continued from 'me and cousin part 2'

My aunt arrived at the airport around seven o clock on a sunday afternoon. She was coming in for my older brothers wedding. Unfortunately, my cousins could not make it. Of course, I got stuck picking her up because everyone else is always to busy for some reason.

I was there right on time, and saw her at the arrivals area.."Hey!" she shouted at me, and gave me a huge hug. I felt her plump breast pushed against me. "Oh you lost some weight. you look good" she smiled at me. So did she. It was hard not to notice. It looked like she had been going to the gym a lot lately. I could see all her curves, and beatiful physique..

I opened the car door for her, and let her in the front passenger side. "oh you are such a lovely gent" she said in her heavy South accent. As we were driving, I could not keep my eyes on the road. Every once in awhile I would glance at her full plump breast. "sorry if I look a little tired, it was a long flight in" "oh you look fine" she smiled at me.

We went back to my parents house for dinner, and everyone did their usual 'how are you?" and normal formalities. She gave my younger siblings a few toys, and her and my mom chatted for a couple hours.."are you going to be able to give my sister a ride to her hotel" (there was not enough room for guest, as my family was quite large) of course I will give my sexy aunt a ride I thought to myself. "no problem" I said taking another quick glance at her breast.

We had a pretty dull conversation in the car nothing extraordinary just about my school, work, and about me getting divorced (I had recently gotten divorced). We finally arrived at the hotel, it was about a half hour away "do you need help with your suitcases?" "yes I do". So grabbed her suitcase which was oddly heavy but I figured what the hell she must have girl stuff in their.

I accidently dropped the suitcase on the floor of her hotel room, and was shocked to see what was inside. She had a full latex outfit, mask and all. she turned bright red in the face, and quickly put it away "im so embarrassed".."its ok, dont worry about it" I gave her a hug. She put my hands on her ass.."squeeze my ass a bit" "What?!" I said. "look stop screwing around I know you fucked both my duaghters, and I see you staring at my tits all day, I need a solid fucking so thats what your gonna do !" shit I thought. this has gone way to fucking far. she reached in my pants and me hard instantly.

she took out a leather leash, and wrapped it around her neck, "make me your bitch"." what?" I had never had any kinky sex before so I didn't know what to do. "are you deaf?" I grabbed her the leash and pulled her neck backwards. "rip my clothes off , you fucking pervert!" I tore her shirt off and the buttons flew all over the room, she moaned 'squeeze my tiitties" I grabbed both her tits, and squeezed them hard. "harder!" I squeezed them even more, and squeezed her nipples a bit too.."squeeze them like you did to cameron and Jess" I pinched them so hard she screamed "FUCK YA"

I ran my hand down her skirt, and started rubbing her clit.."Rub me hard, HARDER!" I was sure i was hurting her but she wanted it so bad..I pulled her skirt off, and got so hard when i saw her beautiful exposed cunt. Her ass looked fuckable when she was on her knees like that.

She reached into her suitcase, and took out a paddle. "spank me for being your naughty aunt" I gripped it hard, and spanked her until her ass turned purple,,She handed me a ball gag, and i placed it in her mouth,,"only stop being rough if i hit my hand hard on the floor, and you can use anything in the suitcase.." I grabbed a tassle and whipped her back, until she had marks all over the place.

I turned her over, and teased her clit with a big black baton i found in her suitcase.. She was so wet, she loved it so much, I could hear her moaning through the gag. her mascra ran down her face. I fingered her pussy really hard, and would open the gag once in awhile to make her taste her pussy. I shoved the stick deep in her pussy, and she moaned with pleasure..I saw some rope in her suitcase and tied her arms to the bed post..Then I just couldnt take it, I needed to fuck my aunt.

I shoved my cock in her dripping pussy, and fuck her so hard i could see the bed sliding everywhere. I went really close to her, and gave her a huge a hicky on her neck..I could see some blood coming out of the hicky,..I pulled the 'leash' thing and made her choke until she couldnt take it anymore..She smacked her hand hard on the wall so I undid the leash..My cock needed her I undid the ball gag, and shoved it in her throat . I pinched her nose a bit so she couldnt breath, and all she could feel was my cock hitting the back of her throat. I could see her saliva dripping down her mouth and titties.. "Suck on my titties!" she demanded..I bit her nipples hard "oh even better" she moaned. I bit down hard and shoved a finger in her pussy at the same time..I untied her so she could have some fun.

"I want you to fuck me in the ass the same way you fucked your cousins,,!" she got on all fours, and stuck her ass way up in the air,,I grabbed some lube from her suitcase and just shoved my cock in there. She screamed.."wow cowboy its been awhile!" I eased off a bit, and went a bit slower until she liked it.."ohhh fuckk me..." she shoved the black stick way into her pussy..I could sort of feel it while my cock was in her ass..I couldnt handle it any more, I grabbed her tits and fucked her as really hard..."im cuummminnng!" I yelled

I came all over her back and ass. She quickly turned around, and a finished me off. Then she shoved me hard against the wall, and choked me.."I hope you can get the thing up again, cuz next time your my bitch"

After a long shower were we made out non stop, and I squeezed her ass most of time. I was definetely able to get it up aunt had an amazing vacation, and if she doesnt remember im sure all the marks on her body will.

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