Life moved on as it always does. I spent my week giving my all to my puppies and they responded in kind. My house was frequently alive with the moans, slurps, and bestial grunts, as we explored each others bodies. My lessons continued to be something I looked forward to every week. I also took every opportunity to help whichever horse I rode with its tack. Not only because it was, I felt, the polite thing to do, but also it allowed me the better chance to caress its gigantic cock through its sheath. Unfortunately I had very limited success with eliciting the same hardened cocks I received from my dogs.

But I did receive pleasant tingles from just touching their silken groins. And after a few weeks of this enjoyment I was fondling Apollo after a breathtaking ride when I heard, “You won’t get very far with this one you know?”

Startled, I spun around to see Melanie standing at the stall’s door. I was mortified and quickly stammered, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Sure you do,” she replied stepping forward. “You were trying to jack Apollo off, which is very hard to accomplish with a gelding since they have no balls.”

Thoroughly humiliated I couldn’t speak. My eyes flitted to the doorway looking for a way out, but Melanie was in the way. I expected her to yell at me for manhandling her pony, but instead she just stepped up close and whispered, “Follow me.” Then she spun around and headed off towards the end of the stables.

For some unknown reason I couldn’t just run away. I thought maybe I could explain away what I was doing so I could still continue my lessons. So I trailed after Melanie.

“See we have to castrate the stallions in order to make them more docile,” she explained. “Especially for new students. “

She came to a locked door at the end of the stable area and quickly opened it ushering me inside. I heard the door click behind me, but I was too busy staring. This section of the stable had only two horses and they were both astonishingly beautiful. One was so black he seemed to disappear into the shadows. The other a rich caramel color that made my mouth water.

Melanie’s voice snapped me out of my reverie. “These two on the other hand are stallions, with everything intact. And they’ve been a little rambunctious lately. So, if you can make them cum, I’ll consider not kicking you out of my class.”

For a second I just stared at her stunned, but then a smile crept onto my lips. This was exactly what I was yearning for and I wasn’t going to squander the opportunity. I quickly walked up to the stall holding back the large black stallion. I entered and stroked his neck as he bobbed his head up and down. His neck curved as I moved towards his body. I gave his neck a big hug and shivered in anticipation.

Not wanting to delay a moment more I quickly slid my hand down to feel his sheath. For once, as I slid my hand back towards his legs I felt a horse’s big bloated balls. I also kept a hand in front stroking on his sheath. Almost instantly I could feel the sheath bulge outward as the mighty shaft pushed its way out of the horse’s belly.

Not wanting to miss a second of the emerging thickness I bent down while maintaining my pumping hand. I was greeted with the welcome sight of horse dong growing in my hand. I watched as the prick expanded out of the flap of skin like a firework snake set afire by my fondling. Finally, it spilled out of its protective covering and I caught my first glimpse of his burning member. I quickly moved from the sheath to the shaft gripping the firm core of the expanding prick. For once, the flopping phallus did not remain so. I watched with fascination as the prick hardened and continually grew. The head nodded gently and slowly rose as if it was a rousing snake.

By the time the cock had fully hardened under my ministrations, it was pointing straight towards the horse’s forelegs. I surveyed with fascination as the cockhead flared out into a wide mushroom. Licking my lips in anticipation I slid my hands along the entire length of the shaft. Losing any sense of control I caressed every inch of horse cock I could reach. But it still wasn’t enough.

I dipped my head under his barrel and wrapped my lips around the side of the enormous pole. Stretching my jaw as far as I could I still barely managed to surround a portion of the dick. I slid my tongue down and covered the prick with my seeping saliva. Wishing it could be my vaginal fluid instead I slithered my mouth along the rod rubbing in my thick drool with my stroking hands.

Soon the magnificent beast took over much like my dogs do in base animal thrusts. I could feel his contracting belly rub against my head as he humped his body forward again and again. The force of his lunges drove his prick from my mouth and I gave a small mewl in disappointment at the loss of his hard flesh against my orifice. In order to maintain the contact I held one hand against the opposite side of the punishing prick and held it against my face.

The thrusts then served to move my mouth back and forth along the pole almost as if he was fucking my face. The fact that my attentions were causing this beautiful creature this much pleasure made my mouth ooze almost as much as my pussy. I desperately wanted to reach into my pants and play with myself, but my desire to bring this horse to orgasm was even greater.

My free hand flew across the horseflesh grasping it tightly as it slid through my fingers. And suddenly I felt the fluid coursing through it a half-second before I saw it fly from the head. I slipped sideways preserving my contact with the prick so I could feel the coursing cum with my caressing tongue. Much like my first night with Brutus I grasped the tip of his cock to collect the escaping ejaculate. Unlike my puppy though, this horse’s copious fluids covered and overflowed my hand with a single spurt.

Not wanting to waste the life-starting fluids I swiveled my head around the spasming head to wrap my mouth around the head. In my insane lust I opened wide to receive his gift with my wide open maw. I forgot that in his enthusiasm, the horse was still humping forward as if in an erotic dance within the confines of his paddock. I felt the hardened flesh slid behind my teeth and quickly get stuck as the flared head caught behind my palette. Fortunately I had no time to panic as the next searing spurt of semen splashed against the back of my throat. I moaned in ecstasy as I desperately tried to swallow every ounce of the freely flowing fluid.

I did my best, but I was unprepared for the unbelievable volume of sperm flowing down my gullet. The seed rapidly filled my mouth as it kept pouring into me. The additional lubrication filling my orifice allowed the splayed prick head to slip from my mouth with an audible pop. Though it appeared that I had almost made it; with one final shot against my cheek, his orgasm ended. I watched as his semen dripped from his rigid member and I worked to gulp down the mouthful still contained within me.

Still thirsty, I grabbed the slowly softening appendage and licked off the remaining goo. I even dipped my tongue into the wide piss slit to dig out the last drops of hiding ejaculate. Lost in reverie, I didn’t notice Melanie approach me from behind until she gently grabbed my arm. She helped me up from the hay-strewn floor and pulled me in to a warm hug. Then surprisingly she stuck out her tongue and licked my neck and up along my jaw before finishing on my cheek. It took me half a second to realize she was gobbling up the last shot of cum that I had missed and subsequently forgotten all about in my cleaning of the cock.

“It seems Zeus likes you well enough my dear,” she whispered softly in my ear. “So, I suppose you can keep taking lessons with me.”

I should have been relieved, but instead I couldn’t believe my ears. “I thought you said I get to bring both these horses to orgasm,” I pouted.

“Get to huh? So much for my ‘punishment’” she replied with a chuckle. “Not to worry. I’m sure you’ll get your chance. But watching you work your magic has gotten me all worked up and as the owner I, unfortunately for you, have dibs.”

Upon seeing my downcast expression she continued, “Instead how about I show you something special,” as she led me to the far side of the stables.

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