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My first and only threesome as a teenager
My girlfriend Peggy and I had been going out for a couple of years. She was a smoking hot blond, 5’5” and about 120 lbs (a guess). She had a nice set of tits (34 B) and a great ass. Sex with her was awesome, putting it mildly. At 17, I was on top of the world. That was until one day when, after a hot lovemaking session, she asked me this question. “Have you ever had any sexual fantasies?”

When I first began to think, I figured that just having sex with her covered them. Then I remembered the one thing that hadn’t been explored yet, a threesome.

“Really? With whom?” she asked.
“Kim” I replied.

Kim was her roommate, and an ex-girlfriend of mine. I wasn’t sure how she was going to respond. In the back of my mind I thought that maybe I just lost my girlfriend. Her response was a bit surprising.
“Well, let’s see if we can turn that fantasy into reality.”

Wow! I couldn’t believe it. She was actually going to see if Kim would do it. Now Kim was not what I would call “smoking hot”, but she was cute. The thoughts that began racing through my mind!

When after a few days the subject wasn’t brought up again I figured that the answer was no, so I let that fantasy go.

Sex with Peggy was still just as hot as it had been. It seemed like every chance we could get, we were naked in bed.

Then a couple of months later we were shopping for some groceries for her apartment when she said to me, “You remember what we talked about a couple of months ago? Peggy asked. “I do” I replied. “Well…she is interested and wants to do it tonight. Are you still interested?”
Was I interested? The chance to fuck two girls at the same time. You bet I was!
“Yes I am, only if you want to” I replied.
“Good, then I will let her know” she said.
Man, I was hard from that moment on. My fantasy was coming true.

We finished our shopping and took her back to her apartment. Once inside, we took care of her groceries and she made a phone call.
“Kim is all set for tonight…but it looks like you may not be able to hold out until then” she said, looking at my crotch. She then reached forward and began to rub me through my jeans, which made me moan loudly.

She unbuttoned my shorts and let them drop to the floor. Then she grabbed the waistband of my briefs and slid them to the floor, allowing my 6 and a half inch cock to spring forward. She grabbed my cock and began to gently stroke it. She knew that drove me crazy. I looked down to see pre-cum begin to trickle out. She took her finger and rubbed it into the head of my cock. Then she dropped to her knees and gave the head a little kiss, then a lick. Then she began to suck me, slowly at first. She knew that with the way she was sucking me, that it wasn’t going to be long until I came. She proceeded to suck me faster. I placed my hand on the back of her head and she let me fuck her face. I was close to cumming, so I let her know that. “I’m close” I said. She then stopped and proceeded to remove her t-shirt and her bra. I knew that she didn’t like to swallow. As much as that was another fantasy of mine, I knew that she enjoyed me shooting on her face and tits. No sooner than she had removed her bra I shot a huge load on her face, a couple of big shots. The rest I aimed for her tits, soaking them both.

“Wow! Impressive!” I heard the voice say from behind me. I turned to discover that Kim was standing just inside the doorway to the apartment. Startled, I moved from my spot to grab a towel from the kitchen counter to clean ourselves up. I was more surprised when Kim stepped forward and gave Peggy a long kiss on the lips, licking my cum in the process. “And tasty! I am definitely looking forward to later!” Kim then proceeded to lick all of my cum off of my girlfriends face and tits, licking and sucking on her nipples. That right there got me rock hard again. As Kim licked and sucked Peggy’s tits, she began to moan loudly. I knew that meant she was excited and it wouldn’t take much to get her off. I watched as Peggy and Kim shifted their positions and Peggy was lying on her back on the floor and Kim was on top of her, continuing to lick and suck her tits. Then Kim proceeded to kiss her way down my girlfriend’s belly, pulling off her shorts and panties in one motion. Once Peggy was completely naked, Kim went down on her. Licking and sucking her pussy like it was the last meal she was going to get. I began to stroke myself as I watched the girls go at it. Peggy was going crazy; she was so close to cumming. Kim kept up her assault on Peggy’s pussy. It wasn’t long before Peggy came, screaming loudly. I was getting ready to shoot another load when Kim reached over, grabbed my cock and put me in her mouth. “I’m cumming!” I exclaimed. Kim didn’t flinch as I shot my load into her mouth, taking every drop. “Mmmm, even better directly from the source!” was her reply.

It was then that I happened to look at the clock and realize that I had to go and get ready to go to work. I quickly found my clothes, got dressed and kissed Peggy goodbye. “I will see you ladies later tonight!” I said as I left the apartment, my girlfriend still lying naked on the floor with her roommate lying next to her.

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2014-09-26 02:37:08
I wouldn't have left the 2 girls alone. I would've called in sick


2011-05-18 08:46:55
More build up would set the mood better and make it feel more real.

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