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This april it was my birthday and after going fishing with my dad my girlfriend came over to see me. She had bought me a sex dot to dot book and a pocket karma sutra book for my birthday which made me giggle and turnt me on. I hopped in the shower because i had been out all day then went back to my room wearing nothing but a towel n some boxers. I went back to my room and before i knew it i my girlfriend was stood next to my bed and undressing herself. As she removed more clothes i could feel my dick get hard as i realised she had bought a brand new pair of red panties and a beautiful red bra to match. The best bit by far was the stockings and black suspender set she wore which made me go crazy. She lay beside me and asked if i wanted a massage which obviously i did! She poured the oil onto my back and knelt on my back while she massaged my shoulders and back. Usually i love back rubs but this time i was far to busy trying to turn over so i could grab her pussy and tits. I managed to get onto my back and pulled her pussy up to my face . I began to kiss her panties and could feel her wet lips through the fabric. I moved the material and started licking her shaven pussy and sweet clit. I then got up and was licking and biting her nipples which were hard but absolutely perfect. I lay back on the bed and she did the same so we were facing eachother and touching ourselves. I grabbed my phone and videoed her rubbing her clit and fingering herself. I could feel my dick swelling in my boxers and soon she was sucking my head and nibbling my shaft. My cock pumped and swelled in her mouth and i could feel myself getting more and more turnt on. After a little while i used a vibrating cock ring to massage her now wet clit. Once she was moaning and breathing heavily i put the ring on and became to lick and suck her sweet clit. She was really wet by now so i knelt back and slid my dick into her. We started fucking and i got faster and faster, egged on by her moaning and breathing. I could feel her nails scrathcing my back and the warm pain made me crazy. As she did this she bit my neck and chest and stroked my biceps and bit them too. The pain of her teeth digging into my flesh made me ho crazy and by now i was fucking her harder and faster with the cock ring turnt on. She could feel the vibrations through my hard penis inside her and her eyes rolled back into her head and she moaned deeply inbetween trying to catch her breath. After a while i withdrew myself and came all over her stomach and perfect tits. Once we had cleaned up we decided to have a little break and lay there chatting. However within a few minutes we found ourselves masturbating each other again. I began to fuck her again as i felt her tight pussy muscles sqeeze my hard cock. She let out a particularly loud groan . Thinking i had caused her pain i whispered " are you ok?" she lookes at me and moaned " you hit my cervix!!!" with a big smile across her face. she enjoyed that more than anything and we carried on. Once again i withdrew and came on her tits as she carried on rubbing her clit and moaning.. Her pussy was still very wet and again within a few minutes i found myself fingering her and licking her beautiful lips and flicking her clit with my tounge. We carried on masturbating and watching eachother and as she came inbetween my fingers i released my third load all over her. Her clit and lips were soaked and my dick was so hard. After, she told me i had made her come five times!! Three of which were through penetration! She is brilliant when it comes to sex and gives perfect blowjobs and has such a great body but this was something else entirely! She later described the sex as mind blowing ! And proceeded to tell her friends who were all very impressed by the amount of orgasms. a few days later she came over again when my mate was over and we all ended up on my bed again naked while we all masturbated ourselves and she sucked us and i licked her out again. She is always very horny and is up for anything kinky. A few days before she made me come whilst we were sat on the sofa watching tv and my mum was eating tea in the other room. She gave me great head and swallowed my load again. She came over at the end of the week and we shared a bath and wanked eachother again. I used the vibrating ring again on her clit while i licked her and applied tingle lube to her. We then both lay back on the sofa and masturbated with the lube while watchin a movie together and glancing at the other person rubbing and wanking themselves from time to time until once again we came. I licked her clit and spelt things with my tounge like 'i love you' and 'your pussy is perfect'. She really responded to this with moans and deep breaths and when i whispered what i had spelt she giggled and continued to moan. All the sessions above happened last week. It was a very VERY good week and was the best sex ive ever had. She loved it as much as i did and the four quid i spent on the ring was worth every penny!

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2011-05-08 05:09:08
Shaun, You really are a silly little dumbfuck aren't you. If you took your car to a panelbeater would you be happy with a shitty job? If you're going to write a story to be read by others . . . .do it properly or expect criticism. If you're too fucking incompetent to write properly - don't write. Sorry - fucked up system logged me out again. This submitted by Ghostrider939

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2011-05-08 05:07:59
Shaun, You really are a silly little dumbfuck aren't you. If you took your car to a panelbeater would you be happy with a shitty job? If you're going to write a story to be read by others . . . .do it properly or expect criticism. If you're too fucking incompetent to write properly - don't write.

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2011-04-19 21:55:12
Sure did make me wet:) so who cares bout spelling

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2011-04-18 21:09:50
Who the fuck cares about the grammar?? I it's readable it's grand ok so stop giving out about someones spelling your hear to enjoy it not judge it

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2011-04-18 17:29:19
You said that you corrected this story once but it sure does not look like you did.

You keep using ipod as an excuse...learn to use it properly.

Yes it is a dirty story site...but we still have the right to dislike poor writing.

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