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Sorry its short, next one will be longer
Jake awoke to the morning sun blaring through the now open windows. He lie naked, covered in bodily fluids from the previous nights fuck. He sat up groggily and looked around the empty room. It was now clean and all the furniture had been put in its proper place.
He walked down the hall and into the already occupied bathroom. Inside was his 11 year old cousin Beth gingerly massaging her nipples as she bathed. Jake took full action as he nonchalantly walked into the shower and began to stroke her hard nipples with her.
She gasped but soon learned who it was and began to moan. “Mmm, my brother is coming over today. Haven’t you two already done something before?”
Jake remembered her brother. He was a year older and had taught Jake about sex. When they were young they had sucked each other off once.
“Yeah we’ve done stuff before. But not as much as I’m gonna do to you.” She giggled a bit then turned around to face him. Her cute innocent face turned Jake on even more as she slid down the length of his body to his throbbing cock.
That little mouth squealed with joy before trying to take it all at once. Jake had to tell her to kiss and lick it first then try to suck it. She did and got the head in before pulling out and apologizing. Jake smiled and helped her out of the shower.
He picked her up, which wasn’t hard at all, and placed her on the bathroom counter. Her small dainty legs dangled off the edge. He spread her creamy white legs and moved between them. His hard cock brushed up against her swollen, hairless lips which sent a shiver down her spine.
“Do me like you did your sister.” She asked smiling widely. And Jake smiled back as he grabbed his cock and positioned it at her snatch. Then with a quick thrust shoved it into her tight pussy.
She squealed loudly at first, still not used to the thickness, but soon began to moan. Matching his movements, Jake found her to be a natural at fucking. She loved it so much, it made her feel big. She told this to Jake and he smiled even wider as he shoved his dick even farther into her. She moaned louder and felt an orgasm coming.
Jake moaned along with her, his load building up inside. He pulled out of her and put her back on the floor. “I want you to take my entire load.” He ordered.
She had heard and seen her mom do it the night before and did just as she did. She took his cock in hand and began to lick up and down the shaft. Jake was already close to cumming so he made her put her mouth on the head and lick. She did just that and just as she managed the head in her mouth Jake blew his load.
The hot, sticky cum entered Beth’s mouth. She tried to swallow it all but gagged and pulled off of him. Three more shots spat onto her tiny chest. Jake breathed out heavily and looked at his cute, dainty preteen cousin.
Cum dripped down the edge of her mouth as she swallowed the last bit. Her tiny chest was nearly covered by the white liquid. She rubbed her nipples softly, the cum lubing the up.
“Clean off your mouth and finish your shower. We’ll have fun a little later.” She did and Jake left for his mom’s room.
Jake found his mom in a 69 position with her sister. The two slurped at each others pussies loudly. Jake decided not to interrupt and moved onto his sister’s room.
She was down on her knees, her head in another guy’s lap. A lap Jake soon realized was his cousins. He looked up and smiled widely then looked back at his cousin as she sucked greedily at his cock. Jake smiled back and walked up behind his naked sister, positioning himself right at her pussy.
With a quick shove he drove into her. She jumped but then went back to sucking. She sucked and Jake fucked for about five minutes before both boys emptied themselves into her. She let go of his cock and Jake slid out of her.
Cum streamed down her lips, on both ends. She lied back panting then motioned to the two of them. “Now that you’ve had me…I want you two to have each other.”
Jake was a little fidgety with this idea, but had always wanted to feel a hard cock in him. And his cousin, Brad, must have felt the same way as he shed his clothes.
Brad got on his hands and knees and motioned Jake behind him. “Don’t worry dude. I’m bi; I do this all the time.” Jake nodded feeling reassured and placed his well lubed cock at his cousin’s asshole. He thrust in slowly, the tight hole clenched around his hard cock.
Both Jake and Brad moaned as the whole length entered. It was tight and warm, but Jake was used to that by now. So he pulled out and thrust back in, building up his rhythm. He reached up to grab a breast but remembered his was fucking a man. So he did as he had seen on movies, he reached around and grabbed Brad’s throbbing cock.
It was larger than his own, nearly nine inches, and Jake stroked it hard as he thrust in even harder. Jake was close to cumming when Brad pulled off of him and kneeled him over. Jake’s breathing increased as he got all excited. Brad was still lubed from Jenna sucking him off which made entry easy.
Jake took all of Brad’s nine inches with one slide. He moaned loudly and bucked back to meet Brad’s thrusts. Brad began to stroke Jake slow at first then hard to match his thrusting. Soon Jake blew his load all over the floor followed closely by Brad into his ass.
They both crashed to the floor, panting heavily. Jenna lay between the two and began to stroke their limp cocks. After about two minutes of stroking Brad was hard again but Jake was still flaccid. Until Beth came in and sat on his now fully erect cock.
“Jake do me again. But this time cum in me and not on my face.” She said with a pouty lip. Jake sat up and laid her on the floor, spreading her legs.
“I’m gonna fuck you harder than ever before.”

To be continued….

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2010-07-22 14:09:53
dumb ass writer can't even keep the names the same in chapter two the cousin was jodi but here she is beth what an idiot are you that stupid that you can't remember from chapter to chapter what you wrote and from now on keep the gay shit out no one likes but you SHOW SOME PRIDE IN YOUR WORK AND RESPECT FOR THE READERS

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2010-07-06 18:41:33
That was awesome, time for the aunt to suck off both boys.

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2010-06-02 21:17:39
no more gay shit please and thank you

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2010-04-03 02:25:41
Ahhhh wasn't the cousin 12 and named Jodi?


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