes Hannah was finished with the entire plate, and then sat nervously while she awaited the next depravity the men had planned for her.
“Come here slut,” Tank said, snapping his fingers from the other side of the room. “And remember to fucking crawl bitch.”
Hannah got down on her hands and knees and slowly shuffled over to the biker. He and the others were lounging comfortably around on some sofas and chairs, and they all watched in delight as the little Asian whore came toward them. She had the most nervous look on her face, and was trembling in fear.
“Well I told you we wouldn’t fuck you much today, but that’s pretty much all you’re good for bitch,” Tank said to the petite Asian.
“No please, I—this slut can’t, please don’t sir,” Hannah quickly replied.
“Relax cunt, we’re not gonna fuck you, not yet anyway,” Tank said reassuringly. “Get your ass on that bed though, we’re doing something else. It’s time now that you learn the real purpose of your mouth. You know what rimming is whore?”
“No,” Hannah shook her head.
“Well you’re about to find out how fun it is, now get your fucking ass on the bed,” the huge Outlaw commanded.
Hannah crawled her way back over to the mattress and climbed atop it. She was shaking with fear as Tank stripped down and followed her onto the bed. He sat on the mattress with his back against the wall and then spread his huge legs to the sides. Hannah watched with a look of disgust as the man reached down and pulled his buttocks apart, exposing his filthy, hairy asshole to her.
“Get over here slut, and start licking this asshole,” Tank instructed. “Use that tongue and clean it real good, don’t stop till I say so.”
“Please no! Just leave me alone, please!” Hannah screamed, burying her face into her hands. “That’s it bitch, you need some serious fucking discipline,” the giant Outlaw declared, as he suddenly dismounted the bed and dragged Hannah with him by her hair.
“No I’m sorry! Please!” Hannah shouted in panic.
“Hold her still, and get that bra off,” Tank said to the other bikers, as he forced the Asian to her knees and grabbed the steel cane from a table.
“No wait! Please I’m sorry! I’ll be good! This slut will be good!” Hannah shrieked, thrashing around wildly as two Outlaws ripped her bra off and held her firmly between them.
“You keep calling yourself ‘I’ bitch! And you keep whining when I give you orders, and both that shit is gonna stop,” Tank stated angrily. “And to make sure it stops, I’m giving you 20 shots on your ass and 20 on your tits.”
“No!!! Please don’t I’m sorry!! This whore is sorry!! This whore won’t do it again!!!” Hannah screamed in terror. “This whore will be good!! This whore—this whore will do what you want!! Please!!!”
The bikers continued to hold Hannah still while another stood behind her and pressed his boot into her back, forcing the Asian’s breasts out. Tank quickly cocked his arm back and ripped the cane into the girl’s tits as hard as he could. Hannah screamed horrifically and immediately tried to break free from the Outlaws holding her. Her efforts were in vain, however, as the men gripped her firmly while Tank began viciously flaying her little tits. He shouted after each lash to indicate which number it was.
“Please stop!! This slut will be good!! This slut promises she’ll be good!!!” Hannah wailed in total agony, after the seventh consecutive blow landed across her chest. “This slut—this slut will do what you want!!!”
“Eight whore!” Tank hollered, right after slicing the cane deep into Hannah’s quivering breasts.
The small mounds of flesh were already becoming decorated with new scorching welts, adding to the many that still had not fully healed from the earlier canings. Hannah was sobbing hysterically now and implored the man for mercy. Tank was completely oblivious to her begging, however, and continued to pummel her breasts with all his strength.
“Please just stop!!! It hurts!! Oh my God it hurts!!!” Hannah screamed, still struggling to free herself as Tank slashed the cane back and forth across her tits.
Hannah had no idea how she stayed conscious while the biker furiously administered the full 20 strokes. Each blow felt exponentially more painful than the one before it and after awhile it literally felt like the skin was being torn off her breasts. By the time Tank was finished, Hannah’s round little tits were completely covered with hideously severe welts and many of them were leaking blood. Hannah’s voice was ragged from the nonstop screaming and she’d urinated all over the carpet floor.
“Turn her around,” Tank said to the men holding the Asian girl.
“Pleeeaaaassee!” Hannah screeched, squirming around miserably as the men forced her onto her hands and knees.
“You ever gonna call yourself ‘I’ again slut?” Tank asked, tracing the cane up and down Hannah’s ass-crack.
“No! This slut won’t—this slut won’t do it again, ever!” Hannah quickly answered.
“You gonna start following orders like a good little whore?” Tank inquired further.
“Yes!! This slut will be good! This slut swears to be good!!” The Asian shouted back.
“Well this is going to make sure about that,” Tank replied, before unleashing a ferocious stroke across Hannah’s upturned ass.
“Aaaauuuuggghhh!! Pleeeaaaaasssse!!!” Hannah wailed, thrashing around in agony as soon as the blow landed.
Tank quickly began pummeling the Asian’s buttocks with everything he had, once again punctuating each stroke with its number. Hannah was screaming at the top of her lungs as her ass was badly beaten. Each time Tank brought the steel cane down, the feeling of it cutting deep into her flesh was excruciating beyond words. By the time he was halfway finished Hannah felt like her ass was beaten to a bloody pulp and that she was about to die from the overwhelming pain.
“Eleven bitch!” Tank screamed, ripping the instrument across Hannah’s welt-covered ass.
“Stop please!! This slut will be good!!!” Hannah sobbed, shaking her ass wildly from side to side as the blows continued to rain down upon it.
After fourteen lashes, Hannah’s firm little cheeks were covered with welts and lacerations and starting to bleed. The Asian whore was weeping uncontrollably and begging Tank for mercy. There would be none from the huge Outlaw, however, as he calmly registered six more vicious strokes. When he was finally finished, Tank’s arm was genuinely tired and Hannah’s ass looked like it had gone through a meat grinder. The flesh on the cheeks was red and purple and bleeding pretty badly now.
“You gonna be a good fucking whore from now?!” Tank screamed, as he jerked on Hannah’s hair and forced her to look him in the eye.
“Yes! Please yes! This whore will be good!” Hannah bawled, still shaking in pain and misery.
“You ready to lick some asshole bitch?” The biker continued.
“Yes, this whore…this whore will lick your asshole sir,” Hannah choked out the words.
“Gimme some cuffs,” Tank requested to his friends.
Another Outlaw quickly handed him a pair of handcuffs and he used them to lock Hannah’s wrists together behind her back. He then grabbed the Asian’s long hair and pulled her onto her feet before dragging her back to the bed. Hannah was already soaked with sweat and had trouble staying on her feet in the 6” stripper heels. Tank forced the girl to lie on her back atop the mattress and then got into a squatting position above her, with his massive ass just inches from her face.
“Stick your tongue out whore, and start licking that asshole,” Tank commanded, as he pulled his hairy cheeks apart and lowered his ass onto the Asian’s face.
Though Tank and the bikers could not see it, Hannah’s expression was one of complete repulsion and disbelief. The ogre’s nasty brown asshole was literally an inch away from her face and the stench of shit was simply horrendous. There was a huge clump of hair all around the opening as well as up and down the biker’s cavernous ass-crack. Hannah was crying miserably as she stared up at the absolutely disgusting image above her.
“Let’s go slut start licking! Use your fucking tongue and clean that asshole nice and good!” Tank shouted angrily.
Hannah screamed in despair but tilted her head forward and pressed the tip of her tongue against the man’s anus. She nearly puked as soon as she tasted the remnants of shit that were coated on the hairy orifice. It took all of her willpower to keep her tongue out and not vomit all over herself. At the biker’s orders, Hannah squeamishly began licking Tank’s filthy asshole like a kitten.
“Lick it good slut! Stick that tongue out all the way and slurp it up!” Tank commanded. “And clean that crack too, I wanna feel your tongue all over my fucking asshole and crack. Get it in there deep and lick up and down like a good fucking slut.”
Hannah was weeping desperately now as she stuck her tongue out as far as she could and pressed it deep between the Outlaw’s buttocks. She shuddered in complete revulsion as she tasted his shit and felt his thick, nasty hair all over her face and tongue. She was trying to keep it together as best as she could, but the sight, smell, and taste of Tank’s bushy ass—and asshole—was truly overwhelming. After passionately licking the man’s asshole for about a minute or so, Hannah could not take it anymore and leaned her head back and screamed wretchedly.
“What the fuck are you doing slut? Did I tell you to stop? Get your face back in there and start licking!” Tank barked furiously.
“God please!!” Hannah cried, staring up at the biker’s nasty asshole deplorably.
“Get your fucking mouth back in there right now bitch,” the huge Outlaw commanded. “And you fucking keep it in there until I say so. You got two seconds before I get the cane again.”
Hannah immediately raised her head and buried her face back between the man’s hairy buttocks. Upon his orders, she pressed her little tongue against Tank’s asshole and began licking it spiritedly. Tank groaned in pleasure as he felt the Asian slut clean his anus for a moment before running her tongue up and down his hairy ass-crack. He stared down at Hannah and could tell how badly she was suffering just by looking at her shuddering body.
Hannah kept waiting and waiting for the man to show her some mercy but he didn’t. More than 20 minutes passed by and she was forced to lick and clean his hairy asshole the entire time. With each second that went by she could feel herself going more and more insane. Never in her life did she imagine being in this kind of position, on her back and using her tongue to service a huge, filthy biker’s ass. Until this morning Hannah truly believed the men could not treat her any worse, and she realized now how wrong she’d been.
Finally, after tossing Tank’s salad for more than half an hour, the Asian was finally relieved of her torment. The nasty brute took a seat directly on Hannah’s face, trapping her nose and tongue inside his ass-crack. He remained firmly planted on top of the girl for a moment, savoring her frenzied struggles to free her face from beneath his hairy buttocks. When he was finally satisfied, Tank stood up on the bed and turned around to address the sobbing Asian.
“Nice work whore, you’re a natural at rimming,” the Outlaw declared. “Get used to this bitch, you’re gonna be cleaning my asshole a lot from now on. I won’t even need toilet paper anymore with you around.”
Hannah screamed dreadfully as the biker climbed off the bed only to be replaced by another one. She watched him strip his pants and underwear and began shaking her head miserably. Hannah couldn’t bear the thought of licking another anus, and it was more horrifying than anything else she could think of. Even after the massive gangbang yesterday she would have preferred getting fucked over cleaning more hairy assholes.
“Let’s go bitch,” the new Outlaw said, as he squatted over Hannah’s face and spread his cheeks wide. “Get to work!”
“Don’t make him tell you again slut, or it’s another 20 shots to your ass and tits!” Hannah heard Tank shout from across the room.
Hannah screamed in disgust but buried her face between the Outlaw’s filthy buttocks and began running the tip of her tongue up and down his asshole. She started gagging again as soon as she tasted his awful feces. Hannah could feel the traces of shit on the man’s anus rubbing onto her tongue and instantly pulled her head back. She shrieked in complete misery and frustration as she stared up at the Outlaw’s unbelievably bushy crack.
“Pleeeaaaasssee!! It’s so…please just fuck me instead!! Fuck this whore instead please!” Hannah sobbed desperately.
“Okay bitch I guess you need some more beating!” Tank declared.
“No!! Wait, this slut will do it!!” Hannah cried, just before stuffing her face back inside the biker’s fat, sweaty ass.
The stench and taste of shit immediately overwhelmed Hannah, and she nearly pulled her head away before the prospect of getting caned again convinced her otherwise. She could feel the sweat from the biker’s ass on her nose as she stuck her tongue out and once again began cleaning his disgusting asshole. The Outlaw made Hannah service him for ten minutes straight, and savored every second of it. When he was content, he stood up and thanked the Asian before leaving her on the mattress.
The hours passed by very slowly for Hannah, as the remaining dozen or so bikers all forced her to rim them. Each Outlaw took at least 15-20 minutes with the Asian. Some of the fiends made her service them on her back, while others knelt down against the wall and pulled their asses apart before ordering Hannah to clean them. This was difficult for her with her hands tied behind her back, but she managed to get the job done in the end.
It took Hannah over four hours to lick all of the men’s assholes clean, and by the time she was finished she no longer felt like a human being. Throughout the nightmarish session, the bikers had constantly reminded her how she was a piece of shit whore and only useful for fucking. In addition to making her clean their filthy assholes, many of them also spat into her mouth and forced her to swallow it. By the time they were all finished, Hannah was sick to her stomach and wanted so badly to wipe the shit from her lips.
“Good work slut, it’s nice to see you’re learning what that mouth is for,” Tank said, staring at the sobbing Asian after she was finished with the last biker’s ass. “But you’re not done yet. Let’s get you to the bathroom cunt.”
Hannah begged for sympathy as the huge biker grabbed her long, dark hair and hauled her off the bed and into the restroom. He forced her to kneel in front of the toilet and pointed at the sickeningly gross bowl. The seat was up and there was hardly a spot atop the toilet that was not stained with urine. What’s worse, the walls of the bowl were coated all over with leftover shit and diarrhea. Hannah did not even want to think about how many bikers and customers had used the toilet without it ever being cleaned even once.
“You see all that shit and piss?” Tank asked, still pointing at the grimy toilet. “I want all that gone and I want that toilet looking brand new whore. You better use that tongue of yours and scrub it real good. I’ll be back in an hour, and if that toilet isn’t nice and clean it’s gonna be 20 more strokes on your ass and titties. Now get your ass to work, and if I see you using anything besides your mouth you’re gonna be in deep shit bitch.”
Hannah started crying again as she stared down at the unbelievably gross bowl. Just looking at the filthy toilet made her stomach turn, and she had no idea how she was going to clean it. She could not believe how evil the biker could be, and wondered whether or not he even cared that she might become very sick after licking all the scum from the bowl. After a moment, she finally leaned forward and ran her tongue against the top of the basin a few inches. The instant she tasted the dried piss, however, Hannah groaned in disgust and started spitting into the water.
About twenty minutes passed as the despondent Asian whore proceeded to clean the soiled toilet with her mouth. Hannah focused on the top of the bowl first, and ran her tongue back and forth along the porcelain ring countless times. The extremely sour taste of piss was starting to drive her insane, and she was constantly spitting into the toilet. She was at least grateful that she was allowed to do that much. She could hear the men just outside the room chatting amongst each other, and she shuddered as they threw around ideas about how to degrade and use her further.
“Not bad slut,” Tank declared, startling the weeping Asian as he stood beside her. “But you still gotta work on the inside. I gotta piss though, turn around and open that nasty mouth whore.”
Hannah groaned in protest but shuffled around so that her back was to the toilet now and she was facing Tank. She could barely make out the giant’s ugly face through her tears as she perched her head back and opened her mouth wide. Tank bent his legs and gripped Hannah’s hair with one hand while he used the other to place the tip of his massive cock against her spread lips.
“You’d best swallow every fucking drop slut, unless you wanna feel the cane again,” Tank warned, just before unleashing a heavy torrent of piss right into the Asian’s mouth.
Hannah groaned in shock and dismay and nearly spewed the hot urine out of her mouth. She stopped herself just in time, however, and quickly began gulping the terrible piss down. She closed her eyes and tried her best not to think about it. It was utterly insane to her that she was here, on her knees with her hands tied behind her back while this hideous biker drained his piss down her throat.
“That’s a good little slut,” Tank said, running his hand through Hannah’s hair while he finished urinating in her mouth.
As soon as the biker let go of her head, Hannah detached her lips from his penis and whined in disgust. She could hear her stomach growl as Tank’s piss worked its way down there and settled in with all the cum, piss, and spit she’d been forced to drink last night. The biker had just emptied at least a soda can’s worth of urine into her mouth, and Hannah felt terribly sick and bloated.
“Get your ass back to work whore, you still got a lot of shit to lick up,” Tank commanded, as he pulled his pants up and left the restroom.
Hannah was crying again as she resumed her duties. In a few minutes she managed to lick up all the piss stains on top of the bowl and then began working on the inner walls of the toilet. As sickening as cleaning the piss with her tongue was, this next phase was even worse. There were spots of diarrhea all over the place, and some of them were very hard to reach. Often times Hannah nearly lost her balance as she leaned forward and scrubbed the feces from the bowl with her tongue. After a couple of minutes she could not take it anymore and puked into the toilet.
“What the fuck?” One of the bikers hissed, as he walked into the restroom after hearing Hannah vomit.
“Please, this slut is sorry, please!” Hannah wept, fearing that she was going to have to drink up all her puke.
“You’re lucky I don’t make you eat that shit,” the Outlaw declared, as he reached over and flushed the toilet. “Turn around and open that mouth bitch.”
Hannah once again turned to face the biker and tilted her head back before opening her mouth. Tears were streaming down the girl’s cheeks and she was trembling intensely as the huge Outlaw pressed the tip of his cock against her lips. Hannah groaned miserably as the man clutched her head in his giant hands and began draining his piss into her mouth. The stream was very powerful and Hannah had to swallow quickly to keep it from spilling onto the floor. It took him about thirty seconds to finish, which was an absolute lifetime for the Asian. When he was done he wiped his cock off against Hannah’s cheek and casually left the bathroom.
Hannah heard Tank shout that she had less than a half hour, and began working diligently on the nasty toilet. She deeply regretted puking into it earlier, as some of it had splashed up onto the walls of the bowl. She nearly threw up again as she began licking it, along with the stains of shit, from the toilet. In the end she did manage to lick just about all the filth from the toilet, despite the fact that two other bikers came in and forced her to drink their loads of piss. When Tank came back in he was genuinely surprised to see that the bowl was white just about everywhere.
“Damn, good work slut,” the biker congratulated Hannah, as she hung her head in shame and dejection. “You’ll be doing this once or twice a week. Now it’s time to put that mouth to some more good use.”
Hannah pleaded with the brute as he grabbed her hair and pulled her onto her feet. The little Asian whined in fear as she was hauled to the lounge and then out into the hallway. The other bikers followed behind as Tank dragged Hannah into an adjacent room. This one was much smaller, and other than a bed there were few furnishings inside it. One other piece of furniture, however, was the stool with the 9” steel dildo mounted on it. It was placed near the wall and right next to it was a small table with an empty glass jar sitting atop it.
“No please! Please no!!” Hannah squealed, as Tank suddenly yanked her daisy dukes down her legs and removed them from the girl.
“Get that cock in your pussy right now,” the Outlaw commanded, shoving Hannah toward the stool.
Hannah stumbled forward in her heels as she walked over and squatted above the huge dildo. At Tank’s orders, she turned around so that she was facing the group of bikers then proceeded to slowly lower herself onto the steel shaft. She groaned in discomfort as her terribly sore pussy was stretched wide by the fake cock. After a moment, she finally was able to squeeze the entire thing inside her tight cunt.
“Spread those fucking legs bitch, as wide as you can,” Tank ordered.
Hannah’s legs were quivering as she pulled them as far apart as she could. She felt like such a slut as the men all gazed at her outstretched pussy with the dildo stuffed inside it. She was trembling in fear and struggled to maintain her balance, but the huge cock inside her helped to keep her upright. “You’re gonna spend the rest of the night in here slut, just like that,” Tank explained. “But don’t worry we’ll be sending guys in regularly, so you won’t be lonely. You’re gonna put that mouth of yours to good use tonight, and you’re gonna make us a little money doing it. You’re gonna give blowjobs to every single man that walks in. When they come in you tell them the price—its $20 a blowjob and $5 extra to swallow. Once they put the money in that jar you suck them off good, and swallow if they paid for it.”
“No please! Please don’t, I—this slut can’t, please this slut can’t,” Hannah begged miserably.
“You can and you fucking will bitch,” Tank replied. “If you stop, or if we find out you’re not behaving, I’m coming in here with the cane. We’ll be checking up on your regularly too bitch, to make sure you’re not trying any funny business.”
“Please, just let me off this, please this slut will do it just let me off, it hurts,” Hannah pleaded, shifting around uncomfortably on the massive dildo.
“Too bad whore, you’re staying on that the whole night,” Tank stated coldly, as he glanced at the clock on the wall. “It’s about 6:00 right now, and if you’re good we’ll stop sending guys in at midnight. Remember bitch, tell them the price and swallow if they pay for it. And remember to thank them for their business when they put the money in the jar.”
“Later cunt, don’t have too much fun,” one of the other bikers said, causing his friends to chuckle.
Hannah started to cry as she watched the gang slowly file out the door. When they were all gone and the door was closed, there was an eerie silence in the room, save for the Asian girl’s sniveling. Hannah could feel herself shaking in fear as she continued to squat above the stool with the dildo buried in her snatch. She did not have to wait long for her first customer, as the door swung open just a couple minutes later and a massive, very unattractive man walked in. He looked to be in his 40s and wore grimy jeans and a gray work shirt. He was obviously employed in some kind of menial labor, and the mixture of disbelief and excitement on his face made Hannah’s stomach turn.
“Goddamn I can’t believe this shit,” the man uttered out loud, as he stared first at Hannah’s striped breasts and then her outstretched pussy. “Fuck you’re a hot little bitch. Where in the hell did the Outlaws pick you up from?”
Hannah whimpered nervously as the huge man walked over to her. He was approximately Tank’s height but appeared even thicker than the biker. By the time he was standing a few feet away from her Hannah was overwhelmed by the smell of his body odor. She immediately realized how terrible his cock was going to taste and whined miserably at the thought. Within seconds he was standing before her and unbuckling his jeans.
“I hear you’re selling blowjobs bitch, how much?” The man demanded.
“Its twenty dollars…twenty-five to swallow,” Hannah murmured, barely able to get the words out.
“Here you Asian cunt,” the client replied, fishing out $25 worth of bills from his wallet and dropping them inside the jar. “You better make it worth it whore. You better deep-throat me good for that price.”
Hannah’s eyes were wide with fear as she watched the man remove his jeans and boxers. She whimpered pitiably as soon as she saw his enormous, rock-hard penis. It was slightly larger than Tank’s but otherwise looked like a carbon copy of the Outlaw’s dick. She could see the pre-cum already starting to leak out of the huge mushroom head. Hannah instinctively recoiled as the john positioned himself in front of her and reached for her hair.
“Open that mouth bitch,” the ugly brute commanded, holding Hannah’s head while he pushed the tip of his cock against her lips.
Hannah cried in total fear and disgust as the giant plunged his cock into her mouth as soon as she opened it. She started groaning immediately as the thick shaft rubbed against her tongue and lips. She knew it was going to taste horrible, but she had no idea just how sour and putrid it would be. It was obvious that the man had not cleaned his cock in weeks, and Hannah was hardly able to keep herself together.
“Holy shit that feels good,” the filthy man uttered, his eyes rolling back in ecstasy as he started jerking Hannah’s head back and forth against his dick. “Yeah bitch, suck that fucking cock you little gook slut.”
Tears of misery were running down Hannah’s cheeks and she started gagging as the ogre viciously fucked her face. He was just as ruthless as the bikers and did not seem to care that he was choking the little Asian with his huge cock. There was absolutely nothing Hannah could to help herself either, with her hands tied behind her back and her pussy impaled on the dildo. Her only option was to remain squatting, with her legs spread like a whore, and hope that her wretched gagging would persuade the man to show her some mercy.
“Uuugggghhh!! Please!! Please stop!!!” Hannah shrieked, coughing violently and struggling to catch her breath once the huge fiend finally pulled his cock out of her mouth.
“Fuck you bitch,” the hairy bastard responded, staring down at Hannah angrily. “I paid you good money for this shit, so suck it up and get your ass back to work on that cock.”
“Please let go,” Hannah begged, as she tried to free her head from the man’s grip. “Please, I’ll do it, I’ll suck it just please let go of me!”
Her pleas were useless, however, as the enormous john clutched her head tightly and slammed his penis back into Hannah’s mouth. In just seconds Hannah was choking again as the man started slamming her face back and forth against his huge cock. Hannah thrashed around desperately as the bastard repeatedly stuffed his shaft down her throat. The vicious blowjob went on for several minutes, and Hannah thought she was going to die from suffocation. She had her lips wrapped tightly around the man’s cock and was actively using her tongue to try to get him to climax, just so she could put an end to her ordeal.
“Fuck! Holy shit I’m cumming! I’m cumming slut!” The giant screamed, driving his cock deep into Hannah’s mouth just as he began ejaculating into it.
Hannah groaned in disgust and tried not to think as she began gulping down the man’s hot sperm. She could feel his huge cock pulsing in her mouth, and the taste of his cum nearly made her puke. His load was enormous, and Hannah was sure the ugly giant probably had not been with a woman in months, if not years.
“That’s a good little whore, drink it all you piece of shit chink,” the man groaned, clutching Hannah’s head tight while he drained his jizz into her mouth and down her throat.
When he was finally finished the john pulled his cock out of Hannah’s mouth and wiped it across her lips and cheeks. Hannah whined in complete disdain as she felt the slimy cum and spit rubbing all over her face. She tried to pull her head away but the man continued to hold it firmly in his hands while he finished cleaning his penis with her lips.
“That was nice bitch, I like that,” the satisfied john declared. “When you gonna start renting out that pussy though? I need me some of that.”
“I don’t know…please help me, help me get out of here, please,” Hannah implored the giant.
“Sorry whore, you belong to the Outlaws, and ain’t no way I’m fucking with them,” the man replied, as he pulled his pants back on. “I’ll be back tomorrow though if you’re still here.”
And with that the huge customer slipped out of the room, leaving Hannah by herself on the stool. The poor Asian was still crying as she tried to recover from the brutal blowjob. Her throat burned and she could still taste the man’s terrible cum in her mouth. She looked over at the clock on the wall and sighed in despair. It was only ten minutes passed six, and she had a long way to go. A few seconds later Hannah heard the door rattle open as her next customer walked in.
“Well goddamn look what the fuck we got here,” the man exclaimed, rubbing his crotch as he stared down at the little Asian.
Hannah cringed at the sight of the hideous bastard. He was very fat and hairy, and his filthy work-shirt seemed to indicate he was a plumber. The smile on his face was indescribably perverted and the look in his eyes sent shivers through Hannah’s bones. She began whimpering in fear as the man moved toward her.
“A couple of Outlaws told me you’re selling blowjobs—how much?” The ugly slob asked.
“It’s…its twenty dollars, twenty-five to swallow,” Hannah answered, blushing in shame at the words.
The Asian girl couldn’t hide her frown when she saw the man pull out a $20 and a $5 bill. He waved them in front of her face before setting the money inside the glass jar. Hannah took a deep breath and sighed as she watched the fat john pull his pants and underwear down. His cock wasn’t overly long, but it was very thick and the bush of pubic hair at its base was massive.
“Damn they really fucked you up didn’t they?” The man chuckled, as he stared at Hannah’s battered breasts and swollen pussy.
Hannah grumbled in protest as the fat creature grabbed a fistful of her hair and plunged his cock between her lips. It took mere seconds before he was savagely thrusting his penis in and out of her mouth. Hannah whined desperately as the obese man thumped her face against his shaft, his huge ball sack smacking against her chin. She could taste his horrendous dick cheese and could feel it smearing against her lips and rubbing off into her mouth and throat.
“Fucking suck it bitch! Why am I doing all the fucking work here?!” The ugly john screamed, pulling his cock out for a moment so he could slap Hannah across the face.
“I’m sorry! Please!” The Asian sobbed, wrapping her lips around the disgusting penis once it was back in her mouth.
Hannah whimpered as the ugly slob grabbed her head once more and shoved his cock to the back of her throat. She kept her lips wrapped tightly around the obese man’s penis and massaged it with her tongue while he drilled it in and out of her mouth. Hannah’s eyes were watery and she could feel the drool running down her chin while she choked on the fat cock.
“Fuck you bitch!” The fat man screamed, smashing Hannah’s face against his penis repeatedly while she groaned piteously.
Hannah was starting to feel dizzy and didn’t think she could take much more of the abuse. She kept trying to free her head from the man’s grip but he wouldn’t let her. He was grunting in pleasure as he sank his cock into Hannah’s mouth until his balls were against her chin. Thankfully, however, it did not take him much longer to cum. She felt his cock pulsing in her mouth and then the familiar surge of jizz bursting from it.
“Swallow it whore!” The slob commanded, burying his dick inside Hannah’s mouth as far as he could.
Hannah whined in despair as she quickly gulped down the man’s load. Even though it was so disgusting, she just wanted to hurry up and finish so that he could take his dick out of her mouth and throat. When she’d swallowed every drop of his sperm, the john finally let go of her head and Hannah immediately pulled away from him.
“Thanks bitch that was nice,” the man stated happily, panting from his excitement and satisfaction. “I’ll be back later tonight if you’re still here. Hopefully they start selling your pussy soon too.”
Hannah did not even look at or acknowledge the ugly bastard as he pulled his pants back on and left the room. She stared down at the floor and wept miserably at her horrible situation. She could still taste the man’s cum on her lips, and could feel it swirling around in her stomach. As she looked over at the clock, Hannah began trembling while she waited for the door to open once more.
In just minutes another disgusting, overweight man was inside the room and thumping his cock back and forth against Hannah’s mouth. It did not take him very long to cum, and because he’d only paid $20 he spewed his load all over the Asian’s face. Hannah wept miserably as the ugly beast held her hair firmly with one hand while he drenched her face with his sperm. By the time he was finished she was covered with cum and looked like a filthy, worthless whore.
More than three hours elapsed as a steady stream of men came into the room and brutally fucked Hannah’s mouth. The patrons were all dirty, ugly laborers who worked near the town and visited the tavern regularly. Many of them had never seen an Asian in real life, and were overjoyed to receive a blowjob from a gorgeous one like Hannah. During this time the girl serviced 22 customers, with 15 of them dumping their semen down her throat. To make matters worse, an Outlaw also came in every twenty minutes or so to check on her, and each one of them pissed in her mouth and made her swallow it.
Hannah was crying miserably as she stared over at the jar full of cash. There was over $500 inside the container, and it made her absolutely sick to think about how many dicks she had to suck for that amount of money. She could feel the sperm from various men that was stained all over her face and hair, and her throat burned from the countless cocks she’d been forced to deep-throat over the past few hours.
“Well well look what the fuck we got here,” Hannah heard a voice chuckle.
She looked to the door and felt her heart sink as her next customer strolled in. The man had on a black and blue cop uniform and was leering at her with the most evil smile imaginable. Like Tank and the other Outlaws, he was huge and his outfit was drenched with sweat from the midday heat. He came over to the Asian and dropped his pants to the floor. Hannah frowned dejectedly as soon as she saw his massive, rock-hard shaft.
“I heard all about you whore,” the cop declared, grinning down at the Asian while he stroked his cock. “The Outlaws tell me they’ve been busting you up real good. I heard about that train they ran through you last night, too. The whole gang right? I bet your little fuck holes are still sore from that one.”
“Please help me, please sir, I—I’ve been kidnapped,” Hannah pleaded frantically, looking up at the cop with her doleful eyes. “Please! Please help me! Please sir, I’ll do whatever you want, anything you want, just please help me go home! I just wanna go home!”
“Damn you might be their hottest catch yet,” the cop continued, ignoring Hannah’s pleas. “I don’t think they ever had an Asian before. I know they snatched up that spic whore a few months back, she’s over at Jimmy’s I think. What the fuck’s her name? Rosalie? God she’s a hot little cunt, they’ve been banging her brains out real good.”
“Please you have to help me, I don’t—I don’t wanna die here, please,” Hannah sobbed.
“Relax whore, you’re not gonna die here, at least not anytime soon,” the officer said, as reassuringly as he could. “The Outlaws are gonna keep you around for awhile, they usually keep fresh meat like you for at least a year or two. What, you think you’re their only whore? They got several bitches like you, one in every bar. My favorite is that little redheaded cunt, Ellen. God she was a feisty little slut, it took them boys weeks to break her in good. I hardly see her anymore though—she’s always on the road with Big Joe, I hear she’s his personal fuck-slave now.”
Hannah shivered as she heard the cop’s words. She wasn’t sure how to feel knowing that she wasn’t the only captive of the biker gang. There were more like her, and apparently they were spread out over the other bars that the gang owned or operated. Hannah imagined most of them had been abducted under similar circumstances as hers, probably while they were on their way to vacation or something. She felt terribly for them, and wondered whether or not they were all raped nearly as much as she was every day.
“Anyways bitch, how much for a blowjob? Twenty-five bucks?” The cop asked, pulling his wallet from his pants.
“Yes,” Hannah responded, as she stared at the floor hopelessly.
The burly officer stuffed $25 worth of bills into the jar and chuckled as he noticed how much money was inside. Hannah wanted to scream as the man laughed about how busy she’d been, and how she was obviously an amazing dick sucker. He then grabbed the back of her head and held it steady while he plunged his massive cock deep into her mouth.
Hannah quickly began choking as the cop forced his penis all the way past her mouth and down her throat. She looked so helpless and pathetic as the huge cop brutally jerked her head back and forth against his dick. Hannah’s lips were wrapped tightly around the thick shaft and she was doing her best to get the officer to climax quickly. She was groaning wretchedly as he mercilessly slammed his cock down her little throat.
“Fuck yeah baby! That’s it just like that! Choke on that cock you little bitch!” The policeman screamed, clutching Hannah’s head in his oversized hands while he smashed her face against his cock.
“Uuuaaagghhh!! Pleeaaasssee!!” Hannah begged, taking a huge breath of air once the officer finally pulled his dick from her mouth.
In just seconds, however, the Asian was gagging terribly as the cock was back between her lips. The cop fucked Hannah’s mouth for ten agonizing minutes, pulling out a half dozen times during that span to prevent the girl from suffocating. For Hannah, it was the most brutal blowjob of the night, and she kept thinking she was going to die from it. Every single time he had to pull out of her mouth, the irritated policeman gave Hannah a fierce slap on the face.
“Fuck yeah whore! Here it comes! Swallow it bitch!” The officer bellowed, gripping Hannah’s head in his giant hands as he buried his penis deep into her mouth and began cumming.
Hannah proceeded to gulp down the man’s sperm like a good whore. She could feel his huge cock pulsating in her mouth and felt completely disgusted. The cop was grunting like a beast as he milked every single drop of his jizz into the Asian’s mouth. When he was done he pulled out of the miserable girl and smiled down at her.
“Not bad slut,” the officer remarked. “You need to work on that deep-throat though. I’m sure the Outlaws will take care of that soon though. I’m gonna talk to Tank, see if I can get you over to the station one of these days so us cops can have some Asian pussy too.”
Hannah was sobbing hard as the policeman pulled his pants back on and left the room. She felt so utterly defeated, and was started to believe that her predicament really was hopeless. It was unfathomable to think that even the cops in this town were pure evil. She did not get much time to lament her situation, however, as another massive, hairy john walked into the room and deposited his money into the jar on the table.
The evening crawled by so slowly for Hannah, as she was forced to suck one filthy cock after another with almost no interruption. She could not believe how many customers frequented the tavern, and it was clear that just about every one of them came into the room to purchase a blowjob from her. The bikers seemed intent on making as much money as possible from Hannah, and never gave her more than a minute to rest between customers. Thus, it was no exaggeration to say that Hannah’s mouth was stuffed full of cock for just about the entire night.
“Damn bitch, you’re a mess,” Tank chuckled, strolling into the room after the final john had finished using Hannah. “Long night?”
The little Asian was staring at the floor and sobbing in sheer misery. Her hair and face was plastered with sperm and her eyes were full of anguish and suffering. It was just past midnight, and Tank had finally stopped sending in patrons like he’d promised. All in all, Hannah had sucked almost 50 cocks during the night and there was over $1,000 inside the glass jar. Her jaw felt like it was broken from the countless times it had been stretched by huge cocks and slapped by the men. Her belly felt like it was going to burst from the many, many loads of sperm and piss she’d been forced to swallow.
“Good news whore, you’re officially done for the night,” Tank declared, as he grabbed Hannah’s cum-soaked hair and pulled her off the stool. “But don’t you worry, tomorrow’s another day, and we’ll be stuffing that ass and pussy again all day.”
Hannah’s legs were so tired from squatting all night that she had to be carried away by the huge biker. Tank dragged her back into the main lounge and over to the restroom where he dumped her into the tub. As he turned on the shower and left, Hannah sat in a fetal position and cried desperately as the cool water ran all over her.

**I hope you enjoy the story so far. Feel free to email me at I would love to hear comments or ideas about the story.**

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The reason some woman show berofe others is because a lot of us have had children previously, our muscles are not as taught as first timers!! Every woman has a different shape and size. Just because some of you feel that they shouldn't be showing as soon as they are doesn't mean that we are just bloated or were bigger to begin with. The point of posting all of these pics are to share how we are changing in THIS pregnancy, its exciting to see and to share with others. So please keep your negative comments to yourself. If you are pregnant and looking at this then you should know that a lot of us are very selfconcious this is the last place we should be judged as we are all mothers and should know the changes that our bodies are going to be going through. Lets be encouriging to each other not negative

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