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The Big Time
by Michael K. Smith

I was lying on a lounge chair out by the pool when my kid sister's sort-of-boyfriend scared the crap out of me. I mean, I was half asleep, just letting my mind drift and feeling the warm July sun bouncing off my body, when this piercing voice behind me suddenly said, "Hi, Angela -- do you know where Janie is?" I nearly fell off the damn lounge, actually.

My shades clattered on the patio and I found myself twisted around with my left hand and my right foot on the ground, trying to see who it was. My heart was pounding and I knew I looked really ridiculous, which really embarrassed me. I'm eighteen and I'm starting college in the fall, so you can imagine what I felt like, letting some little 7th Grader get the drop on me like that.

"God, Jason! What do you think you're doing?! Don't you know better than to sneak up on a girl like that?!" He was standing there in the partly-open gate of the privacy fence and I must have sounded really mad because he got this apprehensive look and started to back-pedal out the gate.

"I'm sorry -- nobody answered the door and the gate was unlatched, and I thought maybe Janie . . . Jeez, I'm sorry, okay?"

And then I felt a little guilty because Jason's not a bad kid and he and Janie are kind of cute together. Reminds me of when I was in junior high and had *my* first real boyfriend. I mooned around just like Janie's been doing the past couple of months. I know it's kind of tough, being thirteen and trying to figure out how to behave with the opposite sex.

So I retrieved my sunglasses, got myself settled back on the lounge chair, and said, "No, c'mon in. I'm sorry I snapped at you, Jason. You just startled me, okay? Oh, really -- *come in*, will you?" I added when I didn't hear his footsteps. Then his trainers squeaked on the patio and the gate clicked shut behind me. "Oh, sit down," I said and waved an arm at the other lounge.

He sat and there was a long pause before he asked again, "Um, is Janie around?" He sounded different and I turned my head and caught him staring at my legs. His gaze jerked back to my face and he got all flustered. Adolescent boys! I was careful not to laugh.

"Janie went shopping with Mom. There're some summer sales on and they probably won't be back till dinner time." Then I'm afraid my devilish side got the better of me. "She really liked my new bikini; I think she was going to look for something similar in her size." Well, *that* was a barefaced lie, but I liked the way poor little Jason gulped as he tried so hard not to be obvious. "Do you like it?" I asked, putting a sort of slutty purr in my voice and running a fingertip along the edge of the suit, about six inches south of my belly button.

I knew just what he was seeing, too: A girl of average height with nice legs and a small waist, and larger-than-average boobs. I like to wear my hair short in the summer for swimming and it bleaches out to a very pale blonde, which looks good against the caramel tan I work so hard to get. That's also why I bought this plain white bikini with the halter top and the *extremely* brief Brazilian-style bottom. Actually, I knew what Jason was seeing because I'd spent some time practicing sexy poses in front of the full-length dressing mirror in my room.

Okay, so I have a good figure, and I'm prettier than most, and I'm vain about it. Use what you got, I say. I probably wouldn't have passed Chemistry last year if I hadn't worn short skirts and kept crossing my legs in Mr. Aronson's lab all year.

"Yeah, it's a very nice suit," he replied huskily and swallowed again.

I studied him more closely for a moment. Jason was actually kind of cute -- tall for his age with an unruly mop of light brown hair and big blue eyes. I think Janie's deion was "gorgeous."

"Jason, you can look at me if you want to, you know. This suit was *meant* to be looked at." Actually, it was meant to be stared at. I sighed loudly. "I'd rather sunbathe nude, but Daddy doesn't like it." Also not true: I avoided major tan lines by going to a tanning salon, just like all my friends. Daddy would have a red-faced fit if he ever caught me out on the patio naked. But Jason looked like he definitely wanted to believe me.

I know, I know -- I should have stopped right there.

Teasing was one thing, but I should have told the kid to go home and I would let Janie know he had come by. The problem was, Bryan, my boy friend for the past year and a half, had kind of broken up with me a few days after graduation. Well -- dropped me like a hot brick, actually, the bastard. He was going to a different college than me and "it wouldn't be fair to tie *you* down," he said -- meaning he wanted to leave himself unencumbered. Being dumped because I was inconvenient was, like, traumatic and I guess I wanted to make sure I still had power over men -- even ridiculously young ones.

"Jason," I said, "I need to rub some more lotion on my legs so they don't burn. But I'm just feeling too drowsy and relaxed to do it. Would you be a dear and rub it on for me?" He kind of goggled at me and swallowed again -- hard.

"The lotion's under my chair somewhere, I think." Then I sighed quietly and let my eyelids droop. I made myself relax but I kept my ears open. After about twenty seconds of silence (during which I began to wonder if this boy was old enough to have a heart attack), I heard the other lounge squeak and Jason's soft footsteps. I knew he probably couldn't see my eyes behind the shades -- not that he was going to be looking at my face -- so I peeked at him from under my lashes.

The kid stood six inches from my knees, rubbing his hands together nervously. But what really got my attention was the way his khaki hiking shorts were beginning to tent out in front. My imagination started to warm up; this could definitely get interesting.

After another half a minute, Jason carefully knelt and fished the bottle of lotion out from under my chair, which brought his face much closer to my leg. I could actually feel his warm breath moving the little hairs on my thigh. Jeezus. . . .

He took a deep breath as he squeezed out a handful of lotion and then paused. "Um, how do you want me to do this, Angela. . . ?"

"Oh, just start at the ankles and work your way up. I'll tell you when to stop." Or maybe I wouldn't.

He began very hesitantly and very gently, smoothing the warm cream up my shins and spreading it around my ankles. It felt very nice, actually. I used to let Bryan do this kind of stuff, but he always just splashed the lotion on like barbecue sauce and immediately stuck his hand in my crotch. I bent one knee and said, "Don't forget the backs of my legs." As Jason's hand curled slowly around my calf, I raised my leg straight up in the air like a dancer. His gentle touch behind my knees made my stomach muscles flutter but I managed to keep my breathing steady. It was becoming difficult to appear nonchalant, though.

When he got to the lower part of my thighs, he slowed down. I took off the shades so he could see that I was watching and said, "Go ahead, Jason. I won't bite." And I gave him my best smoky smile. By the time he was halfway up my thighs, I felt his hands trembling. Knowing I had that kind of effect on a boy, knowing he'd probably never touched a girl this way before, . . . well, it was making me kind of hot. I never felt I had that kind of control with Bryan or even with the other boys I'd messed around with when I was younger.

I was wondering how far Jason would go but he disappointed me by chickening out a whole inch below the elastic on the inside of my thighs. I guess if he'd been a couple of years older, he would have stuck his fingers right up in there, but he was just too nervous.

"That felt really nice, Jason," I purred. "You must have done this before."

"No -- no, I haven't," he mumbled and then blushed. I'm sure he wanted me to think he was more experienced than he was.

"Not even with my sister?" I asked, faking surprise.

"No! Of course not!" He was turning bright red now. Boy, what a target.

"You mean you and Janie have never even made out?" He wouldn't look at me as he shook his head. "Well, you've *kissed* her, haven't you, Jason? You can't be *that* innocent!"

He looked up and risked a grin at my tone. "Sure, we've kissed a bunch of times."


"Well, uh, I tried it once but I must not have done it right. I don't think she liked it." Oh, really? I could fix that. It had been more than a month since I'd kissed *any* boy and I was beginning to have withdrawal symptoms. And maybe I could do Jason *and* Janie a favor. I took his hand and tugged him closer to the upper end of the lounge chair; he almost fell over, trying to walk on his knees.

"Jason, *all* girls like to French-kiss, so I think I'd better give you a lesson." I smiled as seductively as I knew how. "Kiss me, Jason. Do it slowly and gently. Don't try to hurry or do anything fancy. Just brush your lips across mine at first, and then apply a little pressure."

He licked his lips and leaned over. "Jason? Open your eyes, sweetie. What are you hiding from? You should look the girl in the eye as you move in. Like a hawk, you know? It also keeps you from bumping noses." Yes, I remembered my own early experiences, all right.

Turned out the kid had talent. He was careful not to just mash my mouth -- another of Bryan's favorite techniques. He just kissed me very sweetly. I curled one hand around his head and pulled him down a little harder. Then I pushed the tip of my tongue against his front teeth and he breathed in raggedly as his mouth opened. Then his tongue was pushing back.

Of the ten or twelve guys I've gotten into really hot kissing with, I swear Jason had the longest, snakiest tongue I'd ever experienced! The way he could poke it into my cheek and reach halfway back to my throat, . . . God, it was deliciously evil and it really made me start to feel hot, way down deep. I could see why Janie might have panicked. I heard myself groan and I guess that's what made Jason stop and pull back.

"Did I do it wrong?" he asked anxiously, his nose an inch from mine.

"Oh, no, baby, you did it *exactly* right," I replied. "You don't know *how* right." And then I began to seriously lose control. Like, my hormones just took over. It didn't matter that this boy was only practically a child, and it didn't matter that he was my sister's boyfriend. I reached behind my neck with my free hand, yanked the tie of my halter, and let the triangular panels fall loosely.

Jason sat up abruptly and his jaw kind of dangled as he stared at my breasts. There were hot little explosions a half-inch behind each nipple and I could actually feel them getting harder and stiffer. When I pinched and tugged one of them between my fingers, he licked his lips and glanced pleadingly back at my face.

"Yes, use your mouth on them, Jason, please do it, suck on them, c'mon, do it. . . . There's more than one to use your mouth to please a girl."

"I, uh, I'm afraid I'll hurt you, Angela. I -- you're so beautiful."

I began pulling his curly head down where I wanted it. "That's sweet, Jason, but it's easy, honest. Just make like a baby and suck on them. Move your tongue around the tips. . . ." He took one nipple between his lips and I felt sparks shooting from it. There was a growing glow in the pit of my stomach that spread down into my groin. "Oh, that's so good, baby, oh, yes. . . ." I realized that my toes were beginning to twitch.

As one hand wound itself into the hair at the back of his head, my other hand moved down his side and across his flat stomach to the front of his hiking shorts. I traced the outline of his hard penis with my fingers and he jerked uncontrollably.

"Don't stop, Jason, don't bite but don't stop, oh, God, that feels so good, you're so sweet, Jason, I'm going to make you feel good, too, oh, jeez, that's so wonderful. . . ." I was babbling but Bryan always said I was a talker. I tried to get his zipper down but my hand was shaking and he finally yanked it open himself and fumbled his throbbing penis out through the opening. I mean *really* throbbing; it pulsed and twitched as I circled it with my fingers and began moving my hand slowly up and down. Now Jason was the one groaning but he kept sucking on my tits, switching from one to the other every couple of seconds. The head of his cock stuck up over the edge of the lounge and tapped against my thigh.

I didn't think it would take long and I was right. In less than a minute he took a deep, shaky breath and tried to pull back but I hung on, squeezing his shaft and rubbing my thumb over the tip. When he came, he shot his stuff all across my thighs and my bikini bottoms. More of it ran down over my knuckles.

"I'm, I'm sorry, Angela, I didn't mean to, I just, I couldn't help it, honest--"

"I'm not sorry," I whispered, slowly raising my hand and licking his sweet come off my fingers. His expression fueled the fire between my legs. I knew I was about to get really stupid.

Jason scrambled to his feet and tried to stuff his penis back in his shorts in embarrassment, but I quickly sat up on the edge of the lounge and grabbed the waistband of his shorts and jerked them down his legs. I was in such a hurry, he nearly fell again.

"Take off your shirt, Jason, and your shoes and socks, too. Hurry up! I want to see what you really look like, you know?" And he did it, fumbling badly, while I yanked my top the rest of the way off and then got a grip on his shrinking penis again.

I was surprised at its size, considering his age, but he was a tall kid . . . and still growing, I was sure. Erect, he seemed about the same size as Bryan -- not as big around but probably just as long. Bryan always thought the size of his cock was important. By the time Jason was Bryan's age, his equipment would be twice the size of Bryan's. I thought again about that magic tongue and shivered. I had an even better use in mind for a tongue like that besides just Frenching. But first, I had to get him primed for the next lesson.

"Would you like a blow job, Jason?" He stood there naked, his hands resting loosely on my head, a rather blank look on his face. I wondered if he was in some kind of shock. "I'll put your penis in my mouth and suck on it," I said slowly, staring into his eyes. "I've never heard of a boy who didn't like that." He nodded mutely.

So I put my hands around his butt, squeezing his hard, tight little ass, and I slurped up his whole cock. It had gotten kind of soft again and I got it all in my mouth easily. When I sucked hard like I was planning to swallow it, he gasped and his hands tightened on my head. Jason tasted delicious, actually. I get impatient with girls who say cocksucking is "yucky." I think it's great -- I mean, talk about having a boy under your control. And I'd never felt an erection grow and swell in my mouth like that. I massaged the underside of the head with my tongue and it twitched and expanded. Another minute or two and I stopped, before he could come again.

When I let his penis pop out of my mouth, he protested wordlessly but I smiled. "Next lesson," I said, standing up and pushing him down to his knees in the same movement. "Take off my suit, Jason. Slowly, now; enjoy what you're doing. You're stripping me naked -- think about that. . . ."

And I made sure he enjoyed it, too, wiggling my hips and clenching my ass as he tugged the white bottoms down my legs. He was staring at my pussy like it was a gift from heaven or something, and he wanted to worship it. My crotch hair is naturally blonde, of course, and not very thick, and I'd trimmed it even further to keep it from curling out around the edges of my bikini. So a lot of me showed. I'd had no idea a young boy could get me so hot, just watching his reactions to me like this. Again, he was so different from Bryan. I admit it -- I loved this kind of attention.

"Jason, *every* girl likes to have her pussy licked, just like every boy likes to have his cock sucked, okay? So now it's your turn." I spread my legs slightly and pushed my crotch forward. Bryan didn't like to eat pussy -- I think he thought it was un-macho or something. Said he didn't like the taste -- though he liked to see me swallow his come.

"Just spread it open with your thumbs -- that's right, baby. Now stick that lovely, long tongue in there, move it up and down, top to bottom, . . . oh, God, that's the way, oh, shit, that feels so nice. . . ." It was like having a little animal crawling around in my cunt, I swear. His tongue was so long and flexible -- God, it was fantastic. After a couple minutes, I was so shaky I would have fallen if Jason hadn't had his hands wrapped around my thighs.

"Right there, Jason, right at the top: See that little thing sticking out, like a tiny little cock? That's my clit, and I want you to . . . ohhhh, uhhhh, oh, you've got it, all right, suck at it, suck, . . . ohhhh, my God, Jason, that's wonderful. . . ." Another minute and I felt my first orgasm in weeks, moving in shock waves in all directions from my groin. It made my jaw quiver and my eyelids flutter and my asshole tighten. It was marvelous.

Jason knew *something* good had just happened and he sat back on his heels and smiled up at me happily. I got my breath back, and then picked up the beach towel I'd brought out with me and spread it on the tile beside the pool. "You wanna do some more?" I asked softly. He nodded confidently. "Ever heard of 'sixty-nine'?"

"Yeah, . . . you mean we do it together, sort of?"

"Yes, Jason -- we do it to each other with our mouths. I'm going to get on the bottom this time." I stretched out on the towel, glancing around at the high wooden fence. I'd only done this a couple of times. Bryan didn't like it much, which is no surprise, I guess. But Jason had no prejudices and quickly straddled my body facing the other way, being careful where he put his knees and looking back to make sure we could both reach.

His cock was stiff and hard again and I gently tugged it down to my mouth as he lowered his face between my legs. I bent my knees and spread them far apart so he could reach every part of my pussy and he immediately tucked his head down and put that fantastic tongue to work again. He was so
enthusiastic, I knew I had to do the same for him, so I clutched his ass cheeks and pulled him down until his penis was tickling the back of my throat. I sucked hard on it and he responded by sticking his tongue halfway up my cunt. Janie had no idea what she was missing!

After a couple of minutes, Jason got into a kind of fucking rhythm. I kept hold of his ass so he wouldn't choke me with that long, slender cock and I tried to scoot down and tilt my head back to straighten my throat. I'd never deep-throated any boy before, which made this a new experience for both of us. But what he was doing to my pussy was so incredible, I think I could have stuck a neon tube down my throat, like those guys at the carnival.

Something about the way he was fucking my mouth warned me just in time that he was about to come. I didn't want to strangle, so I wrapped a hand around the lower part of his cock and just started swallowing when he emptied himself into my mouth. I've never had a problem with swallowing a guy's come and they always seem to love it, so I just gulped it all down . . . and that brought on my second orgasm. Poor Jason was getting out of breath; when he tumbled off me, I leaned on one elbow while he lay there panting and stroking my leg for several minutes. Finally, he recovered enough to sit up and give me an astonished look.

"Angela, I can't believe all this is happening to me! But you don't have to worry; I won't tell anyone -- not even any of the guys. I mean, Janie would be really upset if she somehow found out, wouldn't she?"

"Yeah, I'm sure she would be, Jason. And I know you wouldn't tell anyone anyway. You're too sweet a boy for that." And I stroked his cheek. He smiled and blushed again, this time at the compliment. "I really wish I could fuck you, Jason, but I don't dare. I'm not on the Pill or anything and I can't risk getting pregnant. But I really would love to feel your cock inside me," I added softly. He looked regretful but he nodded that he understood. "So you're technically still a virgin, I guess."

"That's okay, Angela -- I still have plenty of time. Um, . . . do you think Janie would do any of the things we've been doing? I really like her and I don't want to scare her or anything. . . ."

I tried to picture naive, semi-flat-chested Janie with Jason's penis down her throat and couldn't. "Well, . . . I don't think you should try anything too ggressive, okay? I mean, practicing French-kissing with her is one thing, but she's had even less experience than you had before today. I was a virgin until I was sixteen, Jason -- almost seventeen. So don't push her, okay?" He nodded and crossed his heart. It struck me funny that we were sitting there completely naked talking about all this stuff.

"Could we. . . ?" he began and stopped. His eyes were flicking up and down my body and I knew it was time to stop. The next logical step was to fuck this poor kid, and if I couldn't do that -- and I couldn't! -- then I wasn't going to torture myself.

"Uh, no, Jason, we'd better not. That's enough." I patted his knee. "--for today," I added and his forlorn expression turned hopeful.

"Yeah, I guess I'd better get home anyway." He scrambled up and self-consciously offered me his hand. I took it, and stood, and kissed him lightly -- and then moved away before I could change my mind.

"Do you and Janie have a date?" I asked. I sat and slipped my bikini back on as he climbed into his shorts. "Yeah, tomorrow night. We're going to a show and then maybe just sit on the glider in our back yard." He smiled and I knew he was thinking about the things he knew how to do now, sitting alone in the dark with a girl.

"Well, I know my sister thinks you're pretty nice. I guess she's got better taste than I thought." The kid actually blushed again!

Late the next night, I was propped up on a couple of pillows in bed in a thin nightgown, reading the latest Jude Devereux, when Janie stuck her head in the door of my room. Etiquette is kind of a difficult thing when you're that much younger. She wanted to come in and talk but she wouldn't ask. She was waiting to see if I would *invite* her in.

Maybe graduating from high school was making me more mature already because I didn't automatically tell her to beat it. Instead, I dog-eared the page of my book, set it on the bedside table, and smiled at Janie.

She smiled back and slipped in, closing the door quietly behind her. The folks were still watching TV downstairs and this was obviously going to be a serious girl-girl talk.

Sitting way down at the foot of my bed, my sister was suddenly shy. I remembered how I hadn't had *anyone* to talk to about girl things when I was a kid, not at home anyway. I scooted up to lean against the headboard and patted the spot beside me. Janie gratefully moved up to sit beside me.

"So, how was the date with What's-his-name?"

"Jason! His name's Jason, remember?" Then she glanced up at me in annoyance and realized I was teasing her. She ducked her head and seemed somehow pleased that I would even bother. Then she fiddled with a corner of the sheet.

"It was nice. Only---" She paused and took a breath. "Angela-how-old-were-you-when-you-let-a-boy-touch-you?" It all came out in a rush and she kept looking at the sheet.

"What, like holding hands?" I was gonna make her work for it. "Kissing?"

"Noooo. . . . Like, touching you, you know, in, uh, places. . . ."


"Well, like, um, under your shirt and stuff. C'mon, Angela!" She gave me a pleading look. "You know what I'm talking about."

"Janie, if you mean he touched your tits, just say so." Why hadn't Jason paid attention when I told him to take it slow?!

"Well, . . . he did that, sort of, on top of my shirt -- and it felt nice! Really! But I kind of wanted him to put his hand under my shirt and touch my, um, my tits. I wasn't wearing a bra. I got really curious what it would feel like, you know? But he wouldn't, Angela! He said we shouldn't go too fast. I'm afraid I scared him off or something."

She seemed really worried -- and I quickly revised my opinion of Jason. "That's kind of jumping in with both feet, isn't it, Janie? Why did you want him to play with your tits all of a sudden?"

"Well, it wasn't really sudden." She unconsciously snuggled up closer to me, which was actually kind of sweet. I put my arm along the top of the wadded-up pillows so she could lean back against it.

"We were out in Jason's back yard after the movie, sitting under a tree, just . . . you know. Hugging and kissing. It made me feel real warm. Jason's really a good kisser."

I knew just how she felt. "That's great, Janie. That's how you're supposed to feel, you know."

She smiled. "Yeah, I know. . . . Well, we kind of French-kissed for a little while, and it was a lot more fun than the first time---" She realized what she'd just
admitted to and got a little flustered. I just ignored it.

"Yeah, Frenching is great, isn't it? It's so-o-o-o-o sexy," I replied.

"Yeah, well, see, I think that was what did it. When he, uh, put his hand on top of my breast and squeezed and all that, I decided I wanted to take off my shirt. Angela, I even *asked* him if he'd like me to take it off. That's when he kind of backed off and said we should slow down."

"Just sounds to me like he was being thoughtful. He probably didn't want you to do anything you might regret. See? What's wrong with that? And Janie--" (I joggled her shoulder to get her to look me in the eye) "--for what it's worth, I didn't let a boy play with my bare tits until I was fifteen, so I think you've got plenty of time. Okay?"

She looked very relieved -- like I'd just told her she wasn't socially retarded. I was glad my kid sister felt like she wanted to talk to me about this stuff. It made me feel like a grown-up, I admit.

"But the other thing I'm not sure about, um. . . ." She glanced up at my face and then at my chest. I thought I knew what was coming. "See, like, I haven't got *anything*, Angela!" She tugged her shirt down at the waist and arched her back a little. She didn't have much of a profile below the chin, that was obvious.

"Well, you're still pretty young, Janie. Some girls don't really get boobs until high school."

"Yeah, well, *you* didn't wait that long! I can remember checking out your bras when you were in 7th Grade!"

She grinned at me and I laughed and gave her a shove with my shoulder. Browsing through my underwear, was she?! But I understood what she was talking about. I did develop kind of early -- sooner than any of my friends, anyway. Janie was nearly as tall as I was already and she probably weighed twenty pounds less. She was going to be tall and slim, like a runway model. I always had to watch what I ate, but Janie could consume practically a whole refrigerator and never gain an ounce. But I knew she thought she was just "skinny."

"Janie, you have to understand: We're just not built the same!" I lifted my boobs with my hands. "Sis, I'm not bragging, honest -- but you're just never going to have tits like this!" Janie was staring at my breasts; I realized my nipples were plainly visible through the gauzy material. Just like when I was with Jason the day before, I don't know what got into me. But I lifted the hem of my nightgown and pulled it off over my head. Janie kept staring at my tits and a bright flush was creeping up her neck. Her eyes flicked back and forth several times between my breasts and my face. The only thing I could think of to say was "See? They aren't *that* big. . . ."

Janie was wearing her usual outfit -- jeans and a sleeveless top with thong sandals -- and she hesitantly grasped the hem of her shirt and then quickly pulled it off as well. She didn't often wear a bra yet -- she didn't have to -- but she had a much nicer body than I'd expected. Her tits were just shallow little cones but her nipples stuck up like push-buttons. Her shoulders and ribcage were kind of narrow but it was a very nice effect, and I told her so.

"Janie, I don't think you have anything to worry about. I'm more what they call the 'earth mother' type, I guess. You're the type that could be on the cover of VOGUE in four or five years. Don't you see?" I hauled my legs out from under the covers and put them straight out in front of me. I was very aware that the only thing I still had on were very thin bikini panties that went with the nightgown. Janie was pretty much speechless, I guess.

"Look: My legs are okay for my size but they're certainly nothing special. And I have ugly toes. C'mon, Janie, shuck your jeans -- I want to compare."

She looked at my legs and then at my face with a sort of puzzled expression. But then she slowly unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them down her slender legs, kicking her sandals off in the process. She was wearing light blue bikini panties with little yellow 'STOP' signs on them, which made me giggle. She tapped her big toes together and grinned self-consciously.

"Oh, Janie, you have a lovely figure! And you're so pretty! You have nothing at all to worry about, not with Jason or any other boy, believe me."

"Do I really? I mean, are you sure? I look at myself in your dressing mirror sometimes and all I see is knees and elbows and lots of bones. . . ." She shrugged and tried to appear unconcerned.

"Yes, of course you do." I reached down and squeezed her knee. "I have pretty good legs, but yours are much longer and more slender than mine. Janie, by the time you're sixteen, you're going to look like Elle McPherson in a bikini, I promise!"

She really liked that idea and she kind of hugged herself with pleasure, then glanced back at my breasts. "I still wish I could have bigger boobs, though."

"Sweetie, ten years from now, I'm going to be struggling to keep these from sagging." I cupped my tits in my hands and raised them a little, which gave me a delicious feeling. So I got a little reckless again.

"Look, sis." I squeezed and rubbed my nipples and they stiffened a little. Janie's neck and collarbone were now bright scarlet and her ears were turning very pink. She was staring fixedly at my nipples. "That's about as aroused as they ever get," I said. "Now, look at yours."

She looked down at her own small breasts; her nipples were already larger than mine, like little pink spicy gumdrops. After another glance back at me, she slowly spread her hands over her breasts and teased her nipples until they were even larger. She was breathing faster, too.

"Janie," I said softly, leaning over against her shoulder, "your tits were designed to go bare under a tee-shirt. The friction keeps your nipples sticking up,
doesn't it? And I'll bet it also makes you a little horny, right?"

She nodded slowly and squeezed her tits, and tried to suppress a delicate little shudder.

"When you think you're ready to let Jason, or whoever, suck on those tits, you're not going to believe how terrific it'll make you feel. But you have plenty of time so just stay in control, okay?" She licked her lips and I could almost see the pictures forming in her head.

"Um, Janie, I think it's time for you to go to bed. Besides, . . ." I hesitated and then decided: What the hell. "Besides, I, uh, I want to masturbate a little before I go to sleep."

She glanced at my face and quickly looked away. As she pulled her tee-shirt back over her head, she murmured "So do I." Then she was moving quietly across the floor carrying her jeans and sandals. "G'night, Angela," she whispered and gave me a sweet, conspiratorial smile.

"G'night, sweetheart. Be sure to dream about Jason tonight." She grinned as she shut the door behind her. I scooted down under the sheet and slid my panties off. I don't usually sleep completely naked but I wanted to feel particularly sexy tonight. As my fingers began moving around between my legs, I thought briefly of Bryan but rejected him. Then I thought about Jason for quite awhile, remembering his serpentine tongue on my clit and imagining what his slender cock would feel like inside me. Then, for some reason, I thought about Janie and how pretty she was in her slender, fragile way. I imagined her on her back, long legs wrapped around Jason as he pumped his cock into her little virgin pussy. That's finally what made me come.

Afterward, I stretched and snuggled downward. The sheets were pretty warm, now. As I began to doze off, I thought fuzzily that if Janie was still seeing Jason six months from now, I might arrange something for them, like a really unusual Christmas present. . . .

--- END ---

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2011-04-27 10:49:23
That piss drinking mongrol Wantsomefun has now banned anyone from leaving a comment on HIS stories, BUT, he can still trash everyone else's stories. Yeah, that's fair, sure it is.

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2011-04-25 16:20:58
Why does wantsomefun trash everyone else's story, then, when he is confronted with the shit he causes, he backs down and denies writing it, blaming it all on the identity troll? Wantsomefun is a pervert, and can't get it straight, love them or kick their ass, you can't have it BOTH ways dude. PUZZLED

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2011-04-24 15:47:37
To answer the question about Michael K. Smith, he was the original author of this and a number of other erotic stories that appeared on Usenet forums including He stopped publishing them about a dozen years ago. But each of his stories included a permission offered to anyone wanting to re-publish them for non-commercial purposes.

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2011-04-23 03:59:21
who is this michael k smith person?

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2011-04-21 19:52:39
I would like to lose my virginity after two month from now because i will going to London But i do not have girl friend could you please if any woman like to do that for me i will appreciate that by the way i'm from iraq

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