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This all begins one night when I was getting home from a party after football. Of course I didn’t want my parents finding out I had a few “root beers” and a “salad” so I cut through the woods, to get to the back of the house so I could climb in my bed room window. But I saw a light coming dimly through the woods so I went to investigate. I came out at a new house that was just put in. the light was coming from a window. Right when I was about to leave I saw a person in the window and got a double take I saw it wasn’t an adult and it wasn’t a guy. It looked like a young fifteen year old girl. I slowly snuck up to her window and peaked in. she was blond with bright blue eyes, probably five feet at about ninety pounds, twenty of that was her breasts. She easily had thirty six d’s. She was unpacking boxes after moving in. I watched in awe for a good five minutes before she left the room. At school the next day I had a new student in my class, you guessed it, it was her, that breathe taking ly gorgeous girl. Of course I introduced myself first; she blushed when I mentioned how beautiful she looks. She told me her name, Savanna. I told her I lived next to her and if she ever needs help with anything I was there.

We started hanging out with each other as friends. She ended up joining cheerleading I kept playing football. We were able to hang out all the time. We flirt now and then but I thought of her more as a friend then of a girlfriend. One day during the summer my friend said he was having a party by the lake and I asked if I could bring someone, he said sure, I asked savanna and she said she was up for it. At that moment, at that party when I saw her in her bright pink bikini, I was amazed she had that skinny yet wavy body, with a belly ring that stands out. I have seen her in tight clothes before but it’s nothing compared to seeing her with hardly anything on. I hardly swam with my teammates for foot ball. I swam the whole time with savanna. I’m glad I can open my eyes underwater.

Weeks later after we became good friends her family had to go out of town and visit some family. When they were gone they wanted me to watch over their two dogs, and to just keep it clean. When they left they were in a hurry so savanna asked if I could fold her laundry, I said sure not thinking of anything. I went to go fold the laundry and found the skimpiest panties and bras I believe I have ever seen. So many images of that busty blonde dancing around in nothing more than a few pieces of fabric and playing with herself went through my head. So being the nice guy with the dirty mind that I am, I decided to put her laundry away for her. I went to her room and my inner pervert took over. I opened her dresser drawers and found more skimpy g-strings and lacy see-through bras. When I got to the bottom of her drawer I found costumes that were still wrapped, maid’s outfits, school girl, cheerleader, ect… I then went in to her bed side table and opened the drawer to find a verity of toys and DVDs. I had never expected savanna to be like this.

So the night she got back I mentioned I put her laundry away for her, she blushed a little and said thanks. When I was walking home I remembered the toys I found so I took a little detour through the woods. I came up to her window again, I peaked in and I saw her going through her drawer. She was frantically searching for something. She pulled out a piece of paper; she sat on her bed and started reading it out load. It was a letter about her affection towards me. I was flattered and about to leave until she opened the drawer In her night stand and pulled out a vibrator. I wanted to leave but couldn’t. she went and locked her door and started to do a little strip dance like she knew I was watching. My dick started getting really hard, so I wiped it out right there, right under her window. She laid down on her bed and played with her vagina she moaned as she slipped that vibrator deeper and deeper into her tight clit. She moaned in ecstasy as she peaked during orgasm, and that’s all it took, I peaked to. She laid there for a few more minutes. As I watched in awe, then she got up and turned off her lights so I went home.

The next day I talked to her just like normal, maybe flirted a little more. So we made plans to hang after our practices. I got home from football, changed and drove back up to school. I picked her up from her cheer practice and drove her home she mentioned she was going to be home alone; I got a little more excited. She brought me to her room and said that we were going to watch a movie. She put a movie in and through me the case. It was cheer party 4. Before I could say anything she hoped up on my and told me to do everything that their doing to the cheer leaders in this movie. It started with making out, but I couldn’t help myself. I caressed her butt as she’s on top, she’s still in her outfit after all. She sat up and took off her top and those beautiful breasts were hanging in one of those skimpy lacy bras. I pulled her skirt off to reveal a see through g-string. Then she slides down my pants to reveal a fully erect penis starring at her face. Her soft lips sucked my penis for a good five minutes before I pulled her off for her turn I laid her down on her back and slowly licked her into orgasmic ecstasy. When I went to grab a condom from her drawer, she said we didn’t need it, she wanted the real feeling. As I slowly pushed my way into her tight clit with my dick she burst into moans. After another orgasmic peak we switched positions into missionary. As she was bouncing up and down I couldn’t stop starring at those huge breasts bouncing up and down. I forced my hard cock deeper and deeper into her pussy with each thrust. I remember at the thrust when I went all out she burst into another orgasm. At that I was close to so I pulled out. To finish off she gave me a tit job. With my cock rubbing in between her massive breasts I came all over her them and her face she licked it all off of my cock, and her breasts and face. She stood up and grabbed a video camera off her dresser. She ejected a tape and said here is your copy. As I left she said “remember I’m the girl next door” with a big smile on her face

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2014-08-06 00:49:26
That Was A Good Story And I Hope You Write Another One!

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2014-03-02 07:18:30
I agree with fix'em story was alright but needs fixed and you could write a sequel but that's just a few suggestions, keep writing.

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2013-12-26 21:02:53
2 / 10 I am disappointed.

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2011-04-23 01:15:37
The tagging is deceptive. there was no girl/female action.just a very crappily told story about a guy masturbating outside a girls window. then a jumbled crappy collage from the $2 porn section at the truck stop. I think e was jerking off while writing, finished before the actual sex scene, then slapped an ending Copy-paste style from other stories and hit "Send"

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2011-04-20 13:22:05
This is a very poorly written story. For those that said it was good, need to take another look. It is very jerky and has no flow. Maybe 2 out of 10

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