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Last night my sexiest fantasy came true. Instead of being satisfied, all I wanted was more! I floated through my workday in a haze, unable to concentrate on anything except the memory of watching my husband sucking our son to orgasm. I couldn't wait to get home and play with my boys some more.

My husband Don came home while I was in the shower and he joined me under the hot spray. His hands were all over me--he was as excited as I was.

"Any regrets?" I quizzed him.

"None at all. You saw how nervous I was at first, but I won't lie, once our boy's cock was in my mouth I really liked it. Much more than I expected."

"You two looked so hot. You wouldn't believe how hard I made myself cum watching."

"When he came in my mouth it was a shock, but I can't stop thinking about that sensation of feeling the head of his cock swell just before all his sperm shot onto the back of my tongue. I was a little freaked out at the time, but the only thing I could think about today was tasting his cum again."

"You have no idea how horny it's making me hearing you say that."

"Then what are you waiting for. Get out there and get him warmed up for us."

I was thinking again about wearing the corset tonight, then decided it wasn't worth the trouble. I headed down the hall to Evan's room totally naked. His door was open when I got there and he was lying on his bed, already naked as well.

"Great minds think alike," I said as I stepped in. I took a moment to pose in the doorway for him. My hands on my hips, butt turned a little toward him. I loved the way he looked at me with uninhibited, youthful lust. "The yard looks great, by the way."

"So you'll let me taste you down there?"

"Your father is going to want to see that, so when he gets here you can eat my pussy." He smiled like I had just told him Santa was bringing him everything on his Christmas list. "You're all cleaned up?"

"Yep! I even washed my butt twice."

"Show me," I prompted with a naughty smile. Like last night he pulled his legs up and spread his cheeks. "Hmm, I can't tell if you really did a good job from over here. Turn over on your hands and knees and let me look."

He was quick to comply, and in a flash he was on all fours with his cute buns pointed toward me. I stepped over and spread his cheeks open myself. He didn't have any hair to speak of back there, unlike my husband, and it was clean as a whistle. I leaned in and gave his pucker a lick.

"Mom!? Did you just lick my ass?"

"I sure did, honey. How was it?"

"I don't know, I wasn't ready. Do it again."

I tongued his tight little asshole again, spending more time licking and probing his ass.


"That was freakin' awesome, Mom!"

"You ever play with your ass before, like when you're masturbating?"

"No, not really."

"I do," I confessed to my son. "Sometimes when I'm masturbating I put my finger up in my ass." I spit on his hole, wet my finger, then gently poked it into his butt. "Your father likes to put his penis in my ass sometimes." Evan was quiet as I continued to explore his asshole with my finger, pushing it deeper and applying pressure to his prostate. "There are all kinds of ways we can make each other feel good, and there's nothing to be ashamed about when we share those experiences with the people we love."

I pulled my finger out and gave him a smack on the butt. He turned over and lay down, his big, hard cock on full display, and within easy reach. I couldn't resist taking it in my hand.

"Thanks, Mom, that felt nice."

"I play with Dad back there, too. He likes it when I stick my finger in him, and sometimes bigger things." I watched Evan's eyes go wide, then leaned down and kissed the tip of his penis. "It seemed like you enjoyed having your father suck your penis last night."

"Yeah." He still managed to blush, even though he was naked and his mother was playing with his cock. "It's hard to explain. It was awesome when you were doing it, but it was almost more exciting when Dad did it--and not because he was good at it. I guess because it seems normal for a girl to suck a penis, but to see my own dad do it was something else."

I took my son's cock in my mouth then and started sucking him off. It wasn't what I had planned, but I couldn't resist. Before I could really get going I heard Don's voice.

"Whoa, you guys starting without me?"

I looked up and he was in the doorway naked, he didn't bother with a robe either tonight. His cock was hard and ready for action. He joined us on Evan's small twin bed, and I wondered if it would hold up to the punishment we were likely to give it.

"Mind if I cut in?" Don asked, and helped himself to a mouthful of our son's cock.

"Hey, Dad, nice to see you, too," Evan joked.

My heart was all aflutter again like the first time. I lay down alongside my son and gave him a loving kiss on the lips. I looked down and had the same view as Evan. We watched his father bob up and down on his shaft. I lifted my knee and reached down to finger myself while I watched. Don pulled away from Evan's cock for a moment to lean over and give my pussy a smooch and a couple licks, before returning to the blowjob.

"Talk to me, baby. Your father is sucking your penis."

"He is. My cock is in my dad's mouth. I can't believe I'm naked with my parents and having sex with you."

"We want to make you happy, honey."

"I'm so happy right now. I love you guys so much. I love seeing your pussy, Mom. And I love Dad's cock. It felt so good to fuck you, and cum in you."

"It was good for us, too." I was on the verge of cumming and forced my hand away from my clit. It was such a turn on to hear my son saying those things. "Hold on you two," I patted Don on the head to get his attention. "I want you to fuck me while you suck Evan off."

It took us a minute to work out the mechanics--this threesome thing was trickier than it looked. We ended up on the floor with my husband on his back and me mounted on top of him. My son was on his hands and knees in front of me, with his butt pointing my way, and his cock dangling down into his dad's mouth. I had a cock in my pussy, and a perfect view of another cock in my husband's mouth. I was in heaven.

"Okay, boys, who's going to cum first?" I giggled and we all went at it. We were moving together like a well-lubricated machine. Don couldn't move his head easily, so Evan was carefully thrusting in and out of his father's mouth. My husband was much more relaxed this time and was getting into it, slurping and moaning and really sucking away.

I could feel my orgasm approaching and backed off a little, I wanted to save it for the right moment. My son's butt was wiggling right in front of me and I went in for another visit. I jammed my tongue in his butthole and got it nice and wet. I backed away and slipped a finger in there again, and then I took it up a notch and added a second. Evan groaned a little, but didn't protest.

"I have two fingers in your son's ass, hon," I informed my husband and he moaned in acknowledgement. "I'm finger fucking our boy's asshole while you suck his cock."

"Mom, I'm going to cum! I'm going to come in Dad's mouth!"

"Go ahead, baby, make your daddy eat your cum." I felt his anus clench tight around my fingers as his body flexed. I looked below and Don had opened his mouth so I could see Evan's cum shooting down onto his tongue. It looked so sexy.

I watched as my husband swished the fresh semen around in his mouth then swallow it little by little. That was my moment, and I pushed down hard on his cock and triggered my orgasm. As I came I grabbed Evan's cock and pushed it back into my husband's mouth and held it there while the waves of pleasure rushed through me.

Don was pumping into me, intent on his own orgasm now, but I had something else in mind. It was cruel, but I quickly pulled off and left him humping empty air.

"What happened, where'd your pussy go?" He was confused and frantic. I had to hold his wrists to keep him from grabbing his penis and finishing himself off.

"Evan," I said. "You told me you wanted to suck a cock someday. How about today?"

My son turned around and contemplated his father's cock.

"I guess if Dad can do it, so can I."

"I don't want you to do this if you're not ready," I told him.

"I want to. I want Dad to let me suck his cock for him. I want to feel what it's like to have his penis in my mouth, Mom."

We looked at my husband. He looked like he was winding up for a smart-aleck comment, then he thought better of it.

"Evan, it would mean a lot to me if you sucked my cock. I know this is all strange and new for you, and it's the same for your mom and me, but we love you and we're proud of you. Mom got me primed to go, so I hope you're ready for a mouthful of your old man's spunk!"

I saw Evan's apprehension melt away with his father's caring words, despite his smartass comment at the end. He moved down and took his father's penis in his hand and stroked it experimentally. It was the first time he'd held a penis other than his own. He kissed the tip, and began licking the shaft all over. I wondered why he was avoiding putting in his mouth.

"I can taste Mom's pussy on your cock, Dad. It's delicious."

That explained it. I was up on my knees, playing with myself with one hand and tweaking my nipples with the other, making them long and stiff. Evan finally took his father's cock into his mouth and began sucking. Like his Dad, he was tentative and awkward at first, but he figured it out quickly and was going at it like a pro in no time.

So many emotions flowed through me as I watched this entrancing scene. Seeing my husband in the throes of pleasure at the hands (or mouth) of someone else was something fresh and exotic for me. Watching my son blossom right in front of me with each successive new experience was so gratifying. And then there was the visceral sexual element of it all. My boy's cock, my husband's cock, my cunt, my tits, their asses, my asshole, our mouths all licking and tasting and sucking. God, I never wanted it to end.

"That's it, baby, suck your daddy's big cock. Can you see me playing with myself while I watch." I didn't want to distract him, but I couldn't help myself. He eyes opened enough to see me. "I have my fingers in my cunt, Evan. I'm watching you suck your father's cock and masturbating my wet cunt."

"Keep talking, babe," Don moaned. "I'm going to cum in our boy's mouth."

"Suck that cock, Evan. Make your dad cum. I'm going to make myself cum while I watch you swallow Dad's big load."

Don shivered and cried out and I knew he was shooting inside our son's mouth. I mashed my clit with several hard strokes and I was cumming, too. Evan gagged, and coughed, but he took it all and swallowed every drop. My husband grunted with manly satisfaction, and I screamed with thrilled delight.

Evan looked up at us with a big smile.

"How'd I do?"

"That was great, champ," his father said enthusiastically and patted him on the shoulder.

"Oh, honey, watching you made my pussy cum so much. You were wonderful."

"Thanks," Evan beamed. "Mom, can I lick your, I mean your pussy now?"

"You can say cunt if you want, baby," I assured him with a grin.

"Some girls don't like that word."

"Some girls don't know what they're missing. Now get over here and eat your mom's cunt."

I lay back on the carpet and opened my legs for my son. He crawled into position and kissed the insides of my thighs. My husband moved around by my head, kneeling so I could prop my head on his lap and get a good view of our son preparing to lick a pussy for the first time. I decided not to give him any instructions and just let him explore for himself.

Evan spread me open with his fingers, looking at my pussy closer than he'd ever done before. His eyes were wide with wonder. He kissed me here and there, on the lips, on my clit, down near my hole. Then he licked me. My whole body came alive with ripples of keen pleasure.

"You're doing good, baby. Your mouth feels so nice on my pussy." I writhed under my son's oral investigations and I felt my husband beginning to jerk off just above my head.

"How do you like licking your mother's pussy, buddy?"

"It tastes awesome, like nothing else in the world. And I still have the taste of your cum in my mouth, Dad, which makes it twice as good." Don started whacking himself faster. This boy really knew how to turn us on!

Evan poked his tongue up into my pussy hole as far as he could. He pushed a little too much and his teeth jabbed painfully into my most sensitive area, but even though it hurt I got a wicked thrill from his innocent fumblings. My son eventually found his way to my clit and focused there.

He sucked on my stiff bud like he used to suck at my nipple when I was nursing him as an infant. Evan was basically jerking me off with his lips. It wasn't anything like the way his father did it, and it was sending me somewhere over the rainbow.

I felt my orgasm building and began fucking my son's mouth, instead of just lying there. He worked me faster, sucking harder as he did. It was incredible. I came in a slow, crashing wave that seemed to keep rolling and becoming stronger with each passing second. I never had an orgasm behave this way before and simply gave myself over to it. I rode the long surge of euphoric elation to its ultimate destination and felt more content than I could ever remember.

That was when I felt something warm and wet land on my nose. My husband was cumming on my face. He groaned and jerked himself and squirted more cum onto my cheek and forehead. The last few globs landed in my hair.

Evan looked up from between my legs and laughed at the sight of his mother with her face covered in fresh cum.

"Very funny, Evan. Just you wait until he does it to you and we'll see who's laughing," I warned him, and scooped the sperm off the bridge of my nose and popped it in my mouth.

"Let me help!" Evan climbed up between my legs and licked his father's cum off my cheek. We all laughed as he gobbled up every stray drop of Don's cum.

Then he was inside me once more. The little rascal. He began fucking me nice and slow, apparently having achieved enough self-control not to cum after only a few strokes. Don moved so he was straddling my face and he lowered his clean-shaven balls into my mouth. I couldn't see it, but I could feel Evan taking his father's cock in his mouth once again.

We all fucked and sucked until Evan came inside me, and I grinded another orgasm out of my pussy. Don took longer. I don't think he's cum three times in a night since we were newlyweds. I sucked my husband's balls and licked his ass, while Evan worked his cock hard and fast. Just when I thought Evan would give up with a sore jaw, my husband came once more. Evan pulled his dad's cock out of his mouth and jerked him all over his own face, and laughed.

"Okay, it's your turn!" He made us both lick the cum off of his face, and I had this overwhelming sense of family joy and togetherness. We had this new connection between us that was unlike anything we'd ever had before.

I know it might seem twisted to most people, but it was special to me.
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