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The Hotel
My girlfriend told Holy Shit’s boyfriend to strip and he reluctantly complied. As he pulled his pants off, his cock sprung out. It was about as big as mine, very hard and with shaved balls. My girlfriend dug through her bag, got a cockring and told him to put it on. He asked her if we could all do a shot first, that he needed some courage. He produced a bottle of tequila and we passed around the bottle, all of us taking good swigs. My girlfriend then asked him if he’d ever been with a guy before. He said no, but that he’d fantasized about it and that him and Holy Shit and talked about it. As he was putting on the cockring, he asked what was all over me and sticking in my hair. She explained that we had attended a bisexual party, that I had been volunteered as the bi cockwhore and cumslut and had been taken by 20 guys. He laughed nervously as he looked down at my throbbing dripping cock and snapped the cockring into place around his cock and balls. She congratulated him on being in the right place at the right time and told me to get on my knees and show him how it’s done. I kneeled down and took his cock in my hand, stroking it slowly and cupping his restrained balls while the girls watched in amazement. The cockring had made it thicker and I opened my mouth wide, sliding it in and working it slowly, sticking my tongue out and licking his balls as it made it’s way down my throat. After a few seconds, I withdrew the cock, pulling it all the way out and then looking at and smiling at the girls. They encouraged me and I took his cock again, driving it down my throat and then going up and down on it in quick motions until I tasted precum, at which point I withdrew it and stood up, looking at my girlfriend for direction. She asked him if he thought he could do that to my cock and he said he wasn’t sure. She asked him to try and he slowly got to his knees. He took my cock in his hand, not sure what to do as it throbbed against his grip. Holy Shit told him to lick it and he stuck his tongue out, licking around the head slowly. He then lifted it up and licked down the shaft to the balls as the girls cheered him on. He stroked it slowly for a few seconds, studying it until Holy Shit told him to suck it. He opened his mouth as wide as he could and put the head in, getting no more than 2 or 3 inches of it in his mouth. Holy Shit knelt next to him, grabbed it from his hand and in one motion put it in her mouth, downing it to the balls and coming up after a second or two before going back down. As she was teaching him, I looked down at his cock and it was throbbing and twitching almost uncontrollably, precum dripping off it onto the carpet – he was definitely excited. Holy Shit said not to worry, that he just needs some deepthroat practice.

My girlfriend then ordered me to lay on the bed, telling the girls to each hold a leg and one to hold my shoulders down. My ass in the air and loose, my girlfriend handed Holy Shit the dildo I’d used in the car and told her to fuck me with it while her boyfriend watched and stroked himself. She gladly accepted, grabbed my cock and inserted the dildo, working it slowly until it was buried in my ass, leaving it there momentarily and then withdrawing it all the way as my ass gaped open from the hard fucking I’d taken only an hour or two earlier. I looked at the guy and he was staring at my ass and cock, admiring his girlfriend as she reinserted the dildo and began fucking me with it while she slowly stroked my engorged cock. She worked my ass as the other girls took turns stroking my cock. After a few minutes, my girlfriend told her to stop and pulled the guy in between my legs. Holy Shit grabbed his cock and guided it toward my hole, pushing his ass until his cock was buried, my cock twitching and leaking more precum from the prostate massage his cock was giving me. Holy Shit got behind him, grabbed his hips and made him fuck me slowly. She took his hand and wrapped it around my cock, moving it up and down to the rhythm of his cock sliding in and out of my ass. She asked him if he liked it and he mumbled yes as he fucked me and stroked my cock. After a few minutes, he was about to cum and my girlfriend told him to pull out, not yet. She told me to get up, made him lay on the bed in the same position I was in and lubed and fingered his ass. Holy Shit took the dildo and put it in very slowly. She said that their toys were much smaller and that he’d not had anything large in his ass. He closed his eyes, moaned a little and she stopped, working it ever so slowly into his ass as she stroked his still rock-hard cock. I grabbed his cock with my hand and stroked it, bending over to suck it and deepthroating it quickly as his girlfriend fucked his ass with the dildo. I then moved her aside and positioned myself and pushed forward as my girlfriend guided my cock into his ass. He squirmed a little at first, but his girlfriend told him to stay still and he relaxed as I slid my throbbing cock into his virgin ass. As the head slid past his prostate, his cock jerked and cum ran down the shaft, over my fingers and onto his balls and my cock. She told him to relax again and as I pushed further, another stream of cum let loose from his cock, but he didn’t ejaculate. I finally buried my dick to the balls and held it there, feeling the throbbing and pulsating sensation as it rested in his ass. His girlfriend then deepthroated his cock several times, licking up the cum that he’d let go. I told his girlfriend to get on his cock and after she lowered her pussy on it, I fucked him slowly for a few minutes, lubed up and fingered her ass and then pulled my cock out of his ass and drove it home in hers as she gasped. The other girls and my girlfriend were all masturbating as they watched and encouraged us. I fucked her ass for a few minutes more and then pulled out, cum dripping down her crack over her pussy and onto his balls.

One of the girls immediately got on her knees next to them and offered up herself to me. I moved over and shoved my cock in her pussy all the way before fucking her hard for several minutes until she came. The other girl took her place and I did the same thing for her before pulling out and standing at the end of the bed, cum dripping off the end of my cock while Holy Shit and her boyfriend fucked. My girlfriend told me to get on my knees on the bed, put on her strap on and fucked me while I licked one girl’s pussy and the other one sucked and stroked my cock from behind. Holy Shit and her boyfriend went at it for a few more minutes and then she got off him and he asked my girlfriend if her boyfriend could take another turn. She withdrew and he came around and put his cock in my ass, this time more sure of himself, and started fucking me like he meant it, pounding me as his girlfriend watched approvingly until he pulled out and blew an enormous load on my back and ass. My girlfriend asked me if I wanted to cum and I said yes. She motioned for me to go outside on the balcony patio while they watched me jack off. I opened the sliding door, stepped into the dark night and stroked my cock to the cars and pedestrians on the street. They came out on the balcony with me and as I neared completion, I stuck my cock out over the railing and my girlfriend put a couple fingers in my ass. I stroked until I felt it welling up, stopped, turned to two of the girls and stroked the shaft until I blew 4 or 5 long streams of cum on their stomachs and legs, a couple of shots going over the balcony.

Wow…what a night…


2011-11-13 00:32:10
Lovely story, PM me please


2011-08-28 16:49:08
very hot would love to get my ass played with right now


2011-08-28 16:47:12
private message me thats hot

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2011-04-18 20:18:32
OMG ..... I loved this

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