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Brief Warning: This story is purely fiction and a creation based solely on pictures I’ve seen of Justin Bieber available on the internet for public viewing. If there is indeed an album in the works called “Breaking Barriers” I was unaware of this at the time of creation. I have never met, spoken to, received any kind of written acknowledgement from, or obtained permission to write this story from Justin Bieber or any of his associates/people mentioned in this story. Other than Justin Bieber, Christian Beadles, Selena Gomez, and Caitlin Beadles, any names mentioned in this story are completely random and do not reflect any real-life persons. The situations in this story do not reflect the values, beliefs, morals, or practices of any people mentioned within. I do not base my writing on any media outlets or news stories of the characters aforementioned, simply fantasies that exist in the confines of my own mind. By writing this story I do not support or encourage any rumor or belief about the characters mentioned – I simply like to imagine that the situations listed below happen from time to time. I am not enforcing the rumor that Justin Bieber is a closeted gay. Please do not leave comments of hatred for they will be ignored regardless of their content.

General Warning: This is a story depicting two celebrity minors engaging in homosexual sexual situations. If this is offensive to the reader, please do not feel the need to comment or read further. Any negative comments will be ignored whilst any positive comments will be appreciated. I plan to further this series as the “Breaking Barriers” tour continues. Thank you for reading.

: This story/series will focus on a romantic relationship between Justin Bieber and Christian Beadles and hence, be more focused on romance, new and exotic feelings of lust and love for each boy, and forming a lasting bond between two people than on sex. For that reason, the stories will generally be lengthy. If you wish to skip the “lovey-dovey” stuff and go right on ahead to the sex, begin reading at the paragraph that begins, “’Hey, Christian,’ Justin began. ‘Would you mind if I took a … bathroom break?’” Once again, thanks for reading.

Breaking Barriers – Pt. I

In late 2011, Justin Bieber released chart-topping new singles from his new album, “Breaking Barriers”, featuring guest vocals by Lady GaGa, Will.I.Am, Usher, Fergie, and one of Justin Bieber’s idols, Beyonce. The album focuses on facing adversity and the hardships that teenagers oppose and is predicted to have a major demographic for older teenagers. The album is scheduled for release in January of 2012, but Bieber’s manager along with several executives from the record company believe that a small tour promoting the new album was in order, giving the projected demographic a small taste of the new sounds and music before releasing the album large-scale. Thus began the Eastern Coast Tour. Over the months of October, 2011, November, 2011, and December, 2011, Justin Bieber will tour the eastern coast of the United States, beginning in New York, New York, and ending in Key Largo, Florida.

Whilst on this tour, Justin has decided to allow his best friend, Christian Beadles, to ride along and watch the performances to experience more of a celebrity lifestyle. Christian eagerly agreed when offered with this opportunity and now shares a room with Justin on his tour bus. The tour bus itself is quite large. It holds three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full kitchen, and a dining area. On board are Justin Bieber and Christian Beadles, a driver hired by the record company, Justin’s manager, two bodyguards, and a caretaker who cooks and cleans for Justin. Behind the bus at all times is a large van that has most of the special equipment for the tour and a small group of crewmen who do the pre-show and post-show set up. The tour bus and van have entered into New York, New York a few minutes ago via the Lincoln Tunnel and are approaching the theatre Justin is to perform at this evening:

Christian looked outside through the large cabin window and smiled in awe. He’d visited New York before, but no other city was quite as amazing. The streets were bustling with people and the buildings seemed to stretch upward for miles and miles. Within a few minutes, the bus pulled to a halt and Christian was eager to climb outside and take in a lungful of the smoggy, yet beautiful, New York air. Christian did just that – rushing outside in a flash – and stood on the sidewalk in front of the grandiose theatre. The unmarked black van that had followed the tour bus for the last two-hundred miles stopped just shy of the bus. Large muscled men dressed in black t-shirts and denim jeans began to unload the valuable equipment onto the sidewalk to bring inside the theatre for Justin’s performance. Christian took a seat on the stairway that led to the back entrance of the theatre and looked out onto the street ahead, studying the people that walked on the sidewalk. He loved to watch people – just to study what they were doing as they lived their lives.

Christian had awoken early that morning, leaving Justin unstirred in their shared bedroom. Christian fixed himself breakfast as they entered New York and had been anticipating their stop ever since. Just being in the Big Apple gave him chills. As he sat on the stairwell, he pulled a magazine from his rear pocket and began to thumb through it, enjoying the midday breeze. It was quite warm for October, especially this far north, but there was still a nip in the air. Christian’s eyes lifted from the magazine as he watched the crewmen begin to haul the heavy auditory equipment up the stairs into the back entrance. A younger laborer caught Christian’s eye. He had a wisp of messy – yet styled – blonde hair atop his head and despite being a roadie of sorts, he had little muscle. Christian guessed him to be in his twenties, but the sight of him was still appealing despite his older age. As Christian stared, he could see the sweat dripping off of the youth’s body in a stimulating fashion. It was quite nice. Then, as Christian looked away from the blonde man, he saw Justin. His eyes instantly locked onto Justin’s lean body, which was wrapped in a clinging turquoise shirt that hugged every curve and muscle. Justin had his legendary purple sunglasses over his eyes along with tight, denim skinny-jeans that sagged a few inches to reveal purple and black checkered boxer shorts. He wore bright blue custom-made sneakers, which looked amazing on the boy. He also wore a purple and white hat atop his head, pushing his fringed hair into his eyes. Christian was nearly salivating at the sight of his older friend, suddenly glad that Justin had grown his hair back out.

Justin walked towards Christian and ascended the stairs on which he sat, looking towards his friend. They met eyes and Justin flashed his beautiful smile at Christian as he went into the concert hall for a sound check. Christian’s heart swooned as he took in the smile, ever excited to be in Justin’s presence. Christian returned to his magazine, thinking that there was an article about an interview with Justin over the new album that he could read, but suddenly decided against it. He stood, walking back to the tour bus to find some other source of entertainment. As Christian found the foot of the stairs, which led to the busy New York sidewalk, he spotted a young gay couple walking hand-in-hand along the road. They were smiling and laughing together, dressed flamboyantly in bright colors. The older boy leaned in and kissed the cheek of the younger, who then beamed joyously. Christian threw the magazine in his hands in a nearby rubbish bin and turned on his heel to run back up the stairs and into the theatre.

Christian entered through the back door and instantly spotted Justin in the center of the stage, speaking through a microphone to the man in the sound booth. Christian took a seat in the center of the front row to watch Justin and the crewmen set up. Justin saw him and waved and smiled. Christian returned the gesture and Justin’s face fell into seriousness as he spoke with the soundboard operator. Behind Justin, the handsome blonde roadie was working on the wiring of a fog machine whilst the others were lugging in heavy equipment. Christian could hear the soundboard operator speaking over the concert hall’s intercom, now.

“That’s good, Justin. Now let’s see the quality of the speakers. Sing something and I’ll adjust the board for optimum quality,” he instructed.

Christian moved forward in his chair with anticipation as Justin began to sing the chorus of “Baby”, an older song from an older album. Christian smiled at the pleasant tones of Justin’s voice. He loved how Justin clutched his chest as he sung, moving his arms horizontally as if he were performing. Christian couldn’t stop smiling.


A few hours later, customers began pouring into the concert hall to find their seats. Several ushers were showing people to their spots. On stage, Justin was nowhere to be found – probably dressing backstage. Christian sat in the same seat he had before. Justin had arranged for him to sit in the very front row, a friendly gesture. As the gigantic crowd was seated, the hall was filled with excited chatter and whispers of what the performance was going to be like. On his right and left, Christian saw teenage girls and their parents adorned in Justin Bieber attire. The girl to his left wore a shirt that said “Bieberific” on the front and read lyrics to a song from Justin’s last album on the back. The girl on his left wore purple sunglasses and held a sign that read, “We luv u Justin”. Christian smiled, relieved they didn’t realize who he was. He wasn’t one for the spotlight. Over the intercom, Christian recognized the familiar voice of the soundboard operator.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the man of the hour – Justin Bieber!” he shouted.

The cheering and screaming began instantaneously as music began to play. It was the introduction chord of a song from Justin’s last album entitled, “No Time To Spare”. The crowd went wild, chanting and screaming and when Justin stepped on stage, the crowd’s decibel level seemed to climax into a unison of screams. Christian, without shame, cheered and yelled for his friend’s success. At the same time, his eyes locked onto Justin’s tight-fitting outfit, which consisted of only the color white. Fog began to roll in, which was lit by the purple stage lights, and beautiful tones began to flow from Justin’s lips, enticing the crowd into a murmuring silence. Christian could feel the sensual energy sprouting forth from Justin’s amazing performance.

After three songs and a small narrative from Justin, Christian was looking at his friend in a completely sexual way. He had never done so before, other than the occasional glance at Justin’s private area, thinking of how big he might be. Tonight was different, however. He felt as if he and Justin just… connected. Maybe not physically, but spiritually. As Justin performed and sang, Christian felt that each lyric, each word was emphasized to be specifically about him. Christian closed his eyes and imagined his lips on Justin’s as the boy’s music played in the background. Christian’s heart, unbeknown to him, was pulsing hard at these newfound feelings.


After the show, Justin and Christian met backstage to help gather the equipment and prepare to move to the next city. Justin’s manager, Nick, quickly found them, however, and proved to have a better idea.

“Justin, for publicity purposes, if it’s okay with you, I suggest that you do a meet-and-greet with a couple hundred fans. They’d come in, get an autograph from you, get to ask a few questions, and then go on their way. It’d really show people you’re dedicated to “break the barrier” between celebrity and fan.”

Christian turned to study Justin’s reaction. He quickly smiled and nodded. “That’s a great idea. How are we going to choose who gets a picture?” Justin asked.

“We can do the first five rows of seats. They paid the most for where they are, so why not reward them?” Nick said, chuckling.

Justin agreed and, very quickly, a table was set up in the exit hallway and the first five rows of fans were ushered in a single-file line to meet Justin. As he walked to the signing area, he turned back to Christian.

“Hey, Christian! Why don’t you come help me? I’m sure they wouldn’t mind meeting two celebrities,” he said with a grin.

Christian laughed at his friend. “Please. I’m only well-known because I hang out with YOU.”

Justin smiled and Christian, instantly won over, followed like a lost duckling. The pair took their seats at the signing table and an excited throng of fans began whispering intently. The first person to get their signature was an older woman – perhaps thirty or thirty-five – who told Justin that he was a “welcome new voice among an era who have lost the meaning of music”. Justin, humble as he was, told the woman that he did it out of sheer enjoyment and she nodded and smiled.

As the line went on, more and more people said similar things. They complimented him, thanked him, praised him. A fair few took notice of Christian, asking for a photo of the two together. As murmurs of Christian’s presence made its way through the line of fans, Christian received more and more requests for signatures. He obliged, getting a prideful thrill off of the experience. While he was signing a young girl’s photograph, Justin leaned over and whispered, “See? This is fun, isn’t it?”

Christian nodded and smiled, welcoming the next fan. After about an hour or so, the line began to dwindle. One of the last fans in line was one that Christian was especially interested in. The boy looked to be Justin’s age – perhaps sixteen, if not older – and he was obviously gay. He was dressed head to toe in flamboyantly bright colors and he had a tattoo of a star on his left wrist. His jet black hair was in a faux hawk complemented with neon purple tips. As he approached the table, he shuffled his feet a bit and his face turned scarlet. He was quite shy, but in a small yet deep voice, he asked Justin to sign his photograph, laying the prized slip of paper on the desk. Christian’s gaze focused intently on Justin. He was interested to see what his friend would do. He had to know that the guy was queer, like Christian did, right? Justin instantly smiled that beautiful grin and set his Sharpie to the photo. He handed it back to the boy and thanked him for coming to the show. The boy’s bright blue eyes instantly lit up with adoration and he gave a smile that could crack his face if held for too long. Justin asked if the boy had any questions for him to answer, but he simply shook his head – still smiling – and walked away hurriedly. Christian’s heart skipped a beat as he realized what Justin had just done. With a grin, he welcomed the next fan, once more.


No less than a half-hour later, the boys were back on the tour bus, heading straight for Jersey. It was nearing one o’clock in the morning, but the pair were intent on playing video games until the sun rose in the sky. They were playing Justin’s Z-Box, trying to beat each other’s score in Heed of Duty 7. Justin had just got a killstreak and released rabid Nazi zombies onto the battlefield. As Christian’s character died, he turned to look at Justin. In the reflecting light of the television screen, his face was brightened and his normally pink lips now shone a brighter tone. Christian ached to kiss those lips – yet, he didn’t know why. Christian was always taught that boys should like girls and girls should like boys, but for some unknown reason, Christian was drawn to his best friend in a way he couldn’t put into words. He still liked girls – sure! – but there was something… intriguing about Justin that pulled Christian near. As Justin caught Christian’s gaze, he sniggered.

“What?” Justin asked.

Christian’s heart skipped a beat. “Uhm…” he began, trying to think of something to say. “You remember that kid that you signed the autograph for tonight?” the words came rushing out in a flood of speech.

Justin giggled. “You mean the one that came up to the signing table? Sure!” he said smartly.

“I mean the gay kid. Towards the end,” Christian said, unable to stop himself from finishing.

Justin did not look back towards the television. “Yeah…”

“Why’d you sign his picture?”

“You don’t think I should have?”

“No, no. It’s not that! I was just… wondering.”

Justin smiled. “Anyone can be my fan. I’ll respect them just as much as the next, regardless of who or what they are.” With that, he turned back towards the television and continued annihilating Christian’s score.

Christian was unable to breathe. His heart skipped another beat and he smiled widely as his eyes returned to the screen. He was beaming as he played, joyous at his friend’s answer. Perhaps there was hope. Perhaps. As Christian’s thoughts traveled elsewhere, pondering what Justin’s answer meant, he grew stiff in his shorts.

“So how is Caitlin? I don’t see her very much anymore,” Justin asked, changing subjects.

“S-she’s fine,” Christian stuttered, thrown out of his fantasies. “She doesn’t seem to have any feelings for you anymore. She just mostly does chick stuff, y’know? Shopping and hanging out with her friends…” Christian let the sentence die.

“I’m glad. I didn’t want things to end the way they did and it was uncomfortable coming over to your house afterwards,” Justin said.

Christian nodded, understandingly. “How’re you an’ Selena?”

Justin sighed and Christian could tell that he had rolled his eyes. “I dunno. It’s… rocky. She’s always clinging to me and never leaves me alone. She always wants to GO somewhere, but she only kisses me or hangs on me when cameras are around. I don’t like it.”

“Why not just break it off?” his friend asked.

“I plan to – and soon,” Justin said. He turned towards his friend and in the corner of his eye, he caught the bulge in Christian’s pants. He instantly burst into a fit of laughter. “No need to get excited. You can stop imagining us in bed. It hasn’t happened yet and probably won’t.”

Christian, relieved by this news, nervously laughed off the moment with Justin. After a few minutes, the boys agreed to turn off the Z-Box and go to bed. As they fell asleep, the bus pulled into a welcome station a few miles away from the entrance to New Jersey and there they stayed to rest for the night.


When the boys awoke the next day, they found themselves on the road once more. Nick entered the bedroom only a few minutes later and announced that since the show did not start for several hours, they had time to kill. Justin, almost instantaneously, suggested stopping at a beach for some maritime fun. Justin’s manager obliged without resistance and the tour bus changed course towards the nearest coast.

As they arrived, Justin and Christian took turns changing in the privacy of their adjoining bathroom and were quickly wearing only swimming trunks. As Christian emerged from the bathroom, he noticed Justin sitting on the bed, texting someone on his high-dollar phone. Christian’s breath quickly escaped in a gasp as he saw his friend’s gorgeous body.

Over the summer, Justin had been working out at the gym more often than ever and it showed. Justin had developed a very noticeable muscle tone, accenting his features beautifully. His shoulders seemed to have grown a bit more broad and his stomach became flatter and developed a more defined abdomen. At the time of Christian’s viewing, Justin’s small, dark nipples were erect and rigid and his breathing was even, constantly causing his amazing chest to rise and fall eloquently. Christian felt lightheaded, gazing at his friend in such a way. It was… wrong. At least, Christian had been taught so. But it felt so… so right. So perfect. Christian couldn’t help but watch Justin’s brief movements, wondering what hid underneath the thin shorts. He wanted to see more. He needed to see more.

His thoughts and rising erection were interrupted, however, by Nick’s booming voice, announcing that they had arrived. Justin looked up and smiled at Christian warmly.

“Got a towel?” he asked.

Christian could hardly speak. “I’ll grab one,” he said.

Justin nodded and stood, walking towards the door and Christian’s eyes fixed to his posterior end, watching carefully as the snug fabric hugged the curve of his friend’s perfect, rounded ass.

The pair walked out of the bedroom, inched through the tight hallway, and exited the tour bus to see a beautiful white-sand beach being lightly kissed by flawless turquoise, yet nearly transparent, waters. A breeze flowed through the air, carrying the scent of the saltwater and the noise of the constant tide. It was breath-taking. Seeing as it was early October, however, the water temperature was a bit cold. It mattered not to Justin nor Christian, however, as their young-blooded bodies managed to keep warm.

As they made their way to an empty section of beach, away from any crew members or tour personnel, Justin took a surfboard from a nearby stack and offered one to Christian, who accepted with a large grin.

“Ever been surfing?” the teen idol asked.

Christian shook his head, “No.”

Justin grinned. “I’ve been a few times. I’ll teach you what I know.”

With that, the pair of inseparable, mischievous, pubescent boys made their way to the water and, very carefully, stepped into the chilled water. They swam together, splashing like little boys at each other, and waited about a hundred feet or so feet away from shore. Here, the smaller waves could be felt.

Justin showed Christian the proper technique for getting onto a surfboard and catching a wave in its prime. Christian tried to mimic Justin’s actions but his form was tense and nervous, causing him to fall often. The boys went further out so that larger waves could come and tried intently to catch a perfect ride.

Christian, eventually, gave up after so many failures and decided to watch his friend, instead. As Christian rested his head onto the board’s surface, his eyes focused on the lean abdomen of Justin’s body, which was continually pummeled with showers of saltwater, giving it a reflective and shiny look. He looked nice wet. His normally fringed hair lied in his face a bit, but turned it into a dark tone, making Justin appear nearly Italian in combination with his close-to-olive skin. Christian sighed deeply – maybe affectionately – as he watched. Continually, Justin fell over and over again, losing balance or rising at the wrong time. Perhaps it was rustiness – perhaps inexperience – but he couldn’t seem to get that perfect wave.

“Ready to call it quits?” Christian shouted.

Justin’s laugh could be heard for miles, making any longing person’s insides turn to flutters. “Not yet. Let me try a few more!”

Christian nodded and watched closer. Justin then laid down his surfboard and began to paddle towards an incoming wave. This one was larger than the last few and looked perfect. Justin had told Christian that these were the waves to wait for. Christian’s eyes locked once more, waiting for his love-interest to prove his prowess. Justin climbed atop the board at the perfect time and rode the wave well… for a few seconds. His knee then buckled, as if his body had been too stiff – too tense. Justin collapsed forward, diving headfirst into the ocean’s depths. Christian began to laugh, but as he saw his next sight, his breath left him with haste.

Atop the crystal-like waters were Justin’s purple and black swim trunks – without a Justin in their grip. Instinctively, Christian ripped the goggles in his trunk pockets from their place and slammed them onto his face without hesitance. He then dove underneath the water and did he ever get an eyeful! In his line of vision, un-obscured by any foliage or sea life was the essence of Justin’s maleness. Christian could see Justin’s member, which – although limp – was extremely nice and quite long for a complete lack of sexual stimuli. His testicles, due to the cold water, were drawn close to his body, coveting the warmth radiating from his stomach, and it gave him a virile look as the skin of his scrotum was tight. Christian also took note that Justin had no pubic hair. Unlike Christian, Justin seemed to have shaved his away, which was not uncommon.

Justin then turned around quickly, obviously looking for his undergarments, and Christian got a great view of his rear. Justin’s ass was tight – and packed – as it was perfectly round and bubble-shaped. It held a certain… attractive quality that Christian had never observed on another person before. He had the urge to kiss the soft cheeks, to feel them, to part them… He didn’t understand the thoughts surging through his mind but he enjoyed their desires. As Christian tried to get a closer look, he was suddenly aware of his own stiffness, which had been present since the shorts first floated towards him. His member was throbbing and hot – begging for Christian’s touch.

After what seemed like an hour of staring, Christian could hear – faintly – Justin’s calling voice. He realized, also, that he had been holding his breath for an extremely long while. Christian broke the surface of the water, gasping for precious air, and heard Justin laughing.

“Christian,” he said, speaking through giggles. “Toss me my pants!”

Christian looked around and to his left saw the purple wad of clothing. He tossed it over to Justin and, with a slap, it landed in front of him. He quickly pulled them on, removing all traces of his exposed manliness, and began to chuckle.

“Maybe we SHOULD head back,” Justin yelled. Christian agreed with a nod and together, the two boys swam to shore.


Hours later, Christian was sitting in the front row of Justin’s performance in Newark, New Jersey. He got a perfect view of his friend’s dancing and singing and, although he was unaware of it, he wore a toothy smile the entire show. He couldn’t help but to begin to view Justin more like a boyfriend than he would a best friend. He noticed subtle things about Justin’s appearance, personality, and voice that he hadn’t before. Was he the first to make these discoveries? For instance, while Justin performed a single from the Breaking Barriers album, he could detect tones of misery and loneliness through the cheerful lyric. Was his relationship with Selena really that hard? As he moved, he could see that Justin thrusted eagerly, like there was a primal hunger within him for sex. How long had it been since he last slept with a girl? Was he a virgin? These thoughts pulsed through Christian’s mind at a pace he could barely keep up with himself. He continued to watch his friend, lovingly, and waited for the show to cease.


Eight songs, four-hundred-and-eighty-six autographs, and thirty-nine photos later, an exhausted Justin and a cheerful Christian entered the bedroom of their shared tour bus as they began to drive to a resting area near Trenton, New Jersey. Justin sort of flopped himself into a chair that set next to a small table – normally used to hold their Z-Box controllers – and sighed.

“That was a great show, tonight, Justin,” Christian said, a pep in his voice.

Justin grinned. “Thanks. It took a lot out of me.”

Christian took the seat next to Justin and reached behind himself to grab the deck of cards that sat on the bed nearby. “Wanna play a game of ERS?” Christian asked, smiling like a careless teen.

Justin leaned forward, placing his elbows on the table. “Sure!” he said, excitedly. “No one can beat me in ERS!”

Christian pulled the deck from its packaging and soon realized that this was a special kind of deck. As he dealt the cards, he noticed that each was portraying a different woman – devoid of clothing – and emphasized a certain part of her anatomy – differing with each card.

Justin soon leapt for the deck. “Whoa! This is supposed to stay in my spare shoes… Did we play with this earlier?”

Christian shook his head no.

“Wonder who got them out…” Justin pondered. Then, as he looked at the Queen card, which showed a woman from the waist up, her chest and breasts covered in semen, he obtained a mischievous grin that threatened to crack his face. “Matter fact,” he said, “let’s use these.”

Christian grinned, as well, and the cards were dealt. Now, ERS, or Egyptian Rat Screw, as some call it, is a simple game. The objective is to obtain the entire deck and it requires focus and attention to play. Playing with pornographic cards isn’t exactly ideal, but the boys did so.

Christian, after dealing the deck, put the two Joker cards, which showed pictures of gay men with semen on their chests, a parody of the Queen card, in his lap to ogle. Justin did not take notice, which Christian was thankful for.

The boys played for the next hour or so. With each card that was set on the table, a new pair of breasts or a new parted womanhood showed itself to the pubescent boys, causing bulges to appear in both of their pants. It seemed for a long time that Christian was going to win, but the tables suddenly turned and Justin got on a streak. Christian broke his gaze from the naked women on the cards and looked towards Justin.

At that moment, Justin was leaning back to stretch and his shirt had risen from his jeans and exposed his flat belly. Christian’s eyes locked to the skin and, just below this area, noticed a bulge in Justin’s jeans. And. It. Was. Big.

Justin settled back into his original position and began to play once more. His mind on the image of Justin’s newly-pitched tent, Christian stated, “Y’know, I haven’t been able to jack off since we started this tour.”

Justin laughed as he set down another card. “Me either. It’s been Hell.”

Christian and Justin both broke into a fit of giggles, then. It seemed that the longer the boys played, fondled the pornographic cards, and focused on the throbbing members in their pants, the more that the sexual energy in the room began to grow. After Christian lied down two Queen cards in a row, Justin commented.

“You know, these women… they’ve probably seen wa-a-a-ay too many dicks,” he said, putting emphasis on each extra “e”.

Christian laughed but did not respond. Justin continued. “When I fuck for the first time…” he began.

Christian could swear he heard shattering glass as this statement passed through Justin’s succulent lips. His dream boy was a VIRGIN. A VIRGIN. Christian smiled widely. He didn’t know why it mattered so much to him, but it did. It mattered greatly. It was the difference between life and death! At that moment, nothing else mattered. NOTHING. His boy was a virgin!

“I want a virgin… One I could… break in! I would want them to be tight… tight enough so they moaned every time I stuck it in…” Justin finished, in deep concentration. “Don’t you?” he asked.

Christian stammered. “Y-Yeah… the tighter the better, right?”

Justin giggled. “No need to get nervous. We’ve talked about sex before…”

I haven’t wanted to fuck you before, Christian thought. “Yeah… I get so hot when I think of it, though,” Christian said, chuckling. It was the truth. His whole body set fire when sex entered his psyche.

As the boys played their cards, sweat began to form on either brow. They began to perspire as the bulges in their pants throbbed and called to their dominant hands. As Justin lied down another King card, which showed a woman with a dildo inside of her to its hilt, he threw his cards on the table and groaned.

“Hey, Christian,” Justin began. “Would you mind if I took a… bathroom break?”

Christian could sense the eagerness of Justin’s tone. He could see the primal need of gratification upon the boy’s face. Justin had never asked to masturbate while Christian was near and Christian had never done so, either. Presented with the situation, Christian quickly obliged.

“Thanks!” Justin said, letting a sigh of relief come with the words.

Justin stood up from his chair, making it fall backward onto the shag carpet. He reached down to his stomach and pulled upward on the end of his t-shirt, raising it up over his head. Christian could not look away. His beautiful abs and his tight, erect nipples were staring the pubescent boy right in the face. Justin then began tearing at his belt, loosening it and unzipping his pants afterward. As he pulled them down and kicked them off, he stood only in a pair of white and black boxers, an extremely large tent in the front. Without trying, Christian’s body gave a small whimper.

Justin, hearing the sound, turned his head to the side to look at Christian and gave him a puzzled, quizzical expression. Christian’s eyes met Justin’s beautiful set and an instant, primal connection was made between the two sexual beings. Christian’s eyes, bravely, traveled down Justin’s chest, to his abs, and finally locked onto the tent with desire.

Justin, ever knowing, grinned that special grin. The boys were locked – locked in silence and in tension. Neither spoke and neither breathed. The room oozed sexual energy and a desire from each boy. Then, with as little eloquence as possible, Justin breathed two words.

“Wanna see?” he asked, a slight tone of arrogance in the whisper.

Christian does not respond. He cannot. He won’t. Justin accepts this as a response in and of itself and, gently, oh-so-fucking-gently, pulls on the waistband of his boxers, allowing the mass of his manhood to flop freely.

Christian gasped. As he did, Justin gasped as well, in shock of his friend’s sudden movement. Christian could not stop staring. Justin was hard as rock – solid and pulsating like some ancient enchanted relic. Justin was circumcised and a tiny droplet of pre-cum formed at the glans of the throbbing member. Christian had never seen a dick – other than his own – and Justin’s took his breath away.

Justin made a slight movement to pull his boxers down further, and this frightened Christian. His body reacted, believing Justin was going to put the massive member away, and he leapt from his seat to the area in front of Justin and bowed to his knees. His friend did nothing to resist or to stop him as he moved, anxious to see what would happen next. Thoughts flew through Christian’s mind. What to do… what to do. He looked up at his friend, saw those pert nipples and that shocked face. Thinking he had offended Justin, he began to rise from the floor, but a warm hand touched his shoulder.

“Wait,” came a small voice.

Justin shook his body gently and the boxers fell from his great manhood to his ankles, bunching on the floor. Christian cannot speak, once again. Justin then stepped out of his boxers and began to walk to the bedroom door, turning the lock that blocked the outside world from entry. He returned to his friend and waited patiently. As Christian absorbed the situation, Justin’s voice sounded again.

“You’re hard…” he said.

Christian looked down and blushed shyly. Justin grinned at his friend and reached down to him, pulling his shirt over his head and off of his body. Christian looked at Justin questioningly and then back down at the dick in front of him. With his right hand, Christian suddenly took a firm grip of Justin’s manhood and began to pump it back and forth, as he would his own, and soon a small amount of pre-cum leaked from the head. The droplet swam down Justin’s meaty shaft to Christian’s hand. Christian could feel a tingling in his spine and against his brain. Is this real?

Christian then placed his small, full, pink lips over the head of Justin’s cock and let his tongue find the ridge behind it. As his tongue touched the tip, Justin shuddered and Christian could feel his heartbeat against his tongue. The feeling made Christian’s own cock begin to throb harder and the feeling is wonderful.

Christian then thought back to everything he’d seen in porn – everything he’d heard from his girl friends – and began to give head to the teen idol. Slowly and generously, Christian took a good three inches of Justin’s meat between his lips and, with his hand placed at the base of the shaft, began to move back and forth on his cock, tugging on the shaft with each impalement. He sucked gratefully, rocking his head back and forth – up and down – on the pulsing cock in his mouth. He was careful to avoid biting or scraping and licked as much as he could. He could tell that his friend enjoyed the motions as Justin had began to pick up a steady rhythm of moving his cock in and out of the moist depths, feeling Christian’s soft lips touch his sensitive tip. Justin suddenly pulled his dick out of Christian’s mouth and grasp and pulled up the chair he had knocked down earlier. He sat and spread his legs wide, allowing Christian to continue.

Christian inched forward eagerly and began exploring with his tongue – licking the tip and the shaft, obtaining a taste of Justin’s boyhood and a bit of his sweat. Christian’s tongue soon found Justin’s balls and he began to suck on them, one at a time. He licked the area between Justin’s cock and thigh, tasting and loving. He then moved back to Justin’s cock and lapped at the head. His dick was stiff and eager – more so than before now that he knew what he had been missing.

“Man,” Justin said, thinking aloud, “Selena would never do this for me…”

Christian giggled and licked once more. “Why not?” He then took Justin’s cock head between his lips and placed his hand at the base once more, continuing to suck and rub.

Justin leaned back in his chair. “I dunno. She says she’s a ‘pure girl’. I think Disney brainwashes them all into ‘purity rings’ and ‘abstinence’.”

Christian laughed around Justin’s cock and continued sucking heavily. Justin began to moan and shudder more often. As Christian’s mouth tightened around the thick meat, he could feel the cock flex and tighten inside of his mouth, against his tongue. Justin soon took hold of Christian’s head and began thrusting in and out of his mouth, like some forbidden hole that gave naughty pleasures. Christian enjoyed being used in such a way and gained similar mental pleasure from tasting the essence of his friend’s sex. After a few minutes of the thrusting, Justin removed his hands and leaned back in his chair, thrusting deep into Christian’s mouth.

“Suck! SUCK!” Justin commanded, on the brink of orgasm.

Christian obliged, wrapping his hand around the base and pumping harder than before. His mouth contracted around the sensitive ridge and tip and Justin came – hard. Christian tried to swallow as much as he possibly could, but Justin’s pent-up load was too, too much. A fair amount of it dribbled from the youth’s mouth onto his chest and onto the idol’s thighs. As Christian is covered, he can’t help but to think that he resembles the Joker card from the pornographic deck.

As Justin catches his breath and comes down from orgasm, his cock inevitably shrinks. Christian finds it fascinating to watch and, as he does, he draws designs in the mess on his body. Justin leaned back in his chair and sighed.

“Christian… I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to do that. I didn’t want to influence you at all,” Justin said, speaking at an extremely fast rate, “I was just horny. I wanted it… needed it, actually. I’m sorry.”

Christian, instead of speaking in return, stands and kisses Justin deeply on his lips, savoring the lost-desired flavor of those beautiful lips and tongue. He can feel Justin’s tongue invade his mouth and for a long, ecstatic moment, the two connected more so that they had ever before. As they broke their kiss, Justin chuckled.

“I guess… that means you had fun?”

Christian nodded cheekily. His face fell to seriousness, then. “Justin,” he began, “we’ve been friends for a long while, now… and I want a true answer. Are you… gay?”

Justin sighed. “I’ll admit, I’ve had thoughts of other boys, but – honestly – the only reason that we just did that is because you’re my best friend. I wouldn’t’ve let anyone else.”

Christian beamed at this news, full of pride.

“Do you… want the same treatment?” Justin asked. Christian’s heart skipped a beat.

“Would you… be willing to do that for me?”

Justin laughed. “Well, hell! I might as well try, seeing as you did it for me!”

Christian eagerly began stripping off his pants. He tore off his boxers like a madman, exposing his slightly smaller and thinner uncircumcised cock. It’s throbbing and the head was exposed out of desire.

Justin stared for a long while and then instructed Christian to sit on his lap. The youth did as told and adjusted himself so that his legs were spread apart, his knees planted on the chair’s surface on either side of Justin’s thighs. In this position, Christian’s manhood sat right in front of Justin’s hairless chest. Justin reached upward, hesitantly, and took a firm grip in the center of Christian’s member. He began to jerk it, playfully, exploring the different reactions that Christian gave and seeing what he could do with his friend’s meat. He pulled on the foreskin, a foreign item to Justin, and rubs the inside of Christian’s thighs. All the while, Christian felt amazing with each touch of the idol’s soft fingertips and sensual movements. His cock twitched at times of sheer pleasure and this made Justin giggle – like a boy experiencing something naughty for the first time. Justin then began to pinch the head of Christian’s cock gently and squeeze the shaft to make the head swell. Christian gave small whimpers and moans.

Soon, Christian’s lack of recent masturbation and the excitement and newness of the experiences were allowing him to prepare for orgasm just from Justin’s touch. As Christian shuddered, Justin apparently sensed this and moved downward with surprising flexibility and began to suck unskillfully on the head. Christian’s eyes shut tight as he moved his head towards the ceiling and moaned loudly. Justin attempted to deepthroat the youth’s member but gags a little at the halfway mark. This causes him to focus solely on the head and ridge that was normally protected from such intrusions by Christian’s tight foreskin. Justin sucked heartily and rocked back and forth on the head, bringing all the blood to its surface. Whilst he did so, his hands were squeezing and massaging Christian’s tight balls, allowing the boiling sperm within them to squirm just a bit.

Christian was ready to cum and began to moan louder than before. His back arcs as his posture straightens and his arms go straight downward at his sides, his hands grasping at the air. His toes curl and his body twitches and his teenage seed blasts inside of Justin’s mouth. Instantly, Justin recoiled and angled his head away from the streaming cum. Christian coasts Justin’s chest instead and a single strand of the watery mess lands in Justin’s fringed hair and face. As Christian tries to catch his breathing, Justin spits what got in his mouth on the floor. Seeing this, a small amount of disappointment weights down on Christian’s heart. It seemed unfitting that after sharing such a close moment that Justin would reject his seed, but that came with inexperience and the anxiety of being in such uncharted territory.

Christian was still ecstatic, however, as his best friend just allowed him to live his darkest fantasy. The youth begins to climb off of the idol, but he feels Justin’s tight prick against his rear as he does so.

Christian then, ideas flooding his mind, turned to Justin to look him in the eye. “Do you want to… put it in me?” he asked.

Justin is hesitant in responding. “Honestly, Christian… without a condom… I don’t think that’s gonna happen.”

Christian nodded, in disappointed understanding.

“But,” Justin began, “I AM hard… so I’ll give you a little surprise. Lie down on the floor, back up.”

Christian did as told, climbing off of his desired boy and lying on the soft shag carpeting that lined the tour bus. Justin climbed off the chair next and manually spread Christian’s legs wide so that his cock is comfortable and his balls were exposed from behind. Justin then climbed over Christian and lied on top of the youth. Christian could feel the waves of warmth coming from Justin’s pulsing body – especially his cock – and obtained a tingling feeling along his spine, wherever Justin was near. He closed his eyes in anticipation and could soon feel Justin placing his rigid member between his ass cheeks and soon, he could feel Justin humping against his cheeks and hole, extremely close to penetrating him.

Justin began at a slow pace, sliding his tight rod between Christian’s cheeks with caution. Then, as he built a rhythm and their two bodies connected, he felt Christian clench and make it more difficult for Justin to hump. This gave the boy renewed stamina and he began to pump his legs, thrusting his cock with vigor and speed against the youth’s tightness.

Christian grew hard, once again, almost immediately. His cock was begin rubbed against the shag carpeting underneath him each time that Justin’s thighs slapped against the back of his ass. Christian moaned into the carpet, although he wasn’t receiving enough pleasure to elicit a moan, and felt that he was in Heaven. Justin continued pumping – harder and harder – until it seemed that Justin was trying to fuck the air between Christian’s cheeks as hard and as deep as he could.

“Turn over,” Justin requested, stopping his pumping.

Christian did as told, getting on his knees around Justin – in reverse cowgirl – and here, Justin was able to thrust both between Christian’s tight ass cheeks, but also in the area between Christian’s pulsing erection and his thigh. Christian really liked it when Justin pumped there. He could feel each time that Justin thrusted, as his cock would move upward and touch Christian’s own.

Soon, Christian’s hand was wrapped around his throbbing cock, pumping away like a depraved man, as Justin’s cock slithered its way between Christian’s balls and thigh, humping against the youth’s body. Within minutes, Christian began to spurt his seed once more, raining down his cream onto Justin’s thighs and onto his cock and balls. Justin, once again riding a new wave of stamina, pumped harder against Christian’s tightened and orgasm-ing cock. Christian clenched, attempting to close his legs as he came, and this created a tighter area for Justin to fuck. The teen idol grabbed the youth’s waist and began pumping as hard as he could and soon, he began to cum as well, blasting his seed up and along Christian’s abdomen. The longest strand even flew from Justin’s cock to Christian’s chin.

Both boys seemed to collapse after their second orgasms. As Justin fell against the floor, Christian turned and climbed on top of him, catching him in a warm embrace. Justin rolls with Christian on the floor, feeling his back land against a warm sperm puddle. He giggles as this happens and Christian bends down to kiss his body as much as he can before being fought off. The entire time, as boy connected with boy through that post-sex kiss, Justin was giggling like a schoolchild just as Christian was.

A few minutes after the snuggling, Justin sat up on the floor and looked around, examining all the wet spots from their bonding.

“We may need to clean this up before we perform in Trenton…” Justin suggested playfully.

Christian chuckled. “Who showers first?”

Justin turned and tackled the youth, kissing him with vigor and passion. The two naked bodies became one in a tight embrace.

“Why separate now?” Justin asked, that grin returning.

Christian smiled back, lighting up the room with energy. Justin stood and offered a hand to his mate. As they moved towards the adjoining bathroom to shower as a pair, Christian’s arm extended around Justin’s body, clutching his waistline and pulling him close. His palm covered the avian tattoo on Justin’s body, as a boyfriend would, and in that moment, Christian felt that all would be right in the world thus far.


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