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My sister shares with me
Part 8

"I thought you fell asleep, down there. Or started another movie."

"No, nothing as boring as that. Amelia and I spent some time learning about each other." As normal, I sat down on the floor in front of the couch and laid my hand on the cushion near my sister's legs. It was only a matter of minutes before my fingers found their way onto Susan's knee and started moving, spider-like, toward her inner thigh.

Susan spread her legs for me, inviting me to caress the mound between her legs, and asked, "And what new things did you learn?"

My fingers reached their target, and I started to massage my sister's lips through the fabric of her loose fitting pajama bottoms. Rubbing forcefully, I pushed fingers and fabric into her pussy, causing Susan to moan softly and start breathing more heavily.

"For starters, I learned the two of you have a lot in common. You both like see-through underwear, you both have a lot of self-esteem, and you both know what you want."

As I said that, I worked my hand into Susan's pajama bottoms so I could get at her wet lips without the fabric in the way. Gently, I played with her clit and lips, then eased a finger inside her body. With my other hand, I started to slide her bottoms off. She raised her tiny ass off the couch to help, and laid back down as the pants slid off her feet and onto the floor.

"I also learned that you both like massages, and that you both like me to sit on the floor and shower you with attention."

"Really? And what kind of attention did Amelia want?"

"This kind," I said, leaning forward and pushing my tongue into her pussy. Susan gasped, though I wasn't sure if it was from the feel of my tongue sliding into her or from the shock of what I had said. I didn't give her time to respond. I started to suck on her clit, pulling it out of it's hiding spot, then tongue fucked her more forcefully than ever before. Something had obviously turned my sister on as she climaxed almost immediately. Susan started to buck her hips as the orgasm hit her, smearing her pungent juices all over my face. Totally aroused by the situation, I shoved my tongue so far into Susan's pussy that my nose was pushing hard against her clit. My sister continued to thrust her hips into me until she collapsed onto the couch. She lay there shaking from the orgasm as I worked my tongue from between her legs, across her abdomen and up her body until I had to unbutton her top to get at her naked tits. Her nipples were already hard as I took one, then the other into my mouth. After sucking on each for several minutes, I kissed along her throat and jaw until I reached her open mouth. Pushing my tongue against hers, I kissed her deeply, enjoying how excited she was by the events of the past few minutes.

Susan further demonstrated her excitement by slipping her hand into my lounge pants and firmly grabbing the shaft of my cock. As we continued to kiss, she started to slide her hand up and down my length, taking my breath away. I returned the favor by sliding a hand down her body and easing two fingers inside her wet pussy. It was only a matter of minutes before I felt my sister start to slide my pants down over my ass. Once the were down enough to free my shaft, Susan wrapped her legs around my body and pulled me down as her hand guided the head of my cock into her hot, wet hole.

With a single thrust, I quickly slid my entire length into my sister’s pussy. Her moan was silenced as I shoved by tongue forcefully into her mouth. After ramming my cock deep into her cunt, I started to fuck my sister as I wanted to fuck her daughter. The warmth of her hole caressed my shaft as it slid in and out of my Susan’s body.

After the events of the night, I knew it would only be a matter of minutes before I was ready to cum. And aroused as I both Susan and I were, I wanted to do more than cum in her pussy.

Slipping my shaft out of her cunt, I had her rock her hips forward as I repositioned the head of my cock against her anus. Susan obeyed and I started to push against her tight brown hole. As her pussy juices lubricated her ass, I felt my head slip past the opening and deep into her rear. My sister gasped in pleasure as she felt my cock fill her ass.

Susan again pulled me tight against her body with her legs, forcing my cock all the way into her ass. She also reached up and pulled my head to hers so we could continue our passionate kiss.

My sister started to fuck like a woman possessed. She bucked her hips, slipping her tight asshole over my cock from tip to base. That, combined with her kiss, pushed me quickly to climax. I felt my balls tighten and then my cum shot into Susan’s butt. Susan moaned in pleasure as she felt the warm seed flow into her.

This time, however, Susan didn’t collapse in exhaustion after I climaxed. Instead, she started to squeeze her muscles, gripping my cock tightly. It was unable to shrink, and my sister continued to fuck me with her ass. My sensitive cock sent jolts through my body as Susan slid her body up and down the length.

She continued to do that until it was obvious I could take no more. At that point, she slowed her rocking and allowed my cock to slip out of her rear. She groaned with satisfaction as my length popped out of her body.

“That was amazing, Susan,” I said as I collapsed next to my sister. “And I really needed it.”

Susan turned so she could face me and gave me another passionate kiss.

“I needed it, too, Tom, after hearing about what happened downstairs. Just the thought of it would have turned me on. Knowing you actually did that to Amelia was more than my body could take.”

Hugging my sister tight to me, I told her how much I loved her and asked if she was sure she was okay with sexual contact between me and her daughter. She assured me she was, so long as she continued to receive the same attention. “In fact,” she said, “I think I’ll want you to show me some more attention before too long.”

“After what just happened, it might take a while.”

My sister had a devilish grin on her face. “I can think of several reasons why you’ll be ready and willing to fuck me, again, tonight.”

“Really, what are they?”

“Well, first, we’ll go into the shower, clean up, and I’ll do everything possible to get you hard, again.”

That attracted my attention, and I urged her to continue.

“I also think that images of what you just did with Amelia will make my job easier. Surely the thought of eating her out will help with another hard on. Even if you have to imagine you are fucking her as you fuck me.”

If Susan knew anything, it was how to push the right buttons when she wanted me to fuck her.

“Finally, I know something you don’t. Something that will make it difficult for you to even get to the shower before you’re ready to fuck me a second time.”

After my sister said that, things started to fly through my head. Things like Amelia having already had sex, my sister being pregnant, Susan and Amelia having sex together, and a wide variety of other images popped into my brain.

“Yeah, what’s that,” I asked somewhat nervously.

“I’m not going to tell you,” was my sister’s response. “Unless you promise to take me to the shower and fuck me, again.”

I leaned in to give Susan another kiss, forcing my tongue into her mouth. I slipped my hand between her legs and slid three fingers into her pussy. Susan spread her legs and returned the kiss until I leaned back and told her I would definitely make love to her a second time so long as she could get me hard, again.

My sister wasted no time jumping off the couch and taking my hand in hers to pull me after her. I followed willingly, enticed by the sway of her hips as I watched her ass. She walked to the bathroom and turned the water on in the shower as I closed the door. As the water ran to warm up, Susan stood up, turned to me, and took my limp cock in her hands. She started to rub the shaft, then kept one hand there as she turned on the shower.

She led me, quite literally by the cock, into the shower and stepped into the water. I stayed close to her and she pulled me into her wet body so we could once again kiss and caress each other. The water running down my sister’s body and off her chest and pussy turned me on as it always does.

Susan pushed me back away from the water and knelt down in front of me. Looking up, she asked if I was ready to see if she could get me hard again. Figuring she was just going to start sucking my cock, I said I was.

My sister took my semi-erect cock in her hands and started to rub up and down the length. At the same time, she said, “There’s something you should know about Amelia.”

Half moaning because of the attention she was showing me, I replied, “What’s that?”

“She wasn’t born four weeks early, she was born right on time.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Susan continued to stroke my cock, saying, “Amelia wasn’t conceived in November, Tom. She was conceived in October.” After saying that, my sister leaned forward and took my rapidly expanding cock into her mouth and started sliding her lips up and down the shaft, taking the entire length into her mouth and throat.

I was forced to lean back against the wall of the shower as I took in the news my sister had just given me. Few people besides me would understand the importance of what she had said. It was both incredible and scary at the same time.

When Amelia had been born, the entire family had been concerned because she was almost exactly a month premature. If what Susan was telling me now was true, I knew why she had lied to the family.

My sister had gotten pregnant shortly after returning home from my wedding. At that wedding, she had been the first woman to fuck me after the ceremony. The wedding was about a month prior to the date she had told us she got pregnant.

Taking all that in, I looked down at my sister and said, “You mean...”

Continuing the blowjob, my sister glanced up and shook her head. It didn’t seem possible, but I got even harder when she did that.

I reached down and pulled my sister away from my cock and helped her stand up. Holding her shoulders, I asked her if Amelia was my daughter. Our daughter.

Susan was almost unable to talk. She just shook her head, again. “I found out I was pregnant a couple weeks after I got home. I waited an extra month before I said anything. I’m not sure the doctor believed the story, because he kept asking about my cycle. I stuck with the story until she was born. She’s your daughter, Tom.”

I pulled my sister into my arms and shoved my tongue into her mouth. Kissing her deeply, I lifted her up and she wrapped her arms around my waist. Lowering her down, my now rock solid cock slid easily into her wet pussy. Turning, I pushed her against the wall and started to fuck her with an intensity that quickly pushed us both toward a climax.

Obviously excited by what she had just shared, Susan’s orgasm came first. She started to shake in my arms and her cunt gripped tightly around my cock as the contractions hit. She squeezed me tightly in her legs and I climaxed, pouring my seed into my sister’s pussy. Though we had both just cum, we remained coupled for several more minutes, enjoying the bonding of sexual contact.

Eventually, my cock started going limp and my sister dropped her legs from around my waist. I squeezed her tightly to me and told her how much I loved her.

“I love you, too, Tom. And I want you to know how much I love knowing that Amelia is your daughter. I hope it means as much to you.”

I was still taking it in, but said, “Of course it does. It’s a huge shock, but in a good way.”

Susan grabbed the soap and we started to clean each others bodies. My sister lovingly washed my cock as I focused on cleaning our cum from her pussy. We took our time, gently caressing the other.

As we turned off the water and reached for towels, Susan asked if the news about Amelia would change how I felt about what had happened earlier. Jokingly, she reached for my cock, again, saying, “Or was the size of your cock and the amazing fucking your just gave me your answer.”

“I won’t lie, Susan, it was an incredible turn-on when I realized what you were saying. To think I was eating out my own daughter. I was ready to fuck her, too.”

“And now,” asked Susan.

“Now, I think we let things happen however they happen. I assume Amelia doesn’t know?”

“No,” said my sister. “I think we should leave it that way, at least for a while.”

“At least until we see what happens, you mean.”

My sister grinned. “Yeah. Something like that. Now, take me to bed so I can wear you out and stop you from going downstairs and taking our daughter.”

So I did. And through everything that happened that night, I had images of Amelia in my mind. Susan knew that, and played along.

One thing was certain. Things were never going to be quite the same in our house.

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