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During my senior year in college, after our school basketball team won an important championship game, a few friends and I decided to do something memorable to celebrate. The group of us-- all athletic, tall, strong black guys-- were on the winning team, and we needed a release after the excitement of victory. Someone had the idea of hiring a stripper, but this brought forth an argument -- nobody wanted to pay for entertainment.

After the game, a few of our guys were designated to find us some pussy to fuck for the night. They stood around the parking lot, and succeeded in coaxing a couple drunk young white girls to come back to our frat house. Both were blond, one named Lily who was taller and thin with freckles and braids. The other one, Susie, was shorter with bigger tits and a fatter ass. Each girl was wearing a short skirt and tank top, nipples visibly hard in the cool night air.

We all licked our lips as the girls drunkenly stumbled around the frat house. They were led into the living room and instantly all the guys were flirting with them. We made it clear we wanted some fun, and they seemed up for it. After a few more beers, they were drunk and loose enough for anything, giving us random lap dances and grinding with us as the stereo blasted.

There were 7 or 8 guys in the room, with more coming and going as the night went on. All tall, strong, black guys, all of us aching to get our cocks inside these white bitches. As the girls sat on the couch, someone asked if they'd start making out with each other. They agreed without much hesitation, which I think made every cock in the room instantly stiffen.

These two sexy young sluts were on the couch tonguing each other in no time! One by one each guy started pulling his hard prick from his pants. The girls' hands were up each others' skirts, fingering each other while we cheered them on. Lily pulled the Susie's panties off and tossed them at the group of guys, each of us vying for the lacy thongs. The guy who did grab them pulled his cock out of his pants and wrapped the panties around his dick, jerking himself off with them.

Then Lily laid down on her back on the couch while the other girl bent down between her legs to eat her cunt out. They pulled each others' shirts off Each girl had a shaved pussy, each pussy getting pink and puffier with arousal. Susie ate Lily's cunt enthusiastically, making Lily moan and writhe on the couch. It looked like Susie had eaten Lily's cunt before -- she seemed pretty experienced.

Susie pulled her mouth away from Lily's juicy cunt and stood up only to sit back down on Lily's face. She bent down and started tonguing Lily's clit again, and the blond sluts began a sexy sixty-nine on the couch as the crowd of guys gathered around to get a closer look as the pussies were eaten and fingered.

Lily nearly had her whole fist in Susie's cunt, making Susie scream. We were all naked now, all of us jerking our long, black rods to the sight of the sixty-nine. Someone stepped up and began rubbing Susie's asshole while she sat on Lily's face. Another guy walked up and started fondling the girls' tits. That made the rest of the crowd gather round to touch the young white sluts.

The girls began sucking our dicks while still in the sixty-nine position. Each prick was hard as steel, ready to fuck like an animal. They were enthusiastic cocksuckers, soon getting on their knees on the floor so we could take turns face fucking them. It seemed they were eager for our hard black cocks. Both were soon breathless and sweaty, makeup running as they choked on our pricks. We squeezed their tits and asses while stuffing their throats with our cocks.

After a few minutes of dick sucking, my teammate Danny was bending Susie over to fuck her doggystyle while she sucked two cocks, one of them mine. I couldn't wait to get my meat into her pussy, and Lily's too!
Lily climbed on top of someone's big black cock and started riding it while sucking a few pricks. Her tits were squeezed while her cunthole was fucked. I stared at her pink pussy, stuffed full with a hard, black rod, big black balls slapping at her gash. Susie's cunt was stuffed, too, huge balls also slapping at her asscheeks while she was fucked from behind.

They were both topless, but both still wearing their mini skirts and strappy heels. Someone pulled out the sofa bed, and soon a full blown fuck party was on! We carried the girls to the bed, laying them on their backs. Pricks dangled in their faces, their breasts were pawed by various hands. Both of them smiled and giggled -- they seemed up to the challenge of fucking all of us!

We were grabbing the young girls all over, eager to fuck the hell out of them all night long. My roommate Alex pushed Susie's legs over her head and raised his prickhead to her ass.

"Is it okay if I fuck your ass, baby?" he asked.

"Yeah, sure -- fuck me however you want! I can take it! So can Lily. We've been fucking boys since junior high! We've both had threesomes and foursomes before," said Susie.

"Little girl," said Alex, "this will be a lot different than a threesome or foursome!"

"Bring it on!" said Susie mischievously.

Alex pressed his prickhead to her asshole and forced himself inside her while Lily was getting fucked in the cunt by my teammate Stu. As Stu fucked Lily's cunt, I inserted two of my fingers into her asshole, making her moan out around the dicks that she was sucking.

There were hands everywhere. Both girls were moaning and groaning like animals as we pulled on their nipples, squeezed their tits, stuffed their mouths with meat, licked their bellies, and fucked their holes. It was getting intense! Guys were pushing guys out the way to fuck the teen girls.

We were all taking quick turns, fucking either pussies or assholes or mouths. While a girl's asshole was stuffed, someone was fingering her pussy. And while her pussy was stuffed, someone was fingering her asshole. They were sweaty from the pricks simultaneously invading all their holes. No one unleashed any sperm yet, wanting to get the most out of the sluts' holes before unloading.

The girls were pulled in all directions by our forceful group of muscular men. They were pulled on top of pricks, forced onto their backs and folded up, pricks in their faces, guys' assholes in their faces for them to lick, balls slapping their faces. We fucked them hard! Every guy that stepped up to fuck gave the girls a fucking of their lives, pounding them hard and fast, making them scream and writhe.

Their white asscheeks were getting red from our slaps as we fucked their holes from behind. It was a delicious looking sight, for sure. I couldn't tell which one I liked to fuck better, Susie or Lily, or which hole I preferred being in. My cock felt good in both their pussies and assholes. It was a real fuckfest, each guy taking turns fucking each girl in each of her holes. Pricks were everywhere!

The sound of cocks slamming into orifices filled the entire room. Their saliva dripped from multiple cocks as they eagerly took on whatever meat was shoved in their faces. Guys were folding their bodies up and pounding their teenage holes without mercy. The girls were moaning so loud that when I stepped out on the front porch to have a smoke I could still hear them moaning within the house.

When I went back in, my buddy Jed was fucking Susie's ass, pushing her legs against her chest while he fucked her cunt violently with a giant dildo. Susie was shrieking around a cock that was shoved in her throat. Lily was sputtering while choking around a cock, her ass getting fucked hard and slapped, someone's hand underneath her, fingering her clit. Occasionally the girls pulled away from the cocks to French kiss each other while both getting fucked. No one blew a load yet. It seemed this could go on all night!

After the guy fucking Susie's ass pulled out, I stepped up between her legs. The large dildo was still shoved deep up in her cunt. I pushed it hard in and out of her while my cock in her asshole. The dildo made her pussy delightfully tight against my throbbing prick as it sank into her ass. She wailed as I jammed the dildo hard into her pussy while my cock stuffed her ass. I then pulled my cock out of her ass and started alternately fucking her pussy and asshole with the huge dildo while she screamed loud.

I shoved the dildo hard into her ass and then shoved my prick in her pussy and proceeded to fuck her cunt hard for a few minutes while the big dildo filled up her ass. My cock slammed into her cunt again and again while she squealed below me on the bed.

When I pulled out a few minutes later, someone instantly took my place in her cunt. I moved to her face to have her suck on my cock while watching Lily get fucked by my teammate Ryan. She was on her knees getting fucked hard from behind, his balls slapping her asscheeks with each powerful thrust. The room was loud with the sound of men's animalistic grunting, the sound of balls slapping asscheeks and cunts, and the groans of the girls as we smashed their holes. They were screaming like banshees with our powerful poundings!

Lily was lifted off the bed and Jed fucked her while standing. A few guys held her up, her legs open wide so Jed could nail her hard and deep. She moaned and wrapped her legs around Jed, and he held her up so that Stu could get behind her and fuck her ass while she was impaled on Jed's cock. Her white body was a stark contrast to the black athletes fucking her holes -- it was so sexy!

A guy named Rob pulled Susie on top of him, facing away from him, and fucked her ass hard for a few minutes, her big tits bouncing with his thrusts. He pulled her flat against his chest as he continued screwing her ass, her legs wide open, her pussyhole gaping and begging for a cock.

Alex stepped up to the bed and raised his cock to her cunthole. Rob held her still, with his long pole shoved into her chute. In one long thrust, Alex shoved his cock into her pussy while Rob kept his meat inside her shithole.

"Ahhhhhhghhh!" wailed Susie. "My first DP!"

"Don't ya love it?" yelled Lily, her own holes double stuffed. I walked over to Susie's face as she was getting double-penetrated, slapping my cock against her lips. She sucked me, moaning around my cock as her holes were fucked roughly by the strong men surrounding her. She groaned and took it all like a champ!

A couple guys walked up on either side and each grabbed a leg, holding Susie wide open for Alex and Rob to double fuck her. Meanwhile, Lily was pushed onto her back on the bed, her legs thrown open wide, Stu stepping up to shove his meat hard into her pussy. He jammed his prick into her in one stroke, filling her to the balls, groaning while in her. His forceful thrusts were so powerful he was pushing her around on the bed.

Stu stepped off of Lily and I stepped up to fuck her, alternating between her ass and pussyholes while she sucked on three cocks. The guys who'd been double fucking Susie had pulled out to let a couple other guys get in her. She squirmed and writhed beneath them. At one point the room filled with cheers when she announced that she was cumming. She had become the filling of a fuck sandwich.
I continued pounding Lily's holes hard for a few minutes until I focused on fucking her ass steady, rubbing her clit and pressing my fingers hard into her cunt. She moaned and squirmed below me, but I didn't take my fingers away. It seemed she was grinding her cunt harder against my hand. Susie was talking dirty while men fucked her holes.

"Aw, yeah, yeah, fuck me you fucker! Harder, yeah, I can take it, yes, ugh, uh, oh, fuck, God my ass and pussy are so full! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!" Susie wailed. She had a guy on top of her and one below her, pressed between them hard.

My cock was buried in Lily's ass while my fingers pried into her juicy cunt, my thumb rubbing her hard clit nub. She moaned louder and I shoved my cock and fingers further into her holes. I had never fisted anyone before, but with three of my fingers now inside her cunt, I was nearly there!

It seemed like Lily wanted me to -- she was grinding her cunt against my hand, trying to get more of my fingers inside her it seemed. My prick was hard as steel up in her asshole, remaining still while I wiggled my fingers deeper into her cunt, trying to get my fist into her pussyhole now.

The guys saw what I was trying to do, so someone stepped up and started licking on her clit and slit to lubricate her cunt even more for me. I pulled my hand away and let Jed eat her cunt for a few minutes. He spat into her pussy and lapped all up along her slit, making her squirm beneath me. I started fucking her ass slowly while Jed licked her clit hard.

Jed moved away and I again raised my fingers to her cunt. They slid in easier, and I worked them into her deeper while slowly fucking in her chute. She began moaning louder the deeper my fingers got into her. I couldn't believe it -- she wanted to take my fist!

I pushed my fingers inside her cunt even more, now all of my fingers inside of her. Her moans became a long wail as my hand began slipping inside of her. I kept my cock still inside her ass while getting my fist into her cunt. She was so focused on my fist fucking that she was too distracted to suck any cocks. A couple guys stood around to pull her legs wide open for me. I penetrated her even deeper, making her scream loud.

While my fist filled up her pussy and my cock filled up her ass, someone bent down to lick her clit hard. Lily's screams filled the room -- she sounded like an animal. I'd never heard those kinds of sounds coming from a woman! I pulled my fist and cock out of her and someone else stepped up and immediately shoved another fist into her gaping cunt. She wailed, her legs held wide open.

Another cock was forced into Lily's ass while her cunt was fist fucked. She continued her loud, guttural moaning. The guys surrounding Susie saw Lily getting fisted and tried it on her. Susie was pushed onto her back on the bed, her legs pressed against her chest as Rob filled her cunt and pounded her hard and fast a few minutes. While he fucked her cunthole, her legs raised high against his chest, Ryan put a couple fingers into her asshole. She squealed with the anal invasion as Rob continued fucking her cunt wildly.

Ryan shoved more of his fingers into Susie's ass while Rob folded her up tight against him. She began wailing as Ryan's hand began delving deeper into her asshole. It was too much for her though -- she begged him to stop. So Rob pulled out and they flipped her over, and Jed started trying to fist her cunt from behind while she was on her knees. A couple guys held her ass cheeks far apart so Jed's fist could get into her pussy.

Susie wailed as more fingers filled her cunt, and someone else's hand reached below her to start rubbing her clit hard. Lily was getting fisted too, and the sounds of both of them screaming was intense. Guys had begun shooting their loads by now -- the girls didn't seem to mind where we unloaded our sperm. Some were sperming their cunts, some in their asses, some in their throats, some on their tits, some on their feet.

I was fucking Susie's ass, my fist in her sperm filled cunt as she screamed like an animal, when the doorbell rang. It was the police! Someone apparently heard the girls' loud screaming and called the cops to check things out.

The cop that came was one that had stopped by before when we'd had some pretty fun parties, and he was pretty cool. Alex answered the door and told the officer what was going on -- it was a consensual orgy, basically, and everyone was 18 or over. No drugs, and we were done drinking. The girls continued getting pounded as Alex walked Officer Coyle into the room.

"See, Coyle, just like I told ya!" laughed Alex. The cop stood and stared as the young blonds were getting fucked by the strong black men. A visible bulge began showing in his trousers.

"Well then, I see..." said Coyle. Stu was pounding Lily like a jackhammer while her Ryan was fingering her ass hard, her legs were wide open. The girls shrieked when they saw the cop, but we told them it was going to be okay.

Officer Coyle began unbuttoning his pants as he stepped to the bed. Susie was on top of Rob, his prick in her ass while Jed fucked her cunt. He commanded Jed to step aside, and pulled his hard black baton from his belt.

"I see you've been getting some hard black sticks in your holes, girlie," said Coyle to Susie as Rob fucked away at her asshole, her cunt gaping open. Coyle raised his baton to her pussy and started shoving it inside of her, making her scream loud. Someone else stepped up to rub her clit while the officer shoved his nightstick into her cunt further. He had it almost halfway. Rob was pounding her ass with abandon.

After inserting as much of his baton into her cunt as possible, Coyle abruptly pulled it out of Susie's cunt and replaced it with his own thick, uncut cock. She cried out as he sank his meat inside her, fucking her cunt hard and fast while Rob fucked her asshole. The men's pricks sawed in and out of her holes, sandwiching her petite body.

Coyle's face was reddening as he fucked Susie's teen cunt with a steady pace. He grunted, and I knew he was cumming hard up in her womb. He pulled his oozing cock from her cunt and replaced it with his fingers.

"I've never fisted a cunt before," said Officer Coyle. His fingers delved deeper into her sperm coated cunt while Rob continued pounding her asshole. She was whimpering at the intense stimulation of her holes. Coyle reached further into her cunt, his fingers inside of her, until finally her cunt was swallowing his hand.

Susie cried out as Coyle sank his fist into her cunt up to the wrist. Rob stayed still in her ass, and I could see his shaft throbbing and hear him grunting -- he was cumming in her ass while the cop fist fucked her! Coyle jammed his fist into Susie hard, making her wail while Rob filled her rectum with sperm.

After Coyle pulled his fist out, the girls shrieked when he decided to "call for backup". He invited six other pigs over to fuck the girls, each cop sperming into the hole of his choice, some unleashing more than one load. So our little celebration orgy went on into the early morning hours, both girls sore after the onslaught on their poor holes!

We found in the morning out after the cops left, when we were all done fucking the girls, that they were actually high school students! They were 16 year old sluts -- they told us they were well known in their school as dirty girls who'd fuck anything with a cock. Both had just recently begun doing anal. Apparently, years ago, they made a pact to try to fuck at least 100 different guys before they turned age 20, and they were halfway there!

Those sluts were great victory party entertainment, for sure!

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