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Two travelling entertainers in a fantasy world not so unlike ours find their fun with both chambermaids and noblewomen.
Author's Note: This story takes place in a fantasy world with parallels to the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance of our world. As is proper in fantasy, however, some things differ. Some technology is more advanced, as an example, but the general way of life is the same. The characters Matt and Finn are slightly based on two men who exist in real life, in this day and age.


Mattigan Eyr, troubadour and ladies' man extraordinaire dismounted his chestnut steed and handed the reins to the page whom had approached him upon their arrival. Behind him rode his friend and partner-in-crime Finn Verron, the famed illusionist. Together they travelled from castle to castle, entertaining and dining with the best of them by day and taking their women by night.

It is a good life, Mattigan mused to himself as he surveyed his surroundings. The two were on a 'special mission' of sorts. They had been invited to the royal castle personally by his majesty, King Gus, and not even a pair of free spirits such as themselves could refuse such an offer.

Matt glanced over to his companion who had just left the saddle of his black stallion. Finn was more than a head taller than him and Finn's muscular body differentiated itself substantially from Mattigan's wiry physique. It was not only in size they were opposites; Finn's hair was blonde and hung in a long, shaggy braid as was customary in the country's neighbours to the north, whereas Matt's dark hair was neatly combed to the right, leaving but a small lock which hung down across his forehead.

Matt's face was open and inviting, Finn's frozen in some kind of a mocking scowl. Matt was shaved clean, Finn always seemed to have some amount of stubble. It wasn't only their appearances that differed.

Where Finn would use his size to intimidate, Mattigan would use his inherent charm. Mattigan was like a brilliantly cut diamond to Finn's unrefined piece of coal, which fit them perfectly.

It made their shows all that more interesting: Beautiful tales and ballads accompanied by lute interspersed with illusions and mental tricks that turned one's reality upside-down. It was a successful combination, one which hadn't failed them as of yet.

"Ah, Finn. Who would've ever believed we would end up here?" Mattigan laughed cheerily as he slung his lute over one shoulder. With steps that were neither slow nor quick, Matt followed the page who had attended to his horse.

"I did. You always aim too small even when there is a possibility for something bigger." Finn followed with long steps.

"Ah. Why stay in the clouds when you know there are stars."
The rooms they would live in were adjacent, had a shared balcony and, as they were to find out later, connected to the sizable kitchen by a half-forgotten ladder positioned just outside the railing.

As Matt stepped into what would be his room for the coming days, he gave a low whistle. It was fit for a king, if one would pardon the pun. Rich blue curtains with silver fringes, a bearskin rug and numerous paintings of everything from animals to great heroes of tales from long ago – many of which he himself told on a regular basis.

To his left as soon as he stepped inside was a large circular bed clad in the same blue-and-silver as the curtains, but what really caught his attention was the black leather armchair positioned in front of the fireplace.

Producing a pipe from one of his numerous pouches and filling it with tobacco, Matt flopped into the armchair with a satisfied sigh. He lit the pipe with a match and pulled in the smoke.

After a short time in silence, his baggage was dropped off inside his room by a servant, and, hoping that there would be no further disturbances, Mattigan kicked off his boots, replaced his pipe in the pouch and dozed off.

Finn, on the other hand, had barely entered his room before he asked the page to send a pretty girl with some bread, cheese and wine. As befitting of the royal castle, the room service was no less than marvellous. It could not have taken much longer than ten minutes spent alone before a lass carrying a tray came through the doorway.

She was nervous, Finn noted, but seemed quite eager to be of service.

"Where do you want this, sir?" the girl asked timidly.

"Put the tray on the table, lie down on the bed and ready yourself." Finn's voice tone was remarkably casual as he began to unbutton the large fur coat that had become his favourite garment over the years.

"P-pardon, sir?" There was a slight trembling in her voice.

"Put the tray down, get your clothes off and lift your arse in the air for me." He still sounded as casual as before, but there was a threatening undertone to it which was impossible to miss.

The girl was speechless. Even with his back to her, Finn knew that she felt uncomfortable in his presence. He had no qualms about that. All the more fun for him, and of course, less fun for her.

With the speed and agility of a large cat Finn was at her side, pushing her against the wall and knocking over the wine decanter which had been placed on the table by her side just moments earlier. It fell to the floor and shattered into hundreds of small pieces. The wine soaked into the burgundy rug, but that was of no concern for Finn.

He had the lass pinned against the wall from behind, his hardening member pressing up between her cheeks through the fabric of his trousers and his breath warmed her neck as he spoke with a rumble:
"You're not going to enjoy this nearly as much as I will."

With his large hands, Finn ripped open her blouse, letting a pair of large, naked breasts spill out into the open. To the pitiful whining of the chambermaid he roughly fondled them. Strong fingers squeezed the pale flesh and pinched pink nipples, summoning pained gasps and moans, all the while grinding his hardening member against her soft arse.

"Maybe I was wrong," Finn cruelly snickered. "Maybe you will enjoy this, too."

Finn turned the girl around as easily as if she had been a dead pig, even though she tried to struggle against his every action. He pushed his lips onto hers and, though she continued to fight him, forced her mouth open to accept his tongue, devouring her mouth and crushing her ample breasts with his hands simultaneously.

He could see the tears of pain and humiliation form in his unwilling lover's eyes, but did not relent. No, if anything, they made him come to life even more. Withdrawing his tongue from the girl's mouth, the illusionist forced the chambermaid to her knees.

Her recently pale breasts had now developed a reddish hue, but just like with the tears, that did not bother Finn one bit.

"Now, girl, if you know what is good for you, I would recommend you to do exactly as I say." The illusionist's voice was still threatening but calm, and the girl didn't dare but to nod in response. "Good. I want you open my trousers, take out my manhood, grab it with those tits of yours, and please me until I tell you to stop. Understood?"

Through her teary haze, the girl nodded again, and reluctantly followed his instructions. This wasn't the first of Finn's titjobs, and certainly not the last, but the feeling of those soft, warm breasts around his member was extraordinary. There was no doubt that she had done it before, as she slowly began stroking up and down his full length. Every now and then she would just make half-circles with them, or lick up some of the juices that amassed during her treatment.

After several minutes of pleasurable silence only interrupted by Finn's groans and the girl's sobs, Finn pulled her to her feet, only to push her face down onto the large bed instead. He ripped her underwear off and placed his manhood at the entrance to her sacred place, happy and somewhat surprised to see that it was dripping wet.
Finn slid his finger along her slit, eliticing an unwilling moan as he touched her clitoris.

"What's this? Wet for me?" He pushed the finger with her juices into her mouth, making her lick it clean. Needing no further motivation, the large member penetrated her tight hole with a moan from each.

Just as he had entered her, the door opened. It was a servant, holding Finn's saddle bags.

"Oh, eh... Pardon me," the servant mumbled, embarassed. The illusionist laughed heartily.

"Don't worry, friend. Why don't you join us? You can have her mouth. She won't disagree."

Moments later, the servant had closed and barred the door and the two were viciously pummelling the chambermaid from both directions, which shortly culminated in a series of spurts covering her face and chest in white, gooey liquid as the two men shot their loads on her.

This is going to be very nice, Finn thought to himself as the servant left and the girl broke out crying on the floor with the semen running down her cheeks and stomach.


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Hopefully the next story will br longer - a lot longer. - THX

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