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Mary and James enjoy a bout of sex while John watches
James was at a loss for words. She’s insatiable! This thing is completely inside her and she wants ‘more’ ! He pulled it out of her, slid it in again. It was easily eight, nine inches long, and she took the whole thing! “Oh Master, I’m your whore, make me come. Fuck my hole.”
John was so proud of his wife as she urged her Toy on, so nasty, so slutty, so fucking hot.
She rode it as he barely held onto the end. John knew she was trash-talking for his benefit, spurring James on to bigger and better things. She was completely in charge….and the Master didn’t have a clue.
James didn’t want to sound mean and “demanding”, and he was still uncomfortable calling her a bitch or a whore, or other nasty names. This “Master” business is tough! All he could think to do was give short orders. Mary wanted to get hold of that dick again.

John drank more champagne and beat his meat. Let’s get this show on the road, Mr. Passive Little Dick.

James withdrew it inch by inch, enjoying the view of the pink pussy lips of this beautiful woman spread around the black giant. He tasted it. “Get on your hands and knees on the bed, and let’s see that ass lift up high. Spread those legs, too – I want to see your whore-box wide open!”
Jesus, she thought, did he really call it a whore-box?! Mary struggled to not laugh.
He licked the juice on the dildo as she moved onto the bed. She met John’s eyes briefly, winked hard and ran her tongue over her lips at him as he continued to masturbate. The marrieds held a silent conversation.
I’m having fun, baby.
I know you are, hon.

She took her new position, dress still on. Mary’s shapely butt now faced her husband’s chair, and she pulled her dress up over her back. Spread her legs, laid her head down on her arms with her butt raised in open invitation. Wide open now -- Fuck me, James! Come fuck me, one and all. A dozen Japs, My Friend Flicka, Rin Tin Tin, a fucking boa constrictor, a construction-worker gangbang -- I don’t care… She hoped the cam was catching all of this. She squeezed her ass cheeks together, then reached back and pulled them apart, tightened and opened her sphincter to the camera and her husband.

James had removed his pants, shirt too. He had long gotten over being naked in John’s presence. My beautiful bitch now, look at that lovely butt stuck up in the air, all for me.
He rummaged in the bag on the bed, pulled out a pair of shiny silver handcuffs and tossed them near her. She froze, and with a sudden intake of breath shouted “NO! No handcuffs! You can’t tie me down!” James froze too, startled. Oops. He quickly picked them up and tossed them across the room.
Only one way to get back now -- his prick throbbing, he knelt on the bed at her face and pushed himself into her mouth again, pissing a quick hard dose into his Slave. Like an addiction, a sexual circuit deep inside her completed the electrical contact when the liquid hit, and she shuddered, totally at his command as her body tripped over again into a brief spasm. Jesus, he did it again! And I came! She spasmed as she sucked hard and didn’t want him to pull out…he took it away from her as she swallowed. “There, bitch, how do you like that!” he said, hoping John would just see it as face-fucking “punishment” for refusing the handcuffs.

Shit! My body just takes over when he does that! This is his Game with me, she thought, and he knows that John doesn’t know he’s doing this. Gotta give the guy some credit. Why does this just jolt me so much? Holy fuck!

James took himself away from her, a further punishment. Moved over near John and took the champagne bottle, drank from it heartily now. His erection glistened from Mary’s mouth and their little secret. He poured another for John. Stroking himself next to Mary’s husband, who was still busy with his own cock. Boy, this is like some guy jackoff club right now!
James said, “Doesn’t my Slave have a beautiful ass?”
“I love it,” said John, “especially when she spreads her cheeks and shows what she’s hiding inside.” “How about her pussy – it’s so red and wet now. You can see the pink since she’s spread so wide…” boasted James with bravado. John pushed him – “I think you should do something wild ‘n crazy to your Slave. Put your tongue in her ass.” He knew Mary would appreciate that, and that James had better get busy instead of dorking around. She must be bored to tears by now, thought her husband.

A little impatient and angry that James abandoned her, Mary fake-moaned, “Oh Master, RAPE ME! Take me hard. Give me all of your hot cock. Give me all your hot come…please Master, RAPE ME RIGHT NOW!”
That oughta do it, she thought. Ya gotta coax the fuck outta this guy!

James slid over to her lovely naked raised ass with the bottle. Three fingers pushed into her wet pussy and he slid his thumb into her ass. Thumbs and fingers worked in concert, in rhythm in her. Mary gasped, “whoa, keep that up for a year, Master, I love it. Damn – rape me there, harder, baby!” Now, with the empty bottle and a ton of confidence, he was ready for Crazy, especially since Mary was humping his fingers. “You need to get filled up, slut. And I’m just the Master to do it !” Mary thought, oh, Lame James. Just don’t stop what you’re doing now. I’ll have to tell John this new name for my Toy later.

John watched as James pulled his hand out of her, put the neck of the champagne bottle to her pussy. James worked it in between the pink inner lips, fucking her with the champagne bottle. The neck was at least seven inches long and she took it easily, moaning with pleasure – “Yes, Master, that’s it, please please fuck me more.” James leaned down and licked the tight asshole. Kissed her butt all over as he took her with the bottle and his tongue. John watched as Mary’s hand came underneath to rub her clit.
“Oh Master, give me all you’ve got. Do whatever you want to me, I’m just your Slave.” James pushed the bottle as far as he could, half its length inside, the rest flared out too big. Tongue and bottle probed her, lubricating and opening. Now he grabbed the dildo and exchanged it for the bottle. Mary sighed loudly, “Please please please.” She pushed back. Both men were thrilled – John with his pants off and working his cock, which not so strangely excited James, who remembered the sensation when Mary made him suck John off, the first time he’d ever done that to a man…the heavy load of come shooting into his mouth and the feeling of absolute control over a bigger, stronger man. “Make yourself come, Slave,” he whispered to Mary, “and I’ll give you another treat.”

She knew exactly what he meant and redoubled her efforts on her hot button. She flashed on Anson’s big black cock as the black dildo screwed her, and she was close to coming. And she flashed on James’ first time at the house, when she’d shamelessly stuffed her panties in her pussy and made this first man to see her naked since her husband take them out with his teeth – what a thrilling sensation that had been, the first time she’d ever done something wild like that – first, stripping for a stranger, letting another man see me naked, then his mouth on my cunt, eating me out and sucking my clit! while John watched! what a whore I can be… that was the first time in 35 years another man besides John touched me like that. God, what a rush!

And Mary felt The Rush come over her pussy and ass, filled and worked vigorously by her Master, her hand masturbating hard. Come come come please come! Vision dimmed and the hot adrenaline lightening surged through her body started in her pussy spread up and out and she screamed with delight as she climaxed and her body jerked. James felt the dildo try to back out as her two sphincters involuntarily closed tight in orgasmic spasms. He pulled his fingers and the black dildo out slowly as she collapsed on the bed, spent. “Bravo, James,” cheered John. “Now fuck the slut.” James handed the black dildo to John, who promptly tasted it.

James bent down over her back, kissed the base of her spine, then down the crack and over her bare, delicious butt. He spread her cheeks once more and trailed his tongue slowly back to front, and to her ass again. John expected him to do it now.

“Turn over,” the Master ordered. The Slave did as he bid, smiled at him and opened her mouth because she knew what was coming, and she welcomed his dirty little Game, still floating from her third orgasm. I must be a pervert. How can I like this so much? How can this Lame James make me come so much!

Incredibly, she still wore her party dress, still had her bra on, even her high heels. James spread her legs, she helped by raising her bent knees, her dress riding up to reveal her. He leaned in and began tongue-fucking her. Nice, but she wanted something else, so she closed her legs against his head to make it uncomfortable for him. In moments it did, and he realized the champagne wanted an outlet again, too. He knew where to put it. He knew what the Slave wanted, where she wanted it and what it would do to her. And he still had some to share.

He climbed onto her, his knees under her armpits and his cock poised directly over her open mouth. They both knew she enjoyed this weird pissing thing. James recalled the scene in the bathtub when Kelly, John and he had given Mary what she wanted most, and how she’d orgasmed so strongly. Kelly’s pussy right above her face peed directly down into her mouth and Mary had taken it all, even had a shuddering orgasm while they all flooded her. He knew he’d made her come twice already this way, and he was ready to give her this instead of getting his own rocks off. He knew his turn for more would come later – she would be grateful for his thoughtfulness and the little Game he was working.

John continued to stroke himself while he watched James climb on his darling slut. He could only see James’ back now, and his wife’s opened legs. He’s gonna come in her mouth now. She likes that, too.
She smiled at James, he smiled back and fucked her mouth, and she wanted it bad. Since those gloryhole trips, I am SO in love with cocksucking. She realized again that James’ small dick was a perfect size for deep-throating, and certainly for something else she would soon get. A glow of new respect hit her. She grasped his dick, sucking on the end as he stroked into her. She looked in his eyes, stopped sucking, opened her mouth wider and held still. An open bowl for him. An invitation. Do it, James, give it to me! With the glans inside her mouth, he released a brief stream. John saw her toes curl down and her legs suddenly straighten out -- she really likes sucking his little dick. She pulled his dick out, licked her lips and the drop on the end of it as she swallowed and rubbed his wet champagne cock over her face. Again she took it in and sucked him, then whispered “more…please, Master.”

Again she laid still with her mouth wide, waiting, eyes begging for more. James obliged her with another sharp spurt. It was a partnership, she cued him and he gave. He had champagne to spare and she took it from him. Deep throating. Nursing on the end. Pulling out and swallowing, rubbing the wet meat all over her face ecstatically now. A warm glow spread through her, not the hot Rush this time, not the lightning. She floated…felt the gentle hard pulsing deep in her stomach and between her legs. Watching from behind, John saw between James’ legs, the penis going in, and she’d pull it out and rub it all over her cheeks, her chin and lips, then suck it in for more. James was sighing and breathing heavily, he must be getting off bit by bit, thought John.

She sucked hard, but James was still able to maintain the ability to loosen his bladder at will. She’d never experienced anything like this before. She held his prick now like a baby bottle, sucking on the nipple and found she could suck and swallow together. She sucked noisily urging him to drip into her. Lusty, yearning for more of the new, gentle Rush. She whispered, “pee slowly into me, James, let it keep coming”, and his slow steady trickle began. She swallowed as she sucked, looked up at him and mimed “more” with her wet lips. John could see her legs clenching and vibrating now, knew she must be getting a load of come in her mouth. At last he’s coming in her mouth. Finally. Her moans and the sucking noises were louder. She opened wide again and held her tongue over her lower lip, inviting more, give me more! He knew she was ready to explode, could feel her twitching, the strong suction of her mouth pleading for more. The champagne was almost all out now. James sat back on her chest instead of leaning over her face. With John’s viewed blocked, James grasped his cock, held it a few inches away from Mary’s mouth, still wide open and begging. He aimed, and let go a final stream of clear, clean champagne piss arcing into her waiting mouth. He knew she’d love this. Mary held onto his hips and watched it come, took it in, every drop, until he quit. It rushed her over the edge again – the white-hot lightning vibrated her, she shivered under him as she could not stop another bolt of electricity crashing through her body. The hot orgasm poured over and through her, like the piss in the bathtub. Gasping for breath, she opened her mouth to show him the pooled liquid inside. In a surprise move, he leaned forward, stuck his tongue inside her mouth, dipping into the warm pool and tasting together with her. Fucking her couldn’t be more intimate right now. She used her tongue to force some back into his mouth, and together they swallowed what he’d produced. James laid flat on her, satisfied he’d done his best. Mary’s arms and legs came around him, pulling and wrapping his body tight to hers, trying to force herself into his skin. John smiled as he recognized his wife’s response to a particularly wild orgasm. It’s like she needs to get inside your body. James dumped a load of come in her and she’s happy. If the Queen is happy, I am, too. He thought, the guy finally came through for her. At last.

She drifted down from the clouds slowly. For John’s benefit: “Master, was I a good Slave?” she asked oh so innocently, looking at James nose-to-nose with a schoolgirl grin.
“Oh, you’ll do, for a first-timer,” he said mock-seriously. “Perhaps I’ll let you be my Slave again sometime…”

John watched as their bodies melded, his wife finally managing to get James’ cock in her pussy. It’s about time! She must be bored stiff with him taking so long to get it in her….but then I’m pretty sure she did just have an orgasm, finally. Well, she seems pleased anyway, so it must have been fun for her. Good. Nice of him to share the champagne, too. I’ll have to remember there’s more than one use for a champagne bottle!

He reached over and lifted the videocam off the tripod, held it as he walked over to them to film this fuck from all angles. He knew Mary would like that. Mary smiled and licked her lips, her hands on James’ butt pulling him into her. “Come in me, James, I mean Master,” she cooed, “fuck me good.” And by this time, he was more than ready and he did, with John and the cam recording every thrust and moan.

Later in the night, as the marrieds lay in bed drowsy with sleep, she turned to him and said, “I’ll tell you something funny when we get around to watching the replay. That was nice of you to go to all the trouble to tape it.” She wanted to save her little secret for a bit, daydream it in private.

John said, “You looked like you were having fun, being the Slave, but I didn’t think he was ever going to get around to fucking you. And boy oh boy, he never even got around to undressing you!”
“Oh yes, I certainly did have a good time. We’ll invite Lame James over again. He’s learning. Did YOU have a good time, baby?”
John replied, “I always have a good time when I’m watching you have fun. That was SO erotic when you put his hand up your dress. And it’s all on tape, too.”

Mary thought, Incredible – Lame James made me come four fucking times tonight. I didn’t even take off my dress or my bra! She rearranged her opinion of Mr. Passive Accountant. I’m having him over again soon. He and I have kind of a secret, should I tell John? I HAVE to.
“G’nite, hon.”
“Nighty nite.”
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