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Things were better than ever at my house, and I couldn't be happier. Ever since Elisa and I had expressed our love for each other, we spent almost every single minute together. During the night, one of us would sneak into the other's room and we would make sweet love in the darkness, and during the day, we would kiss for hours on end. But not only had my relationship with my youngest sister improved, but my relationship with the twins had improved as well. For as long as I could remember, Jenny and Carly had always been strangers to Elisa and I. They rarely talked to us much, and when they did, it wasn't to say something nice. But now, we were all much closer than before. The fact that I had fucked the both of them broke the barrier that had always been between them and I. When blood couldn't bring us together, good old fashioned threesomes did it. Our relationship was now sort of like the TV show Seinfeld, and I was Jerry and the twins were Elaine (if Jerry and Elaine were related).
Instead of being territorial and jealous, Elisa too became closer to them. Just like how sex was what the twins and I had in common, I was what the twins and Elisa had in common. They both apologized for the way they had treated her (especially when they tried to drag her into one of our threesomes), and she forgave them. Now she looked up to them the way a younger sister should, and they welcomed her into everything they did. It was as if the sexual secrets and our intimate relationships were allowing us to finally be close.
During the afternoons, the four of us would be spread across the couch, watching TV. Elisa would be curled up in my lap on one end, and Jenny and Carly would be huddled together on the other. We would talk and laugh more during meals, do our homework together, Elisa and the twins would gossip in their room, and we all finally got to look into each other's lives. Jenny and Carly were happy for Elisa and I and our love, but I could tell that they missed me in the bedroom. But while I definitely cherished memories of the three of us fucking each other's brains out, I had absolutely no desire to do it again. Elisa was the love of my life, and she gave me everything that I had ever desired.

It was just after 3pm, and the four of us had gotten home after a loooooong day of school. Our parents had gotten new jobs, giving them more time to spend with us. They got home at five, which gave us a good two hours to ourselves. As we walked up the driveway, I had my arm around Elisa and the twins were holding each other's hands.
“Oh my god, I spent all day fighting the urge to bang my head against my desk to knock myself out.” Elisa groaned.
“Yeah, algebra can do that to you.” Jenny chuckled.
“That's nothing. In science class, I can barely keep from stabbing myself with the closest sharp object. What is it about school that causes us to self destruct?” Carly piped up.
“It's because the air is full of the confusion and crappy teenage angst of the people around you.” I said with a laugh.
“I live in a house with three teenagers, but I never feel confused and frustrated, just happy.” Elisa said sweetly.
“You are so cute.” I said as I kissed her on the forehead.

We stepped inside and Jenny and Carly instantly made their way to the TV room. I took off my backpack and was about to follow them, but Elisa stopped me. She put her hand on my chest and pressed herself against me.
“Let's go upstairs and take a bath.” She said softly. I smiled and kissed her.
With my hand wrapped around hers, I followed Elisa upstairs. We stepped into the bathroom and turned on the bath, taking off our clothes as the tub filled with hot water. Elisa stood in front of the mirror with a look of disappointment on her face.
“What's wrong?” I asked as I rubbed her shoulders.
“I am so jealous of Jenny and Carly, I wish I had their figures.” She sighed.
“Why are you jealous? I love you the way you are.” I said with a small smile.
“I'm four-foot-nine and I have A-cup breasts. I just wish you didn't have to bend down to kiss me and that I could give you a little to play with.” She said sadly.
“Elisa, do you know why I love your body?” I asked with a chuckle.
“Why?” She asked as she looked up at me.
“Because I can do this...” I said as I swept her off her feet, with one arm behind her back and the other under her knees. She gave a mix of a laugh and a yelp as I picked her up.
“I love wrapping my arms around your slender frame and holding you like a sweet little bunny.” I said before kissing her.
“I love you.” She giggled.
I stepped into the tub and lowered the two of us into the hot water. As I laid back, Elisa turned off the water and curled up in my lap with my arms wrapped around her. For several minutes, we just listened to the dripping of the faucet and relished the feeling of our naked bodies pressed against each other in the hot water. I can't put into words how wonderful every passing moment was. The feeling of her back pressed against my bare chest, her smooth thighs and sexy little ass against my half-erect manhood, the soft sound of every fluttering breath she took, and the knowledge that her heart was beating so close to mine.
“This is so nice.” I said as I kissed her neck, causing her to shiver in arousal.
“Alex, do you ever wonder what we'll do when we're older? Just imagine what our parents would do if they found out about us.” Elisa chuckled.
“I figure that since I'm older, I'll try to get into the closest college possible. That way, we can be close while you're in high school. Once you graduate, we can get our own apartment and live together. I can't wait for us to be on our own, living like a real couple.” I said.
“I don't want to grow up.” Elisa said.
“Why not?” I asked.
“Because I want to be your sweet little bunny for as long as I can.” She purred with her eyes closed and her forehead pressed against the side of my chin.
“You are so cute.” I laughed.
“And you are so sweet.” She said as she sat up and kissed me, with her soft lips touching mine as gently as a falling leaf. As she laid back against me, I ran my hands along her smooth body, relishing the feeling of her luscious skin.
“You know, we've never made love in the bathtub.” Elisa cooed with a shiver of bliss.
I smiled and moved my hand down between her legs. As I stroked the soft lips of her pussy, Elisa began to hum and shiver. It was as if every centimeter of her vagina controlled a part of her body, because as my rubbing became stronger and faster, her shivers turned into squirming. I slowly pushed my fingers into my little sister, causing her to moan with a soft dove-like chime. Her small body became a furnace as she became more and more aroused, with the hot water of the tub rippling and lapping at her flesh.
While I rocked my fingers back and forth inside her soft pussy, Elisa looked at me and pressed her lips against mine. We kissed passionately as I worked my fingers between her legs and squeezed her breasts. The hot water around us was augmenting from gentle ripples to shifting waves with every movement we made. Elisa suddenly pulled her lips from mine. She was panting heavily, blushing deeply, and her eyes were slightly rolled up as if she was getting a back massage.
“Oh my god Alex, you're driving me crazy. You're making me so hot and wet.” She gasped in ecstasy.
“Are you sure that's not just the bath?” I chuckled.
In reply, Elisa turned her whole body around and climbed into my lap. She wrapped her arms around my neck and started kissing me. I could almost smell the hormones in her breath.
“Trust me darling, it's you.” She said softly.
As we kissed, I reached under Elisa and guided my manhood into to her pussy, pushing up into her. She gave a soft moan and began grinding her hips, rocking back and forth on my erect cock. I had my hands on her waist, and was lifting her up and down, probing her soft insides. Elisa wrapped her arms tightly around my neck, moaning in my ear every time my manhood was driven deep inside her. I don't know what I was loving more, the feeling of her pussy tightening around my dick with every thrust, or the sound of her soft angelic moans. The water around us was becoming more choppy, forming waves that overflowed out of the tub and splashed the floor.
“There is something I want to try, Jenny and Carly suggested this.” Elisa whispered in my ear.
She moved off of my lap and over to the other end of the tub. She leaned on the rim with her elbows and slowly shook her ass from side to side. I smiled at the view.
“Come on honey.” She said sweetly. I got onto my knees and leaned over, brushing back a lock of her hair.
“I love you baby.” I whispered in her ear. She just giggled in reply.
I pressed the head of my cock against her vagina and slowly pushed it in, causing her to give a slow soft moan. I began moving back and forth, driving my manhood deep inside her with each thrust. I was leaning across her, with my chest against her back and my arms across her chest. I was feeling her heartbeat with one hand and massaging her perky breasts with the other. I was also kissing her on the shoulders, neck, and the back of her ears. Along with moaning, she was purring like a playful kitten finally getting some affection.
As I became more accustomed to the position, I sat up all the way and moved my hands to her waist. I increased my speed, driving my manhood into her harder and faster. Elisa's moans became louder and shriller as she held onto anything she could find as if there was an earthquake. She was gripping the edge of the tub and the faucet for dear life, moaning with her soft angelic voice. I was thrusting my cock into her so hard that had her pussy already not been soaking wet with arousal, the friction would have been unbearable.
I looked up and grunted and Elisa moaned as we both had a simultaneous orgasm. Elisa collapsed with a thick rope of semen stretching between my quickly-deflating cock and her pussy. She rolled onto her back and looked up at me.
“It's a good thing the water has cooled down, because I am so hot right now.” She blushed. I looked around and cursed.
“There aren't any towels in here, come on, let's go to your room.” I said.
“I can't walk, my legs feel like jelly after that.” Elisa said softly as she stretched like a cat in the sun.
“That's how my whole body feels whenever I'm with you.” I said with a smile before kissing her.
I put one arm under her knees and the other behind her back and picked her up, admiring how her petite but sexy form weighed very little at all. Elisa wrapped her arms around my neck and giggled as I held her like a rescued princess. With a trail of water being left behind us, I carried Elisa to her bedroom and laid her on the bed.
“I'll be back in a minute, I just have to get our clothes and some towels.” I said.
Elisa kissed me and I walked out of the room. I went back to the bathroom, picked up our clothes, emptied the tub, and went to the hallway closet. I pulled out several towels, and when I closed the door, I was face to face with Carly. Her arms were crossed and she had one of those “well what do we have here” smiles.
“Carly.” I said simply.
“I thought I should come up and tell you that mom and dad called. They're coming home early. I doubt you would have heard the phone ringing with Elisa moaning like that.” She said as her eyes ran up and down my body, focusing on my half-erect manhood.
“Thanks for the warning.” I said with a quick smile. Just as I was about to turn around, Carly said,
“Hold on a sec Alex, before you get back to her...” She said.
I turned to her, and as quick as a flash, she was down on her knees with my cock in her hand.
“Let me take care of that last blob of sperm so that you're all clean.” She said.
Before I could stop her, she put my dick in her soft mouth and sucked the last few drops of sperm from my manhood as if it were a straw in a really thick milkshake. I had to admit, I was almost paralyzed by the incredible feeling. It had been a long time since I had oral (I didn't want to ask Elisa to do it, because I thought it would compromise her sweet innocence, one of the things I loved most about her), and I Carly certainly was a master at it.
Once she was finished, she stood up and licked her lips.
“Brothers are always so messy.” She said coyly before giving me a wink and walking away.
I stood there, dazed and confused for a few moments, trying to figure out what had just happened. I quickly regained my mental bearings and returned to Elisa's room. I opened the door and looked at her, instantly gaining a warm smile. She was lying back on her elbows, gazing at me with pure admiration and love in her eyes.
“I love you Elisa.” I said.
“I love you too.” She replied softly.
I walked over and wrapped a towel around her and she gave me a soft kiss.

It was just after ten at night, and I was lying in bed, replaying what had happened between Carly and I. Neither of the twins had made an advance like that since Elisa and I established our relationship. Carly and Jenny practically shared one brain, so if Carly was brave enough to just come up to me and start blowing me, then Jenny would almost definitely do something similar.
I jerked in surprise as I felt my blanket being lifted up and someone climbing into the bed. I instantly relaxed when I realized it was Elisa. As she snuggled up next to me, she sensed my unease.
“Is something wrong honey?” She asked. I smiled.
“It's nothing baby, I'm just tired.” I replied.
With the two of us on our sides, I wrapped my arms around my little sister's slender frame and held her close, enjoying the feeling of her back against my bare chest.
“How is it that someone so small can be so warm? I feel like I could wrap my whole body around your petite form, but you're a literal furnace.” I whispered in her ear, while enjoying the sweet smell of her beautiful black hair.
“My whole body just flares up whenever you touch me.” She replied sweetly.
“Do you remember that night I came in to brush my teeth and you were about to take a bath? When you opened that door, you were so nervous and blushing so much, it almost looked like you were starting your first day at a new school.”
“I did not!” She laughed.
'Yes you did, you looked like a virgin sacrifice about to be offered to the volcano gods.” I teased.

(Take a look if you're interested:

Elisa then rolled over and pressed herself against me, with her hands on my chest and her forehead against the side of my neck.
“I love you Alex, I love you so much.” She murmured.
“I love you too.” I replied, then realizing that she had fallen asleep.
I smiled and kissed her on the forehead, wrapped the two of us in the blanket tightly to seal in the warmth, and fell asleep with Elisa pressed against me.

I woke up at four in the morning and yawned. Elisa and I had been lying in one position for so long that we were overheating. Areas of skin that hadn't been exposed to air were burning with sweat.
“Elisa, wake up. You have to go back to your room, we can't let our parents see us together.” I whispered to her.
She was sleeping so deeply that I would have needed to splash her with water to wake her up. I sat up, breaking out of the blanket cocoon. I was still for a few moments, enjoying the feeling of the cool fresh air. I climbed out of bed and picked up Elisa. She gave a soft hum in her sleep as I held her, prompting me to smile and kiss her on the forehead. I walked down the hall with Elisa in my arms and stepped into her bedroom. I placed her in her bed and wrapped her in blankets. I gave her another kiss on the forehead and left.
As I walked down the hall, the door to Jenny and Carly's room opened. The two girls were standing in the doorway, and like me, they were naked.
“You two are up awfully late.” I said softly, hoping that neither our parents nor Elisa would hear.
“We just finished having sex...” Jenny began.
“But we're about to go for another round.” Carly said. Both girls took a step towards me.
“Come on in and join us, think of all the fun we'll have.” Jenny said.
She then pressed her lips against mine and ran her hand across my chest as she kissed me. As Jenny kissed me over and over, Carly grasped one of my hands and placed it on her tits, pressing down on my fingers so that I squeezed them.
“Elisa will never know, it will be our little secret.” Carly said before she and her sister switched places.
After several seconds, they took hold of my hands and began pulling me into their room.
“Stop.” I said sternly. They both looked at me like deer caught in the headlights.
“Now the two of you listen to me and listen good. I love Elisa with all of my heart, and I am not going to let the two of your ruin my relationship with her.” I said harshly. Carly and Jenny both looked down to avoid my gaze.
“I love the two of you, and I will always love the two of you... as my sisters. I love Elisa, and I will always love her as my soul mate. You two will always be in my life, but she is who I will spend that life with. I need you two to except that and except that I'm with her, not you. I'm not the same horny idiot I was not too long ago, she's changed my life and given me self control, something that the two of you need to get..” I scolded.
“Sorry Alex.” Jenny said softly.
“We aren't really ones with a lot of self control.” Carly said with the same apologetic tone. A moment of silence passed by. I stepped forward and wrapped my arms around them, hugging them both.
“I love you two, and I will always cherish what we had. But that part of my life is over and Elisa is the one who I will always be with. I'm not saying goodbye, I'm just saying that our relationship has changed. I don't want the two of you to be the girls I have meaningless sex with, I want you to be my sisters and my friends.” I said.
“Thank you.” They both whispered. Then they both kissed me on the cheek and stepped into their bedroom, closing the door.
I was just about to walk back to my room, but I heard a sniffle. I turned to Elisa, who was standing in her bedroom doorway. In the darkness, her eyes seemed to be glowing with a torrent of emotions, and while there were two tear streaks running down her face, she had a warm smile.
“This is eavesdropping thing is really becoming a bad habit.” I chuckled as I walked over to her.
“That was so beautiful.” She murmured as she put her hands on my shoulders. She then stood up on her tiptoes and gave me a small kiss.
“I love you Elisa.” I said as I wrapped my arms around her slender frame.
“I love you too Alex. You know, mom and dad won't be getting up for another couple hours. I think we have enough time to make love once more tonight.” She said softly.
“I love you.” I said again as I kissed her.
“And I'll never forget it.” She whispered as she pulled me into her bedroom, with the door closing behind us.

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