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“There. The perfect décor.”

Double D puts a rose in a placed vase dead center on his kitchen table, which goes with two mouth-watering gourmet dinners placed on each end. With his parents off on a business trip, he’s decided to jump into dangerous waters and actually pursue a relationship with the woman he once sought to avoid at all costs…Marie Kanker. A quick jaunt online gave him the idea of starting off with a romantic dinner, one that he hopes will calm the feisty Kanker and possibly corral her hormones, though he’s not holding his breath.

“This is the perfect setting for a night of amore.” He says, pleased with the romantic setup of the table. “I’ve even brought out the paper plates, to save mother’s good china should Marie feel amorous this night.”

He takes a step back and admires the setup he’s produced. But the admiration is short-lived as the backdoor to his kitchen is kicked wide open, and Eddy steps into the room. “Break out the party favors, sock-head!” He yells as he makes a beeline to the table and chomps down at the food on one plate, which upsets Double D.

“Eddy!” He says, walking over to the table and sitting down across from him. “Cut that out! I’ll have you know that I cooked this special meat for Marie!”

Eddy does indeed stop after he hears that, but the food on his place is virtually gone so it makes no difference. “Yeah, yeah!” He says. “You know, just cause you’re dating her doesn’t mean you have to feed her.”

“It’s called being romantic, Eddy.” Double D tells him.

“No, it’s called being a patsy!” Eddy counters, jumping to his feet and pointing at Edd. “You’re letting that Kanker make you soft! Soon you’ll be holding hands with her and making up pet names like Lumpy does!” He calms down and sits back down before inquiring about Ed. “He’s still on vacation in that canyon, ain’t he?”

Double D nods his head yes. Ed left with his family for a short vacation, and snuck May along with him. They haven’t heard from him since. “I hope he’s able to bring back some photos of that Canyon.” Edd says. “I’m interested to see if any natural changes have occurred to that landmark.”

Eddy just sighs and drops his head to the table. “I can’t believe you made me sign that stupid contract for no parties here.”

Edd cracks a subtle grin upon hearing that. Knowing his parents were going out of town, he made sure Eddy’s plans didn’t result in the destruction of his property. “Well why don’t you just throw a soirée at your own abode?” He asks.

“Are you bonkers?” Eddy responds. “When my mom & dad when to visit my dumb brother, they told me no parties or I’ll be moved in the basement. And I just got into my brother’s room! Which reminds me…” Eddy pauses as he pulls what looks to be a folded up blueprint sheet out of his pocket, clears the table of every item and spreads the sheet out over it. “I’ve just finished my Greatest Scam Yet!”

Double D sighs, knowing that there’s no way he can talk Eddy out of this. “What is it this time?”

“It’s perfect!” Eddy boasts, before explaining. “First, we…” Suddenly, the kitchen lights begin to flicker for a moment, before going completely dark, leaving Double D & Eddy in that state. “What the hell?”

“It appears we are in the midst of a power outage.” Double D remarks. “We must see if this has affected the neighborhood.”

With that, he stands up from the table and heads out of the backdoor, followed behind by Eddy, who folds his blueprints up into his pocket. As they walk outside, they can see that in fact the entire neighborhood is experiencing a power loss. The cul-de-sac residents also walk out of their houses, namely Nazz, Kevin, Rolf, Johnny and Plank.

“Aw man, another blackout?” Nazz says, standing on the sidewalk wearing an old baby T-shirt, her tight, short school gym shorts and thigh-high sweat socks. Needless to say it’s a wardrobe that’s eye capturing, even in the darkness. It more than gets Double D & Eddy’s attention, as they drop their jaws in awe of her sexiness.

“Mind not gawking so hard, dorks?” Kevin snipes at them, which breaks their gaze.

“Uh, of course.” Double D answers, snapping out of it. “I believe we need to pay a visit to the neighborhood generator in order to reach the center of this conundrum.” Unfortunately, that statement more than confuses Johnny & Rolf, at least until Eddy translates.

“He means we need to reset the switches to get the lights back on.” He translates, which they understand.

“In that case, Rolf offers the assistance of his mighty pork warriors to journey with the Greedy & Know-it-all Ed boys!” Rolf says. From what they gather, loosely translated, Rolf is offering his pigs to go with the Eds.

“Uh, that’s perfectly alright, Rolf.” Double D says. “Let’s go, Eddy.”

The two make their way towards the generator as everyone else turns and heads back into their homes. Unbeknownst to the two Eds though, two pairs of eyes watch them from afar. More specifically, eyes that come from a certain Trailer in the Park n’ Flush Trailer Park. Through binoculars, both Marie & Lee Kanker watch their respective targets almost as if they’re on stakeout.

“They’re making their way to the generator, Lee.” Marie says.

“I see, I see.” Lee replies. “Time to start part 2 of my plan! You know what to do, right?”

“Yeah, yeah.” Marie tells her, putting down her binoculars. “A gal never forgets. It’s like riding a bike.”

“Or taking one.” Lee says, as she also puts down her binoculars. The two then reach over and grab black velvet bags that seem to be filled with various tools. Snickering & giggling, they leave the comfort of their Trailer and make their way, sneakily, towards the cul-de-sac.

At that moment, Double D & Eddy reach a tall telephone poll and approach the neighborhood generator that resides at its base. As Double D inspects the generator switches, Eddy occupies his mind with thoughts of Nazz in her nightwear…and what he would do to her.

“Aw, man! Did you see what she was wearing?” He says. “I would SO hit that until I couldn’t walk!”

“Eddy, do you mind not discussing Nazz as if she were some sex object?” Double D asks annoyed.

“Quit your griping, sock head.” Eddy counters. “Besides, it’s not like you and that Kanker don’t get down & dirty every time she even looks at you.”

“That is far from the truth, Eddy!” Double D tells him. “When Marie & I come together, we make beautiful, passionate love and hold each other closely afterwards.” He looks back at Eddy to find him shooting off a look of disbelief. Double D was never a good liar. “OK, she rides me like a mechanical bull. But still…”

Double D flicks a switch in the generator box and, in an instant, every light to every house in the cul-de-sac comes back on. He starts to feel a strong sense of pride over the work that he’s done, but it fades quickly with what comes next.

“WHAT THE HELL, MAN???” The two Eds can here Kevin’s voice loud and clear, and he doesn’t sound happy. “SOMEONE STOLE MY STUFF!!!”

“ME TOO!!!” Nazz yells from inside of her house.

“PLANK TOO!!!” Johnny yells. Intrigued & worried about this development, Double D quickly rushes back towards the cul-de-sac, as Eddy hangs behind, feeling a sense of déjà vu.

“Wait just a second…this is almost like…”

“Come on, Eddy!” Double D says, grabbing his wrist and pulling him along. The two run back into the center of the cul-de-sac, where they’re greeted an angry Kevin and the rest of the neighborhood

“I knew this power outage was part of that dork’s plan!” He accuses, pointing to Eddy. “They probably want to steal our stuff, and then sell it back to us saying it’s new!”

“HEY!!!” Eddy takes exception to that and storms towards Kevin before Double D steps between them.

“Gentlemen, please!” He says. “Kevin, there’s no way Eddy could’ve possibly stolen any of your items. He was with me when we activated power.”

“Yeah, ya probably got the big dork in hiding so he can do all the work.” Kevin counters.

“Lumpy’s on vacation!” Eddy snaps at him. “And for your information, it’s someone else who’s the thief!”

“And why should we believe you?” Kevin asks.

“Because it’s MY PLA…uh, it…is my place to…help you guys catch the ones who’re behind this!” Eddy says, quickly saving himself from self-incrimination.

“Whatever.” Kevin says, turning his back on him as Eddy turns to his neighbors.

“OK, you guys check this side of the cul-de-sac, me and the brainiac will check over here!” He says.

“If we’re gonna be looking around, I better put on something else.” Nazz says, before retreating back into her house. Rolf, Johnny and Plank team up to search the south end of the cul-de-sac, while Edd & Eddy investigate the north end. Kevin, not feeling like teaming up, searches the east end himself. As they journey behind the houses, Double D starts to praise Eddy’s helpfulness and leadership.

“I’m proud of you, Eddy.” He says. “You’ve made astounding strides to help your fellow man and…”

“We’re not really gonna search, sock head!” Eddy tells him.

“I should’ve known.” Double D responds flatly. “Mind telling me what we are doing? Eddy?”

Edd looks over at his friend and spots the vacant yet joyous stare in his eyes. He’s about to question what could gather so much of his attention when he notices movement out the corner of his eye. Turning towards it, Double D begins to understand completely. They’re right behind Nazz’s house, with a perfect view of her bedroom…where she’s currently undressing.

“Oh, my…” Double D utters, in complete shock. He can see every inch & every curve of her body as she sheds her nightwear in favor of something more street appropriate. Currently topless, she walks over to her closet in search of a black T-shirt. Double D’s eyes become fixated on her breasts, which are almost identical to Marie Kanker’s. Needless to say, it causes his pants to become tighter. Nazz emerges from the closet with one in hand and Edd freezes in place. It just occurred to him that he’s easily in her view, and if she turns to see him, he would be forever branded the neighborhood pervert, killing any chance of continuing a friendship with her. But as she does turn towards her window, he feels a hand grab his shoulder and sharply pull him down to the ground. Eddy has just saved Double D from a lifetime of ridicule & embarrassment.

“Thank you, Eddy.” He whispers. “I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“You were thinking the same thing I was.” Eddy replies. “MAN, SHE’S HOT!!!”

They notice that Nazz’s bedroom light has been turned off. Deeming it safe, they rise back to their feet. “I’ve really done it now.” Double D says, panic setting in. “I’m a voyeur! A peeping tom! I’ve crossed the line of decency!”

“Calm down, brainiac!” Eddy tells him. “We got bigger things to worry about.”

“Pray tell what, Eddy?” Double D asks.

“Someone’s using my plan!” Eddy reveals. “I don’t know how, but some jerk’s hijacked my greatest scheme, right down to the letter. It was all on that blueprint I showed you earlier! I planned to use a blackout as a cover to steal everyone’s stuff! Then, I would high-tail it to Rolf’s house and…”


The sound of a cow bellowing interrupts Eddy and gets both of their attention. The two of them look out from behind Nazz’s house to see Rolf’s farm animals now running rampant through the cul-de-sac. Rolf frantically chases after them along with Johnny, as Eddy becomes even more furious.

“IT’S HAPPENING!!!” He says. “Someone’s using my plan! I gotta cut them off before the next part!”

“EDDY, WAIT!!!” Double D’s call is to no use. Eddy comes out of hiding and quickly joins the melee on the streets. Rolf spots him and thinks he’s coming to help coral the animals, but is proven wrong when Eddy tackles a pig, then starts riding it down the street, towards Kevin’s house.

“What is going on here?” Double D asks himself. Before he can think of an answer, a ringing comes from inside of his pocket. He pulls out a cell phone and answers the call. “Hello?”


Double D pulls the phone away from him, caught off guard by that scream. The voice on the other end is loud enough to shatter eardrums…and also very familiar. “Uh, Ed? You’re supposed to yell that into the Canyon.” He says, putting the cell back to his ear. He can hear Ed’s trademark chuckle on the other end, along with May’s faint giggle. “I take it you’re enjoying your time on vacation.”

“They have a restaurant that serves gravy, Double D!” Ed tells him.

“Well, at least you’re not here to make things worse.” Double D utters under his breath. He’s about to ask more about Ed’s vacation when he hears May’s voice on the other end.

“Make sure you don’t tell him about the plan, honey.” She tells Ed, which captures Double D’s interest.

“Plan, what plan?” He asks.

“Uh…NOTHING!” Ed yells through the phone, giving Double D’s eardrums another quake. “Just remember, no hanky-panky until you finished your chores!”

Click. Double D hears Ed hanging up on his end, and is left wondering just what Ed meant, and what plan is going on. “This almost has the makings of a highly covert operation.” He says to himself, as his brain goes into motion. “And exactly what did May mean by ‘not revealing the plan’?” It takes less that 2 seconds, but Double D begins to figure it out. “Wait…Eddy said that his blueprint was a plan, his greatest scheme. That must be what May was referring to! But…it’s not like a Kanker to have interest in get-rich-quick schemes, especially ones of Eddy’s caliber. But it must be Lee & Marie putting Eddy’s plan into motion. Could it be…is it possible that there could be an ulterior motive to their actions? But what? What could they possibly want with Eddy that—!” And it hits him, as hard as Ed charging forward to get his hands on free gravy and buttered toast. “It’s Lee. This must be part of her plot! May has Ed, Marie has obtained yours truly…and now the Kankers are looking to complete the trio. I must warn him. EDDY!!!”

He starts to rush off in the direction that Eddy went, until he feels a pair of eyes watching from behind. It’s an eerie, yet very familiar feeling, which causes him to gulp in nervousness. He knows who’s watching him, and knows there’s little to no escape. But still he tries, faking a move around the corner before trying to make a break for it the long way. He gets one step before a slender, sexy figure leaps out from the darkness and traps him against the side of Nazz’s house. With an arm bordering him in on each side, Double D looks forward to see his stalker…Marie Kanker.

“Hello, lover.” She says with a seductive grin.

“Marie…such a pleasant surprise.” Double D tells her, wearing a nervous grin. “I…was just off on a late night stroll…”

“I heard what you said.” Marie reveals, which makes Double D even more nervous. “I told Lee you would figure it out first. My man is the smartest one.”

“Thank you.” He says, still wary of the situation but gaining confidence. “But…be that as it may…Eddy deserves to know of this plot, and as his friend, I must tell him.”

Marie turns her head away, looking disappointed. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. Or, you could do something much better.”

“I could?” Double D asks, confused. “What?”


In a flash, Double D feels his lips smothered by Marie’s, and his chest smothered by her heaving breasts. “I walked right into that one.” He thinks. “Which now…I think isn’t such a bad thing.” Feeling peer pressure from her lips, he wraps his arms around Marie’s hips, and embraces her. But Marie wants them elsewhere, as she moves his hands lower, onto her ass. The action heats up between the two as not only does Marie sample Double D’s tongue, but she reaches down and unbuckles his pants. She then slides her hand into his boxers and starts jerking ‘little Edd’, a move which shocks Double D enough for him to break the kiss.

“Marie, have you lost all control?” He asks.

“What? You can do me, too!” She responds, moving his hand into her pants & white panties. The feeling of his fingertips against her bare snatch is almost enough to give him a nosebleed, but it’s exhilarating to him as well. And it’s that exhilaration that causes him to move his fingers slowly, rubbing her snatch as she strokes his manhood.

“Now you’re getting into it.” She says, before injecting her tongue back into his mouth. The combination of this foreplay action nearly sends Double D’s sensors into overload. Marie is doing everything to show that she wants it right here & now, and he’s very close to giving her what she wants. But a familiar voice changes his mind.

“Hey Double D, is that you?”

Johnny’s voice comes from around the corner of the house, and it causes Edd’s heart to skip a beat. No one but Ed & Eddy knows about his newfound relationship with Marie, and he’s hesitant to reveal it for fear of not knowing their reaction. Instinctively, he pushes Marie away, but she fights to reattach her lips to his. “Uh, yes Johnny. It’s me.”

Johnny falls back and leans against the side of Nazz’s house, with Plank in hand. He’s completely unaware that 5 feet away around the corner, Marie is still trying to jump into Edd’s pants. “Plank thought he heard someone familiar.” Johnny says. “Boy, this has been one helluva night, huh Double D?”

Edd’s about to answer when Marie achieves success, pressing her lips to his in another wet kiss. Frantically, he pushes her back to get some breathing space. “Yeah, it has been one for memories.” He answers, as a strange yet good sensation comes across him. He looks back at Marie and notices his mistake…he pushed her away by her breasts. The impromptu grope only serves to make her hotter, as she bum rushes his lips again, wrapping her arms around him along with one leg.

“Do ya think we’ll find the robber who stole all that stuff?” Johnny asks.

It takes all of his strength, but Double D’s able to push her away a few inches, just far enough to talk. “I…am sure…the culprits…will be discovered…soon!”

Johnny puts his 2x4 friend to his ear and ‘listens’ up. “Plank thinks you’re right, Double D. Well, back to the search. See ya!”

Johnny pushes himself off the wall and walks off towards the cul-de-sac, leaving the two lovers alone. “That Johnny’s one donut short of a baker’s dozen.” Marie says.

Double D is about to correct her, when he realizes that he’s in agreement. “Actually, that’s an accurate deion of-MMMMPPHHHHHH!!!”

Edd’s caught off guard again as the lip-lock resumes. Slowly, he starts to succumb to Marie and her amorous ways, especially since the coast is clear…or so he thought.

“Double D? Are you back there?”

This time the voice belongs to Nazz, and it causes Ed’s heart to sink like the Titanic. He musters up whatever strength is left and forces Marie away from his lips yet again. “Uh…yes. Just investigating the lawn for any clues as to who could’ve burgled the houses.”

Marie becomes fed up with being pushed away from Double D’s lips, and switches her focus. She slowly moves down Edd’s body, squatting down right in front of him. From there she starts pulling down his pants, which causes Double D to latch onto them, desperately holding them up.

“It’s a beautiful night out here.” Nazz says.

“Y-y-yes, I agree.” Edd replies, before losing the battle with Marie. With his pants down, Marie has him prone and ready. Tugging down his boxers, she quickly grabs hold of his hardening member and gobbles it. The feel of her warm, wet mouth forces Double D to cover his own mouth, muffling all grunts & moans that come out. But they’re still loud enough for Nazz to hear.

“Hey, you OK dude?” She asks.

“I’m…fine…” Double D struggles out as Marie continues to give him good mouth treatment.

“OK.” Nazz replies. “Hey, I know you take a lot of crap from Kevin and stuff…”

As Nazz continues so does Marie, licking & sucking Double D’s Cock with enhanced desire. She takes it out of her mouth and replaces it with his balls while jerking & stroking the shaft. Double D is left unable to from this, and things only escalate as Marie’s nipples become hard and rub against his thighs. Surprisingly though, the two are still able to listen to Nazz & her words.

“…But you really are cool around here, Double D. I mean, that brain of yours has helped us out a lot of times, and I just wanted to say thanks. Well, better get back to looking. See ya around!”

Nazz turns and leaves the two to their lonesome again, and in the nick of time. Marie has just engulfed Edd’s manhood again and is working overtime on it. Double D grits his teeth, as he feels her sucking him closer & closer to his limit.


And he does, letting loose a hot dose of cum right in Marie’s face. He also involuntarily spurts onto her black shirt, which she could care less about as she uses said shirt to wipe the man-juice off her face. Edd tries to apologize for his actions when he notices Marie staring at Nazz walking away. Or to be more precise, Nazz’s ass walking away.

“Maybe we should ask her to join in with us next time.” She suggests.

But that very suggestion sets off a thought in young Edd’s mind. The thought is of a three-way involving Marie & Nazz. He’s heard stories about it, and ever perused through Eddy’s magazines about it before turning away in embarrassment. Without a doubt the idea is exciting to him, so much so that he pulls Marie close for a passionate kiss, surprising & exciting her at the same time. It lasts 10 seconds before he pushes her away, and notices her lit up eyes & smile.

“YEAH! That’s more like it, stud!” She tells him. But as she goes in for more, Double D keeps her at bay.

“Wait! We can’t do it here!” He says. “It’s unsanitary!”

“Then let’s take this party to your house!” She counters, grabbing his hand and pulling him along the way. He can barely keep his pants up as they traverse behind the houses around the cul-de-sac, journeying towards Edd’s home. They stop about to houses away, behind Kevin’s house, as the commotion made by Eddy’s hog riding nears. Luckily it passes the front of the house and doesn’t expose them. Once the commotion fades, Marie makes a mad sprint for Double D’s house, pulling him along behind. Once there, Edd leans against the back door of his house, trying to catch his breath as Marie takes this moment to apply the trademark Kanker lipstick to her lips.

“Well, it appears that we’ve made it unseen and—OOOOMPHHH!!!”

An open mouth kiss prevents him from catching more breath as Marie tackles him into his home. With her arms locked around him in a vice grip, she peppers him with kisses all over his face. Double D tries to make the best of this situation as he notices the prepared dining table meant for the two.

“OK, this can be a positive.” He thinks. “We can finally have a quiet, candle-lit…”

CRAAAASH!!! The dining table is left in ruins due to their constant maneuvering around the kitchen. The Kanker attack leads into the Living Room, where Double D loses his balance and falls onto the couch, with Marie on top of him. She punctuates her lipstick kisses with a wet one on the lips, before pulling back and breaking it.

“Let’s get this party rockin’!” She says, pulling off her tight black T-shirt. As she tosses it aside though, Double D notices an item wedged between her firm breasts…a dildo. Instantly, he begins to have bad thoughts about her intentions on its use, due to the smut that comes in through his Spam E-Mail filter.

“Marie?” He asks nervously, pointing at it. “Is that…intended for me?”

Marie looks down at the dildo, then grins at her beau. “No, silly!” She tells him. “I brought it here so I can have something for my ass when we fuck.”

Even though Edd & Marie have been together for some months, he’s still shocked to the core upon hearing her say that. So shocked he doesn’t pay attention to her climbing off of him, standing up and taking off her tight jeans.

“She’s…into…anal intercourse?” He thinks to himself. “She just might be the most amorous woman I’ve ever met.”

Edd snaps out of his thought process when he notices Marie letting her black panties slide down to her ankles. She steps out of them and climbs back on top of Double D, dildo in hand. Straddling him, she grabs hold of his stiff pipe with her left hand while putting the dildo into her mouth. As she slides down onto his thick manhood, she lets out a muffled moan. Double D finds himself looking up at her in amazement as she works the dildo in her mouth.

“My word, as impossible as it may seem, I think I’m even more aroused than ever.”

Marie moves her hips up & down slowly, which makes Edd react by placing one hand on her hips, and the other groping her breasts. She continues to ‘lubricate’ the dildo in her mouth as Edd mimics her movements. He drives into her deeply, well experienced in how Marie likes it. His hand fondles her breasts and gently pinches her nipples, adding more excitement to the moment. This wasn’t the idea spot Double D chose for a night of tender love-making, but a hot night of couch sex is far from a disappointment for him. He begins to work up a sweat from his thrusts, which have increased moderately in speed, as Marie finally pulls the dildo from her mouth. She & Double D take a look at it, glistening with Marie’s saliva.

“Oh yeah, it’s ready.” She says, before handing it to Double D. “Now stick it in me, baby!”

Edd hesitantly takes the dildo and moves it towards her rear. “O-OK…if you say so…” His hesitance is due to possibility of hurting her, so he slowly brings it to her rear cheeks before pushing forward. As inch by inch ventures into her, she grabs hold of Edd’s t-shirt and grips it tightly, groaning and gritting her teeth all the way.

“Oh god, yeah Double D!” She yells, reaching behind her to guide his movements. Together, they work the dildo in & out as Marie starts riding his Cock again, this time at an increased speed. In the moment, Marie pulls Double D up close and smothers his lips with hers once more. Tongues quickly come back into play as their bodies press against each other. The action has become magma-hot as Marie’s body glistens with sweat. Edd’s pouring down himself, and as they continue to work the dildo together and pump each other, their orgasms approach like dual freight trains.

“OH, FUCK!!!” Marie screams. “I’M GONNA CUM, BABY!!!”

With one last good thrust, Edd injects his Cock as deep as it’ll go, and sends both of them to climax-land. He shoots out another load of his love, this time deep inside of Marie, who revels in it. His cum slowly starts seeping out the sides of her snatch, down his shaft and onto the couch, making the wet spot they created even wetter. In exhaustion, Marie falls onto her lover, who wraps his arms around her.

“A couple more times with this dildo, and I’ll be ready for your Cock up my ass.” Marie says lovingly.

“Heh…splendid.” Double D utters in exhaustion. It was a well spent night for him, which probably won’t end when Marie gets enough rest. And it’s at this moment that Double D remembers that his best friend Eddy is still in peril…but he doesn’t rush to do anything.

“Well…Eddy is fast runner.” He thinks. “He can escape Lee.”

At That Moment…


Eddy’s ‘Hog’ wild ride on Wilber continues to send him all around the cul-de-sac, with Rolf chasing behind him trying to obtain his prized pig. For minutes he’s been led around with no control of his direction. But finally, he’s starting to get the hang of things. “Hey, I think I got it down.” He says. “Alright bacon breath, take me to Kevin’s…Oh, no.”

Eddy gets a look at the path in front of him, which leads to Rolf’s Pig Pen. He tries to steer away from it, but Wilber comes to a sudden stop and flings Eddy into the air. His landing area? Inside the Pig Pen.


With a sloppy splash, Eddy is sent face first into the pen and skids. He’s almost immediately covered in mud on impact, and as he comes to a stop, he can hear the sound of faint laughter. Rising up, he cleans the excess mud from his ears to hear the laughter a lot more clearly. It comes from Kevin & Rolf.

“Nice belly-flop, Dork!” Kevin from outside the Pig Pen. “I think the Russian Judge gave you a 4.”

“Rolf is impressed that you are as skilled as the swing in mud bathing.” Rolf adds.

Instead of coming back with a snipe remark, Eddy just angrily trudges out of the Pig Pen and over towards his house, the sound of mocking laughter echoing through the neighborhood. As he reaches his house, he opens the back door and slams it shut behind him, before making a beeline towards the bathroom and a shower.

“Stupid plan, all ruined!” He mutters. “I could’ve been up to my armpits in moolah, now!” He marches into the bathroom, mud still blurring his vision, and turns on the shower. Shedding his clothes, he steps into the shower wearing only his boxers, which have seriously been muddied. As the water rains down upon him, the mud quickly washes off his body and down the drain. Eddy lets out a depressed sigh as he places one hand against the wall and lets the water wash over him.

“At least I’ll get some peace inside here.” He tells himself, before noticing something strange down near the shower drain. Stooping down, he examines it closer to see that it’s a strand of hair…red hair. It’s at this moment that Eddy begins to realize he’s not alone. Feeling a presence in the shower with him, he slowly turns to see exactly who it is, hoping for the best but expecting the worse. He gets the latter when he sets eyes upon the intruder…Lee Kanker.

“What took ya so long?”


Eddy tries to bolt for the door but ends up on the receiving end of a Kanker pounce. Lee traps him against the shower floor & wall, and straddles him, making it hard to move. An up close view of Lee shows Eddy that she’s wearing matching bra & panties, both made of red lace. Even Ed could find out why she’s here.

“It’s not nice to keep a lady waiting.” She tells him.

“Get off of me, Amazon!” Eddy tells her, referring to her height advantage. “I already had a crappy night!”

“What, something didn’t go according to plan?” Lee asks sarcastically.

Eddy’s about to snipe back when he notices the tone of her voice. “How did you know about my plan?”

“Who do ya think put it to work?” She tells him with a smirk.

“YOU!!!” Eddy yells. “IT WAS ALL YOU! But…how did you find out?”

“Remember that wad of Fives you found in your front lawn?” Lee asks. Eddy nods his head yes. The wad helped him to get a new wardrobe. “While you were countin’ the bills, I snuck in your room and copied your plan. Then I put it into effect tonight. You were running around wonderin’ who did it, and all the while I waited here. Cuz I knew my little dreamboat would have to come home, Heh-Heh!”

“Wait a minute…” Eddy says, figuring it out. “So you stole my plan, made it happen and lured me into my shower. This is all just a plan to get me to fuck you, isn’t it?” Lee nods her head ‘yes’. “Well forget it! Your sisters may have gotten Lumpy & Sockhead, but my standards are higher. Now get off of me!”

Lee backs away from Eddy, but still stays on him, keeping him down. “Fine, if that’s how ya feel. Tell ya what, you give me one last kiss, I’ll let ya go and won’t bother ya for good.”

Eddy cocks an eyebrow upward, intrigued. “One kiss?”

“And I’m gone for good, short-stuff.” Lee tells him.

“Fine!” Eddy agrees. Puckering his lips, he prepares for one quick peck before giving her the boot out of his house. Unfortunately, it’s the complete opposite. Lee leans into him and gives him a kiss for the ages. As her large bosoms press against his chest, she keeps the kiss locked and starts bringing her tongue into play. The move stuns Eddy, and begins to weaken his defenses. Slowly, thoughts of giving Lee the boot are changed into giving her…something else. A certain something that can be felt by Lee through his boxers. Eddy begins to fall for Lee’s draw-in, even groping her breasts as the makeout continues. After a minute, she finally breaks the kiss, leaving a line of saliva connecting their lips, and leaving Eddy’s hands on her breasts.

“Still want me to leave?” She asks.

A grin develops on Eddy’s face, an unsure one. There’s no way he’d admit that he wants to be with a Kanker, especially Lee; but it would be the stupidest move ever to let her leave. So, with a hint of defeat and desire, he replies “Not…just yet…”

Lee grins victoriously, knowing she has him. “Of course not, stud-muffin.” She grabs hold of Eddy’s boxers and pulls them down as she climbs off of him. Once down to his knees, she pulls off her own panties and tosses them aside. She then crawls over to Eddy and climbs back on top of him, his hardening Rod resting against her stomach. She goes to unhook her bra when Eddy’s hands beat her there.

“Heh…allow me…” He says weakly, reaching behind her to undo the hooks.

“Ooh, such a gentleman.” Lee replies seductively, raising her arms to give Eddy better access. Once unhooked, Lee pulls off her bra and lets her natural jugs hang out in the open. Eddy stares at them in awe; they’re easily the biggest pair he’s seen in person. Lee’s melons even rival what’s in Eddy’s porn magazine stash. Clearly she’s the most gifted Kanker ‘up top’.

“Ya just gonna keep starin’, or are ya gonna do somethin’ with ‘em?” She asks, which snaps Eddy out of his trance. Leaning forward, he buries his face into her bosom, sucking & licking right breast while playing with her left. Lee takes this moment and uses her hands to stroke Eddy’s Cock to peak stiffness. The hot water continuously pouring down on them helps to lubricate, and in no time Eddy’s hard as a rock.

“Ready for the ride of your life, Eddy?” She asks, ready for insertion.

Eddy weakly nods his head ‘yes’ as Lee moves into position. Holding onto his member, she guides herself onto it, sliding down until every inch is inside her. She can’t help but to tremble in pleasure, as this is her first time having a real dick inside of her. “Ain’t this a surprise.” She tells him. “You’re bigger than those dildos I use ta use.”

Part of Eddy wants to be flattered, but he doesn’t know whether to take it as a compliment or an insult. It doesn’t matter either way as Lee starts the action by moving her hips. Her curly red hair is now drenched and drooping down, but surprisingly still retains its curl. Her eyes still remain covered, but Eddy can still tell she’s looking at him. This is not how he pictured his first time, trapped in the shower with a Kanker, but it’s not nearly as bad as he imagined. As Lee starts to pick up the pace, she leans forward and forces her mouth into Eddy’s again, knocking his head into the shower door. A momentarily sharp pain goes through his head, but is quickly ignored as he feels her massive breasts squashed on his chest.

“I can’t believe I’m thinking this…” He thinks. “…But maybe Double D was right about the Kankers.”

Nearly all of his guards are down, and he begins to get into the moment, even going so far as to slap Lee’s ass. That move startles her as she gives off a muffled yelp before breaking the kiss. “Well, someone’s getting into the moment.”

“Heh…can I help it if your ass is just begging to be slapped?” Eddy slyly replies. “Now bring those puppies over here.”

“Heh, as you wish, shorty.” Lee answers, holding up her breasts. Eddy starts to suck on the left one this time, while keeping the other occupied with his hand. Lee gently bites her bottom lip as his tongue goes to work on her nipple. “I guess Kevin was right about you.” She says. “You are an expert at sucking.”

That remark earns her another slap across the ass, but she yelps and then grins seductively, wanting Eddy to do that. The action becomes well heated from there, as the shower is practically filled to the brim with steam. Sweat mixed with shower water rolls off of their skin, and each feel their limit coming on closer and closer.

“Oh, man…I’m about to blow!” Eddy says.

“Aw, yeah. Blow it all inside of me!” Lee cheers.

That’s the last thing Eddy wants to do, but before he knows it, the decision has been made. He lets off like a fire hose, shooting his ‘man juice’ into the deepest regions of Lee Kanker. She grits her teeth and lets out a groan of pleasure, indicating her orgasms just arrived. Lee’s not a screamer like Marie, and certainly not like May. But the look on her face definitely shows that she enjoyed it just as much as Eddy. Exhaustedly, Eddy reaches a hand over and shuts off the water flow, turning off the shower. It’s then that he fully realizes what he just did, and his eyes grow dead with fear.

“HOLY CRAP, I CAME IN LEE KANKER!!!” He screams. “My party life is over! I’m gonna have to get one of those boring jobs like my dad and—OOOMMPHH!!”

A quick jab to the chest by Lee effectively quiets him. “Would you calm down, shrimp?” Lee tells him. “I’m on the pill. Never leave home without it.” With the fear of early fatherhood quickly subsiding, Eddy breaths a sigh of relief as Lee leans in close to him. “So, was it good for you, big daddy?”

“Well…I don’t hate you as much as I did before…” Eddy replies with a smirk.

Lee gives off her own smirk upon hearing that. “Heh, that’s the nicest thing you ever said to me.”

Looking up at each other, the two lock lips once more and wrap their arms around each other, enjoying the moment.

The Next Afternoon…

“Eddy? EDDY???”

Double D knocks on his friend’s door a few more times before pacing around nervously on his doorstep. “Oh, how could I have been so thoughtless?” He says to himself. “Leaving Eddy at the mercy of Lee Kanker, I’m a horrible friend!” He turns to knock on the door again when it slowly swings open, revealing Eddy on the other side. “Eddy, thank goodness you’re OK and…Oh my!”

Upon setting eyes on him, Double D can see that Eddy’s skin is now completely wrinkled. The t-shirt & boxers he’s wearing are completely soaked, and there are trails of dripped water all around the house. “Good lord man, you’re waterlogged.” Double D says. “What happened?”

“I, uh…spent the night…in the shower.” Eddy answers.

“But…why would you do that? Were you hiding or…” Double D stops in mid-sentence when he notices a gigantic clue telling of Eddy’s actions last night…Lee’s bra is hanging off the living room lamp. Putting his mind to work, Double D determines that if Lee attacked Eddy, more valuables would’ve been broken in the house.

“You went along willingly, didn’t you?” He asks, wearing a sly grin.

“I…I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Eddy says defiantly.

“That’s why your skin’s all wrinkly; you’ve been in the shower with Lee Ka—!”

Eddy puts his hand over Double D’s mouth, shutting him up. “Not! Another! Word!” he says. “What happened last night was…a moment of weakness! I’m not gonna go all goo-goo eyes over some Kanker like you & Mono-brow. Now come on, we gotta get to work on my new plan.”

Eddy removes his hand from Double D’s mouth as he walks in and shuts the door behind himself. “No problem.” He replies. “But are you sure we won’t face any Lee ‘interruptions’ today?”

“Knock it off, Sockhead!”

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