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Welcome back my avid and voracious readers. I apologize in advance if I made any mistakes.... I try not to but in the heat of writing the story sometimes I miss a period or a quotation mark... actually I noticed that I put things in quotes that I shouldn't because I write the description and I'm already thinking about the dialogue to go with it. I'm sorry if this causes any of you any distress... I do my best to keep it all straight but Its not like I have anyone here editing my work... It is as you see it here raw and uncut...Enjoy.

The next morning was per usual a quick shower, the usual stuff and then a bowl of cereal, and another day as school. It really wasn’t too bad, but I was glad when I got into Sara’s car for the ride home.

“Your really quiet” she said

“Yeah well I have a lot on my mind school and stuff you know?”

“Yeah, hey want to stop off and get a burger or something?”

“Or something?”

“Well you know I thought maybe?”

“I’m really sorry Sara but I have to get home I’m babysitting all this week” she looked a little disappointed.

“Okay.” I leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips then pushing her hair out of the way, I kissed her on the neck, and she gasped as I kissed her neck working my way down to her collarbone. I kissed her lips again and she responded more urgently kissing me back out tongues exploring each other’s mouths. I let my hand drift lightly across her breast. I pulled back and sat back in my seat. It took several moments for Sara to catch her breath.

“Oh Bill, that was nice…” She leaned over and kissed me urgently I let my hands slide down her back. I broke the kiss and kissed and nibbled on her neck letting my tongue caress her soft skin. She pressed her body against mine and my hands found themselves on her ass, I stroked it and squeezed gently her breath came haltingly as she moaned into my shoulder. I kept up what I was doing switching sides of her neck alternately and pausing from time to time to pull her earlobes with my lips. I brought one hand up to her breast as Sara’s body squirmed against me. Until sweating and gasping she bit my shoulder her hips bucking against my leg. I gently pushed her back into her seat, she brushed her hair out of her face after some moments and then looked at me “We are not done with this…”

“Sara I have to go home, Babysitting remember”

“No… Bill I want some more of whatever that was”


“No bill I feel like I’m on fire” she made a lunge for me and I pushed her back as gently as I could “Sara please? Take me home”

“Okay… Okay Bill I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me.” She started the car and we drove out of the school parking lot. I didn’t look to see if anyone was watching inevitably there was someone who was. I gave Sara a nice long lingering kiss before I got out of the car and walked up the front steps and put my books in my room. I then went over to the Rodgers house. I walked in and saw Ms Rodgers on the couch; she smiled at me when I walked in the door.

“I have to go into work in about half an hour” she smiled as she got up and approached me. I took her in my arms and kissed her and then kissed her neck my hands sliding up and down her back as a gently nibbled on her neck. I kissed my way down her neck as she worked the buttons on her blouse she peeled it off and then exposed her breasts by quickly unfastening her bra. “Suck them” she whispered. I leaned in and sucked her cherry blossoms her bust was wonderful nice orange sized handfuls of delectable flesh. She worked the buttons on my pants. As I was devouring her breasts she worked my pants down and pulled my already hard piece of meat towards her she slid my cock right into her slippery slot. I gasped as my hips just took over and her legs wrapped around my waist pulling me deeper with each stroke. “That’s it baby” she moaned fuck me with your cock. I worked out my rhythm and started pumping into her like I was possessed. “Shit yes” Miss Rodgers moaned. Then all at once the feeling of my balls unloading their seed deep into Miss Rodgers sweet snatch overwhelmed me.

A few minutes later after we had both caught our breath “Wow Miss Rodgers that was awesome!”

“Bill you just fucked me, call me Carol”

“Yes M.. Carol”

“That’s better, now I have to get back to work.” She stood up and slid a finger over her dripping slit and brought it to her lips and licked it seductively. “Don’t fuck all my girls tonight, or at least wait till I get home to fuck one of them “that will be so hot to watch”

“Sure Carol”

“Oh and Bill?”


“Bring your sister over on Friday the thought of your own sister fucking and sucking you turns me on to no end”


“Almost as good as fucking your own mother fuck that’s hot” she squeezed her breast as if to emphasize her statement. She dressed and as she walked out the door I could see a drop of my cum sliding down her thigh. She paused to scoop it up with her finger and ate it while looking back at me. “Have the girls go for a swim, the pool is out back”

Alone in the house for a few minutes I put myself back together. Made myself a sandwich and ate it in the brief time that I had before the door exploded again and Cindy Nicky and Noel came scurrying in.

“Bill! You’re here!” Noel squealed and ran up to hug me.
“I’m here Noel”
“I thought that…”
“Don’t worry about that Noel why don’t you and your sisters go get your swim suits on and we will go swimming” The girls squealed and disappeared into their respective bedrooms and I ran home to grab some trunks. I got back just as the three girls appeared in the living room they were wearing solid white suits and it looked like they had no padding in them at all because as I surveyed the three of them their suits looked a little tight. I could see the sweet little camel toes of Nicky and Cindy and Noel’s nipples were barely covered by her two piece and she spun excitedly and I could see the back of her suit was crawling well between her tight little butt cheeks. “Now I need to get changed” I said and went into Carol’s room. I left the door cracked and I heard giggling as I faced the door to don my trunks.

When I finished I walked out into the living room and found my three little blonde angels sitting on the couch waiting for me. “Okay lets go” I said the girls raced out the door and I followed them out to a small in ground pool. There was jumping and splashing and a lot of fooling around and swimming. I was standing on the side of the pool when Noel pulled down my shorts. The other two girls tittered and giggled, as I tried to pull up my pants and getting that done I chased after her. Noel scrambled up onto the deck and jumped into the hot tub. I slid in right next to her. Nicky and Cindy soon joined us and as they were getting in I popped Noel’s top.

“Can we see your thing again?” Cindy or Nicky asked I’m not sure they looked so much alike.

“Yes please” the other one asked.

“Okay I said but you girls have to take your suits off too” The twins looked at each other and grinned and started peeling out of their nearly transparent suits. I watched them with great interest as their tiny little boobies came into view and then their tight plump little slits. Noel grabbed my cock and I looked at her own little titties. I got up on the edge of the hot tub so that my feet were just in the water. Noel gripped my cock and leaned over and kissed it as the other two girls watched in facination.

“This is what you do with a boy” Noel instructed “You take his big cock in your mouth and you make him feel really good till he shoots a nice yummy snack in your tummy” With that she enveloped my cock in her tiny wonderful mouth I closed my eyes as she swallowed my cock deep in her throat.

“Hey” one of the twins said, “I want to try that”

“Me too echoed the other”

“No” Noel said, “Billy’s cock is mine”

She slurped loudly “Noel get off let your sisters try”

“Aww Billy do I have to?” Looking down into her bright blue eyes as her little tongue pocked out to tease my cock.

I really wanted her to finish me off but I was curious what the twins would do so “Yes you do Noel, Cindy first.” The one that must have been Nicky pouted as her sister came over and took Noel’s place. Her tiny hands wrapped around my cock and she kissed it gently as first her blue eyes looking up to me for approval. I caressed her head as she stretched her mouth around my cock she could only get the very tip inside by what she lacked in skill and ability she made up for in enthusiasm. She slurped and sucked for a few moments and then turned to her sister.

“Its harder than it looks”

“Let me try” Nicky took her turn and it was so hot seeing those two identical faces between my legs as one would try and get more than the other in their sweet little mouths.

After a several exciting minutes of letting the twins slurp on my cock, “Would you girls like to watch me fuck noel?”

“Ooh” the one I thought was Nicky said.

“You mean like you know and make her pregnant?”

“I can sure try to make her pregnant?” I said

“That would be soo Cool” One of the twins said

“Yeah” the other said “Can you make us pregnant too?”

“Maybe…” I replied. “But first lets get dried off and get in the house.

As we walked in Noel took me by the hand “You really mean it? You want to stick your thing in me and make me pregnant?”

“If you want to,” I replied

“I think it would be soo cool to have a baby.” Noel said. I wasn’t so sure but what the hell. I was about to fuck a girl one of my sister’s friends and it was enough to make my cock rock hard and throb.

“We get to watch right?” the twins asked

“Of course?” I said as Noel laid out a towel on the floor and got onto it, she spread her legs slightly and looked at with this mischievous coquettish look. I got on my knees between her spread legs. I guided my cock to her tight opening; just the wet sponginess of it was exquisite. I teased her with my cock enjoying myself and watching her writhe a little. Noel was gasping and hooked her heels around me and pulled her pussy onto my cock. It slid in almost effortlessly and then I bumped into some resistance. She swiftly shifted her hips back and then with a grimace on her face she impaled herself fully onto my cock. She looked down at my cock buried completely in her pussy and gasped and then looked up at me and smiled brightly.

“God I’m stuffed” she moaned “no no don’t move it still hurts a little”

“It hurt?” one of the twins asked.

“A little but that’s going away now… yes… its going away. It feels so nice to be stuffed like a turkey with Bill’s big stick. I could feel her sweet little pussy contracting around my cock it was luxurious. I waited for her to start moving and it wasn’t long until her hips started shifting and I took that as a sign and started thrusting. My cock was encased in such a tight sweet little vice that it took nearly no time before my cock was coating the inside of her with my white cream. “Oh shit” she cried “He’s squirting his baby juice in me oh god oh… its so hot and wonderful.” She moaned and rocked her hips as I held her against me. She didn’t let go of me or the vise like suction her pussy was giving my cock and being sensitive after my own orgasm it was like second and I squirted another load deep into her bell. She finally released me; I stood up cum dripping from the end of my cock, which one of the twins quickly took into her mouth. The other twin looked at her older sisters pussy there was a little blood and my cum was oozing out of as Noel seemed to be luxuriating in the feelings she was having. Her hands were gently rubbing her breasts.

The front door slammed and all three girls froze like game spotlighted by a poacher. Carol walked into the living room. The twins looked like they were about to cry and Noel looked as if she wasn’t sure what was going to happen. “Don’t move” Carol said.

It looked for a moment that the girls were all about to bolt. “Nicky darling lay down there” she pointed. Cindy was doing her best to nurse my cock, and Carol looked back at me and said “Fuck me Bill” I moved behind carol who was licking and kissing her daughters sweet little pussy.

“Oh Mommie” Nicky cried out “that feels so… so… strange and tickliey and wonderful.”

I leaned forward and slid my cock into Carol’s already juicy slit as she slurped and suckled her daughters little snatch. Cindy moved close so she could see what her mother was doing. Carol moaned as I slowly pumped into her wonderful wet slit. Cindy after observing for a few moments went over to Noel’s limp sweaty body and started licking Noels hot swollen pussy. Seeing all of this was too much for me and I exploded inside Carols pulsating pussy. I found myself laying on my back gasping for air.

I looked up to see Carol’s face smiling at me she kissed me and I could taste pussy on her lips. “Mmm” she said softly. It’s almost time for you to go actually she looked at her watch. You should be heading home. She handed me my clothes and I kissed each of the girls and walked out the front door and into the street. The Streetlights were long since on and I made it home without incident. I took a shower after which I tapped on my sisters door.


I opened the door and walked in “Hey Claire”

“Hi Bill what’s up?”

“Ms Rodgers wants you to come by Friday night she’s having a pool party for the girls or something” That was mostly the truth wasn’t it I asked myself.

“Okay but you better be ready for Saturday I have some other friends coming over then.”


“You’ll see” she smiled

I unwrapped my towel and slung it over my shoulder “I guess you will too won’t you”.

She had sort of a glazed look in her eyes and said “uh huh”

I walked across the hall to my bedroom and lay down to rest… what a hell of a night.

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