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Last month I was visiting my cousin in Orange county C.A. for a week when I met the most delightful girl. Her name is Aran, and here is the story.

I was walking through a mall one evening and I saw her shoping at Pac Sun, alone. She was maybe 17, 18 wearing tight little hip huggers with a wide cloth belt, and matching purse, with long dark hair, she was very petite in frame, just the way I like em. So, after I had a nice view of her tight little ass while she looked through the racks idly, I decided to go introduce myslef.

"Hi! I'm Jr." I said smiling as I walked up to her, "Not alot in here huh?"

"No, not really, I'm just bored right now" She replied.

"Whats your name?" I asked flashing my most charming smile.

"Aran" she said, shyly looking down, she was a little nervous I could tell, time to be witty.

"What? Nobody ever hits on you in clothing stores?" I said jokingly.

"Well, no, not really"

"Well you're a sexy girl, they should. You dont mind do you? I mean, I just wanna get to know you some" I asked, eyeing her carefully now.

She looked away and said, "No, it's just different is all, I mean I dont even know you"

"Well there's only one way to get to know me" I answered

"What's that?" She said, smiling a little now.

"Head over to Applebee's with me and grab some dinner, then we can talk some more, besides, the mall is gonna close soon. You dont have any plans do you?" I asked

"Well no, but.." she started to object, better cut her off!

"Come on, it's right acrossed the parking lot, just dinner, on me" I said quickly.

"Well I guess it'll be okay" she replied.

"Great! Do you wanna ride over with me?" I asked

"Sure I guess" she answered.

We went over to Applebee's then and made small talk over dinner, she chattered away about how she was looking for a new job, and blah blah blah. The whole time I was watching her little tities under her shirt, maybe a B-cup, they were great tits. She reminded me of a spryte, or faery or something mythical. She had very delicate features, she was quite beautiful in a way. Being myself however I found myself imagining what a screamer she would be in bed. She was so tiny, I could just imagine how her pussy would feel around my dick. At this time she was saying something to the effect of what a good listener I was, and I was thinking of how I could get her alone. Better come up with something soon, the restaraunt was closing soon.

"So do you wanna go to a party with me? My cousin is throwing one tonight." I asked her.

"Well, I don't know..."

"Look, just come check it out with me, if you dont like it we'll leave, o.k.?" I said.

"Well, o.k., but just for a little while" She agreed.

Sweet! Jackpot, this was gonna be a cakewalk! It was only a short ride over to Jason's, but i couldnt wait any longer. I hung a left into a supermarket parking lot.

"Where are we going" she asked, as I pulled around the back.

"I changed my mind, we can party right here. Little more intimate you know?" I said as I parked near the back wall, out of site from the road.

" I think you better take me back to my car" she said, slightly worried looking.

"I'll take you back when I'm done with you, this can go real easy, or real hard" i told her

"What are you talking about, take me back, my friends will wonder where I'm at" She was becoming frantic now.

SMACK, i let fly with the back of my right hand acrossed her face. "BULLSHIT, you were alone, I watched you for an hour before I ever even taked to you. No one called you cell, and no one was ever with you. Now again we can do this the easy way or the hard way." I told her again.

She went for the door, fumbling it open in a panic. I let her get out before I jumped out after her. She was running, but I caught up quickly at 6'5" and tackled her hard. She cracked her melon on the concrete pretty good stunning her. i quickly yanked her shirt up over her head tangling her arms up, reached down and jerked her pants down. The little slut wasn't wearing any panties, and she was completely shaved! I pulled her tight jeans down to her ankles, and pulled her up onto all fours by her hair.

She let out a squeal that I cut off with my hand around her slender neck, squeezing tightly I told her "You need to understand whore, that I am gonna fuck you, and if you try that shit again I will kill you too. Do you understand me?"

She gasped something out that I took for a yes, so I realeased pressure on her throat, and began to rub her smooth little slit with my other hand. She tried to squirm away, but I was far too strong, I easily held her in place. i continued to work on her pussy and clit until eventually, even against her wishes her pussy betrayed her and began to get wet.

'See that little slut? your pussy knows what you are, even if you wont admit it" with that I undid my pants and pushed the head of my swollen cock against her tight little hole. i had to rub against her for a bit, and finally I forced the head in.

"No, please dont, i'll give you anything you want, just please aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!" she pleaded in vain, cut off by me jamming the whole 8" home in her little cunt. She was tight, very nice little fuck, just like I imagined. i took my time, slowly sliding in and out of her there in the back alley ont the cement.

"You like that dont you, you little whore, huh?" I said in her ear. She was sobbing, begging me to stop the whole time, but I just held her down there, slowly fucking her willing pussy, but unwilling mind. Slowly i began to increase my pace in her, takin longer strokes, and faster and harder. Until before long I was pounding at her pussy like a jackhammer. I could hear her soft cries and sobs as I watched her petite frame shake with the violence of the fucking I was giving her. Her tiny breasts jerked with every thrust, and of course the rythmic slapping of my stomach against her ass. She was so tight, I knew I wasn't gonna last much longer, her sobbing and begging had ceased now.

"This is my pussy, you got that? MINE" I told her, " I will take this shit whenever I want you little slut, so you better get to liking it" Wtih that I shot my load, right up inside her tight cunt. Shit! I hadnt intended to do that, with a rape kit they'd get me! I had to think fast. I grabbed her by the hair and hauled her over to the car.

"Please, what are you gonna do with me?" She pleaded

"I told you, thats my pussy, and I'll take it whenever I want, and you need to learn it, now get in the trunk" I said as I popped the trunk open.

Of course she balked at this, so I simply threw her in there, she was so tiny it was easy to overpower her. I slammed the trunk on her, got in the car and lit up a smoke. I sat there and smoked for awhile pondering the possibilities of this new situation. They were endless it seemed, assuming I could train her, and she seemed easy enought to train, I would have some real fun with this girl!


2017-04-24 00:12:30
Meant part 3


2017-04-24 00:11:33
Part 2?


2010-12-29 05:25:38
working on longer stories. Thanks for comments


2010-12-29 05:24:23
this is my story lame as it Im glad people are still reading it after all this time. II have been working on a longer story. I do need to learn not to rush and be more detailed. Thanks for the comments


2010-12-29 05:24:14
this is my story lame as it Im glad people are still reading it after all this time. II have been working on a longer story. I do need to learn not to rush and be more detailed. Thanks for the comments

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