I never really understood the stereotypical little girl’s fascination with ponies. Don’t get me wrong, I love animals. My protective Doberman and loveable Great Dane could attest to that. Hell I couldn’t even bring myself to have my pets neutered. It just seemed cruel to me considering all I needed to do was keep them on a short leash or inside my yard to keep unwanted puppies out of the neighborhood. Which brings me back to the horses.

I was walking Damien, the Doberman one afternoon when we passed my neighbor, Phil. He was also walking his dog, but his bitch must have been in heat. Damien took one big sniff in the air, pointed directly at Phil’s Doberman, and started straining at his lead. Unfortunately after years of wear from walking with two large dogs the leash snapped forcing me to stumble back from the sudden loss of balance. Luckily I was able to hook my fingers through his collar before Damien got traction and held him in place. Once he calmed down he remembered his training and sat by my side.

"I’m so sorry about that Phil,” I apologized. “Guess he got a little too excited when he saw a potential playmate.”

“Not to worry. Looks like you have him under control. Though it looks to me like he wanted a little more than play,” he replied with a smirk.

I looked down to see a bright splash of scarlet against Damien’s dark ebony coat. It seems just the whiff of a ready female had forced his crimson cock out of its sheath. I felt the blood rush to my face to the point where I must have blushed as brightly as the rapidly disappearing canine member. Thoroughly embarrassed I mumbled further apologies and dragged Damien back home.

As soon as I got in the door I rounded on Damien ready to yell and scream to impress on him never to try and run off again, but looking at him with his sad brown eyes sitting up on his haunches I instantly deflated. Realizing my anger was mostly at myself for being so embarrassed; I knelt down and gave him a hug instead.

“It’s all right,” I cooed. “I should have replaced this old thing a while ago with the abuse you and Brutus give it.”

As if on cue, Brutus came bounding into the entryway and starts licking my face as if to ask why Damien gets all the attention and not him. Laughing and wiping off the doggie drool I lean over to wrap my arms around his big warm neck. Unlike Damien, with me on my knees I need to reach up a little to wrap my arms around Brutus’s neck and pet his soft tan fur.

After I calmed down a bit and fed the puppies I knew I needed to get a better lead to keep myself from getting humiliated like that in the future. So, with some quick goodbyes I headed out to the pet store to get a few better quality leashes to keep my big boys under control.

I can’t tell how many times I drove that same road back and forth on errands, but for some reason on the drive back with the fresh leads in the passenger seat, the Midwest Riding Center caught my eye. As I drove past I read the marquee which was advertising their free introductory lessons.

When I got home I couldn’t get the stables out of my mind. I looked up their website and found out the free intro lessons were held every weekend and decided immediately that it sounded like something fun and different to try. So I jotted the timing down in my calendar and suddenly couldn’t wait to ride a horse for the first time.

That weekend I had my first ride and finally found out what all the other girls who love ponies already instinctively must know. Arriving at the stables I was unexplainably giddy with anticipation. I went to the office to find out where I needed to be, but I stopped before entering. There was a Great Dane tied up and wandering around outside the entrance. I approached cautiously since he was even bigger than Brutus, but he seemed friendly enough. He came up to me wagging his tail politely, so I responded with a scratch behind his ears before heading in.

I was given a helmet to wear for the lesson at the office and told to meet the owner in one of their outdoor rings for the lesson. The owner introduced herself as Melanie and started the lesson with some basic safety tips. Always wear a helmet, try not to get stepped on, and if you need to go behind a horse maintain gentle contact so you don’t startle them. Then the group of new riders was assigned horses. Melanie directed me to Apollo and I was instantly smitten. He was gorgeous white horse with little black flecks.

I greeted Apollo with a friendly scratch on the forehead and he snorted warm horse breath into my face. Just being near and touching such a magnificent animal made me smile. We were helped into the saddle with mounting blocks and as soon as I started settling into my seat a warm tingling started spreading from my pussy. I could feel my panties pressing against my lower lips and clit. Ignoring the pleasant sensations flowing from my crotch I listened intently to Melanie as she put us and the horses through our paces.

First we learned to walk, turn, and halt; in other words to better control our horses. As we walked forward, slowly at first, the gentle swaying of Apollo’s steps caused my hips to move forward in back in time with the horse. This of course caused the gentle tingling to become more and more insistent. Melanie also taught us now to ask the horse to walk faster which only intensified the electric arcs of soft pleasure coursing through my body.

Feeling Apollo’s muscular barrel sway under me as I gripped him with my legs gave my stomach butterflies which were flitting throughout my body on the growing orgasm. By the end of the hour long lesson I was starting to worry that my jeans would be soaked through with my vaginal secretions. However, I was so damn horny I couldn’t care less. I gave Apollo a hug around the neck and a quick kiss and left him with the workers. Hurrying to my car I sped home as fast as the red lights would allow.

The ride home did nothing to quench my desire or stem the tide of juices soaking my panties. As I approached the front door I was shaking so much in anticipation I had issues unlocking the door. When my keys finally worked themselves out I dashed inside and slammed the door shut. I dropped everything and kicked off my shoes. I made for the bedroom only to be stopped by my dogs. They ran up to me and circled my legs begging for pets. I absentmindedly rubbed their heads while rubbing my own crotch more earnestly.

Leaving them behind, I ran up the stairs stripping off my t-shirt and bra as I moved. My jeans joined the trail of clothes as I half stumbled through the door attempting to take of my panties on the move as well. They finally fell and I collapsed onto the bed.

Before the comforter had even settled around my body my fingers were playing amidst the lips of my searing soaked snatch. After the past hour of foreplay I couldn’t wait any longer. I drove two fingers deep into myself eliciting an instant moan of pleasure. My eyes started to glaze over just from the first penetration. But that wasn’t nearly enough. I whacked my hand in and out of my body like a piston doing overtime. Waves of electricity ran along my skin with each stroke, further intensified whenever my hand rubbed along my clit. The slick squelching sound of my slippery slithering fingers only served to heighten the sensations surging through my supple body.

My moans were constantly joining the wet slap of my fingers as I slid a third digit in to join its brethren. Unfortunately this forced a change in my hand position and decreased my clitoral contact so I slid my other hand down to rectify that situation. I drew circles around my love bud and pressed against it with my left hand as I plowed tirelessly into my pussy with my right. Through the haze of my half closed eyes I saw movement at the bedroom door. I caught a glimpse of Damien slinking in to my bedroom. I had a brief thought in the back of my mind that I forgot to close the door like a normally do when I pleasure myself, but that was driven quickly from my mind by a fresh wave of pure hedonistic joy.

The last thing I saw was Damien sniffing the panties I had flung off in my lust addled mind before my orgasm hit me like a tornado. My back arched and my body froze as the bursting groundswell of pure ecstasy surged through me. A torrent of secretions gushed from my hole and coated my hand in its viscous lubrication. And for the first time in years of masturbating I wanted more. I continued to push on my love button and slide my hand in and out as fast as I could, but my hand coated in my own nectar was not giving me the same friction that I loved.

Being a day for firsts I added my fourth finger into the mix widening my gash and causing a fresh stream of fluids to cascade down my ass crack. I called out in pleasure at the force expanding my pussy as most of my hand slid effortlessly in and out of my body. I could feel the tremors raging through my body approaching a crescendo. I was reaching a second orgasm when I could feel my wrists weakening and my pace slowing. I mewled quietly at the interruption. My spirit was very very willing, but unfortunately the flesh was too weak to get me to that second apex.

I resigned myself to merely riding out the last of the cresting tingles and pulled my soaked fingers out of my cavity. However, as I waited for my breathing to even out I felt a weight depress the end of the bed. Damien had jumped up onto the bed which I normally don’t allow. I tried to shoo him off, but my voice was less then commanding in my post-orgasmic state. So instead I waved my hand at him in an attempt to move him off the bed. Instead he followed my hand back and forth until it collapsed onto my thigh.

Damien’s nose followed my hand down to my leg and gave it a few tentative sniffs before licking at my fingers. His rough tongue tickled a little as it lapped at my extremities, but it also sent shivers radiating up my arm. The shivers reawakened the fire burning low in my belly, but I was still far too exhausted to do anything about it. Instead I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of Damien cleaning off my hand for me.

After a few minutes my hand must have been clean because Damien stopped licking it. I moved my other hand in front of his nose hoping he would tidy up that one too, but he didn’t. I guess the scent trail was far stronger along my leg, because he started snuffling up my thigh before pressing his cold nose into my cunt.

Startled, I tried to push him away, but I was just too worn out. Besides, any motivation to stop him crumbled the second he licked me. Damien’s tongue in one swipe splayed the lips of my pussy open wide and ran across my clit for what felt like an eternity. The coarse texture of his thick muscle sent my straight back to the heights of ecstasy. As soon as I felt the tip of his tongue passing over my engorged lust control. It started back at the base of my cleft spreading it wide and lapping up the precious honey. Damien’s movements were so fast it felt like an undulating tide of rough muscle flowing constantly against my crotch.

Before I could even acclimate to the unyielding assault of my nether reaches I was achieving that second orgasm. The force of it blew through me like a hurricane and without even thinking I grabbed Damien’s head and pulled him even tighter against my pussy. I ground my clit against his teeth in my fervor. As if on cue Damien snaked his tongue out and into me instead of along the edges of my chasm. Somehow the yielding resistance of my vaginal walls does nothing to slow the enthusiastic movement of his muscle. The speed of his tongue forcing its way into me as my spasming body tried to squeeze it out drove me insane with the orgasmic thrill.

When I finally came to my senses I could still feel Damien lightly licking at the remaining molten cum sticking to my crotch. But he soon stopped. Despite the earth-shattering orgasm, I was thankful for the respite. He stood up and walked over my outstretched arm displaying his bright red member as he moved beside me on the bed. Then he curled up beside me and started licking his own balls. Laughing lightly I curled up next to him and stroked my nipples against his fur.

“Good boy,” I whispered to him. “Though I wish I could do what you are right now.”

As I cuddled up to my furry companion and master cunnilinguist, I decided I was definitely going to take up horseback riding lessons as soon as I could. And with that thought I drifted off into euphoric slumber.

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2015-11-09 02:22:23
I've ridden horses since I was a girl and completely agree that it can be VERY enjoyable. Couple that with a nice hard dog cock inside you and you have hit a winner!


2015-09-24 17:35:19
Good story. Yes I will read more!

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t5JPjk Really informative post.Thanks Again. Awesome.

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f8oMbJ Fantastic article post.


2011-11-30 03:51:19
My first clue that the rider was a girl was when she found out what all the other girls thought of riding a horse.

My congratulations to the author for so convincingly potraying what I perceive as the emotions of a woman enjoying her first ride and her first relations with her dog.

I figure she was alluding to wishing she could lick the dogs nuts rather than her own. If the author treats us to an encore, she may very well do so. Of course I haven't looked yet to see if he already has.

Bravo dude on a job well done. Keep up the good work. I'll read the rest of them. You are a much better writer than I.

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