She led me to some sort of bench, though it looked very odd. It had padded leather straps on one end and the seat appeared to be backwards. She left me to puzzle over the strange contraption and returned to the stalls. She quickly returned leading the caramel colored horse behind her. She led the horse up to the contraption and wrapped several of the padded straps around its pelvis. He could still move around a little but I could tell it hampered his movements.

After double checking the straps she moved off to the side and soaked a sponge with some kind of gel. I was about to ask what she was doing when she instructed, “Take this and make sure his cock is well lubricated. This ought to help.”

With those words she stripped of her pants exposing her dripping pussy. She dipped her fingers into her juices and spread them along the horse’s snout. By the time I had gathered my wits and taken the gooey sponge to the horse’s hindquarter’s his rod was already half hard. Not wanting to miss out I quickly grasped the shaft and squeezed out a dollop of lube onto it. I took my time rubbing in the slick liquid with both my hands and the soft sponge.

I was so intent on my work that I was lost to the movements of my hands until his dick was dripping with oil. I turned to Melanie to receive further instructions and finally heard her soft moans. The horse had his neck bent down and was lovingly licking in between Melanie’s crotch. The expression on her face was pure bliss as the thick tongue slithered in between her lower lips.

But, seeing that I was finished she slid his head to the side and moved towards me. She gave the pole a few test pumps to ensure the even spreading of the lubricant. Then without a word she bent over in front of him and placed herself over the bench with her ass in the air. I only had a moment to ask myself, “Is she doing what I think she’s doing,” before the caramel cutie stepped forward and slid his lubricated cock against Melanie.

Without wasting a moment, Melanie seized the mushroomed head and guided it to her dripping orifice. With one quick thrust he impaled her on his shaft driving the air from her lungs with a loud sustained moan. I watched fascinated as the beautiful horse humped constantly forcing his massive bestial member into the tender human female.

I bent down to watch the cock plunge into her body. As I watched I could tell he wasn’t getting full penetration as a portion of his rod never followed the rest into the clasping crevice. So I grabbed the portion that did not receive the warm embrace of pussy with my firm hand. The moans escaping Melanie’s lips were quickly becoming louder and louder until they evolved into screams of animal lust and delight.

I studied the thrusting power of the flying penis as it penetrated both my hands and her pussy. It drove me wild and I could feel my body pouring fluids down my own pussy. Too soon I could feel the fluids coursing through the mighty cock sending shivers through my fingers. From the change in Melanie’s guttural cries I could tell she felt it too. The horse’s balls emptied every ounce of his full balls into her waiting cavity.

I could feel the powerful horse winding down as the furious strokes become less insistent. Finally he pulled out of her gaping snatch bringing with it a torrent of cum. Melanie fell sideways off the bench and just lay in the straw her legs splayed wide open to the air as she shivered out her orgasm. I stared at the semen slowly dripping from her and couldn’t stand the waste. Without a thought I dropped down between her legs and locked my mouth onto the precious fluid.

A fresh moan vibrated through Melanie’s body and down my tongue as I sucked at her pussy. The mix of lubricant and cum, both animal and human; was intoxicating. I pushed my mouth against her as hard as I could delving my tongue as deep as possible into her waiting snatch. Melanie must have approved because she quickly wrapped her legs around my head driving me against her delicate flesh.

I kept sucking and tonguing until I had tasted every drop of her essence. When I could no longer taste the sweet tang of horse cum on her lips her legs released me.

“That . . . was . . . indescribable,” Melanie panted.

“Agreed,” was all I could reply as I caught my own breath. “Now, when do I get to do that?”

Mel turned to me with a smile, “Soon enough, but first you need some special lessons. How about a deal? Since I bought Zeus, that big black monster you worked so well, I simply can’t keep up with draining both him and Eros as regularly as I or they would like. So how about, in exchange for your help in servicing these two stallions, you can ride for free and I’ll give you private lessons so you can eventually take them both into you with no trouble?”

I couldn’t speak. I just squealed in excitement and gave her a hug. I could feel my pussy drooling in anticipation of a thick horse cock penetrating it.

“I’ll take that as a yes then,” he chuckled. “I will see you here tomorrow night after we close for your first official duty and our first training session.”

I agreed and we cleaned up at a small sink in the corner. With a final pat and kiss for Zeus, I left Mel and headed back home. Even after the exhausting afternoon activities I was still keyed up and ready to greet my puppies. Damien greeted me at the door and started cleaning my legs with his tongue before my soaked panties even hit the floor. I sprinted up the stairs and into my room ready to play.

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