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Straight guy trapped into wifes clothes, and more

Just another work of fiction, but the readers seem to like them.

Some feedback would also help, if only my ego!

Holiday Swap

The wife and I were on the verge of breaking up, and decided to try a holiday together in Spain, to see if we could improve things. So one semi red-eye flight later we arrived at our hotel and booked in, only to get a message from home that her father was dangerously ill.

Now Sonia was very close to her father and wanted to go straight back, which we managed to arrange on the return flight of the plane that had brought us out. She grabbed one of our matching suitcases, said "stay, there is no reason to ruin your holiday as well", pecked me on the cheek and left. I collapsed into bed naked as usual and fell asleep. (Sonias father was one of the problems between us. He had broached her in her early teens and had kept on doing it up to date, although to be fair, my own fidelity was less than perfect).

The next morning I woke up, remembered that Sonia had taken my travel clothes back with her to wash, and opened up my case to dress. ONLY IT WAS HER CASE NOT MINE!

"When in trouble or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout"!!!

I eventually calmed down a little and considered how to deal with this. I would not starve as we were on full board, and as Sonia and I were about the same size, she wore my jeans all the time around home and they were a nice snug fit to her delightful behind, so surely I could find some shorts and a top and flip-flops to wear to breakfast, then plan further? Yes that was what I would do.

Ten minutes later I had found . . . only short dresses and skirts, all her panties were frilly and lacy, all her shoes had some kind of heels. By this time I was extremely hungry and decided to risk . . . a pair of knickers that just about covered me, a plain (but PINK!!) dress that came to mid thigh, no tights, too hot anyway and my legs are hairless, a pair of 2" cork wedge heels that I could at least walk in (taking short steps which made my bum do figures of eight) and at the last minute to try and look something like a woman I added one of her padded bra's (Sonia is a 34A, but this bra always makes her look like a 36C). My facial hair was no problem as I only have wisps, all removed with her "Veet" and I have longish hair which I washed then combed into a feminine style and nailed with hair spray. I checked myself in the mirror, not to bad so I hoped that everyone had early morning blurry eyes, and went down to breakfast.

No-one seemed to stare or notice anything so I showed my key to the breakfast steward ate a full meal and went to leave. As I passed the steward and, after I was hidden from the view of the other diners by his desk, he caught my arm and said "My name is Paul, and you look very lovely Senor . . . . ita, I will escort you to your room", then he reached under my skirt and squeezed my bum hard as he laughed.

Now the feel of the lacy knickers on my cock and balls and the gentle caressing of my thighs by the skirt had made me feel mildly horny and Paul's hand on my, mainly bare bum cheek gave me a sexy twinge, so in something of a daze, and with his hand groping my cheek we took the lift to my room and were soon in it.

He spun me around and kissed me hard, his tongue in my mouth as he switched his hand from my cheek to the front and inside my panties to fondle me. Vaguely in the back of my mind I thought "so this is what it is like for a womwn when a guy comes on to her", but mostly I just reacted to him, returning the kiss hard and groping the front of his pants to feel his manhood, then undoing his trousers and drawing him out and playing with him.

Soon I was on my knees with his cock in my mouth, just that quickly I found that I hade a feminine (and highly sexual) side. We staggered to the bed and fell onto it and as I continued to suck him I felt him finger my arse with something cool and oily. More fingers followed the first, with some discomfort but no real pain, until he flipped me onto my knees on the edge of the bed and stood behind me.

I knew what was coming, I had screwed any number of female arses, so I reached back and pulled my cheeks apart as he pushed his dick into me. At first my hole resisted this thick, hard pole, but the lubricant and the fingering had loosened me so that he suddenly slid about half his length into me.

He waited a while to let me get used to this thaen started slowly riding me. Each thrust took him a little deeper in and loosened me a little more until his balls were touching mine and he speeded up. Soon I was gripping with my arse as he pulled out and relaxing and pushing back as he rode into me and between us we got another inch or more up me.

Then came a long, rough ride as I swore at him to screw me harder and he called me a dirty tart, who needed several men to cool me down (I didn't realise then how quickly that would happen), until he unloaded a bucket full of sperm up my hole and I think he got yet another inch up me with his final thrust.

He pulled out and wiped his cock with my hair, then left me to go back to his work, saying "I'll be back in a hour, get yourself cleaned up and into some of these stockings and suspenders your wife left"Part two explores two widely separated (even more than their legs) sexual encounters

Sonia lay back on the bed as she stroked the head between her legs, daddy had always known how to pleasure her there, and though about her fool of a husband out in Spain. She wondered if Alfredo, the waiter she had met in London, had seduced him yet. Leaving him there with no money or documments and only her clothes had payed him back for all the tarts he had screwed during their marriage. As if she had ever really loved anyone else than daddy! Her back arched as daddy hit the sweet spot and she pulled his head hard into her snatch . . . .


After being fucked and left covered in spunk I staggered to the shower and cleaned up, then though about Alfredo's last words to get in some of my wifes sexy gear.
Of course, as a macho straight male, I couldn't obey that, but the sex had been terrific and it wouldn't do any harm to look.

When Alfredo returned to the room he found me tottering around the room on red 4 inch spike heels and wearing black stockings, basque and g-string. He brought 4 other guys and a woman, who surrounded me and groped me all over as they striped one by one, to show five large cocks and one massive strap-on dildo.

I was thrown onto the bed on my back, my legs were pulled over a set of shoulders and a cock rammed up me, no preparation this time just straight in to the hilt, the only lubrication being Alfredo's spunk left in from the first fucking. As I opened my mouth to complain, a large cock was rammed in it and I got my first spitroast, as hands grabbed my cock and balls and nipples and twisted and pulled them roughly.

My arse was heavily fucked by cock one, cock two fucking my throat as I gagged and tried to take him, his balls slapping and covering my nose as I bent my head back to swallow his length. At times he left his cock deep in my throat and his smelly balls stopped me breathing properly and although this was unpleasant at first, I found that the shortness of oxygen increased the sexy feeling, as I felt my arse pumped full of spunk again.

Cock three soon entered my arse, stretching it a little wider but sloppy seconds eased things and the rough fucking resumed, bouncing me all over the bed and forcing the cock in my mouth deeper into my throat. It was just held there now as my arse fucking provided the movement and the reduction in oxygen had my own cock rigid and soon I shot my first load, which mainly dropped on my basque and throat.

As cock three emptied into my arse, cock two slid out of my throat and replaced it, again I was stetched further, they seemed to be screwing me so that each new cock was wider, though not always longer, than the one before. My mouth and throat were then wedged wide open by the dildo which must have been three inches wide and ten inches long, which I found difficult to take but had no choice in. As the woman leant forwards over me she pushed my cock into her deep cleavage and started tit fucking me, again the power of the arse fucking provided enough movement and I soon splashed more of my spunk over her boobs.

Cock four quickly followed cock two (he had been in my throat a long while and came after fucking me for a short though vigorous time) and again a small stretch. He was very rough and had my arse well off the bed as he reamed me out and unbelievably I came again, my cock now aching from three intense cums in a shortish time.

The dildo was a fixture in my throat as cock four came and cock five replaced it, as usual wider still and much longer that those before it, but after a few hard strokes it all went in and rode me with full strokes until I took my fifth load of the gang-bang.

The dildo came out of my throat and was pushed against my, now sloppy and gaping, hole, but as the woman pushed the three inch wide monster at it I was pushed across the bed as my hole didn't want to go wider still, so two of the guys took a leg each and dragged me onto it. THAT REALLY STRETCHED ME.

With the guys holding me down, the woman managed to start riding me and soon I stretched enough to take even this monster as it slid and jerked in and out of me until the extension rubbing her cunt and clit made her cum.

She then unstrapped the dildo from herself and left it stuck in me, where the natural if weakened processes of my body slid it very slowly out, till it plopped out and I lay there gaping as spunk ran freely out of me.

After that they rested and fucked me as they pleased for the rest of the morning, dressing and leaving as they felt like it, until only Alfredo remained. He riffled a wad of large denomination euros in my face and said "that was profitable for us, so I'll just hold this as you clean up again. This afternoon the hotel beautician will come here to sort out your hair and show you how to do your make-up, that will use up most of your share of these euros, so you'll need to give her a tip on your back, she'll bring her own dildo. By the way your name is now Sonya".


Back in Britain Sonia lay back as daddy worked four fingers into her and wondered if he would fist her again, smiling as she remembered the first time, . . . she'd been wearing . . . yes, her short pleated shirt and blue school knickers!

I lay on the bed, spunk in my hair and over my back where he had dribbled as he pulled out and ousing from my arsehole, thinking that an hour had turned me from a straight male into a well fucked tv tart, could I really let it happen again?

The problem was it had been the best sex I had had in years, and worse, I had enjoyed it . . . . .


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