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This is how I picture my wedding night.
My name is Mara and this is the story of my wedding night.

I had met Scott two years earlier in a Barnes & Noble; one thing led to another, and he eventually proposed on our 2 year anniversary.

Scott is a very intelligent man, and is a true romantic. He is also very handsome. He has brown hair in a sort of a bowl cut, hazel eyes that twinkle when I do something sweet or adorable, a neatly trimmed mustache, and circular glasses. His height is also perfect for me because he is two inches taller than me.

As we drive to our house, we sit in silence. Eventually, Scott breaks the silence.

"I am so happy I married you, Mara. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful bride," he says in his silky soft voice. His voice just makes me want to melt, he makes me swoon. We are stopped at a red light when he leans over and kisses me gently and softly on the lips.

"And soon you will be a blushing bride," Scott whispers in my ear. His innuendo causes a wave of crimson to wash over my face.

The light turns green and we finish our drive to the house. Not another word is spoken because there is nothing left to say.


We pull into the driveway and sit there in the car. We look at each other and smile as we hold hands. We get out of the car and Scott carries me across the threshold. It is a surprisingly task since I weigh just over 100 lbs.

Scott and I walk into the bedroom, and I am flooded with memories of what has been done in this very room. We have slept together, in the most innocent sense of the phrase. We have seen each other naked, either on purpose or by accident. We have explored each others' body with our hands. The only things we have not yet done are orally pleasuring each other, making love, and anal intercourse. Knowing what will happen soon in this room and in that bed makes me even redder than before. I look over at Scott, and realize he's thinking the same things as his face becomes crimson. The only prior sexual experience he had before me was losing his virginity to a female friend in high school. They were both virgins until that time. After that he never had sex again. Sure, he masturbated, but I believe he held out for me.

He kisses me sweetly and hugs me tight. I kiss back and soon we progress to French kissing. As our tongues intertwine, his hands glide up to the top of my dress's zipper. At the same time, I undo his bow tie and start working on his shirt buttons. He pulls the zipper tab all the way down just as I finish the last button on his shirt. My dress drops to the floor, revealing a strapless white bra with a front clasp and white panty briefs. I look down at Scott's waist and notice a growing bulge in his pants, yearning to be free of restraints. I push his shirt off and begin working on his pants.

"You're so big, Scott. Let me set it free," I say as he nods and remains silent. As I lower myself to my knees, I pull his pants down. I can see a wet spot of precum on his briefs, clearly showing the level of arousal and desire Scott has for what is to come.

I pull his briefs down and his 8 inch, thick erection springs out. Trickles of precum start to run down it from the head to the base. I take it in my hand and gently stroke the shaft, my hand becoming sticky with Scott's precum. He lets out a small sigh of satisfaction, enjoying my "world famous", as Scott likes to call it, handjob.

He gasps as I tentatively lick the tip of his cock. I start to lick the head in slow circles, enjoying the slightly salty taste of his precum. My tongue soon goes to the base of Scott's cock and trails up the shaft to the swollen head.

"Ohhh Mara..." Scott moans softly as he runs his fingers through my hair. I decide to take the final step and I put my mouth over his cock. I go down the shaft as far as I can, the head now pressing against the back of my throat. I gently start sucking, my head slowly bobbing on his cock. The moans he elicits permits me to increase the pace.

"Oh God, I'm gonna cum, Mara! Holy shit this feels great!" Scott moans loudly. No sooner said, hot streams of cum shoot into my mouth. I swallow the thick substance and slide my mouth off his big cock, breathing heavily and smiling up at him. He smiles back at me and pulls me off my knees.

"How did you learn to do that?" Scott asks me, clearly amazed at my cocksucking skills.

"I don't know, babe," I reply. By now, my pussy is soaked from giving him head. He lays me on the bed and kisses me slowly yet passionately. His hands start to roam over my chest, searching for the bra clasp and quickly undoing it one-handed. My bra springs open and reveals my b cup breasts. Scott runs his thumbs around my nipples in circles, causing them to stiffen. He gently rolls my nipples between his forefingers and his thumbs as we kiss. He leaves my mouth to go lick and suck my hard nipples.

He gently tugs on my left nipple as he licks my right nipple in circles. I sigh and relax in his care as he flicks my nipple with his wet tongue. He switches nipples and does the same things, only this time he uses his teeth. Scott takes my left nipple between his lips and pulls until my breast bounces back. He repeats the process but with his teeth gently clamping on my nipple. I let out a soft moan and beg him to bite harder.

"Not tonight, my love. Tonight is meant to be romantic and gentle," Scott replies as he trails kisses from my breasts to my navel. His tongue dips momentarily into my navel before continuing on. At last, he comes to the final barrier of clothing. He curls his fingers around the waistband of my panties and slowly slides them down my legs and off. Scott parts my legs and takes a good look at my sopping wet slit and mound. My curly black pubes are the only extra cushioning on my mound.

"Oh my, your pussy is absolutely beautiful, Mara," he says, spreading my pussy lips to take a gander at my inner cunt. Just the touch is enough to get me moaning. He slowly licks my opening up to my engorged clit, making me gasp and moan. Scott flicks my clit slowly then rapidly with his tongue, causing me to moan louder and higher. He soon returns to my cunt opening and licks circles around it.

"Oh God, ohh Scott!" I moan loudly, my pussy quivering under your velvet tongue. His tongue dips in to taste my juices, pushing me closer to orgasm. At last, he tongue fucks me deeply and rapidly, bringing me to an amazingly long orgasm. My body arches and I grab handfuls of the comforter as I cum on his tongue. My cunt milks his tongue and spasms in ecstasy.

After my orgasm subsides, Scott's body hovers over my own, his hard cock close to my pussy. We kiss romantically as he positions his cock against my opening.

"Are you ready, Mara?" Scott asks me, more than ready to slide his cock into me. I nod and he slowly pushes the head in until it is stopped by my hymen, which he gently pushes through. I cry out and whimper as tears roll down my cheeks. He stops immediately, his cock a third of the way in.

"Mara! Are you okay?" Scott asks, concerned about me. I nod as the tears slowly stop. "You know I'd never want to hurt you, right?"

"Yes, babe, I know. It just hurt when you deflowered me," I say with a kind smile. He strokes my hair and kisses me tenderly before continuing his escapade. I grunt as he pushes in, filling my virgin cunt with his thick cock. My pussy squeezes his cock with a vice grip and pulses, getting used to it.

"Oh, Mara, you're so tight," Scott whispers loudly as he wriggles around inside me. Blood trickles from my virginity as he wriggles. He slowly starts thrusting, his balls resting on my ass. After a period of adjustment, he picks up the pace, his balls slapping my ass. We moan together as we make love for the first time. Scott's hair is matted to his forehead in sweat as our bodies glisten in the dim lights of our room.

"Oh God, I'm cumming!" I shriek as we cum together, as one. My pussy soaks his cock as he shoots a big load of cum in my cunt. Scott lies on me for a minute, both of us exhausted and breathing heavily. He pulls out his cock, slightly bloody and slick with cum, and rolls on his back. He holds my hand and kisses it, smiling and kissing my forehead.

I pull the covers over us, tired and fatigued. I cuddle up to Scott and rest my head on his chest. No words are said as we drift off into slumberland.
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