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a bad boyfriend learns his lesson
( i do not own this story, all credit goes to the original author, the author posted the story for everyone to see on a totally free story website )
( side-note: i changed the ending of the ex boyfriend part of the story series. i felt WAY too bad for him)
thanks for reading mah intro, now onto the story!!

Greg tried her best to coil herself right in the water that had been placed at the bottom of the tank. Her scales darkened from the moisture as she tried her best to

soak away the rank reptilian stink that seemed to cling all around her. It was soaked into her scales and especially against the lower edge of her belly. She hadn't

known that snakes plugged their partners, not that she was allowed to feel the plug for long. Each time one of the males had pumped out the thick gel that sealed her

passage shut, Ann would pull her back out and forcible remove it. The sticky substance had left remnants behind on her broad belly scales. She felt disgusting, dirty,

the scent of males lingered on her and only seemed more poignant due to the glass walls of the enclosure.

All during the day her humiliation had been compounded not just by the stabs of the barbed cocks, but by the sight of the camera that continually shifted around the

enclosure. Every time she felt one of the males wrap around her and the first painful push of the shaft, she was greeted by the blinking red light on the camera. Her

entire ordeal caught on camera while her ex watched from the other side of the glass. The last time a plug had been removed she had been pulled out and felt a finger

dig into her vent and probe her bruised passage to pull it free. The slightly sweet scent of feminine arousal was on the air making it another humiliation on the

growing stack.

When she was finally allowed to relax and curl up without the males trying to mate her she tried to find a way out. She found she could lift her upper body high into

the air as long as she rested her chin and belly scales against the glass. Her tongue flicked out steadily and instinctively. At first she'd found it odd, but now she

just couldn't stop the steady flickering movements. The moment she came near towards the grated hood of the enclosure she strained just a few more inches before

falling backwards again. The soft laughter from her ex did nothing to ease the rush of shame that ran through her body. She wanted to cry, she wanted to ball herself

up and just sob in frustration. The phone rang at least taking away from the shadow of her ex watching her.

"Dr. McNickle's office." Her voice made the former man shudder while his eyes flicked around trying to locate a weakness. "Ahhh yes hello, Johnathan! I was just

uploading the video's from the earlier this afternoon."


Ann kept one of her eyes locked on the terrarium and the dark streaked form of the snake. She was a bit surprised to see Greg trying to find an opening from the

enclosure. She leaned over to pick up one of her research books and placed it firmly on the mesh lid. The last thing she needed was an all out hunt for an escaped

snake. She leaned backwards so that she could keep her eyes on the enclosure while she tried to concentrate on the investor on the phone. She curled pulled her legs up

as the deep baritone voice rumbled out from the other end of line.

"Dr. McNickles! I'm happy to hear from you. I just watched the first few videos and I must admit they are perfectly done. A nature documentary would be hard pressed to

match that sort of quality."

"Thank you, sir." She brightened a little even as her cheeks flushed a little bit to a rich red coloration. She knew why they had been so lovingly detailed, she had

spent the entire time watching the mating and hovered on the edge of orgasm. "I filmed them with the intention that one day they'd be placed in a presentation."

"Well it seems that you've done a good job of it. Though I wanted to call you with a...delicate proposal." The voice hesitated for a moment.

"Proposal?" She raised her brow a little bit while her fingers tapped against the edge of the counter. "What sort?"

"What sort of proposal? I'm afraid at the moment I'd not want to take on more research when this is starting to bear fruit."

"I think you'd be able to deal with this. I think though it'd be better if I called you when you were at home if you don't mind?" Johnathan's voice changed into

something softer, though not the sort of tone that hinted at sex or seduction.

"Home? I suppose so. I'll be getting in late tonight, I was just settling things here at work and I can call you from there." She glanced over at the clock, nearly 9

PM, just enough time for what she wanted to do before Terry came in.

"Excellent! I'll look forward to your call."


Greg shifted in the cage uncomfortably as he tried to move along the bottom of the tank. The belly scales plucked along the edges until she felt the thick plug being

tugged just along her scaled vent. A sharp spasm of anger and humiliation washed over her as she felt intimately the way she'd lost what manhood she used to have. Her

body felt so sore, her passage felt raw and aching, almost as if it were burning. She twisted her head a little as she finally dropped the bulk of her belly against

the shallow pool of water. If only that disgusting plug would dissolve and spill out of her, she could feel it still spreading her open.

The top of the lid opened with a clank and she jerked her head up with a muffled hiss of anger as a pair of hands moved down towards her. She tried to jerk her head

back and gaped her jaws open ready to strike out in her anger. Instead the expert fingers pinched down just behind her head again and a wave of despair ran through her

as she was pulled up. Not again, that damned plug was going to be peeled out of her so that she could be taken again. Not again! She couldn't feel the grip of a male's

scales all over again and put through the pain of being fucked. Not again, please, not again. Why was this bitch so damn angry at him?! This went beyond revenge!

Ann's hands held her tightly even as she tried to work her new body around in circles to tug free. Her heart started to pound faster in fear as her head was forced

into the now all too familiar restraint wrapping around her neck. The thick bodied snake was being pulled out until it was forced into an S curve with her blunt muzzle

so close to her own abused sex. So close she could see the thick sticky gel that clung against her outer folds, the skin was reddened and abused from repeatedly being

bred. Something about being able to see what's happened, made her feel each ache anew. Each bruise, each scrape inside of her was felt afresh. Along with the complete

humiliation of seeing the female sex.

"Now we're going to help speed things up. After all I'm not a cruel person, Greg." The voice was low and mocking and she tried to twist her head up to glare at her.

Not a cruel person?! She had just had him raped by animals until her body felt as if it was just one large bruise. She'd not just had her raped, she'd watched and

filmed her humiliation. Was she planning on turning her back and making her watch those tapes? Or leak them out? Had she actually videoed that as well? Cold dread

filled her as she imagined what sort of video that would make. If it were ever leaked she'd be ruined! And she said she wasn't a cruel person! She knew she should have

put that woman in her place in the beginning! Or at least kept her affairs on a shorter leash so she hadn't found out about them so quickly.

"So I've developed a serum that will coax your body into overtime. Well not your entire body, but the one I'm interested in." She pulled out a syringe and Greg tried

to shrink away. "You see half of our research isn't simply successful breedings, but about ensuring swift results. It's always easier to solve any problems that come

up if easier that way. Then we'll have several generations to pool from."

Greg jerked and then widened her eyes as he watched to syringe run down along her lower belly. The scales bunched up as she tried to avoid it but Ann's hand came down

to firmly press against her coils to keep her still. Even as she watched the needle pried just between two of the larger stomach scales and sank into her. There was a

pricking pain at the insertion before she watched in silent horror as the clear liquid was pushed into her body. She could feel the slightly chill sensation of it

networking outwards. All she could do was watch! What did she mean breedings? Generations? She wasn't serious right? She couldn't really have eggs. She wanted to

scream for her to stop it, that she'd do anything, just stop it!

"Now this next injection will make sure you have the nutrients and calcium you'll need to create your eggs. After all in the wild you'd have plenty of time to build

them up, but here I'm afraid we'll have to rely on force feeding you." The needle pulled out but she found that her situation hadn't improved at all.

Fingers moved up and gripped the sides of her head to pry open her jaws. What horrified her wasn't the fact her mouth was spread, but the twist of her lower jaw that

forced them to open too wide. Greg had vague memories of high school and knowing snakes could dislocate their lower jaw, but the feeling made her shudder. A thick

rubber tube was forced over her tongue and started to steadily push down her throat. For a moment she panicked and tried to force it back out. It was too thick! The

soft rubber pushed its way down her throat until she felt nearly a foot of it having been firmly seated into her maw and Ann's fingers released her jaws. She clenched

down around the tube and gave a mental sob at the feel of it filling out her throat.

Her ex walked away for a few moments only to return with a pitcher of something that looked chalky and disgusting. It was a pale brown color and sloshed the edges so

that she could see it was as thick as a milk shake. Before she could really protest she watched as a funnel was affixed to the tube jutting from her muzzle and her

head was tipped backwards. No, no she did not want to have that stuff inside of her! What was it? She didn't want to have eggs, she didn't want to be here, she wanted

to go home! She'd do anything if she could just go home and out of this hell hole.

"Stop struggling so, you won't taste a thing, Greg. I assure you, it'll help make your night just a little easier." She smirked just before the pitcher was lifted up.

She watched the thick shake roll down and into the funnel before filling the tube. The thick stuff flooded down the tube and she didn't really feel it as it passed

down. Not until it spilled out into her stomach and the sudden coolness blossomed along her belly. She tried to swallow and contract to force the tube upwards out of

her throat but it refused to budge. Thick roll after roll of the stuff ran into her stomach so that she could feel is straining outwards under it. It was only when the

last thick drop was spilled out did Ann take away the pitcher away and set it down on the table. She sucked in a breath around the thick rubber tube before the funnel

was pulled out with a wet popping noise.

Greg thought the worst was over as the feeding tube was pulled backwards from her maw and the material tugged along her throat. Inch after inch started to let her

relax her throat muscles finally before the very end pulled into her muzzle. A splatter of thick chalky shake hit out against her tongue and she recoiled her head as

much as she could. It tasted foul and strange with a texture like mud. The gritty aftertaste was all that was left when Ann released her head entirely and she moved

her jaw open and shut a few times. Her forked tongue flickered against the roof of her mouth as she peered up miserable at her ex. Her body already started to change

under the serums effects. She could feel the weight in her stomach start to turn into feverish heaviness.


Ann looked up from her desk as Terry came in from the darkened hallway, a bag dangled right over one of his shoulders. Despite the fact it was nearly midnight he

looked as fresh as if he'd just woken up. She leaned back and smile from where she'd been observing the snake coiled up on the table. Most of the restraints besides

the one behind her head and the midsection of her body had been removed to allow her to be comfortable. Already the lower portion of the serpentine frame showed a

forming thickening along a good twelve inches of her body where the eggs were forming. The snake looked at her with an angry gleam in her eyes while she tapped a

finger against her desk lightly and smiled over towards her assistant in welcome.

"Is that her?" Terry dropped his bag and moved over towards the bound reptile with a smile on his face. "Well isn't she a sweet one. Why's she set up on the exam

table? Didn't get all the procedures done today?"

"Yeah, this is her, she's been with the boys all day. She just got dosed with some of the acceleration serum and I wanted to have her out so if there was a problem you

could easily check her out."

"That didn't work too well with the rats..." Terry lifted his head from looking over her former boyfriend and furrowed his brow.

"No it didn't, but I've been revising it. I had some success with the shark embryos last month, so I think it should be ready for reptiles." Ann leaned backwards and

pushed the chair to the side from the counter. "She seems very receptive to the various chemicals I've introduced her to."

"Well I suppose. Is that what you'd like me to take care of tonight?" Terry settled his bag down and pulled out the chart before looking over it. He gave a sudden

snort of laughter. "'Greg'? Your boyfriend giving you trouble again?"

"Yeah, we broke up last night." Ann gave an appropriate sigh before she stood up and ran her fingers through her hair. "I think I'm just going to go home and try and

forget about it."

"I'm sorry, Ann,he really was a dog though." Terry sat on the edge of the desk before moving to give her arm a squeeze. "Let me know if I can do anything okay?"

"I'll be okay, Terry, just..." She stopped as she gathered up her coat and looked down towards the bound snake. "Can you set up the cameras for the birth? I want to

make sure it's all going according to plan. At least it beats watching chick flicks and eating ice cream."

Terry opened the door for her with a sympathetic look on his face and she forced herself to look appropriately strained. She gave him a quick half hug that pressed her

against his side and then she moved out into the darkened hallway. As the door closed behind her she couldn't stop a smile from pulling against the edges of her lips.

A thrill passed through her as she let out a soft sigh and started out of the building. With the camera uplink she could watch everything that happened from the

comfort of her home.


Greg watched Terry as he walked around the room, but at least felt some relief that his ex had left. She drew in a breath while she felt the heaviness in her stomach

drag against the smoothness of the table. Her stomach had grown swollen with the eggs that were growing there, the skin drawing taut while she let out a soft hiss to

herself. What made it worst was being forced to watch how she grew wider by the moment. She could feel how the eggs were being pushed together. Her vent finally lost

the plug the last snake had implanted inside of her. It had been forced inch by inch out of her by her own muscles and the way the eggs were packed inside of her


She had almost missed it when it was pushed out, but the way her face was angled she couldn't miss when it was pushed out. The sticky gel splattered against her

muzzle, rich with the pheromones from the males that had taken her. She tried to get her head away from it, but the restraint that ran right over her neck stopped her.

Instead she ended up with it as it dribbled down along her blunt muzzle and curled just along the edges of her hard lipped muzzle. She hissed out a sound of disgust

and tensed herself up. All she wanted was to be gone, out of this place, the added humiliation just one more blow to what had been her ego.

A click of a button and movement caught her eyes as Terry came back with one of the heavy black camcorders that were becoming all too familiar. She twitched in

reaction as she could see her own scaled body reflected in the lens of the camera. The pale reflection did nothing to take away from the sight of her changed body. It

was beyond a shock to see the spade shaped head of looking back at her, the tongue flickering out from her muzzle, and the scales that covered her head. She really had

changed, she knew she had, but something about the sight made her go cold inside.

"Easy girl, looks like the serum's working just fine." Terry's voice was almost sickeningly jovial as the camera shifted and his head dipped down as if assuring the

shot. "Now don't worry, I'll be here in case there are any problems."


Ann leaned back on her couch and peeled her shoes off as she relaxed back against the plush padding of the cushions. It'd taken nearly an hour to get her TV hooked up

into the video feed from her lab, but it was worth it. The screen showed Greg's form plainly, Terry had even been conscientious enough to get most of the scaled form

in view with her vent being the main attraction. She unbuttoned the first few buttons on her blouse as she let out a slight sigh. Her eyes flicked over the screen and

she licked her lips slowly in enjoyment.

Since she first came into the house she'd seen traces of Greg everywhere she turned. It just served to make her even more furious about the situation. The only thing

that helped calm the anger was the sight on the TV screen of the snake's body held in the restraints. She'd almost forgotten about her backer's earlier phone call, but

the sight of the crisp picture on the screen tickled her memory. She picked up the phone just as she started to slide her shirt off of her body. The material dropped

down beside the couch just as the phone started to ring. At least here in her own home she could enjoy the effects of her revenge without fear of being caught.

"Dr. McNickle, so good to hear from you. I trust you made it home alright?" The voice was smooth and welcoming.

"Yes indeed." She replied and crossed her legs as she settles onto the couch. "So what was this proposal you seemed so eager to talk to me about."

"Straight to the point, mmm?" Jonathan's voice was warm with amusement, "As you know the program has been leaking money for the last year. It's become questionable

keeping your lab up and running."

"Sir! I just told you that we made a major break-" She jerked upright on the couch, her eyes narrowed down to slits.

"Yes, yes. But we need to find a new money maker. Something that will cover the cost of your experiments as well as keep us happy to support you." Jonathan paused for

a moment and when he spoke his voice was almost hesitant. "I'm sure you're aware that there's a rather large market on the internet now a days?"

"Of course, but I doubt people are going to be interested in watching our lab at work or even subscribe for updates on it. It's very localized!" Ann flicked her eyes

to the screen to watch the muscles ripple down along the snakes' stomach, it wouldn't be long now.

"No, they wouldn't. However there is a market for..hmm..erotic videos on the internet. Animal mating videos to be exact. With the quality that you've been recording we

could make quite a lot of money on the side setting up a paid site."

"A..paid site? As in a porn website?" She didn't have to fake the hint of outrage on her voice.

"Here me out, you wouldn't have to do anything. Simply video the pairings and get us shots much like you had today and send me the files. I'll have one of my web

developers set up a pay sight and perhaps down the road offer a live feed. It'd ensure you'd not have to worry about funding for your projects again." Jonathan's voice

took on an almost wheedling tone. "You wouldn't have to do anything save take the videos. You're doing that already to keep us informed, this would just ensure that

profit came from it."

Ann watched the screen and the writhing form of the snake as it pulled against its restraints. The muscles rippled and even as she watched a clear viscous wetness

started to leak from the tender vent and trickle down along the pale belly scales. The sight of her cheating ex bound and ready to forcibly birth eggs made her lick

her lips and her heart beat faster. Would other people react like this? Would they want to see animals as they mated? She already recorded most of what was going on in

the lab would it be that much of a stretch to put them on the internet? She pulled her lower lip in and bit lightly on it as she watched the screen.

"I think we can come to an understanding." She said finally, she couldn't stop her voice from taking on a husky edge.


Greg twisted on the table against the restraints. She started to thrash so hard that she felt Terry's hands hold down against her and the soft murmuring noises as if

wanting to sooth her. Instead it was nothing more than an added humiliation to her ordeal. Her stomach started to cramp down as muscles she had never possessed before

tightened and flexed. Her tail started to lash back and forth and she became aware of the added weight to her midsection. Over the last few moments she'd felt herself

growing more and more swollen. Even if she had been free of the restraints, she didn't think she could actually get away.

Greg's body twisted as another spasm ran through her and what thoughts she had formed against Terry were washed away with the feel of things shifting inside of her.

Things that had no right to belong inside of her body! This couldn't be happening! So achingly full. Her body felt swollen and pressure built deep inside of her, as if

a flood gate waited to be cast open to allow her relief. She was so close to her own vent that she could see the wetness starting to escape her. Her scales parted and

started to bare soft pink flesh they protected, the slick trail ran down towards the edge of the table. She could feel something shoving right up against a barrier

inside of her and she hissed out in discomfort. Her eyes ached to cry, she'd been turned into a voiceless creature of the wild.

Terry at least remained quiet while she struggled with the pressure that built up inside of her. She lowered her head and tried to move it enough to one side so she

didn't have to watch, but the restraints gave her no such relief from her punishment. She watched as her swollen scaled body started to shift when the muscles closed

down hard enough to let her feel each and every egg that was held inside of her. The contractions rippled down her passage so that her outer folds flexed and she

started to clench down tighter instinctively. The muscle spasms moved and shifted her burden until they started to push forward against the ring of muscle that held

them inside of her. She wanted to deny it, to stop it! She wasn't going to lay eggs, not like some common animal!

Her jaws gaped open and she felt one hard edged orb push itself against her cervix and her own body clenched down until the pressure reached a crescendo. It pushed and

wedged open the ring of muscle, puckering it outwards so that there was a moment of splitting pain that ran through her. Panic! Nothing but panic attacked her mind!

She was never meant to be spread like this! She clenched her walls down and pulled around the orb as it inched its way into the softer and more pliable channel of her

body. A ripple ran down her spine as she imagined she could hear the popping sound of it being pushed free and felt it gripped in her passage. It was rough edged, but

it wasn't completely hard, it was almost leathery as she could feel her own spasms making it thin down.

The changed former man struggled and forgot even that the camera watched her as the contractions pulled and stroked around the egg. Drawing it down from her body as

she intimately felt each curve and roughened texture of its shell inside of her. As it pushed along her passage she saw her passage start to strain open wider and she

saw her passage start to gape lewdly open. It was like nothing she'd ever seen or experienced. The stretched walls clenched and forced the orb further, inch by slow

inch was being shoved closer to her opening. Jerked her head back in terror as burning pain ran through her body, it made her want to sob out and scream for it to

stop. It was nothing like she'd experienced before and she saw the pale white egg crown from between her folds.

The sight of the egg was like a slap in the face for Greg. It made what had happened somehow real, somehow she realized that this was actually happening. Clear spills

of viscous wetness leaked out around the edges of the egg as she gave a final shove and it spilled free over her tail. Her passage still gaped open wide from its

passage and she saw the egg drop down with one side slightly flattened under its own weight. It was nothing like a chicken egg; it almost looked leathery instead of

firm. Before Greg could do more than wonder at the sight of it before it was removed. The intern's hand came into view, wrapped up in a white glove as he carefully

picked the orb up and took it away.

"Good girl, just a few more. Are you getting this, Ann?" He called out a little louder and a voice she hadn't expected came. His ex's voice was crackly from the

speaker phone.

"Yes I did! Fantastic! Keep the camera on her okay? I'm going to go to bed soon, but I want to watch the whole process."

Greg wanted to bury himself in a hole at hearing that slightly breathy voice commenting about wanting to see everything. Whatever she wanted to say was driven away

from her when her body went back to doing exactly as it wanted to do. She worked her internal muscles in ways she had never thought to experience. The push of painful

pressure when the egg jammed against her cervix before it yawned the dilated ring open to its widest point. Her muscles and body knew what to do even if she was awash

with the very wrongness of the act. She wasn't supposed to have this happen. She was male! She wasn't female and most certainly not a real snake!

She could feel herself pulling and squeezing around the ovoid and her tail began to thrash back and forth against the restraints. It slapped against the ground roughly

as she tried to arch herself up away from the table she was bound too. The movements helped coax the egg along her passage as it grew more lubricated to help the

passage of the orb. The wetness spilled out along either side of her tail before it started to push down along her passage. Each clench of her muscles was another

torment as her entire body was racked with pain from trying to expel the foreign object. Some of it ended up splattered right along the edges of her muzzle.

The egg stretched her outer folds and she wanted to let out a cry, the rough shell scraped against places that made her want to writhe with pleasure as well as pain.

Her folds spread obscenely open just in front of her as her jaws spread wide to expel the second egg from her. This time instead of falling to the ground Terry's hands

came down to catch the egg as it pushed free of her. Her lower body flashed dark red colors of her abused stretched flesh and already she felt her inner barrier being

assaulted with another egg. Her muscles clenched down while her spine bowed and she wanted with all her heart a voice with which to scream out her pain.

"Very good, Terry. I think she has a nice sized clutch in her. She may be in labor most of the night. Do you mind staying up with her? I don't want to risk the first

eggs." Ann's voice came from the speaker phone like a slap to the face.

"I don't mind, she'll be in good hands here I promise. I'll have the eggs in a heater for you to inspect in the morning."

Greg felt despair boil up inside of her as another egg pushed into her channel and she began to force it outwards. She already felt her body strained and burning with

the very wrongness of the act of birthing eggs. And if what Ann had said was true, she was only just starting. Another slick rush of lubricant from her body hit

against her muzzle and clung against her jaws as she starts to ripple her muscles and edge the third egg from her body. Her eyes even caught the sight of it traveling

along the short passage that lead to her abused and sore sex. How many were in a clutch? Six? A dozen? She didn't want to know, she didn't want to know, but she was

going to find out.


Ann watched the screen with her lips half parted and her body stretched out on the couch. The close up view left nothing to the imagination as the walls spread open

around the first egg. She was at home, no one was there to watch her, no one there to judge her. She had her hands just between her thighs and didn't think about how

Greg used to make her feel. Didn't think about what he used to do with her in the bedroom. Her eyes lidded as she watched to torment on the reptilian face as the egg

was expelled from the body. Her fingers found her clit and she started to roll her fingers around in circles until she arched up against the chair.

She bit her lower lip to stifle a soft noise as the screen blurred when her eyes unfocused. Her mind traveled from the sigh of the eggs to the sight of the bound snake

being taken by the pair of males. She thought of the brutal strokes that had implanted the eggs inside of her body. Some part of her she hadn't even knew existed

blossomed until she knew she'd put Greg through it again. When she'd rested from laying this clutch she'd introduce him perhaps to another change. Or perhaps just more

male snakes so that the eggs could be carefully transported to other parts of the country to increase the population of the species.

Then again perhaps she wouldn't. How many other people might deserve the same fate? Intelligent breeding animals that could be experimented on without worry that

they'd be damaged or she'd risk the already small population in the world. Her finger slipped between her folds as she let out a low cry of pleasure while her thoughts

spun out of control. Before tonight she never would have said she had a sadistic or vengeful streak in her body. Yet watching the snake writhe as another egg spread

the passage open she realized that she couldn't deny the pleasure that she felt from it. She didn't want to deny it.


Dawn came over the building to find Greg's body sagging in the restraints and her mouth spread open wide as she drew in weak shallow breaths. Her folds were gaped wide

open and nothing she did could manage to close them back up. She felt empty inside, spent, the passage bruised so badly that even moving made pain run through her

body. She had no idea how many eggs she managed to lay through the long hours of the night. She felt broken and ready to be sick, but all she could manage was to lay

there limply and pant. She tried to catch her breath as she heard Terry moving close by and the video camera click off.

The firm hands unbuckled the restraints and she was lifted upwards, she didn't even have the strength to fight back against the intern. As she was moved she got a view

of the pile of eggs laying in the incubator nearby. There were more than a dozen, far more than a dozen. She shuddered at the remembrance of each one passing through

her aching body. Each one that had spread her folds and left her dripping with lubricant and her face covered in the stuff. As she was placed in a tank flooded with

pale blue light and holding branches she realized something. There was no way Ann was going to let her go. There was no way she was going to escape. She would have

given anything just for the ability to sob out his pain.. Anything just to have a voice with which to speak. How could this have happened to her?!

--------------------------------------not by the original author line, anything below is made by ChedderCheese-----------------------------------------

Hours or even days went by, greg felt herself overcome by depression and dispair, there was nothing she could do, and nobody to save here. she was literally doomed forever.

her heart sunk into the depths of the abyss of her shattered reality, she was trapped within the lab, and trapped within her own body. there was nothing she could do to escape the dreadful nightmare that was now her forced reality and version of her own living hell.

*beep* the lab doors opened and Dr.Ann walked in, heading over to her desk before remembering about her little friend. she turned and made her way to gregs tank, opening the lid and peering in.

"have you learned your lesson greg?" she couldn't even move, let alone cry for forgivness.

Ann lifted greg from her tank, laying her on the cold lab floor. "say your sorry" "beg for my forgiveness"

greg couldn't believe what was happening, she couldn't let go of her only chance, and struggled to slither over to Dr.Ann, and began slithering her tongue at her feet, as if to kiss her shoes.

"are you apologizing to me you worthless little bitch?" she lifted her snake head as high as she could into the air, making a nodding "yes" motion.

"good girl"

the next words that left Anns mouth danced on gregs ears, and then tortured her soul.

"im going to change you again,and if you behave, i might give you your cock back"

greg almost didn't have time to think, what was she going to do to her?

Ann picked her up like a floppy piece of old leather knowing that greg couldn't fight back if she wanted to.

walking into the test room, she tossed greg carelessly ontop of the cold metal test table, not even bothering to stap her in knowing she wouldn't try to, be able to, or even want to escape, knowing she would be stuck as a snake... and a girl forever.

Dr.Ann searched through her medical containers, taking out several different jars of red, pink, orange, and clear liquid, measuring very precise amounts of each in a syringe, before placing it into a homogenizing machine that would spin the solution so hard and fast that it would be perfectly mixed when it was finished.

in the mean time, Ann walked over to greg and looked into her eyes, seeing only pain, regret, and despair. she almost felt sorry for what she put her through.

maybe she had gone too far.

the machine made a *beep* and Dr.Ann removed the syringe from it, squirting some of it out to clear it of any excess air and walking over to greg.

greg hadn't moved an inch.

"i swear if you try anything, i will turn you back and force you to give birth to a thousand venemous spiders at the same time"

Ann watched as greg slowly curled in a ball, just struggling to cry, scream, or do anything to express her pain and hide her fear. she shivered hard, if that was even possible for a snake.

Ann just flipped greg over, stabbing her in he heart with the syringe, injecting the whole load into her system, and torturing gregs body with the worst imaginable pain possible.

her body swelled, stretching out, the skin tearing, her bones shifting and cracking, tearing her apart on the inside, her heart munched, ripping itself apart, her stomach going upside down, her snake like organs changing and hanging out of the sides of her destroyed body.

greg was in agonizing pain as her body would tear itself apart and put itself back together again and again, healing and ripping and breaking endlessly.

she truly wanted to die as her arms and legs ripped out of her body, her skin shedding 3 times over, and her heart reforming itself.

the pain subsided and greg felt her breasts grow in. she felt as if she could move if she really wanted to, but she didn't have the will to move.

Dr.Ann pressed a button, and a large mirror opened up above her.

"why don't you take a look at your new body?"

looking up at the mirror, greg felt a wave of sadness wash over her.

something wasn't right, she was still a girl, and her skin was that of a snake. she was a freak, half girl, and half snake.

gregs vocal cords and tear ducts grew in slowly, making her cough and hack up a small amount of blood, her eyes watered, and she unleashed the feelings that had been tormenting her for so long. she cried hysterically, tears of pain and anguish streaming down her cheeks, she moaned in dispair, crying harder and harder unable to get enough pain out of her soul fast enough. she held herself in a ball of pain, crying her eyes out.

Ann could not help but feel a spear of regret plunge into her heart, she really did go too far.

walking over to gregs side, she placed an arm around her and embraced her. after what seemed like an hour, greg calmed down, drenched in her own tears.

Ann spoke to her, her voice a mixture of mercy and authority. "im not sorry, but im going to go easy on you. your old life is gone. its over."

greg sniffled, almost about to start crying again. "Shhhhh.... behave with me, and you will earn your cock back." "betray me, and im going to change you back, and make you lay eggs for the rest of your life."

greg almost said something again, Ann slapping her in the face, greg hissing back at her in pure instinct.

"DON'T YOU DARE HISS AT ME." " i could have left your vent destroyed and sore, stretched out and ruined by all those male snakes, but i gave you the medicine to heal!"

she pushed greg down and spread her legs wide open, before bending them up over her head. she took her fingers and spread gregs now more human like vagina open. "THIS" she yelled, shoving her middle finger deep inside of her. "is MINE. i OWN you. your new name is Sandis, disobey me and i will RUIN YOU."

Sandis spoke, "i-i'm... s-s-ory" her cute little female voice squeeking before hissing as she talked, tears streaming down her cheeks. Ann gave her a hug, and pushed her away, "now clean up this mess, and go get some rest in the bed" she commanded, pointing to the bed that was inside the wall, almost looking like a pod because of how small it was. Sandis looked around thinking to herself "what mess?" before looking down between her legs, a large pool of sticky female ejaculatory leaking from her vagina.

a small red dot caught her eye, she was being recorded even now, she blushed heavily for all the embarrassment and humiliation she had experienced, and tried as hard as she could to stand up, stumbling and falling flat on the floor.

standing up, her legs wobbling, she regained her balance, her thick snake like tail adjusting in the air. she took a step, and then another, and another, her tail swaying back and forth behind her seductively and of course, unintentionally. Sandis felt herself getting wet again, had Ann made her sexy on purpose?

her swollen bottom jiggling in its tight snake skin as she reached up with tippy toes her snake like hands precise and swift taking a paper towel off the top shelf and turned around, her tail following her every movement. she wiped up her mess, the scent coming off of it driving her mad. she made her way to the bed in the side of the room, holding onto anything she could.

she slipped on a piece of tile, and fell hard, knocking herself out inches from the bed. Ann had been watching her try to move around, giving a light chuckle, and then feeling very sad and regretful. she walked into the room, and without checking her for injury or anything, knowing that no matter how badly she was damaged from the fall that she would instantly heal because of the rate at which she was still changing on the inside.

she held Sandis in her arms, and layed her in the bed, pressing the button and closing the lid, the pressure equalizing in the bed with a seal and a *pshhhh*

several hours later, Ann was still watching her sleep through a camera in her pressurized bed, Ann's heart sunk when she saw that Sandis was still crying in her sleep. her tears streaming down her face, drenching her blanket.

(i hope you all enjoyed my version of the ending, rather than Ann leave poor Sandis to suffer in a tank for the rest of her life as a snake)

( the way im going to do this, is that everyone should message me and send me ideas on how you want the story to continue, any inspiration and messages are welcome )

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2013-09-01 13:31:16
That scientist went to far I feel bad for Greg he deserved it at first but no man should lose thier manhood

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2013-02-03 04:19:47
I think you should have sandis get used to the idea of being a snakegirl and even gets a friend turned into a able as well.

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2012-07-16 03:39:42
Perhaps Ann gets a little board and turns a male snake into a hybrid as well just to torture Greg/Sandis, and actually breaks Sandis's mind making her into baically a slave. Or you could be kind of nice to Sandis, and had the two develope a Mother/Daughter relationship. Another thing you could try is Sandis just becoming content with the change and accepting it. Lots of thing you could do. You could even mix them up a little where just as Sandis is becoming content Ann makes a male hybrid to torture her but she holds out and eventually overcomes Ann but realizing that she has nowhere to go Sandis must beg for Ann's forgiveness because she knows that humankind would mock despise and basically try to kill her or make her into a monster. (that is my creativity half assed too, imagine the wierd stuff I can come up with if I actually try

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2012-05-27 21:58:36
Make "Sandis" disobey ann and turn Sandis into a spider, like you said.
Thatd be fucking AWESOME!!!

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