The next morning I sent the Midwest Riding Center an email to inquire about starting up lessons. Just seeing Melanie’s name in my inbox that afternoon got me excited. I was fortunate enough that I could start lessons that weekend and I quickly replied that I wanted to begin.

That Weekend I decided to help things along a little and put on a pair of silk panties before I went out for my first riding lesson. I found out once I got there though that I would have a few more tasks to take care of. Unlike the intro lesson I needed to retrieve my assigned horse from its stall and bridle it myself before leading it to where the lesson was taking place. I was also going to have to return my ride to its home at the end of the lesson which would cut down on my mad dash home to pleasure myself. But, I figured it would all work out in the end.

Having no prior experience I required help to take care of the bridle this first day. But on the plus side I was assigned Apollo to ride again. Once I walked with Apollo out to the ring I gave him a big hug. Melanie, who turned out to be our classes instructor, helped us get our reins and stirrups in the right position and we mounted up. As soon as my butt hit the saddle I could feel the cool silk pressing against my flesh. I rubbed my ass back and forth a few times to let the sleek fabric slide between my lips and along my clitoris.

Just the feel of the massive animal between my legs again and the soothing caress of my panties got me instantly wet. I was definitely looking forward to this lesson. We only covered the same ground as the intro lesson, but it was just as exhilarating. By the end of the lesson I was ready to bring myself home, but Melanie had a suggestion for the class before we took the horses back to their homes.

“If you have the time and inclination, you can check with the office to see if your horses are done for the day. Then you could take off their saddles for them and give them a brushing if you’d like.”

In the first few steps my only thoughts were to get home and quench the raging fire in my belly, but I soon realized that it was only fair. Apollo was nice enough to hold my weight and bring me pleasure. The least I could do is lessen his burden a little faster and clean him up a little from the dusty ride.

I took Apollo back to his stall and started to take off his bridle, but he made a beeline for his food. I had to pull his head back out of the bucket just to get the bit out of his mouth and the bridle put away. I left him to his food and went up front to check if he was done for the day. I found out he was so I went back to take off his tack.

As I approached, Apollo had an odd stance. His back legs were stretched out and as I watched, thinking he was just stretching, when I saw what I first took to be a pink and black snake appear from between his legs. It took me a moment to realize it was his dick expanding from its sheath. By then I was entranced by the expanding flesh and the spell was only broken when he started to urinate.

I looked around embarrassed that I was staring at the horse’s member, but I couldn’t help myself. It was huge. I found myself wondering absently what it might feel like to caress that massive meat. Shaking my head at myself I entered the stall once he finished and started to take off his tack. But my curiosity quickly got the better of me and I bent down while loosening the girth in time to see the pink snake slither back into the sheath. For a moment I just stared at the wrinkly skin holding back the source of my fascination.

I eventually got on with taking off the saddle and grabbed a brush after taking the tack to where it belongs. I started brushing Apollo’s coat, but I couldn’t get my mind off of his crotch. Thinking about that long rod made the fires stoked from riding his back flame back into being. I just couldn’t get it out of my mind.

Finally screwing up my nerve, as I was brushing with my right hand, I slid my left down to fondle his waiting genitals. The skin was warm and smooth. It felt just like rubbing satin. Looking around to make sure no one was nearby, I continued my massaging his cock through the skin of his sheath. I could feel it inside hiding beyond my sight but not quite beyond my touch.

Instead I slid my hand back along the silken skin of Apollo’s groin but was surprised not to feel the heavy weight of his balls. My hand just hit the vee of his hind legs touching nothing but skin. In shock I bent over to confirm the missing testicles. I was right in my physical assessment, but I was immediately distracted by the expanding cock staring me in the face. Forgetting all about the missing balls, I gently grasped the growing member. I was startled by the soft pliability of the flaccid cock, but I could feel a hardness within it. Unfortunately after only a few strokes of the shaft it retreated back into his body.

Disappointed, I continued the brushing with the occasional fondle before leaving the stables and racing home once more. Despite the less than satisfactory conclusion of the encounter, gripping my first horse cock left me wetter than Hoover Dam.

The instant I got in the door I stripped naked before my puppies could even make it to me. The sight of Damien bounding to me forced a fresh dollop of my juices to ooze down my leg. I gave them both a quick scratch on the head. As I turned to pet Brutus I felt Damien’s cold nose on my ass. He must have scented my flowing pussy and came around from behind to lick my aching lips. A deep moan escaped me as I felt his skillful tongue slide up into my channel.

“Naughty boy,” I rasped as his tongue dove into me from behind. “I guess you’re as ready as I am.”

With a final scratch behind Brutus’s ears I raced up the stairs and dove into bed. Damien came bounding up after me and set his muzzle to my pussy like it was a first class steak. The insistent lapping at my vagina drove me higher and higher and he quickly brought me to my first orgasm after all the priming Apollo gave me. I called out my pleasure in ecstatic moans as Damien’s unceasing tongue continued to lap at my exploding sex.

But for the first time the wet muscle exploring my crotch hesitated, and I felt a second tongue licking at my toes. I opened my eyes to see Brutus had come in to see what all the noise was about. Damien, moved aside as the Great Dane nosed his muzzle along my leg licking at my flesh on the way. His tongue was broader and longer than Damien’s and I could feel every inch of its pebbled texture as it slid slowly up my shin and over my knee.

I gasped in anticipation as the wet instrument of pleasure made its way over my thigh leaving a trail of drool cooling in the air before finally licking at my exposed pussy. His immense tongue splayed my pussy lips wide and sent shivers throughout my body as it ran over my clit. Brutus wasn’t nearly as fast as Damien, but his slower thicker strokes sent constant waves of electricity arcing across my body.

I was so intent on Brutus’s ministrations that I didn’t notice Damien moving until I felt his tongue on my hardened nipples. Looking over I could see his prominent erection staring me in the face. I immediately thought of the unsatisfactory feeling I had missing out on playing with Apollo’s prick. Without a further thought I reached out and grasped his burning red pole.

As Brutus slowly stimulated my sensitive clit I pumped on Damien’s scarlet cock. I pumped gently as the shivers emanating from my crotch caused my hand to vibrate. I soon felt the knot inflate under my fingers as Damien became more and more aroused. But the growing orgasm was destroying any control my hand had left. Driven mad with lust and not wanting to stop until Damien came I gripped his back legs and guided him over my torso.

Once he was in position I leaned forward and sucked his cock deep into my throat. I grabbed his back to help my balance as I bobbed my head back and forth taking him in until I was kissing his large knot and then pulling out until I could lick at his pointed tip. Soon Damien got into the action and started rapidly humping my face. His muscular haunches pressed his knot harder and harder against my lips and teeth until without warning I felt his runny cum spurting over my tongue and down my throat.

Finished, Damien slid his used member out of my mouth and curled up next to me to lick his member clean. Brutus, possibly sensing the loss of other distractions, decided to force his tongue into the length of my channel instead of along it. I gasped at the sudden intrusion of pliable meat. As it stretched me out I could swear it was bigger than my own four fingered intrusion. In addition I could feel the tip of his tongue tickle my cervix as it explored my cave. Unlike Damien, Brutus didn’t fuck in and out of my pussy with his tongue. It undulated and rippled as it fought against my body’s tendency to push him out.

The full presence in my cunt quickly drove me over the edge. The orgasmic spasms also managed to squeeze Brutus’s tongue out of my hole as I coated his snout with my secretions. He started towards the door licking his chops when I saw his unprotected cock. It was previously hidden by the bed, but even in my post-orgasmic stupor I knew I wanted to reciprocate the affection for both my puppies.

I slid off the bed towards Brutus and managed to hook my arms around his waist. I wrapped my hands around his rod from behind and started pumping furiously. His tail rose up behind me to tickle my back as I pumped his primed pole. He almost immediately began humping my hands so I slid one down to massage his balls while the other simply maintained a tight connection for him to fuck into.

My sore pussy rubbed against his fur as he mounted my hand. As soon as I felt his doggie balls tighten I cupped that hand around the tip of his penis. I caught as much of his sperm as I could before my hand overflowed and spilled out over the carpet. When Brutus’s orgasm was complete I collapsed to his side. I had just enough energy to drink in some of his baby batter from my cum coated hands. With both dogs ejaculate resting comfortably in my belly, I fell asleep to the gentle licking of Brutus cleaning my fingers.

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