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James comes over for a slut party with Mary
Triple XXX ??? Must Be Dirty!

Two busy work-weeks took over for the marrieds. The usual fun with each other and their Toys became a back-burner as work piled on. Opposite hours, projects extending over to home-life, and nightly crashing. Even Thursday night together-meal got crowded out. No time for “socializing”. Mary felt deprived. John wondered – will things ever get back to “normal”?

The recent experience of the girls in Central City, and then the evening of reruns, meant it was Mary’s turn with her Toy James. John was intrigued to see what she’d have in mind with her new-found sexual adventurism. He was ready again to be the Audience. What a darling exhibitionist she had become when others were part of the fun! He’d discovered he loved watching her display herself to others – men or women. She positively glowed when she did that. My brand-new whore. My stunning bitch. He loved watching her pout and tease. Even loved watching her be taken, which still surprised him no end. He wondered how she’d feel about her Toy’s puny four-inch hotdog after she’d had the fabulous Yard ‘o Beef from their new friend. How could that possibly compare? Could James EVER satisfy her again? That thing with Anson at the gloryhole had been so emotionally wrenching for her, it was all about size, wasn’t it?! And just who was it who said ‘size doesn’t matter’?

Mary’s box was itching. Jesus god, if Puttana brought her fucking German Shepard around now, I’d suck HIM off! THAT would be some show! She imagined stroking a huge red rocket and bringing it off. Sucking cocks was her latest craze, ever since the gloryhole experiences. Her thoughts increasingly centered on the huge black prick and the fun when she and Kelly went back. I’m taking her there again next week! To hell with work, I’ll call in sick. Wouldn’t my boss just crap his pants if he knew Miss Conservative Reliable Role-Model was at some sleazy midtown dive sucking every anonymous dick stuck through a hole in the wall for a whole hour, taking naked come-baths smack-dab down her throat? God, it’s time to bring James around again, get wild with him. Work is getting in the way of my Life!

On Tuesday, Mary text’d James: CM TO CRZY PRTY SAT. AT 8. FUX ‘R US. WILD LDY IS YR TOTAL HOR, FILS YR WLDST DRMS. That ought to charm him.

Now what -- fancy clothes? A costume? Meet him stark naked at the door? Videotape like Kelly did? Let him give me a fresh shave down there? A little Puttana-style S&M? Maybe let James call the shots, be Mr. Dominator? That’s a laugh -- he’s not quite Mr. Assertiveness…but …might lead to some interesting new experiences – no telling what Mr. Mild Manner Pushover would come up with. I’ll think about this.
Mary told John that James would be her Toy this Saturday night, so all work would have to just be put out of the way come hell or high water, ‘cause she was hot and needed an audience, too. John grinned – “You are truly my late-life whore – I love it.”
“Aren’t you glad, baby? Tape the show if you want, so we can watch it together and have another good time,” she told him. This was another first.
“And I love it when you call me your Whore, makes me feel extra special sexy.” She pressed her hands against her breasts, made fucking motions with her hips. What a slut, he thought, MY slut!

Saturday Night

Delights awaited James as he knocked on the door. The envelope attached said JAMES. He opened it.


The note was signed “Cordially yours” with the signatures of Mary and John.

Mary had called on Thursday and hinted to her Toy that he ought to think about someday being The Boss and she’d be The Slave, like when they all went to visit Puttana, Kelly’s “friend”. Since then, James had indeed given thought. He wasn’t surprised that Tonite Is The Night. After all, it had been three or four weeks since he’d been “called” over to the marrieds to play. He’d wondered if maybe he’d been retired and replaced, or if he’d done something to displease them.
He brought a bag of toys, on the chance that it was indeed his turn to be in charge. A trip to an adult store in Central City proved embarrassing but fruitful.

James stepped inside. He recognized Johnny Mathis’ Greatest Hits playing softly – “make-out music”, they used to call it. On the entry table beside the door sat a chilled bottle of champagne and a glass. DRINK ME, read the sign beside it. He felt like Alice in Wonderland as he poured a glass and drank. At least I’m not shrinking. I hope I’m not shrinking! Poured a second glass for the road and downed it, too. That’s enough for now. Hard-ons don’t last long if you’re drunk. A little bubbly giddiness felt good. He had already had one beer before he left home.
Dimmed lights in the room already set a mood. Nobody around, they must be upstairs. Oh, that’s right, the note said they’re in the Master Bedroom upstairs. Geez, that champagne is already getting to me. He rubbed his crotch, picked up the champagne and glass, climbed the stairway, walked to the Master Bedroom.

“Oh! James! What are you doing here? John and I were just getting ready to go out!” said Mary. The marrieds were dressed smartly. She in a summery yellow print dress, spaghetti straps revealing bare shoulders, low-cut front with generous cleavage to tease, high heels, hair done up, and sexy white lipstick. Wow. Black eyeliner brought out the startling deep blue of her eyes and matched the turquoise stone set in the silver heart pendant resting between her breasts. James stared, dumbfounded at her beauty and at the sight of the married couple apparently ready to go out somewhere. God, I want her! John wore a tie and sport coat, slacks, wingtips. James looked at him in confusion, thought furiously…. uh oh! Is this part of her game? I’d better start playing – she said I’M the Boss tonight. And worse, his champagne-hardened dick was starting to fade away.
He tossed the bag of toys onto their kingsize bed. “Wait a minute, you’re not going anywhere!”
(Mary smiled to herself – he’s caught on!)

James caught the slight smile and had the good sense to realize he was on the right track with his unaccustomed aggressiveness.

“Your behavior lately has NOT been satisfactory, so you are grounded! And tonight you’re being held to account!” (Mary thought, oh cripes, he could do better than this shit…sounds like a seventh-grader’s trashy novel.) John knew what ought to be happening…are you kidding me? Is this the best Mr. Master of My Wife can come up with? He tried his best to maintain a straight face.
James poured a glass, walked over to John, and with some trepidation that this would actually work, said “Here - drink this, and go sit over in the chair. Your whore is mine, so don’t get in my way.” John actually giggled, and then did as he was ordered. “Yes, Master,” he said in his most humble manner, with downcast eyes. James’ ego shot skyward -- Wow. I’m REALLY the Boss!
John downed a glassful quickly and pressed the button on the videotape, which sat on a tripod and aimed at the bed.

“You may have a drink,” the Master said, handing Mary the bottle, “and then suck my cock, tramp.”
She took the bottle, thrilled to finally get some action, enjoying James’ command. Mary looked over at John to make sure the cam was rolling. He nodded. She kneeled in front of James and drank, getting hot now so close to his crotch. She held some of the chilled liquid in her mouth while she rubbed her hand over the front of his pants. She could feel he was already erect. She unzipped him, pulled out the penis and immediately stuffed the whole thing in her mouth. Thrilled with a cock – anyone’s cock – in her lusty mouth again. The cold champagne startled him -- “Whoa! That’s cold!” It made him want to pee.
At full length, his dick was easily deep-throated since he only extended four or so inches. Mary took full advantage of this, working him vigorously. One hand around the base of his shaft left room only for the knob on the end, so she alternated squeezing him and stroking, then deep-throating it expertly. The cam recorded as her face butted up to James’ pubic hair repeatedly as John became excited, too, watching his wife’s actions. The hair tickled her nose.
James felt a sudden pressure inside, was struck with an insight. He took his new slave’s head in his hands, she looked up as she sucked him, and suddenly a jolt of champagne-induced piss flooded her mouth.

John watched from his chair with his champagne, having retrieved the bottle. So far I’m not impressed with Mr. Boss – well, has anyone ever met an exciting accountant? Dull, dull, dull.

The electric charge shocked Mary like before. Her legs shook involuntarily, trembling insides took over – in an instant the Rush hit and she came hard, so unexpected. Hit out of the blue, and her hands clenched hard on his butt as she silently rode it out, swallowed while her insides melted down. James felt her stiffen and clutch at him, knew he’d made her come. He knew he was on the right track “Take it all, tramp – swallow me!”
She had no choice but to swallow. My god, the guy has got some balls after all! she thought, taking deep breaths through her nose. An unexpected orgasm, and his cock rolling around in her wet mouth -- I can’t believe he just pissed in my mouth and made me come!

John had no idea what had just occurred between the two…but…he admired his lovely wife for giving her Toy – the Master now – a chance…and it was her turn for some sex fun anyway. He enjoyed watching her give blowjobs as much as she did doing the deed. Like she said a long time ago when they first started this, it’ll be like I’m your own porno star, right here in front of you. He watched as she took James’ dick out of her mouth, licked the underside and his balls and begged, “Ummm, do that again, please Master.”

What a good little whore she is. He was in awe of his wife of 30-plus years, working so vigorously on this man in their bedroom, at the foot of their bed, his cock deep in her mouth. I love her so much.
She held the tip now in her lips, and James dribbled a little more inside her. She rolled it in her mouth with his dick, swallowed, smiled up at him and began nursing on the end of his dick. Jesus, I got away with it, thought James.

Now James was anxious to take this beautiful woman who was doing a hell of a job on his cock. She held his balls, leaned down and sucked them while she jacked him. “Am I doing good, Master?” asked Mary innocently, looking up into his eyes and showing him his balls lying within her open mouth. So pretty, he thought. I’m so lucky. “Put both in your mouth, do it right.” She gladly obeyed, opening wide and inhaling them and savoring the scent of his balls and cock. Umm, scrotum supper. Delicious. God, I hope that camera is getting all this. John opened his pants and began stroking himself.
“You can do better. Stand up. Spread your legs.” She did as ordered, reluctant to give up what she was doing. What next? James rummaged in his bag of goodies, pulled out a long black dildo. “My dick may be small, but now you’ll try this on for size,” he said.

Oooh, what a rough guy.

His arms went around her and he kissed the erotic white lips, pushed his tongue into her mouth, tasted champagne and a faint hint of his own piss. She smelled of perfume, her wet mouth tasted of lipstick. She sucked his tongue, pushed her tongue back into his mouth, desperate for hard sex, wanting to reward him for the unexpected orgasm he’d just given her. She kissed his neck and whispered in his ear, “Master, do that some more – you know you made me come.”

She took his hand and boldly put it up her dress, up her thigh. She grabbed his cock again, stroking. He squeezed her thigh, followed it up to her center, feeling her panty line, the slit and the wetness there. He remembered the taste of her panties, and her pussy. As she continued tongueing him, he slid the material aside and jammed his finger inside her slickness, in and out. The cam recorded her stroking him as she humped his hand willingly, spreading her legs to open wider, wanting more inside…started moaning for him and panting like a good Slave, “Oh Master, I love it when your finger is inside me.” John remembered well the first time he’d done that to her. He’d been shocked when she’d grabbed his hand with his finger inside her and said “Put two fingers in…” He learned quickly that she had a stronger sex drive than he did, and really loved fucking.

James knelt before her, confident now he could get whatever he wanted from her. “Raise your dress, Slave,” he ordered. Mary oriented herself more to the camera, again grasped the sides of her dress at her hips, pulled up slowly to reveal the pale yellow panties, wet and clingy now, camel-toed, just inches from her Master’s face. Her regular fitness routine kept her body tight, and she still lubricated easily when touched in the right places. The fabric of her panties was sopping, clinging to her curves, clearly showing the puffy lips and the slit in between. John and Mary both watched avidly to see what he’d do next. John thought, I hope he gets more original soon – Mary must be bored out of her skull. But… probably getting off on this exhibitionism bit, thank god for the cam. He knew his wife wanted nothing more than to get out of those clothes and fuck the hell out of the guy with the four-inch dick.

She thought, get on with it, James, for god’s sake! More fingers or something! With her dress held up, Mary watched as James leaned forward, hands locked on her butt and pulling her into his face, sucking and kissing at her tight stomach and panties. He grasped them and pulled down. She stepped out of them. Naked below the waist (finally!), completely open to his inspection and very proud of her shaved vulva. She would have framed an 8X10 of it on the bedroom wall if she had thought of it. She flaunted her body, always overjoyed to strip for her husband.

Since she and John had started this thing, she had discovered she loved being naked in front of others, particularly James and Kelly, the Toys. She flaunted herself at every opportunity, and she knew that lately, John loved watching her do this, since it turned him on watching her tease with her nudity.

Her high heels gave an extra touch of class, and shapeliness to her legs. He brought the filmy wet panties to his nose and inhaled, wiped them lightly over his face. James recognized her scent, and his dick rose rose dutifully, like Pavlov’s bell. The material over his finger, he poked the finger again inside her, his lips at the bare skin. He licked the darling little hot button. She tensed and pushed his head into her. He spread the lips with his fingers, licked up and down on the inner pink surface. She played to the camera, adjusting his head so the cam could see his tongue on her. The Whore At Work. It took everything she had to keep from grabbing his head and burying his face deep in her crotch. She looked over at her husband toasting her with the champagne glass, grinning -- Fuck him, baby, he mimed.

Mary raised one foot onto the bed to give this slow dude better access to everything she had, preening for the camera, spurring him on. At least James knew enough to clamp onto her clit. Jets of wildfire shot through her stomach. She used her fingers to spread her outer lips. He took the hint, burying two fingers, rotating them. “Oh please more, Master,” she fake-moaned. “More, fuck me hard with your sexy fingers.” He pushed them against the inside front and rubbed, where one of the guys had once said is a woman’s “G” spot, whatever that was. “Ummm, Master, you’re so good to me.” Switching the dildo to his other hand, James put it in his own mouth and sucked, wetting it. With one hand now clutching her ass, the ebony dildo substituted for his fingers. She thought of Anson as she watched and felt it disappear inside her, filling her, remembered Anson’s huge monster opening her up and incredibly stretching her cunt. If it had been a slo-mo camera, you’d have noticed her eyes glaze over as the dildo disappeared. What a horse-cock he had! This poor substitute was second-best….but felt good anyway. “MORE, Master -- please can I have more?”

(End of Part One......continued in Part Two coming real soon)

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cashmere scarf! haha you are so CUUTE!! haha ooooo we'll put your mind at rest and then they don't! haha pressurizing cnmoods in health class some chick came in and told us about flavored cnmoods!! super slippery i might make a waterslide! you make me laugh so much!! the many changes of scenery are quite amusing too! as are the nostalgic woman abuse snapshots your fake cry is VERY convincing. i thought devil wears prada was a great movie too! and i didn't think it would be.

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