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Impatient, I grip your shirt and pull you back to me. My legs are spread and you fit there. If the counter was less tall this would work perfectly. Though we had tried it once at another place, it wasn't quite right and we'd ended up like animals on the floor, a mess of sticky icing and our own natural solutions to lubricant. I pull at your shirt. Tug at the fabric like an animal, or a woman possessed. You consent and lift it over your head, along with the wifebeater you wore beneath it. I keep my lips away for a moment, licking them as I gaze at the merchandise I have paid for emotionally a hundred times over. "I have missed you. Please, please just give it to me. Take me like you know I like it." Our eyes are locked together in the most intimate of connections, and you nod silently, lift me up like a baby, or bride. "You've missed my big cock, huh? Is your little pussy just drenched waiting for it?" "Babe, you've got no idea. I'm surprised the wetness hasn't leaked through my pants as well because I know my panties are sopping..." I can feel your hardness jump at my words and smirk. I have always had this power of you. And now that we have a chance to be together, I cannot wait to make you shiver and have you love me like I need to be loved.

Impatient as we are, we end up in the living room. I haven't even been here before. The walls are a dusty kind of red. The flooring is decent, wood, even. From the fluffy berber in the hall I'd kind of had a notion that the interior would match. My eyes leave their survey of the room and fall back to yours, the hazel and green mix I fell in love with making me grin. If nothing else, i had missed you. I'd missed your body. You were strong, all wiry forearms and meaty biceps. Long sinuey legs that bring you to tower over my elegant stature of 5'3. Even if you weren't amazingly attractive, I had always come to admire the look of you. Something in it appealed to me.

The thing that makes this the most exciting is that this isn't just your place, and that I shouldn't even be here at all. I had ditched school after lunch and taken the transit over here, sinking out of the blue and gray building with it's lockers and permanent smell of b.o. after I'd partaken in pizza and dr. peppers with my girlfriends. It had been spurr of the moment. We weren't even supposed to see each other that much, if at all, what with my mother being so insistent that 28 was much too old for me with only my 17 years of life.

You set me down gently on a fuzzy brown loveseat, taking several moments to gaze at the prize you worked so hard to win. You had romanced me with caring talk and small gestures, little caresses across my arms or the clap of a hand upon my shoulder. A thoughtful chocolate bar that you'd procured while at the store for cigarettes or a can of pop. We had been friends. Eventually it was only natural that the friendship would get set on fire and become this animalistic need that we had for each other. My breathing was already heavy, coming in irregular spurts and leaving in great huffs as you ran your fingers teasingly across my sensitive, denim clad thighs. My inner muscles tighten in anticipation for what will happen soon and the dampness that had been collecting since I had so stealthily started this little excursion continued to get wetter and wetter. I couldn't recall a time my once virginal flower had been so ready, so moist. It had been you who had come to claim me so fully and totally. It was still you who I trusted so entirely. I couldn't imagine being with another man, really. There couldn't be someone else as sweet.

You were whispering something in my ear about how I was all you could think about. How I cheered you up when you were sad and how you went to sleep with visions of my smile on your eyelids. I just looked at you, trying to study your face. How you could be so happy and so sad at once was something I thought I would never be able to understand. But I had begun to know the feeling all too well myself, and it was not an emotion I cherished. I wanted to erase the lines of worry from your forehead and bring back the lively man that I knew so well.

I tenderly run my smooth palm against the skin of your neck, eventually entwining my fingers in your thick and dark hair. I can feel the shudder that runs through your body as I move my mouth to the ear closest to it. Running my tongue across the sensitive cartiledge first before taking the lobe into my mouth and sucking against the tasteless appendege. You close your eyes from the sensations the small action gives you, and I nibble lightly on your hearing aparatus before trailing tiny kisses down towards your neck. if there was one thing I liked, it was driving you crazy. I push you away and make you rearrange our position until I've got you right where I want you: your lanky body spread out on the small couch and me above you, straddling your still clothed lap. I haven't taken off a lick of clothing, but that's just how I want it. It's been so many weeks since we've seen each other, i want to make this a good one. I want you to remember it well when I'm gone again. I trace teasing patterns across the bare skin of your torso with feather-light touches of my fingertips, enjoying the expressions that cross your face and the way your bottom lip drops. I can feel how hard you are, the heat from your stiff member is radiating right to my core. I would like nothing more than to rip my clothes off and ride you like the bad girl that I am but I know that this way is better. This way is more rewarding. Besides, you're good at being patient.

I bring my mouth back to your neck and suck on the sweaty, olive-toned flesh.
My full lips leave hickey marks and small bites, and if I weren't so focused on what I was doing I might hear the moans falling out of your mouth. I work my way down, twirling my tongue in circles across your skin at some places and merely passing over with a sweet kiss at others. I get down to the ever so slightly hairy skin of your flat abs and feel you shudder, shiver. I've shifted to sit upon your thighs now, my eyes locked on yours as I trail fingertips across the waistband of your jeans. I reach a finger inside the waistband and feel the tender area just above where your pubic hair starts, knowing that you hate it but only because it turns you on so so so very much. "Baby, please. Please..." you murmer nearly unintelligently, staring intently at me. I only grin and bring my hands over to undo your belt. "Please? Please what?" I say, feigning ignorance as I undo the buckle and then simply allow my palms to move down the bulge I will soon be snacking on. It's not simply being pleased for me, I like the pleasure of bringing you off too. It's meaningful, almost something beautiful. "Please. Put that sweet little mouth over my cock, you tease." I giggle, and pull your belt off. Undo the button slowly and unzip the zipper with my teeth. "Mmm. I can taste it already. You're always so yummy, lover. I can't wait to run my tongue all over your huge dick..." I say this quietly, knowing my voice is something you love. Low and coarse, as if I'd been drinking whiskey for year without having to have swallowed a drop, really, I was often told my voice was sexy. And the dirty talk was something I found so fun. "Are you going to cum in my mouth? Give me a big, sticky load? Or are you going to shoot it all over my face, let me rub it in to my skin and my breasts..." you groan, and I finally release your trouser snake from it's habitat. I run my hands slowly up and down first, falling into that rhythym of jacking off that men have mastered and women have to work at.

I look up at you while I get ready to take you into my little mouth, knowing my eyes are open books and display all the passionate and want of the lust I have for you. I start at the base and run my tongue up and down the length, and your hands have to grip the sofa. I get to the head and swirl my tongue around in small circles before englufing your penis with my mouth. I suck at it like it's a lolipop and twirl my tongue across the sensitive underside. I bob my head up, and down, up, down. Slow. Still just teasing, knowing what it takes to get you off but withholding from it for now. I lift my mouth of carefully, and let my tongue draw alphabet letters across your spongey organ. I leave wet kisses across the veiney flesh, and let a hand keep up the beating off motion along the bottom portion as I lavish you with oral pleasures. Your knuckles are white, your fists full of the couches fabric as I pull you back into my mouth and suck at you like a straw. I lift my mouth in a rhythym, faster this time. I take it in deep, gagging as the head starts to reach the back of my throat. I've been working on this, but tears still spring into my eyes as I back off from that and go back to a steady blow. One hand moves tenderly to your balls, gently lifting them and caressing as I continue my oral assult on your cock. "Oh, fuck. Honey....Babe... you...mmmm. mmm. that's it" I look up at you with wide, innocent eyes and try to take your dick deep into my mouth and the back of my throat. Your member stretches and irritates the area near my tonsils but I manage to get you down further than ever before, gagging and choking while swallowing your abundant pre-cum. Your hips buck and you fuck my face just a bit. I fondle your balls somemore and lift up so I can get a faster pace with my mouth, working and sucking. I want your cum. I want to taste it and drink it down. I go a bit slow again, licking, swirling my tongue across the head. I feel your cock jump and take you back into my mouth just in time to take the thick ropes of pearly cum. It's so salty, so delicious. You're moaning, bucking your hips and saying my name like some religious chant or mantra. I continue to lick at you, cleaning up every last drop until you push me away. "That's not fair." you pant, shaking your head. "I wanted to taste your fresh little cunt first." I just smile, shrugging. "Why?" "Because it's mine." "What're you waiting for then?"
I can see the hunger in your eyes, and realize that when you were begging it hadn't been for you, but for me. You had always been the sort that put your woman first, but I had been right to want to love you first for once.
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