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Incest, teacher
Hello guys & gals,
I am a regular visitor of I really enjoy the stories that all the people put on the website. The stories are really very hot, steamy & sexy. I nearly masturbate after reading each of the stories. But today I am here to tell a story that I experienced barely 3 months ago. So here it goes…
I am 20-year-old boy & a Management student. I had a sexual encounter with one of my teachers. Her name is Aparna Jain. She is 26, very fair & has a figure 35-25-36 with a smile to die for. She is married & has a child. But her figure, her ass, boobs do not suggest that she is married. I used to masturbate by keeping her picture in my mind. I really wanted to fuck her once. I used to fantasize her madly.
Now for the real experience. It was a Sunday & I had a lecture at 10 a.m. (Being a Management student I had a weekly holiday on one of the weekdays.) I had a 3-hr lecture that day. As it was a Sunday there was nobody in the college except our class & the watchman who was sitting on the ground floor (we were on the top floor). He would come to the top floor @ 4.00 pm to close the college. The attendance that day in our class was also not very much as there was a cricket match between India & England (anyway who likes to come to college on a Sunday???). There was not even 25% attendance in the class. So she taught us for an hour & then ended her lecture. Everybody started going to their homes but I was there in the class with Aparna as I had some doubts about the type of questions to be asked in the exams. So she said, " Come to the staff room I will show you previous years question papers which will help you". I said ok & started to follow her to the staff room.
The staff room too was empty & no professor was there. Now in our staff room all the previous years question papers & some supplements were all kept in a small room attached to the roof of the staff room. It was more or less like an attic. She said, " Come we will search for the question papers up there". And she started climbing up the stairs leading to the attic. I was standing right below her so when she started climbing I saw her milky white legs clearly & her ass too was moving here & there. I got a hard-on immediately. Then suddenly she looked back & she noticed what I had seen. Then she said, "Come up quickly". I was very tense at that moment so I hurriedly tried to climb the steps & as a result I slipped after climbing 1 or 2 steps. She exclaimed, "Be careful" & chuckled. I was getting horny by that time & was feeling like fucking her right then & there. But somehow I controlled myself and went up. Up there in the attic there were a couple of chairs & a small table. Then she took a file & sat in front of me with the table between us. She started going through the file & searching for the question papers. She turned 1 or 2 pages and in the file she suddenly found a photo of a nude girl giving blowjob to a well-built man. She was stunned & quickly looked towards me. Actually I also saw the photo but I behaved as if have seen nothing. By this time my cock was saluting her. I was desperate to fuck her now. In the mean time she hurriedly closed the file & kept it. Then she started searching for some other file. She saw the file but couldn't reach there. So she said, "Plz stand up & get me that file". But it was trouble for me as I had a big bulge under my pants. But I couldn't delay in following her orders. So I got up. She saw the bulge and shouted at me "What's this?" I said, "I am sorry mam". I could make up from her face that she was also getting horny. She asked me, "Did u see that photo in the file?" Without my knowledge I promptly answered in affirmative. My face was red by this time. I said to myself you stupid wat did u do. You have just ruined ur image in front of her. Due to her high tone my cock was as dead as a moron. But suddenly she said, " I would also like to do the same with you". I was stunned. I looked at her and she gave a wicked smile. It was a dream come true for me.
Then she took a step towards me. Suddenly my cock came back to life & the bulge was getting harder & harder. She then kissed me on my cheek. That's it. I was all I wanted. I started madly kissing her. Then she took a step back & threw her pallu of her breasts. Then one by one I started to remove her clothes. First I removed her saree. Then came out the blouse, then her petty coat. WOW she's standing in front of me in her undies. I was kissing her all the time. Then I removed her bra and could see her milky white boobs with little pink nipples on it. I pinched her nipples & she moaned slowly. By this time her undies were getting wet. Then it was her turn to take off my clothes. She removed my clothes & now I was in front of her in my underwear. There was a huge bulge on my underwear & my cock was fighting hard to come out of the prison. Then I took her undies off and there she was standing naked in front of me as I used to picture her in my dreams. Then I started kissing her from her forehead to the red cheeks. Then I bit the soft part of her ear and she moaned Ahhhhhh… then I kissed her on her rosy lips went down to suck her boobs off. I was continuously pinching and sucking her nipples. I pressed them with my hands. Then I few drops milk came out of her tits. I gleefully licked them. They were really very delicious. Then I moved further down to her navel & started tonguing it. She exclaimed ohhhhh yessssss coooomee ooonnn hmmmmm… then I laid her down on her back. I started licking her feet. Then her knees then her milky white thighs that I saw a few minutes ago while she was climbing the steps of the attic. There were a few drops of her cum on her thighs I licked them clean. Then I kissed on her underwear. She was just getting mad by now. I removed her under wear to see her completely shaven white pussy. It was completely wet by now. I licked it carefully and started to finger her slowly. She was getting aroused by now she was telling me plz do not trouble me any more fuck me plzzzzz…. But I continued to finger her. Then suddenly she shouted, " ooohhhhhhhh I am cummmmmmmmming plzzz". I decided to delay her orgasm. So I lifted her legs up to her face & started to lick he asshole. Hmmmmm she really tasted delicious. Then I came back to her cunt. This was the perfect time for me. This time I fingered her vigorously. She kept on shouting and suddenly she came. She erupted so hard & quick that her come nearly flew to abt 3 ft. She was nearly paralyzed for a few seconds then I licked her pussy clean with my tongue. Then she said, " Oh!! Where were u by this time this was the most intense orgasm I ever had hmmmmm...". She couldn't move still now.
After she got up she kissed me all over & took my undies off. And my cock sprang up like a spring. My cock head was full of my precum. She hungrily licked it. She continuously kept on licking my cock head. Then she took my tool in her mouth and started to give me a blowjob. I also came very hard and drank each & every drop of my come. She licked my cock dry. Then we kissed for some time. We passed each other's come in each others mouth. The cocktail of our come tasted delicious. Then I said, " Turn back I want to fuck ur ass". She hesitated a bit. She said her ass was still a virgin and her husband didn't fucked her ass at all. But I convinced her & she agreed. I started to push my cock in her ass but she shouted too loudly and gave my palm in her mouth. She bit it very hard. So I took my cock out and she said tome to lubricate my cock & her ass before entering her. I looked here and there. But where would I find a lubricant in a college. Then she said she has an idea and quickly started to masturbate me. After a few minutes I was abt to come. As soon as I came she took my come in he palms & then applied it on my whole penis. Then she applied the remaining in & around her asshole and then licked her palm clean with her tongue. I was really impressed with her idea & she was continuously smiling at me. Then I slowly slid my cock in her ass and she moaned loudly "AAAAHHHHHHAAAHHHHHHHH". This aroused me and I pumped it even harder & it was completely in by now. Then I pumped for about 15 min and then came for the first time. Then after 10 min once more. Her asshole was blood red by this time. Her asshole was bleeding and the blood that was dripping was a mixture of her blood & my semen. She was writhing in pain. I kissed her asshole and licked it clean & stopped the blood flow (I got this idea from our Bollywood films where when the hero's finger bleeds the heroin suck it!!!). This time she was impressed with me.
Now it was the real time for me to enter her pussy. She quickly asked me to lay on my back & then she sat on my penis. She went up & down & up & down. After few minutes I came. Then we tried some other sexual position until we were completely exhausted. In the last shot when I was abt to come she took my tool out and put it in her mouth to eat my come. Then I even pissed in her mouth which she drank like a hungry bitch. Both of us were really tired. So we took a long kiss on our lips & dressed up to get down from the attic.

This was the one and only on sexual encounter I ever faced. So friends that was my story. Any girls/women living anywhere who would like to have open and free relationship, feel free to contact me on my e-mail
secrecy is expected and guaranteed. I also expect replies from guys.


2010-07-08 03:11:08
Story is really very good, and this will continue to make readers happy. Soon waiting for next one


2008-02-04 04:40:17
there was noway it was a True story as how could you cum so much. but i like it. good work.


2007-03-02 22:58:44
I'm not sure about the gay part of the comments, but the story could be good if the writer knew anything about writing..


2007-02-01 14:32:08
ummmm 2/10 at best


2006-11-08 21:21:54
my asssssssss your mom is gay

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