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This is about two sisters, Emma and Megan, who find out that they enjoy sexual encounters between one another.
My alarm went off that morning. I rolled over, hit snooze, and fell back asleep. Moments later I heard my father banging on the door.

“Emma, wake up! It’s time for school!” shouted my father.

I slowly stood up with lethargy, walking unstably towards the bathroom door in my room. I grabbed my towel and entered my bathroom. I turned the water on in the shower so it would be warm, then stripped my pajamas off and glanced at my nice body in the mirror and stepped in the shower.

I let the water run over my body for a few minutes as I was becoming more awake. After standing for a few minutes, I grabbed my razor and shaved my legs, armpits, and pubic hair. I loved the feeling of shaving and the clean feeling after words.

I washed my body with soap, then my hair with shampoo followed by conditioner. When I was finished with my shower, I stepped out, dried myself off, and again looked in the mirror at my recently shaven pussy.

I was always pleased with my figure. My breasts were not too large but not too small; a perfect C cup. I also had and exemplary hourglass figure.

I dried my blond hair with my towel and went back into my room to get dressed. I threw on a blue jean skirt, which was barely school appropriate, and a nice yellow tank top, which also had to be school appropriate.

Upon getting dressed, and idea popped into my head. This certain idea was prevalent before but was never exercised. I decided that I was going to wear a skirt with no underwear underneath.

I pulled the panties off that I had placed on before and out them away. I headed downstairs to get breakfast. Even though I was sure no body could see up my skirt, I felt that everybody knew. That is just the average feeling someone gets when they know they are doing something wrong.

Mom gave me breakfast. When I was finished eating, I put up my dishes and told my sister, Megan that we had better get going. She was only thirteen as I was sixteen, so we did not go to the same school.

I had my own car and a driver’s license at sixteen. It was fun, but I also had to drag my sister everywhere for my parents. Every morning I dropped her off at the middle school and then I drove to the high school.

The school day passed. I was becoming hornier thinking about the fact that I did not have underwear on. It was also quite a nice draft.

The end of the day had come and I was anxious to get home and take care of business, if you know what I mean. I left the high school and drove towards the middle school to pick up my little sister.

When she got in my car, she pulled out her homework and asked if I would help since it was a thirty-minute drive with traffic and everything.

She started asking me random questions about world and human geography, which was something I was very good at.

“Okay, first question,” said Megan. “Correct the statement if it is incorrect. Canada has a Queen that is ‘in charge.’”

I replied, “False, Canada has a Prime Minister who is ‘in charge’, and a Queen who is powerless.

“Thank you,” replied Megan.

These questions continued until we pulled in our driveway. Megan immediately got out of the car when we stopped. I waited for a minute trying to find something in my purse.

When I got out, Megan was standing by my door and saw what I had underneath my skirt by accident, which, of course, was nothing.

“Why are you not wearing any underwear?” asked Megan.

“I am wearing underwear! Shut Up!” I exclaimed as I went into the house and immediately to my room. I was embarrassed, but more afraid that she would tell mom or dad and I would be thought of as a slut or something.

Time passed and I remained in my room. I was chatting to people on Facebook as I did most nights. I left my room a few times: to eat and use the toilet. The time came to about 8:00 p.m.

I usually ran about a mile this time of night, so that is what I did. As I ran, I forgot about the little incident that I had with my sister. When I returned home, I went into my room and prepared for my nightly shower.

When I was finished with my shower and after looking at my nice body in the mirror, I walked into my room naked as I usually did. When I came through the door, I saw Megan sitting on my bed.

“What the Hell are you doing in here, Megan,” I shouted in anger.

“I just wanted to talk to you, sis,” she replied.

“Could you at least let me get dressed first?”

She moved towards the door and I said, “thank you,” in a sarcastic tone. After I put my pajamas on, I peeped my head out the door and told her to come on. We both sat on my bed and then I asked, “Now, what was so important that you had to come in here while I was taking a shower?”

Megan said, “I wanted to ask you why you were not wearing underwear earlier.”

I laughed to myself. “It’s not that big of a deal. Why are you so interested?”

“I don’t know, I just am,” replied Megan with a seemingly innocent voice. “Also, why don’t you have any hair on your crotch?”

I again laughed to myself. “Because I shaved it, Megan.”

“Why would you do that, Emma?”

“Because I like it. You should try it some time,” I replied.

This conversation of awkwardness began to die down until I said, “Well, Megan, I think it’s time for you to run along to your room now and go to bed.”

Then, when I thought everything was peachy, she threw a grenade in the middle of the room. She asked, “Do you masturbate?”

I was shocked and said, “WHAT?”

Megan said, “You don’t know what it is?”

I corrected her. “I do know what it is, I am just so surprised that YOU know what it is. After all, you are only thirteen years old. After saying that, I realized that I knew what it was when I was eleven.

I asked her why she was so curious in these things so suddenly, but then I was able to answer my own question. She was in an earlier stage in puberty and she could not help but to be curious.

I also asked her how she came to know what it was and how long she has known. She said, “close to a year and I learned from a friend who told, not showed.”

I then said, “Well, if you are so curious, then take off your clothes.” “What?” said Megan. “You heard me, take off your clothes.”

She was reluctant at first, but she soon changed her mind. I had never intended my relationship with my sister to turn out like this, but it obviously did. I was also never attracted to other girls, but everything has flaws.

She pulled off her shirt and I saw her cute A cup breasts that were still developing. She also had an athletic body. When she pulled off her pants, I saw her tight pussy, which was unshaven.

She was a cute little girl. In fact, that was pretty much what I looked like when I was her age, except for my blond hair was just a bit darker than hers. I then said, “for this to be fair, I have to take my clothes off.”

So I did. I watched as her eyes were open wider with every article of clothing I pulled off. She stared at my body as I showed it off, like a stripper.

She said, “I want to look just like you when I am your age.” I told her that she would.
We sat on my bed across from each other. It was silent from there on out. Then, as if it was done a million times, I reached over to my sister and placed two of my fingers inside of her pussy.

She took in a breath. I slowly began to move my fingers in and out and around her G-Spot. For a short moment, I thought of my parents coming and knocking on the door, but then I realized that it was midnight and they were most likely asleep or having sex.

I gradually accelerated my fingers. I saw the pleasure in her eyes. Her pussy was so young, so tight, and becoming so wet. I began to her noises engendered from the wetness of her pussy and the movement of my fingers.

Her chest began to rise and fall quicker as her breaths were becoming shallower and more intense. I again sped my fingers up. Her face was cute: her eyes now closed, her nose twitching occasionally, and her mouth was open as someone could tell she was enjoying pleasure.

I could tell that she was getting close. She took a one last deep breath, let out a soft moan, and started to shake. Her fingers were grasping the sheets on my bed. Her knees were moving rapidly. My fingers were still inside. I could feel the wetness of her orgasm and her contracting pussy.

I continued to move my fingers until she subdued her pleasure’s control of her body. She caught her breath; I giggled to myself and said, “Wow, you are one interesting girl that I have overlooked.”

Then, it was silent again. Without a word, she took her two fingers and placed then inside of my shaven pussy. She slowly moved them in and out like a pro. The feeling was already intense.

I laid back on my pillow and let her fingers go to work as I played with my breasts. I was becoming more wet, even though I was already very wet from the start.

I felt the pleasure building. I thought to myself that this orgasm was going to come way to quickly. I felt it get stronger. Then, it hit. My toes curled, my hands grasped, my chest went into the air, and my vocal cords let out one loud moan.

After regaining my strength to speak, I laughed and laid there enjoying that wonderful feeling that comes after an orgasm.

I heard my sister say, “Ewwwww.” I asked what the problem was and she said that I was too messy and got her fingers all slimy. I again laugh and jokingly told her to eat it because that is what I do.

I was only kidding and was not going to make her eat it, but she did, which again made me laugh.

We got dressed and went our separate ways for bed. My perception of my younger sister was forever changed. She was no longer ‘a little girl’ in my eyes.

This became a tradition between my sister and me. We thoroughly enjoyed it and did every chance we got, even into our older teen years.

What does your sister mean to you?

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