I bent over the bed to pull down the covers when he caught up with me. He continued his slavering over my pussy from behind as my knees grew weak. I came immediately after the complete workout my libido received at the stables I couldn’t last. I collapsed onto the floor and rode out the waves of pleasure. From the ground I had a beautiful view of Damien's full red cock as it exposed itself to me. I couldn’t help but remember the sight of Eros’s organ punishing Mel’s cunt.

Without a thought I got up on my hands and knees and waved my ass in Damien's face. He got the hint instantly and jumped up onto my back. I felt his furry paws gripping my waist as his pole slapped at my body. I quickly grabbed the bouncing member and guided it to my opening. Sensing my warm wetness on the tip of his dick, Damien danced forward on his hind legs thrusting it in to the hilt.

The feel of his engorged meat thrilled my body. But his rapid-fire thrusting nearly drove me insane. It felt like I was being fucked by a machine gun. The deep filling penetrations came one after another driving my knees into the thick carpet. I tried to match his fervor by slamming my ass back into him, but I just couldn’t reach his speed. I had to settle on a slower rhythm meeting his thrusts only once for every two or three animal penetrations.

I soon felt his knot growing at the base of his dick, but I am slightly larger than the average bitch. Instead of tying him to me it just added additional pressure as it slid in and out of my lips. It pressed against my clitoris forcing rapid undulations of orgiastic delight through my body at such speeds that it was hard to tell where one ended and the next began.

Too soon I felt the initial spurts off Damien’s sperm splashing against my cervix. I screamed out my pleasure as Damien concluded with a barrage of brutal blasts forcing his sperm deep into me. When he finally finished he slipped out of me with his knot still intact. I watched between my legs as he slunk off to the corner to lick himself clean. Thoroughly spent, I crawled up onto the bed for a rest.

But, I only made it halfway before my limbs gave out on me. I laid there hanging off the edge of the mattress until I felt more than heard heavy paw prints behind me. Before I could even think to protest, I saw Brutus’s forepaws land on the bed in front of me half a second before I felt his immense cock spread my sore and used pussy wide. I guessed my upturned ass hanging over my bed presented an obvious invitation to the horny pup. Not wanting to lose the opportunity he impaled me easily without any guidance.

Despite my fatigue, the thick cock filling my hole quickly brought back the pleasure of being well and truly fucked. I couldn’t even bring the strength to push back into his thrusts, but I didn’t need to. Much like his tongue, Brutus was slower in his penetrations, but certainly made up for the speed with girth and length. I could feel the tip pressing against my cervix forcing its way into my womb. It felt painful at first, but the lust suffusing my body quickly dissipated the pain.

In my lethargy all I could do was moan and enjoy the pleasure spreading through my body. Luckily Brutus was more than capable of taking care of the rest. His brutal jabs did honor to his name as he filled my crevice more and more with every lunge. Soon I could feel the expanding bulb of his knot. For a flash panic chased away the pleasure.

Damien, as a Doberman, is only about two and a half feet tall and about 90 pounds. Brutus, on the other hand, while not a world record holder, is a good three feet tall, over six feet tip to tail, and 220 pounds. He is easily longer and heavier than me which means I am probably about the same size if not smaller than bitches he would naturally have sex with. And right then I could feel that full 220 pounds driving me into my mattress, his golden fur caressing my back with every lunge. I was worried that the expanding bulge might injure my already sore vagina.

But, these worries were quickly driven from my mind by the pressure widening my pussy walls. The force of his massive knot made my eyes cross with the decadence of it. I rapidly learned that my fears were justified as my clasped around the glorious staff like a child holding onto its mother for reassurance. I could feel it straining against my opening with each thrust but my vaginal walls clamped down tight and wouldn’t let the magnificent invader escape.

Instead, with his knot utterly entrenched, Brutus’s gyrations snowballed until all my senses could separate was a steady progression of deeper thrusts as his pointed phallus pushed further and further into my womb. It felt like the rest of his cock slid back and forth through the trapped knot as he pummeled my pussy with his blindingly fast thrusts. I knew he couldn’t keep up forever, and I soon felt his slick liquid pouring in spurts deep into my abdomen.

I shrieked out my orgasm as it finally crested with the first wave of fresh semen. Then, completely incapable of movement, I surfed the tides of my orgasm as Brutus turned his body around. With his cock still trapped in my cunt, I collapsed into heavenly slumber. My final thought being that I hoped tomorrow’s special training would be as enjoyable as tonight’s festivities were.

I awoke with a sore, but clean, cunt. Brutus must have licked up the dribbling fluids once his prick popped free. I got ready for the day and was elated to find an email from Melanie awaiting me. She reminded me of their closing time and that I should report for duty at 7:30. She also said my special lessons would start tonight as well and that in preparation I should wear a dress or skirt. Puzzled and intrigued I changed into a skirt and set off on my day eagerly awaiting that night.

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Picture the girl being fucked slowly... Then all of a sudden her grandmother walks into the room and dies.

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sara - LOVE IT! I love your blogs, even after I've looked at our pics hueddnrs of times, I love how you present them! thanks so much for being so awesome with all of our shoots, but especially on the wedding, I didn't worry about anything cause I knew you and Mark and Monica had it covered and it would be awesome and y'all were thanks to all of you!!

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