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Walking home from school I often found my mind wandering to random places. Mostly how super powers would come in hand on the trip home, walking was so tiresome.

I opted to walk down the canal; it was much quieter, and nicer with deep bushes, trees, and ducks. Moreover, the surrounding area wasn’t a welcoming one, with chavs everywhere.

“Oi dicked!” a voice called from behind me… I spun round to see Jade, a girl from my year.

“Excuse me?” I replied, wondering what the sudden interaction was about.

“You hit my brother the other day!” she bellowed, now stomping towards me, aggression filling her face.

It was true, I did. But understand, this was her old brother… One of those lads who thinks they rule the world, and on one of the few days I decided not to walk the nice way home, he saw me as a target to look tough in front of his friends. Suffice to say I laid the smackdown on his candy ass and thought nothing more of it. I’m not the type to get into that, I just wanted to get home and write a story about a previous sexual encounter.

“Yeah, but he attacked me?” I exclaimed.

“I couldn’t give a shit, I’m going to knock fuck out of you.” She said… Now Jade is not the nicest of girls. She’s one of those rough girls that bullies all the other ones. She has an attractive figure, but I never cared to notice with her being so ‘ghetto’.

Never the less, this outburst didn’t fail to entertain me. I laughed whole-heartedly at the idea of this girl beating me up… A 6ft lad beaten by a short, slim girl… Hilarious! Or so I thought.

With a thud I got an intense pain to the side of my head, and my laughter stopped at once. She had punched me, and with that I realised why the other girls feared her. I was furious. With hand I lunged at her, grasping her by the throat and lifting her into the air by her bitchy little neck. Fear filled her face as my fist was ready and shaking to meet her head that was so brutally perched on my dominant grasp.

Realising what I was doing I let her down. My hear racing and head thumping in pain, I looked at her, “I’m so sorry…”

“I’m not” she said, furious, and lunged at me. She was punching, scratching, ripping out hair and tearing cloth. Overwhelmed I grabbed her slender frame and slammed her onto some grass; my hands holding the tops of her arms, and my body pinning her to the ground.

“Get the fuck off me!” she screamed in a vile tone.

Unwilling to rip her arms from her sockets, but too angry to her get away with it, my mind went wild thinking how I could show her I wasn’t standing for this, that I refuse to let her get away with it.

Before I could decide she was struggling to escape, her legs kicking wild. So stop her I let go of her arms for just a moment, and in that moment quickly grabbed her legs and wrapped that around myself, before grasping her wrists and pinning her down once again.

This was when I noticed, she was wearing only a skirt and blouse, the skirt hiding only a thong.
My eyes explored her body, most of which was now on display as her blouse and ridden up and skirt was folded up due to the erratic movement.

Because of the positioning, her pussy was touching my crotch, and she noticed this too. At that moment all I could think about was diving into her tight little hole. The sexual pressure had suddenly overcome me. A primal urge was taking over.

I placed both her wrists together and held them down with my left hand, while my right made its way down her side.

“Wh- What are you doing?” she asked, now sounding scared and confused.

I did not speak, only moved my hand down to her leg, then over her thigh and onto her quivering pussy. I felt it gently and she erupted with a physical array of struggle, almost breaking her wrists free. But I overpowered her and ignored her fruitless attempts at escape, and simply pulled her thong aside, unsheathing a well-kept little pussy. I stroked her labia and her entire body shook. I looked into her face with a serious look and the fear in her eyes multiplied. My eyes fixated on hers I stoked her labia a few more times before forcing a finger into her opening.

She gasped and screamed. I made no effort to cover her screams; I knew they were quite hopeless. This route led almost right to my house and very few people ever came down here besides myself, she must have followed me to even know it existed.

I repeatedly plunged this finger in and out as she screamed “Help! Let me go! Let me go! Stop it!!”
Ignoring these I carried on, and eventually she stopped screaming, she knew it wasn’t going to help.
“Please stop. Pease, I’m sorry. Just let me go.” Her repeated pleads only made turned me on, making me feel so dominant and powerful.

I stopped plunging my finger in her and she sighed, relief filled her face. However, this was short lived, once she realised my hand had gone from violating her, to unzipping my pants and unearthing my cock.
“No!” she screamed, “Stop! Don’t do this! Please.” Her eyes now filled with terror, she resorted to bellowing her lugs in fear “HELP! Someone help me!”

My cock was half erect and I stroked it on her pussy to entice it to full arousal. Once it was hard I stroked her a little more before positioning the head at her hole. With this, I looked into her eyes… She was now teary eyed, and had resorted to whispering pleas of forgiveness and to be freed.

I simply smiled and her and forced my hard cock into her. She screamed and the tears that had filled her eyes poured down her cheeks. With my hands holding her down I thrust aggressively inside her. She sobbed and looked away as I angrily punished her.

I released her wrist, which had now gone limp with acquiesce. With their release her hands made a pathetic attempt to push me away, but my then I had slid my arms under her and grasped her shoulders so make for easier pumping.
I cradled her like a rag doll that I tore apart with the vicious pumping of my cock.

I pumped and pumped until eventually I was ready to cum, at this point I pulled out of her, and wanked over her, eventually shooting my load over her, covering her belly and cloths in my steaming spunk. I wiped the residue from the event off my cock onto her legs and climbed to my feet.

She remained led there, her legs limp and body spunk covered. I put my cock away and fixed my clothing as best I could, before kneeling down to her head and kissing her on the forehead. I think stood and walked away…

Leaving her sobbing, violated and covered in spunk.

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2011-05-05 15:15:25
best bit is kissing the slag on the forehead if i was her id have killed myself.

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2011-05-03 04:50:30
oh fucking awesome yes i agree i want a part 2 with more harshment baby

i love when a man pins and takes the pussy oh yeah i like that take her ass too baby like helll make her scream in pain

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2011-04-18 18:32:17
is a part 2 possible, maybe have her actually look him up. she secretly liked it and wants more.

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